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Eammon investigates - the Alien Autopsy

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  • Joe (uk-ufo) McGonagle
    This programme was shown on Sky one between 20:00-21:00 in the UK on Tuesday 4th April 2006. The programme jumped about a lot, so this isn t in chronological
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2006
      This programme was shown on Sky one between 20:00-21:00 in the UK
      on Tuesday 4th April 2006.

      The programme jumped about a lot, so this isn't in chronological
      order as it was broadcast.

      It very briefly covered the background. In essence, Ray Santilli
      and Gary Shoefield claim that they were in Cleveland, Ohio in
      1992 trying to obtain rare home movie footage of Elvis Presley.
      Santilli was contacted by an ex-US army cameraman, offering the
      Alien Autopsy film for an undisclosed price.

      Santilli travelled to Clearwater, Florida to meet the cameraman.
      He didn't discuss this with Shoefield until he returned to
      Cleveland. Santilli examined the film and was convinced it was
      genuine, but he couldn't afford the price being asked.

      3 years later, Santilli had sufficient funds, and purchased the
      22 rolls of film, but found that the film had deteriorated in the
      intervening time and was virtually worthless. Shoefield supports
      this account, claiming to have been present in Santilli's office
      when he opened some of the cannisters, and recalled that the film
      smelled very strongly (he didn't specify what it smelled of).
      When Eammon asked Santilli how much he paid for the film, he
      replied "in your terms, not a lot of money". Santilli also said
      that he supplied copies of the film free to broadcasters. Ray
      Levine, editor of the "News of the World" in 1995 was interviewed
      and he said that Santilli offered him the film for sale, and the
      newspaper offered £50,000, but "There was a sort of a smoke and
      mirrors type of conversation between us and Ray Santilli, where
      he was coming up with all sorts of reasons why it couldn't be
      produced immediately". When Santilli realised that the film would
      need to be verified by experts and details published in the paper
      before he would receive any cash, he ceased to communicate with
      the NotW.

      In order to recoup some of the investment, Santilli decided to
      "Restore" the film (essentially recreate it, using dummies and
      props). He claims that "less than 5%" of the film he released to
      the media was from the original footage, and that he can no
      longer identify which frames are from the original. He showed
      Eammon a few frames of the original film (it wasn't shown in any
      detail on the TV) The remainder of the original film is in the
      posession of an anonymous backer in Germany. Santilli said "I
      wasn't involved in the world of ufology, you know, my concerns
      were strictly commercial at the time, because I thought it was a
      great opportunity, and I was looking at footage which really was
      a difficult sell, and I thought, well, if we're going to make any
      money out of it, we need to find a different answer, which is why
      we restored it".

      The dummy was created over three-and-a-half weeks by sculptor and
      SFX designer John Humphreys (who I thought bore an uncanny
      resemblance to the "alien", perhaps he used his own face as a
      model). The organs were made from sheep and chicken offal
      (including the brain, which was a sheep's brain encased in
      jelly), the leg injury made use of a sheep bone joint. The set
      was a terraced house in Camden Town, london. The actors included
      Santilli, Shoefield, Humphreys, and one of Shoefield's employees,
      Gareth Watson.

      Props (including the camera) were carefully chosen so as to be
      appropriate for the time-period, and care was taken to ensure
      that they didn't appear to be "antiques". The "debris" was also
      manufactured by Humphreys, according to him, based on usable
      stills from the original footage, but according to Santilli,
      "we're not expert enough to know [what] the original
      heiroglyphics were and in fact the imagery wasn't that clearly
      defined for us to be able to emulate it". The 6-fingered palm
      print was "artistic licence".

      The first attempt to "restore" the film failed, and a second
      dummy had to be created. (In fact, Humphreys made no mention of
      there being two dummies on-screen, only Santilli did). When the
      dummies were finished with, Humphreys said it was disposed of by
      being cut into small pieces and burnt. According to Santilli they
      were cut into small pieces and placed in plastic sacks which were
      dumped in different locations in London.

      Santilli was quite insistent that "I didn't fake alien
      footage.....no, we restored it", and compared it with the
      restoration of the Mona Lisa and the Sistine chapel!

      Santilli still refuses to name the cameraman, claiming that he
      promised not to do so. During the "restoration", under pressure
      from people to identify the cameraman, Shoefield faked an
      interview with him in a hotel room in Los Angeles - just a
      character picked up on the street.

      Somehow, I doubt that the cameraman ever existed - Santilli could
      easily have duped his co-restorers into believing that he did.
      No-one other than Santilli saw the "original" film in good
      condition. On the other hand, all of those involved in the
      programme might have been "got at" by MI5 / CIA / MFI / C&A and
      forced to debunk the true story.....

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