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Re: [UFOnet] Boyd Bushman resolves Gulf Breeze Controversy?

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  • Roger Anderton
    Dear Peter, Sorry those articles are from magazines that have to be bought, they are not on the web. What s on the web is: my web site
    Message 1 of 13 , Mar 21, 2006
      Dear Peter,

      Sorry those articles are from magazines that have to be bought, they are not on the web.

      What's on the web is:

      my web site www.einsteinconspiracy.co.uk

      Whyte (who was working on the Unified field theory)'s diaries at:


      Papers, books etc from Whyte, Baranski, Boscovich, Watson work on the Unified Field theory at:


      -- Site is run by Dr Douglass White now interested in the Unified Field Theory.

      And there are other sites.

      The information as to what Boscovich was doing at the astronomical observatoty at Brera near Milan was that he was engaged in an experiment to compare observations through a telescope filled with water against an ordinary telescope. He started construction, under government approval, but his fellow priests eventually stopped him because of the high cost of such an instrument. The experiment was eventually performed by Airy about a hundred years later.

      I don't know anymore than that, because most of Boscovich's papers are in Latin and have never been translated into English.

      pre-20th Cent. Latin seems to have been the universal language used by scientists from different countries, nowadays the universal language is English. Scientists such as Faraday and Maxwell were working from Boscovich's theory, and reading it from the Latin. Boscovich's theory is the Foundation of Modern 20th Cent.Atomic Physics.

      There was a program on TV recently about Enrico Fermi (winner of Nobel prize 1938, investigated neutron bombardment of uranium leading to the atomic bomb), the program explained how he was a child prodigy and amazed his parents when at a very young age was able to read the Latin of a physics book written by a Catholic priest; I suspect that the book he was reading was Boscovich's, though the program did not mention it. NOW - you know how things are covered up -- the Atomic Physicists were reading stuff in Latin which subsequent physicists never read. A clever way of Blocking information don't you think?


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      > Dear Roger
      > I have tried ref, see below, to get to your articles. it is not
      > happening .Do you have a better site address than these
      > I have a second request ,. Boscovich"s Milan Observatory is very close
      > in Latitude and Longitude, to my radio telescope position Lat 45 30N
      > Long 73 41W. I have operated this for 10 years. I have always wondered
      > what he was observing apart from the published observations. One hint
      > came up in my reading that while he was there he did his published works
      > and other obervations. Would you have any idea of a source for these
      > Thanking you in advance
      > Peter Henry Cheasley
      > Argus Station FN35dm
      >>My various articles on Boscovich are now at:
      >>UFOMonthly issue 9
      >>Nexus vol.8 no.5

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