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Re: [UFOnet] Re: Fwd: [exopolitics] Dr Steven Greer, CSETI and the Disclosure Project

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  • Roger Anderton
    Hi Joe, Welcome back. Joe wrote: Other problems include the association of the topic of UFOs with crackpot ideas such as free energy , Roger replied: Free
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 18, 2006
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      Hi Joe,

      Welcome back.

      Joe wrote:
      Other problems include the association
      of the topic of UFOs with crackpot ideas such as "free energy",

      Roger replied:
      Free energy is not a crackpot idea; when radioactivity was first
      it violated the "then" (version of ) energy conservation law.

      Joe replied:
      If we applied your principle Roger, no idea would be considered a
      "crackpot idea", because there will always be the possibility that a
      new discovery will be made. That includes the reality of father
      christmas, invisible 6-foot rabbits, or it may even turn out that our
      perception of three-dimensional space is wrong and the earth really is

      And I suppose if we applied your principle, then we deny the possibility of
      new discoveries if they do not fit into our existing framework of beliefs.
      At one time the existing belief was that the earth was flat and the contrary
      belief was regarded as crackpot. There are very few flat-earthers left, and
      their problem is that they do not accept the evidence given that the earth
      is not flat. My favourite topic in this area is that Galileo was once
      considered a crackpot, but has been an overworked area by others. History
      keeps repeating itself and many crackpot ideas keep getting proven correct;
      the problem is deducing what ideas are being unfairly labelled crackpot and
      placed with the truly crackpot..

      Joe continued:
      People have been searching for "free energy" since the concept was
      first mooted. Many have claimed to have discovered sources of free
      energy - none of them have stood up to scientific scrutiny.
      I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't continue the search, ..........

      Ah, but..... . It is part of the human condition that if a supposed Expert
      denies the possibility of some idea, then funding research into that idea
      gets withdrawn, because it is deemed a waste of money, this then usually
      leaves the researcher having to be rich enough to self-fund it. The supposed
      Expert then claims that there is no evidence of the idea being proven from
      anyone; but it is a circular "Catch 22" self- fulfilling prophecy - by
      denying the idea, that has led to the idea been squashed.

      Joe continued:
      ........but that it has no place in ufology,

      I disagree the Physics is relevant to understand the phenomena, and new
      Physics different from what is being taught is needed; really it is the
      resurrection of some old Physics. Researchers into Einstein's Unified Field
      Theory have been unfairly ignored: Tesla etc.


      just as 6-foot invisible rabbits don't
      until we obtain some reasonable grounds to link the two (though quite
      how a witness would report an encounter of Harvey abducting them in a
      spaceship is an interesting question).


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