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Fwd: [Eyepod] Spiritual awakening as a result of et encounters and the Indigo Child

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  • Ramona West
    Phil wrote: To: Eyepod@yahoogroups.com From: Phil Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:21:16 -0000
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      Phil <contacteeconnector@...> wrote: To: Eyepod@yahoogroups.com
      From: "Phil" <contacteeconnector@...>
      Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:21:16 -0000
      Subject: [Eyepod] Spiritual awakening as a result of et encounters and the Indigo Child


      At age 43, early '03, I woke up to my lifelong et encounter
      memories. Simultaneously I went through a spiritual awakening as is
      mentioned in the article below. This is all by design.

      Evidence of Children's UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters to be
      Presented at a United Nations Affiliated Conference in Montreal

      After being involved with over 1000 experiencers (alien abductees),
      a former registered nurse, who is now a professional counselor and
      clinical hypnotherapist, has concluded that alien "abductions" are
      not only real encounters, but that they are about spiritual
      awakening and galactic contact. Mary Rodwell is not alone, as a
      growing number of academics, scientists and politicians, such as the
      former Canadian Minister of Defense Hon. Paul Hellyer, are starting
      to support the core of her paradigm shifting views about life in the
      Universe and that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships.

      Perth, Australia (PRWEB) February 22, 2006 -- A former registered
      nurse who has worked with hundreds of clients, including many
      children, will be revealing evidence of their encounters with
      extraterrestrial beings at an upcoming conference in Montreal,

      After a decade of research as a professional counselor and clinical
      hypnotherapist, Australia's Mary Rodwell says that there is now
      enough evidence to conclude that these "beings" appear to come from
      other planets and other dimensions parallel to our own.

      She will be making her presentation at the 31st annual conference of
      the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS)
      taking place in Montreal May 5th to 14th, 2006.

      The IIIHS is a non-profit organization affiliated with the United
      Nations Department of Public Information. It serves over 10,000
      general members and students from many nations towards the
      convergence of new sciences with spirituality and universal human
      values, creating inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding
      for world peace.

      Rodwell will be one of more than 60 speakers to address the IIIHS,
      with other distinguished professionals such as medical doctors,
      psychiatrists, physicists, scientists, psychologists, spiritual
      leaders, and even a former NASA astronaut (www.iiihs.org).

      She is a co-founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource
      Network (ACERN), vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd., founded
      by Dr. Richard Boylan, and the author of "Awakening: How
      Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life".

      Rodwell says that after being involved with over
      1,000 "experiencers" (alien abductees) nothing had prepared her for
      what she discovered.

      "My clients include both adults and children who exhibit
      transformative changes such as telepathy, clairvoyance and healing
      as they become more spiritually aware and begin to operate on a
      multi-dimensional band of reality", says Rodwell. "In the last 10
      years, clients have come to me from the U.K, North America, Europe,
      Russia, Japan and South America".

      Rodwell also explains that part of her client's contact experiences
      seems to inspire them to draw complex artwork, scripts, symbols and
      sometimes speaking strange languages.

      "An eight year old has called her downloading of
      information `knowledge bombs', as complex data conveyed through
      mental images and concepts seem to create a heightened consciousness
      level", says Rodwell. "These `Star Children' exhibit a maturity and
      wisdom beyond their years and often describe their connection to
      spirit and angelic realms".

      This former registered nurse is not the only one to have noticed a
      change with today's children. A May 2005 USA Today article quotes
      James Twyman, producer of films on "Indigo Children", as saying that
      a new generation of special children are among us who have increased
      telepathic abilities and are spiritually awakened.

      The name "Indigo Children" comes from a blue indigo colored aura
      that some people say they can see around these children, as per a
      January 2006 New York Times article.

      ABC News' Diane Sawyers has also explored the issue of these
      extraordinary children in a November 2005 interview with an entire
      family of "Indigo Children". Sawyers said that this phenomenon
      was "fascinating" and was "across the country".

      Rodwell explains that while many "Star Children" and "Indigo
      Children" have telepathic abilities, are spiritually awakened and
      often describe seeing "Beings of Light" (angels), the main
      difference is that "Star Children" have recollections of having had
      encounters with extraterrestrial beings and of sometimes having been
      on alien spaceships.

      Though many medical professionals are still skeptical, in November
      2003, Rodwell's work was featured in the Australian Doctor Focus
      Magazine, a prestigious Australian medical journal.

      Rodwell is not alone with her views as a growing number of
      professionals in the medical community share her conclusions and
      have spoken publicly.

      Such people include the late world-renowned Harvard Medical School
      professor of psychiatry, Dr. John E. Mack, author of "Passport to
      the Cosmos". and Dr. Janet Colli, author of "Sacred Encounters –
      Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters". Dr. Colli will also
      speak at Montreal's IIIHS conference.

      Rodwell's work continues to raise serious questions that were raised
      in February 2005 on ABC News by the late Peter Jennings in his two
      hour Primetime Special: "UFOs – Seeing is Believing".

      Jennings' millions of viewers were presented with a small portion of
      the 150 interviews conducted by ABC in regards to the controversial
      and enigmatic issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters.
      Jennings concluded that many UFOs were indeed unidentified and that
      questions about their origin remained unanswered.

      To Rodwell, the answer is that we are being visited by
      extraterrestrial civilizations. Her conclusion is echoed by the
      former Canadian Minister of National Defense Hon. Paul Hellyer, who,
      in September of 2005, went public saying that UFOs were as real as
      the airplanes that fly over our heads, and were indeed
      extraterrestrial vehicles.

      During a December 2005 NBC News interview with Tucker Carlson,
      Hellyer quoted former high level Pentagon officials as the source of
      his information. One of his sources includes an unnamed retired US
      Air Force General who spoke with him directly and confirmed that
      some UFOs were indeed "identified" and were piloted by
      extraterrestrial intelligences.

      Hellyer is not the only politician who has raised the issue of UFOs.
      A CNN November 2002 article quoted President Clinton's former White
      House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, asking for the Pentagon to come
      clean and to declassify their UFO files.

      Podesta currently supports a Coalition for Freedom of Information
      lawsuit against NASA asking for the declassification of their top
      secret files in relations to the 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg,

      Though her evidence does not include an actual UFO, Rodwell says
      that she has evidence from a scientific, medical, psychological, and
      historical perspective to support her paradigm shifting conclusion
      that children are being evolved and transformed on many levels
      through extraterrestrial encounters.

      This evidence will be presented in her first Canadian presentation
      in Montreal May 5th-14th, 2006 at the IIIHS conference. Rodwell is
      available for media interviews.


      Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN)
      Perth, Australia
      Contact: Mary Rodwell
      Tel: 001-618-9454 3702
      Email: starline (at) iinet.net.au

      The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS)
      Montreal, Canada
      Contact: Dr. Marilyn Rossner, Father John Rossner
      Tel: (514) 937-8359
      Email: info (at) iiihs.org

      Extraterrestrial life Paranormal phenomena


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