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Re: An event with dynamic implications

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  • pgsho3
    Hi, everyone - Great article! Thanks! I d be interested in researching more about Wilson. Could I find out the source on this? Thanks much! Peggi ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2006
      Hi, everyone -

      Great article! Thanks! I'd be interested in researching more about
      Wilson. Could I find out the source on this?

      Thanks much!

      --- In ufonet@yahoogroups.com, etinvestigator1984@... wrote:
      > For those who might have missed this...
      > Colonel Wilson's first assignment was the Fighting 12th Fighter
      > Squadron, Clark Air Force Base, the Philippines. As soon as he
      > the Squadron was reassigned to Korea. He promptly was reassigned to
      > 67th Fighter Squadron, forward-based at the Korean War's front
      lines. He
      > graduated from Mustang propeller fighters to sleek Sabre jets, and
      > soon doing supersonic runs down MIG Alley, dueling Communist jet
      > On one run into enemy territory to bomb a dam, Colonel Wilson
      > his load of bombs and watched the dam burst. As he turned his plane
      > around to return to base, he felt pain in his stomach and looked
      down to
      > see blood gushing from his side. The lieutenant radioed in that he
      > been hit by ground fire. He reported his position and fuel level,
      > added that he was about to pass out and would not be returning.
      > Wilson's memory fades out at that point. But subsequent events
      point to
      > extraordinary intervention by unseen helpers that kept him alive.
      > Three days after Wilson radioed in that he was passing out, the
      > control tower at the 67th Fighter Squadron base saw an extraordinary
      > sight. Wilson's plane was coming in for a landing although its
      engine was
      > not running. The fuselage was surrounded by a strange greenish
      > Flight line personnel, the officer of the day and Base Operations
      > all looked on in amazement, as the plane made a perfect dead-stick
      > landing. Inside they found Colonel Wilson still unconscious! He was
      > rushed to a hospital. When he regained consciousness, he noted that
      > shrapnel wound was almost completely healed! Furthermore, base staff
      > informed him that his plane still had the same amount of fuel as
      when he
      > was hit and radioed in his fuel level. The Lieutenant quickly got
      out of
      > bed and secured a copy of the reports on his highly-unusual
      > Shortly thereafter the original reports disappeared, and no one at
      > base would talk about his miraculous return.
      > Soon Colonel Wilson underwent numerous tests, and was debriefed on
      > mysterious return incident by what he calls a "strange group". They
      > administered testing, which revealed that his IQ had jumped from an
      > already very high 162 to an unheard-of 232. After the testing was
      > completed, he was returned to active duty.
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