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UFO Review issue 14

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  • Stuart Miller
    Issue 14 of UFO Review is now available at http://www.uforeview.net and as usual, select either of the two top left hand buttons on the site, depending on the
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      Issue 14 of UFO Review is now available at
      http://www.uforeview.net and as usual, select either of the two
      top left hand buttons on the site, depending on the format you

      Two UFO message Lists dominate and straddle the Web. The market
      leader, so to speak, is UFO UpDates, owned and moderated by
      Errol Bruce-Knapp. Based in Toronto, it has achieved many things
      over the years but above all, it is universally respected, not
      only for its longevity but also for the standard and quality of
      its debate and argument.

      The second prominent List is ufologyinuk owned and moderated by
      Joe McGonagle. Whereas UpDates tackles any topic within Ufology,
      this List is very UK centric and while American Ufology isn't
      totally excluded, it certainly doesn't figure much. As such, it
      is the place to be if you're interested in things British and is
      easily the largest and most consistent List in Great Britain and
      possibly Europe.

      So, who are these often silent individuals who control these
      Lists and whom, if you are of a Machiavellian bent, are the ones
      who decide what we read about Ufology and as a consequence, what
      we might think? What do we know of them? Not a lot.

      Until now. Both men consented to long and extensive interviews,
      and what fascinating and intriguing individuals they both turned
      out to be! Errol is a bit older than Joe and it would be fair to
      say that he has enjoyed life and taken the opportunities that
      have come his way, although Joe too has had more than his fair
      share of "moments". How did they get on to the paths that they
      now tread from the bowels of debauchery from wence they both
      emerged? How sincere are they about Ufology? What are their
      likes and dislikes, hopes and ambitions, their private thoughts,
      their weaknesses, their foibles, their indescretions? And why,
      eerily, are there strong similarities in their early backgrounds
      that involve not only the military but also signals
      intelligence? Are they part of some dark conspiracy to lead
      Ufology astray? And if they are, why haven't they done a better
      job of it? All these questions, and many more, are all answered,
      except for one; While muttering something about being a
      "gentleman", Errol refused to cough up on the names of some of
      the famous female performers he's had carnal knowledge of.

      Sex and alien abductions often kind of go together but not in
      quite the manner presented here. Kittie Klaw is a young Scottish
      gal who now lives in London and is a leading pioneer in the
      re-introduction of burlesque to the British stage. In short, the
      lady takes most of her clothes off but she makes you laugh as
      she does it. She also has a great brain and in 2003, she
      graduated with a Psychology BSc. (Hons)degree at The University
      of Glasgow and then went on to earn a post graduate diploma in
      Parapsychology by researching Extra Sensory Perception at the
      University of Edinburgh.

      She is also an experienced Paranormal Investigator with a wide
      knowledge of anomalous experience and belief systems, and for
      her work at Edinburgh, she wrote a long and very detailed
      dissertation on alien abductions. She talks to us about that and
      also about her views on UFOs and the ETH. Just to help digest
      what she has to say, I have thoughtfully included some
      interesting pictures of Kittie for you saddos to look at.

      That though is not all for this issue. We have articles by
      Kithra on Christmas and New Year UFO Sightings in the UK, and a
      piece by Andrew Pike called Number 10 and Spin which has
      absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with
      Xena, the tenth planet in our solar system recently discovered
      by Michael Brown, David Rabinowitz and Chadwick Trujillo.

      And err, just for a change, I've indulged in some outright good
      old plain nastiness and have compiled The UFO Review Biggest
      Pile Of Ufological Crap In 2005 Awards with the usual
      tactfulness and delicate touch that only I can bring to such
      matters. And scattered throughout this edition like star dust on
      a panspermian mission to impregnate Life into absurdity are all
      the usual extras involving silliness, cartoons, and general bad

      What great value, what sheer chutzpah. All can be found, for
      free, at:

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