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"Dr. Dan Burish", Area 51 "scientist", a total fraud

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  • Norio H.
    DR. DAN BURISH , AREA 51 SCIENTIST , A TOTAL FRAUD Eyewitness News KLAS-TV - December 4, 2005 http://www.klas-tv.com/Global/story.asp?S=4190378 George
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2005

      Eyewitness News KLAS-TV - December 4, 2005

      George Knapp, Investigative Reporter
      Dr. Crain's UFO Claims Raise Questions

      UFO stories don't get any wilder than this one. A Las Vegas man has
      developed a cult-like following around the world by claiming to have
      worked with a live extraterrestrial at Area 51. The story told by Dan
      Burisch is a whopper, but can he prove any of it?

      George Knapp of the Eyewitness News I-Team has the story of Dr. Dan's
      alien adventure. His name today is Dan Burisch. Before that it was
      Dan Catselas, and when Eyewitness News first ran into him, it was Dan
      Crain. "Doctor" Dan Crain, he says. But is he a doctor, and has he
      really been face to face with an alien in an underground lab?

      This story has a little bit of everything, including a lot of
      unanswered questions. When Channel 8 produced a story in 1994 about
      this volunteer teacher at the Boys and Girls club, he was introduced
      as Dr. Dan Crain. At the time, Dan Crain, now known as Dan Burisch,
      was supposedly participating in the most secret program in existence.
      But the secret is now out.

      Burisch has a worldwide following -- websites a message boards, books,
      audiotapes and DVDs. He has a publicist and a biographer, a high
      profile for a secret scientist. Burisch says he worked in an
      underground lab at S-4 near Area 51, the same place first made public
      by Bob Lazar. Inside he met an extraterrestrial named Jrod and they
      became pals. He also met angels in the lab and they spoke in Hebrew.
      On Frenchman's Mountain, Burisch discovered the first seeds of life
      on earth.

      Who believes this stuff? His wife Deborah for one.
      She signed a sworn statement saying she too works for MJ-12, the
      secret government.
      Family friend Marcia McDowell, another alleged secret agent, supports
      the story too. It's grown more complex ever since we first heard some
      of it in 1990. It's more complex now.

      There are photos of Burisch and his wife in military garb saluting
      each other. Neither ever served in the military. Intriguingly, they
      have a sticker on their windshield that allows access to Nellis AFB.
      Would a real government scientist be allowed to openly dribble out
      government secrets?

      We asked former army intelligence Colonel John Alexander. "It's
      highly improbable," said Col. John Alexander, retired army
      intelligence. What about his PHD? Burisch says he earned his
      doctorate in 1990 at Stony Brook University in New York. The school
      says he was never a student there. Burisch says his records were
      erased. But at the time he supposedly earned his degree in New York,
      records show, he had a full time job in Las Vegas as a parole officer.
      He now says he flew back and forth to the school on weekends.
      Ridiculous, the university says. He met his wife as a parole officer.
      She was there on drug charges. She's spent 12 years in the PBX
      department of the Mirage, but that's just a cover job. We asked MGM
      Mirage if they know they have a secret agent working for them in a
      cover job. They do now.

      Marcia McDowell, another secret operative, who solicited our coverage
      a few times, is seen in a video as she uncovers a space probe on
      Frenchman's Mountain and then meticulously dissects it's sophisticated
      electrical tape and rubber tubing.
      Someone else who believes Burisch is his mom, Dodie Crane, although
      she has some doubts too. "If my son is the biggest bull****er in the
      world, I want to know about it," said Dodie Crain, Dan's mom. Like
      everyone else in this story, Dodie declined an on camera interview,
      but told us her son, whom she hasn't seen in 12 years, is telling the
      truth. She's written her own book about it.

      For a final opinion on this story, we turned to a man who helped to
      inspire it and who supposedly was in the secret program with Burisch.
      "This is the biggest **** I have ever heard in my life. Anybody who
      believes this guy should be ashamed of themselves. I never worked in
      Tonopah................*****" said Bob Lazar.

      Two other points -- that sticker on the windshield from Nellis. The
      United States Air Force says it's a low level sticker, easy to get,
      allowing access to the commissary, and that you can get one if you've
      had a relative in the military, as Deb Burisch has.

      Also, we talked to UNLV where Dan Burisch really did earn a B.A. in
      psychology. He's listed in the alumni guide as having that PHD from
      New York, but UNLV told us the alumni guide doesn't verify someone's
      post graduate credentials, so just because it says PHD in the guide
      means little.Dan Burisch is a smart guy and this is an interesting
      story, which a lot of people seem to believe. We think it is sorely
      lacking in verifiable evidence. If any surfaces, we'd like to see it.

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