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The Fortean Approach To Aliens

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  • Michael Martin
    From this message by Frits Westra: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ufonet/message/18685 Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman at one time proposed something along such
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      From this message by Frits Westra:


      Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman at one time proposed
      something along
      such lines in _The Unidentified_ (1975), where they
      drew on Carl Jung's
      theories to describe the UFO phenomenon as a planetary
      generating apparitions from Humankind's repressed
      collective unconscious
      to create UFO manifestations, Men in Black, etc.--some
      of which ideas
      former FATE editor Clark reportedly now disavows.
      Anyway, I myself
      suspect that a theory of "group minds" and "tulpas"
      might perhaps
      explain many of the more bizarre, "ghostly,"
      "phantom-like" UFO, alien,
      and cryptid reports, without resorting to more
      speculative occult,
      "metaphysical," or demonological theories about
      fairies, elementals,
      djinn, devas, angels, demons, or "ultraterrestrials."
      A parapsychological
      theory of "group minds" and "thought- forms," indeed,
      could help scientific
      Forteans defend their approach against the advocates
      of fringe and
      theories. We sometimes may need to consider the
      SOMEWHAT extraordinary
      and MODERATELY "far-out" to avoid being pressured or
      seduced into
      believing the EXTREMELY extraordinary. William of
      Occam, I think, would
      have approved.
      T. Peter
      Garden City South, L.I., N.Y.

      The UFOs can be of various dimensions, and some of
      them have the power to "morph." They can change
      shape, size, brilliance, etc... They are not really
      physical, they are more like subastral. So, they are
      near the boundary of the astral universe, and physical
      universe. They are simply becoming more physical and
      less astral, at times, and more astral, and less
      physical, at other times.

      I think the Forteans want physical explanations for
      Astral UFOs. That is impossible. It is difficult,
      even to find a physical explanation for subastral
      UFOs. If they want to study them, they need to go to
      their own level, subastral, or astral. Those who've
      seen them, have gone to their level. It is not
      impossible. Some of the UFOs might have crashed,
      while in "physical mode," and we might learn something
      from the wreckage. Others can be seen, just like
      looking at an airplane, as they cruise through the
      air, or space. Some might be just as physical as we.

      Aliens and humans are lost in their own mental
      projections. We came from Universal Mind. They (many
      of them) are a little closer to home, than we are, or
      most of us are, anyway. Those who can experience
      mystic transport can go to that home. They have been
      created by the same creator. They are just different
      species. Some aliens, already lost in the astral or
      subastral planes, are wandering even farther from
      home, in the physical plane.

      Yes, just as it behooves us to have faith in a
      Creator, and then try to follow a Mystic to our True
      Home, so also, it would behoove us to have faith in
      metaphysical theories regarding the aliens. Physical
      plane theories, or the Fortean approach, will not be
      very helpful, if we really want to know and understand
      them extensively.

      Thanks for the interesting message, Frits.

      Michael Martin

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