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EDMONTON SUN: "Senate pressured to hold hearings on ET"

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    EDMONTON SUN: Senate pressured to hold hearings on ET (http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/logo_sun.gif) November 26, 2005
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      EDMONTON SUN: "Senate pressured to hold hearings on ET"

      (http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/logo_sun.gif) November 26, 2005
      _Senate pressured to hold hearings on ET_
      A number of groups have joined forces with former Canadian Defence Minister
      Paul Hellyer in urging Parliament to hold public hearings on 'exopolitics' -
      or relations with extraterrestrials (ETs).
      Three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were reacting to a speech made by
      Hellyer in September in Toronto in which he warned that "UFOs are as real as
      the airplanes that fly over your head.''
      Hellyer said he is concerned the United States is preparing weapons for use
      against the aliens and could get the whole world into an "intergalactic war.''
      According to Hellyer, the Americans' interest in returning to the moon is in
      part based on the desire to build a forward military base there.
      The three organizations backing Hellyer's request for hearings are the
      Institute for Co-operation in Space (ICIS), the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium and
      the Disclosure Project, a U.S.-based organization that has assembled
      high-level military-intelligence witnesses of a possible ET presence.
      Earlier this month, the Senate replied to the ICIS that their full agenda
      precluded any hearings in the near future on ET issues.
      "That does not deter us," one spokesman for the NGOs said, "We are going
      ahead with our request to Prime Minister Paul Martin and the official Opposition
      leaders in the House of Commons now, and we will re-apply to the Senate of
      Canada in early 2006.
      "Time is on the side of open disclosure that there are ethical
      extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth.''

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