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The mystery with the UFO story

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  • Dr. Daniel Nephilim
    http://www.heralddemocrat.com/articles/2005/10/23/local_news/news13.txt The mystery with the UFO story By Donna Hunt Today My husband told me not to do it; he
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2005

      The mystery with the UFO story

      By Donna Hunt

      My husband told me not to do it; he said I would open
      a real can of worms. When did he get so smart?

      I didn't listen to him and boy have the UFO sighters
      come out of the woodwork.

      Just keep in mind, as former Perrin radar mechanic who
      sighted not one, but several UFOs in the area in 1951,
      these things in the sky aren't necessarily from outer
      space. They are what they say n Unidentified Flying

      I wrote the first column after a friend saw a History
      Channel piece that told about the sighting of a
      “flying saucer” at Denison in the late 1800s. Research
      led to that column. Then the second one was after I
      interviewed the former Perrin Airman, Chandler Yergin,
      by phone from his home in Tucson, AZ.

      During that week and since, I've received a number of
      telephone calls and e-mails from others who have seen
      unidentified objects in the sky.

      One, a friend of many years n since high school days,
      shared his story with me, the first time he had told
      it outside those that witnessed the objects with him,
      he said. He shared with the understanding that his
      name not be used for fear his friends and neighbors
      today would think that he had “lost it.”

      His sighting took place in about 1956. He and his wife
      had just returned home in the evening in the area of
      Mockingbird Lane in Northwest Denison. As they got out
      of the car they saw several objects at the top of the
      hill that seemed to be circling each other and trading
      places from top to bottom.

      He said about eight neighbors and his parents came out
      into the yard and witnessed the display as well,
      watching for several minutes before the objects split
      up and flew away. He said he's sure of what he saw and
      has a bunch of witnesses to back him up.

      A friend at Health Trends’ pool who read the articles
      told me a story that her late husband related several
      years ago. She said he was returning home from work
      one evening in the Pottsboro area and saw a strange
      looking circular object in the field near the Country

      He told her he stopped his pickup and watched for a
      minute, then decided he could load it into his pickup
      and take it home. He crossed over the fence to
      retrieve it. About that time the sphere took off
      straight up and disappeared over the store.

      She said he told her he looked behind his pickup all
      the way home to see if the object was following him.
      It wasn't.

      Another friend told me of a sighting 50 years ago. She
      said her parents lived on Snow Road, southeast of
      Denison and she lived in Dallas. She and her husband
      and younger son and her brother and wife were all
      visiting her parents.

      She said they were relaxing on the screened-in porch
      on the east side of the house and were looking out at
      the night sky. She remembers looking at some red
      lights in the south and thinking they were
      television/radio tower lights. Suddenly they started
      moving toward the north and everyone seemed to spot
      the objects at the same time. They ran into the back
      kitchen door so they could have a better view.

      She said the lights seemed evenly spaced and high in
      the sky, but not as high as an airplane. They couldn't
      hear a sound, As the lights moved overhead she and her
      family members ran to the front door and onto the
      front porch still trying to figure out what they were
      seeing. As they watched, the lights began to go up one
      by one. She couldn't remember how many, but thinks it
      was five to nine, possibly four in front and five
      behind, spaced like bowling ball pins.

      She said they talked about it for hours and the next
      morning there were three or four lines in the
      newspaper, saying several people had reported lights
      in the sky that evening. The suggested theory was that
      they had seen weather balloons. She didn't believe
      that theory because, she said their movement seemed
      too deliberate. Anyway, their identity has never been
      explained to her satisfaction.

      Jonathon Oden, who graduated from Denison High in 1998
      and currently lives in the Phoenix area, has an
      interest in the unexplained. He said that he and his
      wife saw something strange in the sky in Denton one
      day in 2002. It was clearly shaped like a huge
      triangle with straight edges and precise corners. They
      watched it creep along the sky, headed northwest
      without veering from its course until it was out of

      He said his interest was peaked that day and since he
      has learned that North Texas has a rich history of UFO

      He pointed out that Denison was likely the first place
      the word “saucer” was used in print to describe a UFO.
      He read about that in a book published in 1997 by Jim
      Marrs, a Texas Resident. In his book, “Alien Agenda,”
      Marrs provides a comprehensive look at UFO related
      history, Jonathon said.

      Tom Scott, curator of the Fannin County Museum of
      History, formerly wrote a column, “Bois d'Arc
      Sketches” for a Bonham newspaper. He sent us a copy of
      a column he wrote that cited sightings in the Bonham
      area as far back as 1843 when Bonham was known as Bois

      In March 1897 a cigar shaped object was seen in the
      area. That same month a Dallas newspaper and others in
      the area reported the sighting of a cigar shaped
      object between Honey Grove and Paris. A farmer had
      said he was chased by the object that was dragging an
      anchor along the ground. The farmer said the anchor
      snagged his pants and raised him into the air until
      his pants ripped and he fell.

      Two weeks later, according to Tom's column, a man
      going between Bonham and Denton also said he saw “some
      kind of manufactured craft.” Other who saw it said it
      was 200 feet long with large windows. Some people even
      said they heard hymns being sung as it passed

      Now that is getting a little weird. I wish I had
      photographs to document some of these stories, but
      alas, they are not available. Thanks to all for
      sharing their stories. We don't think you're weird,
      just observant.

      Donna Hunt is former editor of The Denison Herald. She
      lives in Denison and can be contacted at dhunlimited@....

      Nephilim's Paranormal Investigations - http://paranorm.cjb.net

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