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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 41

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 41 October 26, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 41
      October 26, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "Unidentified flying red objects spotted recently
      over Tinley Park and Orland Park" in Illinois "have
      stirred up UFO investigating communities everywhere."
      ""National UFO Web sites are all over the red
      According to the National UFO Reporting Center in
      Seattle, Washington state, "Late Friday night, September
      30, 2005, our offices began receiving reports of several
      peculiar red lights seen in the night sky above Tinley
      Park and Orland, Illinois."
      "Those peculiar pulses of red light floated over
      Southland skies last weekend, around 11:15 p.m. Friday
      night, and again at 1 a.m. Saturday, eerily similar to
      ones that showed up last year on mild weekend nights in
      August and September (2004). Hundreds of Southlanders
      saw the lights last weekend, too-and found them just as
      puzzling as their predecessors."
      "But a small circle of friends in Tinley Park
      believe they've debunked the mystery of the glowing red
      ""Dave Palagi was sitting with his wife around a
      fire in their friends' backyard September 30, enjoying a
      lovely clear night when they all saw the oddity
      "'We could clearly see the red lights themselves
      were flares, and each was suspended by two balloons,' he
      "'An occasional ash could be seen dropping. Another
      member of the party then saw a third balloon, farther to
      the north and much higher. We were watching them
      actually rising-lazily drifting along and going up.'"
      "Palagi figured the balloons were launched around
      175th Street and 84th Avenue, not far from Wally and
      Maureen Bekta's home in the 8200 block of Queen Victoria
      Lane where the group sat."
      "Maureen Bekta also saw the lights and 'the balloon-
      type thing on top of the two that were lower and
      "'It was low enough that we felt it was a prank,'
      she said. The balloons themselves were dark-colored.
      'You could just see the outline.'"
      "'Aha!' Palagi said, 'This is how they did it. It
      was just such a revelation after seeing these things last
      "It's been anyone's guess what the lights are, since
      everyone seems to know what they are not."
      "A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokeswoman
      said she checked into the lights last year, too. If they
      weren't planes or helicopters, the FAA wouldn't track
      "'We don't track lights,' Elizabeth Isham Corey
      "Tinley Park police, who received some calls last
      weekend, denied reports of flares."
      "'From all the reports we've received, they're not
      flares with some helium balloons or anything like this,'
      Tinley Park Police Commander Tom Boling said."
      "Boling said his department would not investigate
      the lights 'unless there's some reckless conduct that
      would endanger someone.'"
      "'We just don't know what's causing these red lights
      to appear in the sky,' he said.
      "The National Weather Services was also stumped."
      "But an astronomer at Chicago's Adler Planetarium,
      who concluded the lights weren't meteors or comets or
      satellites, said they did appear to be man-made."
      "Dr. Mark Hammergren watched several tapes of last
      year's lights at the request of the local Mutual UFO
      Network (MUFON) chapter."
      "'One thing that makes me very suspicious is that
      these sightings have all occurred on weekends - (that)
      suggests that there's some human activity connected with
      it,' he said. 'I would love to believe this, but I'm not
      going to base my career and spend my time on something
      that's been cooked up by hoaxsters.'"
      "There exists a 'standard' UFO hoax that uses a
      candle and a plastic dry cleaning bag to fashion a sort
      of glowing hot-air balloons, but these (Illinois) lights
      are too brilliantly red to be ordinary flames, Hammergren
      "He likes the road flare theory." (See the
      newspaper The Daily Southtown of Tinley Park, Ill. For
      October 9, 2005, "UFOs have a flare about them." Many
      thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


      On Thursday, October 6, 2005, at 7:30 p.m., Kathleen
      Amity was outdoors at her home in Martinsville, Indiana,
      looking north, when she spotted "what first appeared as
      two fireballs behind a hill and the tree line. Then the
      two split into four smaller balls of fire. Seconds
      later, four more appeared directly to the west."
      "They all hovered above the tree line for about two
      minutes. Then they slowly sank behind the hill. They
      were extremely bright orange and let off an orange glow
      in the sky around them. It was 7:30 p.m. and had just
      gotten dark."
      She described the UFOs as "round, bright orange fire
      balls." (Email Form Report)


      "A noisy UFO woke Birch Hill residents in the early
      morning hours of Monday," October 10, 2005, "as it zoomed
      over the sleeping suburb" in Berkshire, UK.
      "The craft spent half an hour hovering above houses
      in Jevington before zipping towards South Hill Park,
      according to witnesses."
      "Susan Mallia, who called the (newspaper) Midweek to
      see if anyone else reported the strange sight, said: 'I
      have never seen anything like that before. It looked
      like a pile of scaffolding with lights-red, blue and
      orange ones.'"
      "'It also had a big spotlight that was moving
      around. I don't think it was a helicopter because it
      sounded like a vacuum cleaner or a generator.'"
      "'Perhaps it was a weather balloon. It was very
      noisy, and it would have woken everyone in the area. It
      woke me at 2:30 a.m., and my husband and I watched it for
      half an hour.'"
      "'Just as he went to get his camera, it headed off
      to South Hill Park and was out of sight-but we could
      still hear it.'"
      "Midweek's sister paper, the Bracknell News, was
      invaded with calls of an extra-terrestrial nature over
      the summer as UFOs flocked to observe the town."
      "Nowhere in Bracknell Forest was left out of the
      spacemen's tour, with the paper reporting sightings at
      the Coppid Beech Hotel (July 7), Birch Hill (July 14),
      Crown Wood (July 19), Binfield and College Town (July 28
      and another in Binfield (August 30)."
      (Editor's Note: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used this area
      as the location of the Sherlock Holmes story, "The
      Adventure of the Copper Beeches." Curiously, Sherlock
      Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson were in the area on April
      20, 1889, which, of course, is the birth date of Adolf
      "The News also interviewed local man Terry Walters,
      who claims he was operated on by aliens in the 1960s and
      has also exorcised a borough councilor's home."
      "Since then, alien visitors seemed to have flown
      south for the winter, but it appears that they are once
      again spying on the town's residents." (See the
      Berkshire newspaper Midweek for October 11, 2005, "Latest
      UFO is spotted hovering over Birch Hill homes." Many
      thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


      Five unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen
      last Wednesday night," October 12, 2005, "over eastern
      Oruro" in Bolivia, "causing curiosity and amazement in
      thousands of witnesses who managed to see the unknown
      images, which were captured by Canal (Channel) 39 of the
      Corporacion Orurena de Comunicacion," a Bolivian TV
      "The flying objects appeared in the sky at 10:30
      p.m. They consisted of two strange objects located in
      the eastern region that drew people's attention due to
      their red, green and blue lights. They also appeared and
      vanished in the firmament."
      Witnesses also reported that the multiple lights
      blinked in sequence.
      ""The most notorious one was a silvery, circular UFO
      that presented two circumferences-a smaller one located
      inside the object and another outside the circumference,
      spinning at an impressive speed."
      "Canal 39 managed to record the UFOs' presence as
      citizens phoned the television station to describe what
      they could see from their respective areas."
      "Abel Flores Mujica, one of the witnesses,
      manifested his surprise at having seen the unidentified
      object in space."
      "'I refer to it as an artifact, since I couldn't
      believe what I was seeing. My daughter went outside, and
      I told her, 'That's a UFO. She replied that it wasn't a
      UFO, that it was the planet Mars that was delayed in
      covering (moving through-J.T.) space. But that object
      had lights, and it wasn't a star. Last night's event
      startled me, and then my daughter said, 'Look, it's not
      the only one, there are others there,' and it was
      evident,' he said."
      "Canal 39 journalist and TV show host Pedro Rubin de
      Celis said that Wednesday night's sighting confirms the
      theory that we are not alone in the universe."
      "'This has been a marvelous presence of UFOs in the
      firmament, and many people stepped out onto their
      balconies to observe this spectacle. The camera zoom has
      shown us, beyond the vehicle's flashes, a circle making
      concentric movements within other circles around the
      vessel and with a black dot at the center. The objects
      also had their own movement,' he explained." (See the
      Bolivian newspaper La Patria for October 14, 2005,
      "Channel 39 managed to capture images of five
      unidentified objects." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
      Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO por este articulo de


      "The image of what appears to be a priest holding a
      child has mysteriously appeared on the wall of a church
      in Chile."
      "Visitors from all over South America are flocking
      to see the mysterious image, which appeared on the wall
      of Cristo Rey de Tome Church in Santiago de Chile, the
      national capital."
      "Elderly people of the (Roman Catholic) parish
      identified the image, which shows the silhouette of a
      youthful priest in a soutane and hat holding a small
      child, as that of Father Luis Hurtado."
      "During the 1930s, Father Hurtado looked after
      orphaned and impoverished children of the favelas (slums-
      J.T.). After his death, Chilean Catholics submitted his
      case to the Vatican. Father Hurtado has already been
      beatified, and he is due to be canonized (formally
      declared a saint-J.T.) by Pope Benedict XVI at the end of
      "According to the priests at Cristo Rey de Tome
      Church, the image began to appear in early September
      "'We don't know what's happening,' Father Hernan
      Henriquez stated, 'We cannot be 100 percent certain, but
      it appears that this image appeared out of nowhere."
      "A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Santiago de
      Chile said the (Roman Catholic) Church was 'aware of the
      phenomenon' but added that the Church 'traditionally
      moves very slowly in these matters. The Archdiocese will
      investigate these claims and submit a report to Rome.'"
      (See the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio for October 10,
      2005. Muchas gracias a Monica Gaetano de Silva para este
      articulo de diario.)


      "A Victorian hunter believes he may finally have
      solved the state's big cat mystery."
      "Kurt Engel shot dead what is believed to be a
      leopard or a puma in Gippsland," a region of central
      Victoria state in Australia.
      "Mr. Engel photographed the dead cat and cut off its
      tail after shooting it while hunting deer in rugged
      terrain near Sale, Vic. in June (2005)."
      "A sample of the cat's DNA, taken from the tail, has
      been sent to an international laboratory for analysis."
      "The results, expected in about three weeks, will
      determine the feline's exact species."
      "The breakthrough follows decades of sightings of
      mysterious wild big cats throughout Australia-but no
      physical poof of their existence."
      "Big cat researchers have hailed Mr. Engel's kill as
      the best evidence ever uncovered to confirm the predators
      roam in the Australian wilderness."
      "Mr. Engel, of Noble Park, Vic., said he was hunting
      in scrub when he noticed large paw prints in a dry creek
      "Shortly afterwards, he saw a dark creature move,
      then caught sight of a crouching big cat."
      "'I could see the eyes of the cat, I kept very
      quiet,' he said."
      "The predator charged in his direction."
      "'He came very low to the ground. His chest was
      nearly on the ground (as the cat moved) and he came
      straight towards me. I saw his teeth and white eyes-I
      was only about 80 yards away,' he said."
      "'I pulled up the rifle and at that moment it turned
      to the left.'"
      "'He was making long jumps. On about the third
      jump, I shot him.'"
      "The bullet entered behind the cat's shoulder and
      blew its head off, he said."
      "Mr. Engel said he found the remains of a freshly-
      killed wombat nearby, which had had its skull crushed."
      "The 67-year-old said he had not believed big cats
      "'I think it was a million to one chance-I have been
      hunting in forests for 50 years and have never seen a big
      cat,' he said."
      "The retired engineer said he lugged the cat back to
      his camp, but put the carcass into the river after
      removing the tail and photographing it."
      "Mike Williams, a representative of the Centre for
      Fortean Zoology, a body that researchers mysterious or
      out-of-place animals, said he believed it was concrete
      evidence that big cats are on the loose in Australia."
      "Hundreds of sightings have been reported over the
      years and a leaked government document revealed 59
      sightings had been reported in Gippsland between 1998 and
      "The cats are said to be descendants of animals that
      either escaped from zoos or circuses or were released by
      U.S. airmen who kept them as mascots while stationed in
      Australia in World War II."
      "'Kurt has killed an urban legend,' Mr. Williams
      said. "He has proved all the hundreds of farmers have
      been telling the truth. There is a breeding population
      of big cats. The tail is 100 per cent-it is a concrete
      "Scientists Bernie Mace, who has been researching
      big cats ibn Australia for 30 years, said the animal was
      far too big to be a feral domestic cat and predicted it
      would be identified as a puma (a cougar or mountain lion
      here in the USA-J.T.)."
      "'I feel this is a very important breakthrough,' he
      "Richard Roswell, Melbourne Zoo's keeper in charge
      of carnivores, examined a photograph of the dead cat this
      week but said it was inconclusive."
      "'We don't dispute that there is a possibility they
      (big cats-J.T.) are out there, but we are yet to see a
      photograph that proves it categorically,' he said."
      "Mr. Roswell said the DNA would ultimately determine
      the breed of the cat." (See the Australian newspaper
      Herald-Sun for October 10, 2005, "I shot the big cat."
      Many thanks to Diane Harrison of the Australian UFO
      Research Network (AUFORN) for this newspaper article.)


      "A huge, puma-like cat, dubbed the 'Beast of
      Balbirnie,' is prowling a public area of woodland in
      "Police are hunting the massive feline after a paw
      print measuring 4 inches (10 centimeters) by 3.5 inches
      (8 centimeters) backed up numerous sightings by walkers
      in the area."
      "And they yesterday (Thursday, October 6, 2005)
      appealed to the public to take care in the area because
      of the beast, which is believed to have ripped a large
      swan to pieces two weeks ago."
      "They believe the beast, which is described as being
      taller than a Labrador dog and twice the length, could be
      a puma or leopard."
      "It is prowling an area near Markinch, Fife, which
      was once described as 'Scotland's Serengeti' because of
      the number of sightings of big cats there."
      "Big cat expert George Redpath said yesterday there
      had been more than 30 sightings in Fife in the last year
      "This figure, he said, did not include hoaxes and
      those made by callers who appeared to be drunk."
      "Retired policeman George, 61, who believes that
      there are more than 10 different large cats in the area,
      said: 'Fife is a real hotspot for big cats.'"
      "'We only register sightings from credible
      witnesses. We've logged calls from doctors, lawyers,
      teachers and policemen, some of whom were originally very
      "George said the area around Balbirnie Woods had
      seen a lot of big cat activity in recent weeks. Two
      greenskeepers at the local golf club watched a large
      black animal sunning itself on a grassy bank."
      "The men kept a close eye on it for over an hour."
      "Two weeks ago, the ripped up remains of a large
      swan were discovered by a rambler." (Hiker in the USA-
      "Police initially thought the bird had been hit by a
      car. But they decided it must have been attacked by an
      animal larger than a fox."
      "Pet care expert Susan McNab saw the 'beast' while
      walking one of her customer's dogs last month. Susan,
      36, who studied cats and dogs at college, said it was the
      size of a leopard and jet black."
      "She said: 'I saw this beautiful animal walking
      towards me down a path. It was clear as day and about 50
      yards away. It had a large round head and long tail and
      looked very powerful and sleek. I remember saying out
      loud to the dog, 'That's one cat you won't be chasing.''"
      "The latest paw prints were discovered next to a
      rabbit warren and experts at Edinburgh Zoo are examining
      "Fife Police wildlife expert Mark Maylin said: 'The
      next step is to try to capture the animal and have it
      relocated in an environment that is safer. From the
      witness reports I've seen, the most likely species to be
      living in the Fife area would be lynx or puma.'"
      "It is believed big cats were released into the wild
      after 1976 when keeping them was banned by law" in UK.
      (See the newspaper The Daily Record of UK for October 7,
      2005, "Big cat roaming Scottish woods." Many thanks to
      Robert Fischer, UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, for
      this newspaper article.)


      "A New Zealand fisherman got the surprise of his
      life this week when he found a 15-foot (4.5-meter) great
      white shark tangled in his fishing net."
      "Warrick Harris was fishing several miles off" the
      coast near Raglan, New Zealand "when he found the female
      shark barely alive in his net."
      "The shark was about 15 feet (4.5 meters) long and
      weighed almost 3,500 pounds (1,750 kilograms)."
      "A New Zealand Conservation Department marine
      scientist said it was the largest shark he had ever
      examined, with the average size for great whites around
      New Zealand being less than 10 feet (3 meters)."
      "A section of the shark's spine was taken to
      determine its age, and samples and organs were collected
      for research."
      "Harris said he is trying to sell the shark's jaw
      and fins to collectors."
      "'Jaws' was the exact reaction, really,' Harris
      said, 'It was quite unbelievable. I just couldn't get
      over the sheer size of it.'" (See the newspaper Timaru
      Herald for October 21, 2005, "Giant shark caught off New
      Zealand." Many thanks to Kirsty MacLaren for this
      newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Comment: "Bruce," the shark in the 1975
      movie Jaws, was about the same size as Harris's captured
      female shark. Another case of life imitating art.)


      "The teenager arrested in the slaying of a prominent
      defense attorney's wife once drew a pentagram on the
      ground at school" in northern California "and told other
      students he was reading from the Book of Satan, according
      to former classmates."
      "Authorities would not identify the 16-year-old, but
      the boy's name was widely publicized after his arrest
      late Wednesday," October 19, 2005. "Police were still
      working to determine a motive for the beating death of
      Pamela Vitale, the wife of lawyer and TV legal pundit
      Daniel Horowitz."
      "'Although we have a suspect, the investigation is
      still going on,' sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said."
      "Vitale, 52, was slain over the weekend at the
      hilltop estate where the couple were building their dream
      home in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Lafayette."
      (Editor's Comment: Bingo! The Fayette Factor!)
      "The teenager lived down the hill on a remote canyon
      "Ivan Golde, a friend of Horowitz and his co-
      counsel, said Horowitz didn't know the teen well."
      "'Dan knew the family somewhat but he didn't really
      know this kid. He had no connection to this kid,' Golde
      told NBC;s Today show on Friday," October 21, 2005.
      "The suspect was described as a quiet student at
      Acalanes High School in Lafayette, where he stood out
      because of his attire."
      "'He was really Gothic, always wore a long, dark
      jacket,' said Kevin Etheridge, 16, 'He'd hang out with a
      few kids, but he was pretty quiet, pretty much to
      "Another student remembered him drawing a pentagram
      on the ground with chalk in junior high school and
      dancing around it with other students."
      "'He told people the book he was carrying and
      reading from was the Book of Satan,' Keith Kingon said."
      "A man at the house where the suspect lived declined
      to comment Thursday," October 20, 2005, "as goats and
      chickens wandered around the property. A potbelly stove,
      a bathtub and dozens of baseballs littered the yard."
      According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "citing an
      unidentified law enforcement source, reported that
      investigators believe the killing was related to a scheme
      that involved using stolen credit-card numbers to fund a
      marijuana-growing operation."
      "The source said the boy had ordered equipment for
      the pot operation and mistakenly thought the supplies
      were delivered to Horowitz and Vitale's home, the
      newspaper reported on its Web site."
      "The teen went there Saturday," October 15, 2005,
      "looking for the equipment and got in a fight with
      Vitale, striking her dozens of times in the head with a
      piece of molding that was left behind at the scene,
      according to the source."
      "The boy apparently had scratches on his arms and
      legs from the fight, the newspaper reported."
      "If the boy is convicted of murder as an adult, he
      would face up to life in prison. If convicted as a
      juvenile, he would be freed on his 25th birthday. He is
      too young to face the death penalty." (See the Modesto
      Bee for October 21, 2005, "Teen suspect said interested
      in occult." Many thanks to Tiffany Burton for this
      newspaper article.)

      Letter From the Editor:

      First I'd like to apologize for not having issue 41
      ready in time for October 19, 2005. My "Model T"
      computer is up and running. However, my current server
      will not allow me to connect and claims I am using
      obsolete software. So now I have to find a new server or
      else newer software before I can get back online.
      While away from the Net, and deprived of my usual
      news sources, I have been consoling myself by watching
      Jimmy Neutron and Taradise on the relatives' cable TV.
      My favorite episode of the former..."I Dream of Jimmy,"
      which is a nice take-off on Dennis Quaid's 1983 film
      They have some great one-liners on that show.
      Here's an example:
      Jimmy's Dad: "I'll never forget my first sleepover.
      The food fights, the practical jokes, the crying for
      Jimmy's Mom: "That was our honeymoon, dear."
      And then there's Taradise, which stars Tara Reid,
      who seems to have replaced Jessica Simpson as the world's
      dumbest blonde. Occasionally, Tara issues
      pronunciamentos called "Tara-Facts," which are truly eye-
      In one segment, a British reporter asked our
      heroine, "Did you visit the island of Lesbos?"
      Tara replied, "No. What's that?"
      (Editor's Comment: The buzzsaw noise you hear is Sappho
      spinning in her grave.)
      Visiting Croatia's seashore, Tara said, "This is the
      highest spot on Earth."
      And in the most recent episode, Tara proclaimed,
      "Biarritz is the greatest country in the world!"
      (Editor's Note: Actually, it's a seaside resort city in
      southwestern France.)
      Well, that's an F in geography for Miss Reid.
      Somebody sign up that girl for summer school.

      And we'll be back soon...hopefully...with more UFO,
      Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth,
      brought to you by "the paper that goes home-UFO Roundup."
      Hope to be seeing you all again soon.

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