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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 40

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 40 October 12, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 40
      October 12, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      Night watchmen at a power station in Altamira, a
      town in Mexico's state of Tamaulipas, claim to have
      captured the image of an alien on videotape. The image
      was captured by the plant's security cameras.
      According to the Mexican newspaper Hoy Extramex,
      "Widespread panic has been unleashed in Altamira after a
      strange creature was videotaped in the section containing
      the energy-producting turbines of that city's
      thermoelectric plant, spreading once more the theory that
      there is an extraterrestrial base in the area, presumably
      with designs on invading the territory."
      Altamira has two large thermoelectric plants, which
      have been designated Altamira 3 and Altamira 4 by
      Mexico's Federal Electric Commission.
      "According to Arturo Calcaneo, this newspaper also
      published a report provided by fishermen who claimed
      having cast their nets in the open sea and saw, to their
      astonishment, how they did not sink and remained floating
      on the water's surface."
      Elsewhere in Mexico, "a strange unidentified flying
      object flew over the eastern part of" Ramos Arizpe in
      Coahuila state, "was recorded by the urban cameras of the
      Municipal Public Security's O-60 security system."
      "The 27-minute-long video was shown yesterday to the
      media by Homero Duran Flores, head of the municipal
      The UFO resembles "a round object with a grey-
      colored ring and a black circle in the middle, roating,
      and was recorded at different times as it approached and
      "Duran Flores said that the video, recorded between
      3:07 and 3:34 a.m." on Monday, October 3, 2005, "is at
      the disposal of experts in the subject, since it is
      'without doubt an important document, taking into
      consideration the clarity and sharpness of the images.'"
      "Mayra Gallegos Muniz, a radio operator of the O-60
      system, who was on duty when the call came in, said that
      upon looking out her office window, the unidentified
      flying object 'appeared very large, four or five times
      the size of a star.'" (See the Mexican newspapers Hoy
      Extramex for October 5, 2005, "Extraterrestrials invade
      Altamira," and Vanguardia for October 5, 2005, "Security
      cameras record UFO over Coahuila." Muchas gracias a
      Scott Corrales y Dr. Ana Luisa Cid Fernandez y Jesus
      Jimenez pos esos articulos de diario.)


      "Thousands of residents in the towns of Milang,
      Midsayap, Pikit, Alamada and Kidapawan City craned their
      necks Monday night," October 3, 2005, "to witness what
      many believe was an unidentified flying object (UFO)."
      The sightings took place on Mindanao, the large
      southern island of the Philippines.
      "Vice Mayor Joselito Pinol of Milang personally saw
      the flying object while on his way home from his farm in
      Barangay Dugong."
      "Pinol told radio stations DXND and DXMS that the
      object flew over Milang for at least 45 minutes."
      "The vice mayor described the flying object as a
      vertical line, almost one meter (3 feet, 3 inches) long,
      looking like the windshield wiper on a four-wheel-drive
      "'I thought this was only seen in our town,' Pinol
      said, 'But I was amazed when my friends in other towns of
      the province called me and told me that the object had
      been seen in Kidapawan, as well.'" (See the Filipino
      newspaper Minda News for October 4, 2005, "What was that
      unidentified flying object seen in NorthCot?" Many
      thanks to Roy Lopez for this newspaper article.).


      A major UFO flap broke out in Peru last week, with
      sightings near Chosica.
      "Residents of the Puente Piedra and Ventanilla
      districts were witnesses to an unusual event: two
      unidentified flying objects were reported in both areas."
      "The objects appeared in the night sky over one of
      the many settlements along the Rio Chillon between Puente
      Piedra and Ventanilla on Friday," September 10, 2005, "at
      10 p.m."
      Witnesses described the UFOs as "two powerful lights
      that could not be mistaken with airplanes, helicopters or
      aerostats (balloons-J.T.). They ascended with such
      swiftness towards the town that they absorbed energy from
      several light posts, causing them to go out."
      "'Those were UFOs and they caused the blackout and
      interference with artifacts,' said Mario Zegarra."
      "They tend to appear when disasters approach,'
      Zegarra added, 'They are warning us of these tragedies.'"
      (Editor's Note: This was about a month before the
      catastrophic earthquake in Kashmir, which measured 7.6 on
      the Richter scale. It was the worst earthquake in the
      Himalayan region in more than a century.)
      "'They were two oval-shaped objects. They flashed,
      but at a given moment, we were able to see them clearly,
      and they were definitely neither airplanes nor anything
      remotely similar. We saw them in the sky,' said Isabel
      Tafur, a resident of Puente Piedra."
      "Sra. Tafur's testimony was corrobrated by the
      custodians at Public School No. 2081, who specified the
      time of the sighting as 10 p.m."
      UFOs were also seen in the town of San Juan de
      Lurigancho, near Chosica and Lima, the capital of Peru.
      "Residents of the Avenida Weisse in San Juan de
      Lurigancho have also seen UFOs in recent days. These
      witnesses indicated that the saucers remained motionless
      in the sky for several minutes before taking off toward
      Chosica." (See the Peruvian newspapers Panamericana
      Noticias for October 4 and 5, 2005, "Residents of Puente
      Piedra and Ventanilla see UFOs" and "We saw them in the
      sky!" Also, El Comercio for October 6, 2005. Muchas
      gracias a Scott Corrales y Monica Gaetano de Silva por
      estos articulos de diario.)


      On Sunday, September 18, 2005, Marcela Krystkova
      reported, "I was flying from Prague," the capital of the
      Czech Republic, "to Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). The sky
      got cloudy somewhere over the Netherlands. Over the
      (English) Channel, the clouds were a bit torn. I felt
      sleepy as I had to get up at 4 a.m. and didn't get to
      sleep too well at night. And just seeing clouds became
      boring after a while. Also, my seat was at the window
      but near the wing, so the wing and the engine took a lot
      of my view. If I wanted to see something, I had to lean
      forward and look out the farther window."
      "Then, around 1 p.m., I looked out again and saw we
      were still over the (North) sea. There was a gap between
      clouds so I could see the sea. Down, deep under me, I
      could see some round orange things. They looked like
      round rubber lifeboats on the sea. There were seven of
      them. They seemed to be floating on the surface. I
      noticed that they created a perfect boomerang-shaped
      "That attracted my attention. They were moving
      quite fast for something that big on the sea. I could
      swear that at the beginning they were a bit scattered but
      now they were very much giving the impression of a single
      body. That's how perfect the formation was. Was it
      military training? I tried to have a better look to
      identify what it was, but suddenly there were two white
      clouds bursting out of two of the circles like an
      explosion, and all the formation, like one body, moved
      forward with great acceleration, leaving just two white
      double lines (contrails?-J.T.) The lines were short,
      just about double the size of the triangle."
      "At high speed, all the formation disappeared under
      the cloud, and I had the feeling that it wanted to hide,
      not to be seen. I hoped that it would come out the other
      side of that large cloud before (her jetliner's) engine
      and wing covered my view, but it didn't."
      "After the cloud, I saw a ship, looked big, at least
      a ferry, maybe bigger. And still the length of the ship
      would make only about two-thirds of the side of the
      boomerang. And the circles were slightly bigger in
      diameter than the width of the ship. So the object must
      have been huge."
      "Soon after, we approached the east coast of
      Britain, and, at 1:40 p.m., we were landing at Edinburgh
      airport." (Email Form Report)


      On Sunday, October 2, 2005, at 8:10 p.m., eyewitness
      Paul S. reported, "Me and my two roommates were out on
      the porch" of their home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
      (population 544,832), "when one of them noticed two very
      bight stars in the eastern sky where the city lights are
      bright. They were distanced apart approximately like two
      stars on the Big Dipper (constellation Ursa Major-J.T.)."
      "As we were trying to make sense of why these stars
      caught our attention, they started to fade exactly in
      sync and disappeared completely in about six seconds. To
      the lower left remained a dim star or planet that was of
      the solar system, as it did not appear out of the
      "Throughout the next few hours, we would check to
      see if the two bright stars had returned. The flickering
      red one seemed to move up to the south slowly as the
      night progressed. We doubt it was airplanes because they
      did not move, and why would they fade in sync? (Email
      Form Report)


      On Wednesday, October 5, 2005, at 8 p.m., eyewitness
      Ronald J. reported, "My friend and I were driving past
      the tree farm" in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
      (population 31,817) "when we both said at the same time,
      'Look at those weird lights!'"
      "Directly ahead, around 20 meters (66 feet) down the
      road, there were three very bright red lights. The first
      thing I thought of was car tail-lights, but they were too
      high above the ground, as my friend pointed out."
      "We observed them for about 15 seconds, when they
      passed around a slight bend in the road to our left, the
      lights did not change direction, as fading tail-lights
      would, they seemed to pass around the bend. At the bend,
      the road drops, but the lights did not descend but
      remained at the same height."
      "I sped up slightly to see what kind of car this was
      (and) rounded the bend, and there were no vehicles at
      "The road is straight, with no turn-offs, and you
      are able to see vehicles for almost a few kilometers at
      that point. There was just nowhere for it to have gone
      that quickly. We were only a couple of seconds behind
      those lights. Both my friend and I became frightened at
      this point because of the reality of the situation."
      "There was just nowhere the vehicle could have gone-
      steep shoulder, fenced, on the left and steep drop on the
      right, with fields all around. There were just no more
      The UFOs "moved around the slight bend in the road
      to the left, but it was strange because it did not rotate
      as car lights would. It just stayed as three lights side
      by side."
      "I continued on to my friend's home, turning at the
      bottom of the road right into Okangan Landing. We didn't
      see anything else after this." (Email Form Report)


      Two youthful out-of-place alligators were captured
      Friday, October 7, 2005 in Queens, the easternmost of the
      five boroughs of New York City.
      "A Queens mechanic got the shock of his life when he
      discovered alligators in the back seat of an abandoned
      car in his shop."
      "The youthful pair were seized by the city yesterday
      and will soon find a more reptile-friendly home in an
      animal sanctuary."
      "Nicknamed Left and Right, the feisty young things
      had been languishing in a glass tank shoved into the back
      seat of a dilapidated car."
      "The vehicle had been towed to the Corona garage,
      said Mike Pastore, manager of field operations with (New
      York City's) Animal Car and Control."
      "They 'looked pretty good,' Pastore said. The
      mechanic 'gave them some small fish and steak pieces.'"
      "And they're frisky in their own reptilian way."
      "'They're not as adoring as puppies; they don't like
      to be hugged,' Pastore said, 'It's more like a little
      hissing and snapping of their tails.'"
      "The city normally confiscates one alligator a year,
      he said-often after someone's idea of an interesting pet
      gets big enough to climb out of the bathtub."
      "But so far this year, officials have confiscated
      three of the scaly creatures. And last year (2004) broke
      recent records with six reptile seizures."
      (Editor's Note: In Forteana, this phenomenon of out-of-
      place alligators being found in locations far from their
      native habitat is called the crazy crocs or the crazy
      croc syndrome. For more crazy croc stories, see
      recent issues of UFO Roundup.)
      "People mail-order the creatures from Florida or buy
      them for about $100 at trade shows in Pennsylvania, where
      anti-alligator laws aren't as stringent as in New York
      "People sometimes like reptiles as pets because
      they're exotic-looking, 'something you can show off,'
      Pastore said."
      "But alligators make dumb pets, he said, comparing
      them to monkeys in a studio apartment or tigers in
      "'They can be aggressive and endanger the public,'
      he said, 'When they're big, there's no question they can
      kill a small child or a person. Certainly they can take
      out a hand or an arm if they're in a tank.'"
      "New Yorkers simply can't provide the right habitat
      for them, such as a large swimming pool, he said."
      "They could also eat a baby, he added."
      "'If they're hungry, they're going to strike a warm
      source, similar to a snake,' Pastore said, 'Think about
      it: When they get to be 10 feet, that's pretty big.'"
      "The reptiles will spend the evening in a city
      animal shelter before traveling to a sanctuary, probably
      in Pennsylvania." (See the New York Post for October 8,
      2005, "Mechanic rescues reptilian refugees," page 7.)
      (Editor's Comment: Stay tuned, readers. The Crazy Croc
      Flap of 2005 is still going strong. Here's a report
      from UK.)


      "A crocodile which was spotted in a village pond in
      Cornwall is probably an unwanted pet, according to an
      "Stacey Clayton spotted the two-foot (61-centimeter)
      caiman on Saturday," October 1, 2005, "at St. Andrew's
      Pond in St. Blazey," Cornwall, UK.
      "The animal has not been found, but the RSPCA (Royal
      Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
      believes it could be hiding in nearby marshland and has
      warned local people to be careful in the area."
      "A reptile expert from Newquay Zoo believes the
      caiman could be an unwanted pet which has been dumped."
      Caimans are native to Central and South America.
      "'It's certainly not going to attack or chase a
      human being, but, if you tried to get hold of it, it
      could bite you,' said John Meek of Newquay Zoo."
      "Ms. Clayton said: 'I noticed this big log bopping
      up and down in the water, but, as I got closer to it, it
      blinked, and I could see its eyes.'"
      "'I wasn't sure if it was alive or not, so I threw a
      small stone near it and, as it moved, I could see that it
      was a caiman-about two feet long-so I dashed home and
      called the RSPCA.'"
      "John Meek, a reptile expert from Newquay Zoo, told
      BBC News the recent fine weather could be in the
      crocodile's favor."
      "He said: 'It would possibly still be alive on a
      lovely hot sunny day like today, but with the cold
      evenings coming in, it's not going to last very long.'"
      "Caimans can grow up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) long,
      but Mr. Meek said a small caiman should not pose much of
      a threat." (See BBC News for October 5, 2005, "Snapper
      warning issued to village." Many thanks to Robert
      Fischer for this report.)


      "A village council in eastern India has fined two
      brothers for keeping a pet ghost."
      "Iswar and Haripada Murmu , of Akshaypur, West
      Bengal, India, were accused of owning a ghost after one
      of their wives died."
      "An exorcist summoned by villagers claimed the
      brothers' pet ghost was 'responsible for a recent
      outbreak of disease in the locality."
      "Village elders said they were bringing evil to the
      village and fined them" about $725 in U.S. dollars. The
      Murmu brothers reportedly had to mortgage their
      agricultural land to raise the money to pay the fine."
      "They now risk losing everything unless they can pay
      back the money within two months."
      "District magistrate Mukul Sarkar said: 'I will
      immediately inquire into the matter, and, if there is any
      truth to it, the district administration will take the
      necessary action." (See the Indian newspaper Deccan
      Chronicle for October 4, 2005. Many thanks to Krishnari
      Bai Dharapurnanda for this newspaper article.)


      "A moon circles the '10th Planet' recently
      discovered beyond Pluto, astronomers report."
      Located "about 9 billion miles from the sun, the
      moon (dubbed 'Gabrielle') circles the planet (called
      'Xena' or UB313) once every few weeks, says Michael Brown
      of the California Institute of Technology, who announced
      the planet's discovery in July 2005."
      "Xena is larger than Pluto, and its discovery has
      triggered discussion among astronomers about rethinking
      how planets are defined."
      "The moon could be the product of a collision
      between objects in the comet belt (Kuiper Belt-J.T.) near
      Pluto, and scientists say such crashes were once
      surprisingly common."
      "The names Xena and Gabrielle are taken from the
      fictional TV series Xena: Warrior Princess." (See USA
      Today for October 4, 2005, "'Planet' beyond Pluto has a
      moon," page 7D.)
      (Editor's Note: Xena's arch-enemy, Callisto, long ago
      gave her name to a moon of Jupiter.)


      On Thursday, October 6, 2005, I completed my trek
      east across the USA from Duluth, Minnesota to
      southeastern Massachusetts. That's why there was no UFO
      Roundup on October 5, 2005. However, with a lot of help
      from our correspondents and friends here in New England,
      I was able to make deadline this week. So, many, many
      thanks to Robert Fischer, Mary Lou Jones-Drown, Scott
      Corrales, Monica Gaetano de Silva, Roy Lopez, Krishnari
      Bai Dharapurnanda and others for compiling all those
      paranormal reports and making them immediately available
      to me.
      Hopefully, we will have no more interruptions in
      service, at least for the remainder of this year. Along
      the way, I picked up a couple of feature stories which I
      will make available in a couple of weeks. Our weekly
      feature story, "From the UFO Files...," will return in
      short order. I still have a lot of unpacking to do.
      Have a great week!

      And we'll be back next time with more UFO, Fortean
      and paranormal reports from around the planet Earth,
      brought to you by "the paper that goes home, UFO
      Roundup." See you next week!

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