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Are There UFOs in the NC Sky?

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  • Daniel Nephilim
    http://www.wwaytv3.com/Global/story.asp?S=3341654&nav=menu70_7 Are There UFOs in the NC Sky? July 27, 2005, 10:14 AM EDT It s part of the human curiosity. Many
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      Are There UFOs in the NC Sky?
      July 27, 2005, 10:14 AM EDT

      It's part of the human curiosity. Many of us wonder
      ... are we alone?

      A Gallup poll shows that 72 percent of Americans
      believe there is life on other planets. And one in
      five of us believe aliens have been in contact with
      human beings. Our own curiosity made us want to find
      out what evidence, if any, there is of alien
      spacecraft flying over North Carolina's skies. And why
      do people believe in, and explore, life from beyond.
      That quest took us to the central part of the state.

      At a farm, in an undisclosed location, west of High
      Point in Davidson County, independent UFO researchers
      like Alan Caviness look to the sky, looking for signs
      of life. Life unlike anything we know. We sat down
      with Caviness to talk about his experiences.

      "Earth has always been visited. We've never been
      alone. I think this is a gradual awakening that we're
      all in the middle of. And I believe I'm a part of
      that. And so are many other people."

      Using digital cameras, Caviness takes pictures,
      hundreds of them, and video. He says the cameras pick
      up objects unseen to the naked eye. Caviness said, "We
      do know that our cameras can pick up in the near
      infrared part the light spectrum, which is beyond
      human visibility."

      Caviness says some UFO's can be seen without high
      technology-if the aliens on board want you to see
      them. He and other believers in High Point say the
      space crafts only come here from the middle of March
      through early August. "These UFO's are conducting some
      kind of annual operations. We know that because we
      just don't see anything in the winter months when it's
      coldest. March 11, out of 400 photographs, we got six
      UFO's. So, we know that they're back."

      In one account, Caviness and a companion saw two UFO's
      approaching. They took these pictures. Then, whatever
      it was, was gone. "We looked up, and they had to be
      right over our heads because they were approaching us,
      and there were just not visible. But they clearly
      showed up in the photos."

      Caviness does not just believe these unidentified
      flying objects are alien crafts, but that aliens are
      part of human life. He said, "There are a lot more
      people being abducted by these UFO's then you would
      ever dream."

      People like Alan Caviness himself. "I know I've been
      abducted before."

      Once, he says, he heard a strange clicking noise in
      open air. On the way from his mailbox to his home,
      something happened. Caviness recounted, "I walked to
      my front door-about 30 feet over short grass-and I no
      longer had my house key, my car key, in my hand. I
      think I was taken and returned, minus my keys. These
      things are happening."

      Like many who claim to be abducted by aliens, Caviness
      says he doesn't remember anything. After entering his
      home, he found a scar on his chest, a hole through his
      shirt. He claims, within hours, the scar was gone. He
      also claims what many other so-called 'experiencers'
      do; sleep paralysis before and after an abduction. He
      said, "They can't move their arms and legs, and
      sometimes they feel a presence in the room, but they
      can't look over to see it."

      And there are countless others who swear they have
      seen something not from this world. There are web
      sites dedicated to UFO sightings, filled with accounts
      from southeastern North Carolina. In Carolina Beach;
      "I was a little startled to see several fairly bright
      lights in the sky..."

      Holden Beach; "..one of several red lights emitted a

      Chadbourn; "We thought it was a military aircraft, but
      my husband built aircraft, and said that is not one of
      ours, including those at area 51."

      Dr. Bob Brown teaches courses in pseudo science at
      UNCW. We showed him the Caviness collection of
      pictures and video. As he mulled over the still
      pictures, he remarked, "This could be a piece of
      fabric that someone had taken or cardboard. That looks
      like to me that could be an automobile tire that's
      been played with."

      Brown says it's not that these aren't unidentified
      flying objects, but that in itself does not make them
      extraterrestrial. He said, "If it's a UFO, it's not an
      alien spaceship."

      Dr. Brown says those who claim to see ships from out
      of this world aren't out of their minds. Often though,
      he says, they see what they want to believe. Brown
      said, "Not only are they not a little crazy, but they
      are essentially within the normal range on most
      personality dimensions."

      Brown admits the unknown is exactly that; unknown.
      Anything is possible. Nothing, for him, is confirmed.
      He said, "These things could exist? In the case of the
      alien spaceships, of course. But, we need verifiable

      Alan Caviness says he knows what he's seeing. "If I'm
      hallucinating, then so is my camera."

      He says it's time for the science community to
      acknowledge there's something out there so that we,
      the human race, can learn, not about aliens as much as
      about ourselves. He said, "These beings understand
      what human thought is. We don't. They also understand
      what life actually is. We don't. They understand what
      our existence here on earth is all about. We don't.
      There's a lot we don't understand. That's why we need
      to explore this phenomenon."

      By Jack Madison JMADISON@...

      (If you believe you have seen an alien spacecraft, or
      something you just can't explain, there are web sites
      that document UFO sightings. Go to
      http://www.ufoinfo.com/filer/index or http://www.mufon.com.)

      Nephilim's Paranormal Investigations - http://paranorm.cjb.net

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