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Life Elswhere? The Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

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  • Geoff Richardson
    In the July 2005 edition of The Sky at Night (BBC 1) Patrick Moore asked Is there life elsewhere, beyond the Earth? and if so, what is it like, where is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2005
      In the July 2005 edition of "The Sky at Night" (BBC 1) Patrick Moore
      asked "Is there life elsewhere, beyond the Earth?" and if so, "what
      is it like, where is it and can we contact it?"

      On 26th September 2005 a program called "First on the Moon: The
      Untold Story" was broadcast by The Science Channel. About 14min
      30sec into the program, there was a 3.5 minute segment that
      described a UFO encounter that Apollo 11 experienced during its
      flight to the moon.
      This was probably the first time that Buzz Aldrin, an Apollo 11
      astronaut, had ever publicly recounted any UFO experience associated
      with the Apollo 11 moon mission.

      Geoff Richardson
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