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Crop Circles in Cervantes

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  • Daniel Nephilim
    http://moora.yourguide.com.au/detail.asp?class=news&subclass=local&story_id=4293 84&category=General+News&m=10&y=2005 Crop Circles in Cervantes Thursday, 6
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005

      Crop Circles in Cervantes
      Thursday, 6 October 2005

      VIDEO footage of bright balls of light forming a crop
      circle will be shown to Western Australians during a
      series of seminars on the connection between crop
      circle formation and contact with alien intelligence.
      The seminars, to be delivered by two of world's
      leading crop circle and alien contact researchers,
      Janet Ossebaard and Mary Rodwell, are the first of
      their kind in Australia.ºº

      Ms Ossebaard, director for the Dutch Centre for Crop
      Circle Studies (DCCCS), author and producer of award
      winning documentaries on the subject, said crop
      circles remain an unexplained enigma.

      "What we do know is that crop circles have been
      reported in many countries all over the world and
      found in mediums such as wheat, barley, canola, grass,
      corn/maize, trees, ice, rice paddies and linseed," Ms
      Ossebaard said.

      "We also know they are formed in just a few seconds as
      a result of light, sound and magnetism interacting
      with plants to form amazing geometric patterns."

      "What we don‚t know for certain is who is making them
      and why."

      Ms Ossebaard said contrary to common belief scientists
      have found people haven't made the majority of

      Many are claimed each year, but only very few are
      actually man-made.

      In reference to herself, she said that after 11 years
      of researching the phenomenon and personal encounters
      with the circle makers, she believed crop circles are
      being formed by an unknown intelligence with a message
      for humankind to 'wake-up'.

      Ms Ossebaard said she believed crop circles are being
      formed to raise our consciousness and to help us
      evolve emotionally and spiritually.

      "The type of experiences people have after being in
      crop circles range from spontaneous healing for
      chronic ailments through to heightened psychic
      abilities," she said.

      She said her findings aligned with the extensive work
      conducted by world-acclaimed extraterrestrial contact
      researcher and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close
      Encounter Resource Network) Ms Mary Rodwell.

      Ms Rodwell said the connection between crop circles
      and alien intelligence did not surprise her.

      "Crop circles may be linked to communication at some
      deep level of our psyche and be a form of universal
      language that is changing us on many levels," said Ms

      Ms Rodwell said people with contact experiences become
      more psychically and spiritually aware and start
      operating on a multi-dimensional band of reality.

      "Unbeknown to many people who have contact with alien
      intelligence, after contact they exhibit healing
      abilities and start drawing and producing unusual
      scripts, symbols and images that strongly resemble
      crop circles," said Ms Rodwell.

      Cervantes resident Tony Lambert said he became
      interested in crop circles several years ago, which is
      why he wanted to sponsor the event.

      "Much of the crop formation has been done in the
      United Kingdom but hopefully people will bring along
      their stories of this phenomenon in Australia," Mr
      Lambert said.

      The Crop Circles and Contact series of seminars is
      being sponsored by Cervantes Lodge and will take place
      in Busselton, Bunbury, Mandurah, Perth, Gingin,
      Cervantes, Geraldton and Kalbarri from 18 to 27

      The seminar in Cervantes is on the 26 October at
      6:30pm on 26 October. Tickets are $20 and available at
      the door.

      For further information, go to www.acern.com.au

      Nephilim's Paranormal Investigations - http://paranorm.cjb.net

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