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  • Frits Westra
    Jonathan s Space Report No. 555 2005 Oct 4, El Escorial, Madrid ... Soyuz TMA-7 ... Soyuz spacecraft No. 217 was launched
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 555 2005 Oct 4, El Escorial,

      Soyuz TMA-7

      Soyuz spacecraft No. 217 was launched as Soyuz TMA-7 on Oct 1. Soyuz
      TMA-7 separated from the Soyuz-FG rocket's final stage about 9 minutes
      after launch, beginning its rendezvous with the Station which was
      completed with docking at 0527 UTC on Oct 3.

      The crew of TMA-7 consisted of Valeriy Tokarev (Soyuz commander), Bill
      McArthur (Soyuz flight engineer), and Greg Olsen (spaceflight
      participant). Once aboard Station, McArthur became the Expedition 12
      commander and Tokarev the Expedition 12 flight engineer. Olsen is a
      tourist who paid the Russians for his ride. The Expedition 11 crew
      of Sergey Krikalyov and John Phillips will return to Earth with
      Olsen on TMA-6, leaving Expedition 12 on the Station.

      GPS IIR-M1

      The US DoD's latest navigation satellite was launched on Sep 26 aboard a
      Boeing Delta 7925 from Cape Canaveral. GPS space vehicle 57 is the first
      Block IIR-M version, which has the same basic design as the IIR
      satellites using the Lockheed Martin 4000 series satellite, but adds
      extra navigation signals for both civil and military users.


      The release of pictures of the POPPY satellite (see JSR 554) confirms
      that the early POPPY were almost identical to the ellipsoidal,
      Vanguard-derived, GGSE satellites. A latter POPPY version seems to have
      the same basic structure but is entirely covered with solar cells for
      extra power; this is probably the version launched in groups of four
      in 1969 and 1971.

      Table of Recent Launches

      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission
      Sep 2 0950 Kosmos-2415 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC31
      Imaging 34A
      Sep 8 1308 Progress M-54 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1
      Cargo 35A
      Sep 8 2153 Anik F1R Proton-M/Briz-M Baykonur LC200/39
      Comms 36A
      Sep 23 0224 STP-R1 Minotaur Vandenberg SLC8
      Tech 37A
      Sep 26 0337 Navstar GPS 57 Delta 7925 Canaveral SLC17A
      Navigation 38A
      Oct 1 0355 Soyuz TMA-7 Soyuz-FG Baykonur LC1
      Spaceship 39A

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