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Alien Abduction and Dream War Technology

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  • peter6264
    Alien Abduction and Dream War Technology by Peter Farley and Andre Gonzatti Rather than at Dulce, NM, as so much has been written about in the disinformation
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Alien Abduction and Dream War Technology
      by Peter Farley and Andre Gonzatti

      Rather than at Dulce, NM, as so much has been written about in the
      disinformation circles, the true alien underground research base is
      located in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado and northern New
      Mexico. The research base is on a 4th dimensional frequency, though
      there is another facility intimately connected to a physical one as

      The nature of research and development in the San Luis Valley base is
      bringing about more ways to control how people sleep and what they do
      while they leave their bodies during sleep. As people are reached,
      then they are implanted with new methods that now allow them to be
      further manipulated through their thoughts during the day. These
      methods are far more effective than what has been researched and used
      through satellite radiowave transmitting to manipulate human group
      consciousness until now.

      These dream and thought implants will help enslave more souls, not
      only to create programmed thinking during the day, but to work at
      night as well, to enslave people. The dreams will also be a great
      loss to people because they will lose a major part of their
      experience while they are implanted and controlled during sleep time.

      Many are already implanted in this form from long ago. This new
      technology allows for greater and farther reaching operations. For
      example, it will now be easier to `get' people not only in the U.S.,
      but also in Australia where they also have established underground
      facilities, as well as dream monitoring facilities. With old
      technology they were able to implant and control some people, but
      only to the level of bringing them to places and forcing them to
      work. Now they are able to take them from one dream and manipulate
      not only their presence, but also how they will behave in an entirely
      new way, due to wave-form manipulation and the new ability to fully
      implant "memories" in situ - they will now be allocated to a certain
      scenario and hold in mind a new program which will "remind" them of
      the role they are to play during that dream. Like hatching a robot
      and having the program ready in its memory, the people now receive
      instantaneous "jobs" during their visit to sleep realms.

      This also allows them to somehow trap people in dreams and make them
      officially dead when needed, or to put them into a coma, and later on
      changing them into other bodies altogether, through reincarnational
      technology to swap bodies and whatnot.

      The only way people would usually have to protect themselves against
      these methods would be through the use of guardian services by
      familiar spirits, or to construct energy forms to keep the bodies and
      umbilical thread (link of soul to body during travels) secured and
      connected to soul in order to transmit what the individual has
      programmed him or herself to do before sleep.

      The person is then allowed to gather enough strength to resist the
      manipulation and lessening of their vibration to the level where the
      slave areas are located. . .
      (Through Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchies Council of Light)
      While this sounds very much like something out of a Nightmare on Elm
      Street movie, one only has to experience the moment-to-moment ability
      of these dark forces to use infinite methods for implanting the
      individual both during the day and any time at night (see my article
      on Tori' Story and how she was implanted in the group files section:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4truthseekers/files/ ).

      A recent History Channel program on the `gray agenda' tries to slough
      off the whole alien abduction phenomena as a dream state phenomena
      and they perhaps don't realize how true this is for dreams are simply
      multidimensional experiences of life as Erica experienced while in
      the San Luis Valley working on researching this underground facility:
      "Last night, in the middle of a dream I was having. It was a bright
      room with a lot of people I seemed to know. It was dark outside, and
      people were looking for others they knew. Lauren (a friend) was in
      the dream. All of a sudden I was made aware of an implant, one I used
      to have in the uterus, one that had been taken out earlier in the day
      by energy healers. Someone, or group, wanted to put it back inside of
      me. They made it so I couldn't move my body, couldn't pick up my
      arms, couldn't speak. I was very scared, wondering what was going on,
      and if I had really been abducted in the past and hadn't been aware
      of it. They showed me a flashback (I think) of the kind of alien you
      see on keychains, the ones with the triangular-shaped head and huge
      beady eyes. He was staring at me with no emotion but a lot of
      curiosity it seemed.

      "I was laying on a table looking up at him, and he was doing some
      sort of finishing touch on an operation, sewing something up. I was
      extremely scared after this flashback, even though it only lasted a
      few seconds. After that my body started feeling hot and buzzing and
      they were trying to take me. I tried to yell out for Peter but
      couldn't speak. I resisted a lot, and then was able to move and to
      speak. I woke up.

      "When I went back to sleep about an hour later, the same thing
      happened and they came disguised as various people: my boss, a big
      group of boys, a man in the hot springs saying: "let me heal you".
      Each time I resisted and each time they tried harder to take me and
      implant me again."

      Erica's experience was very, very real, as most people who have
      recollection of their abduction will attest. Abductees I have worked
      with before say that as many as 50 percent of the population has been
      abducted and similarly implanted in this way. The figure can be going
      much higher even as we speak. Everyone is implanted in some way,
      either from this lifetime or previous ones since this has been an
      ongoing war for many many lifetimes and what we are now experiencing
      is simply, and hopefully, the final stages, the grand battle for all
      of Creation.

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