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Famed ghost hunter tells tales of the paranormal

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  • Daniel Nephilim
    http://www.herald-mail.com/?module=displaystory&story_id=120390&format=html Thursday September 22, 2005 Famed ghost hunter tells tales of the paranormal by
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      Thursday September 22, 2005
      Famed ghost hunter tells tales of the paranormal


      SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - Microphone and projector
      problems would not be so noticeable during any other

      But the fact they happened Wednesday night at Shepherd
      University during a presentation from one of the
      foremost authorities on the paranormal got some

      John Zaffis opened his presentation in the Student
      Center's Storer Ballroom by darkening the room and
      showing photographs that depicted haunted places.

      The photos showed images of faces in strange
      formations and other weird phenomenon.

      As Zaffis spoke, his microphone began cutting in and

      "I didn't do anything," Zaffis said.

      The problem continued and at one point the projector
      did not advance a picture correctly.

      "You got spirits in here, I know you do," Zaffis said.

      Zaffis, who spoke to a packed crowd, has been featured
      on Discovery Channel documentaries and has appeared on
      "Unsolved Mysteries," Fox News Live and Coast to Coast
      AM, according to a biography on his Web site.

      Zaffis has more than 30 years of experience studying
      and investigating the paranormal and has worked with
      cases of possession and exorcism. His research has
      taken him throughout the United States, Canada,
      England and Scotland, and he is lecturing at colleges
      and universities throughout the U.S., the Web site

      Zaffis led Shepherd University students through his
      experiences and then he planned to take a small group
      of students on a ghost hunt on campus.

      Because of his personal experiences with hauntings,
      near-death experiences and other paranormal
      activities, he said he is convinced such phenomena

      He told students one time he prayed in a church and
      heard an angelic voice respond to him. Zaffis said it
      was like the voice went through him.

      "I tells me that there are other things out there,"
      Zaffis said.

      Zaffis recalled one time when he investigated a
      restaurant that was said to be haunted. After a search
      of the restaurant, Zaffis said he could not find

      Then, a shelf in the establishment tilted and items on
      it went sliding.

      "We got our verification right there," Zaffis said.

      He recalled another instance where a movie theater was
      said to be haunted and strange things were happening
      to patrons in the theater.

      It turned out that the theater was built on an Indian
      burial ground. Zaffis showed the audience a photograph
      taken inside the theater where the head of an Indian
      could be seen.

      He recalled his trip to Dudleytown, a town in
      Connecticut that is reportedly haunted. People often
      talk about feeling like they are being suffocated when
      they enter Dudleytown and others talk about having
      haunted experiences when they take items like sticks
      out of the area, Zaffis said.

      The speech was sponsored by Shepherd University's
      Program Board.

      Nephilim's Paranormal Investigations - http://paranorm.cjb.net

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005
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