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  • Frits Westra
    From: Philip Mantle To: UFO UpDates - Toronto Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 18:17:32 +0100 Subject:
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      From: Philip Mantle <philip@...>
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      Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 18:17:32 +0100
      Subject: UFODATA News

      Dear friends.

      UFODATA are pleased to announce that their on-line electronic
      bookstore opened for business at 12 noon Thursday 1st September.


      Titles are been added on a regular basis and you can choose to
      download direct to your computer or order a CD-Rom version of
      the book for delivery via the mail.

      We are specialising in The UFO and Paranormal areas and are sure
      that there will be something for everyone.

      Our featured title is a recent release from Paul Stonehill & our
      own Philip Mantle 'UFO USSR'. It is a 400 page plus
      encyclopaedic collection of accounts,reports and images
      collected from across the former Soviet Union.


      E-BOOK REVIEW – UFO-USSR by Paul Stonehill & Philip Mantle

      By Ruth Gardner

      Throughout the centuries UFOs hovered over Russia, and USOs
      (Unidentified Undersea Objects) lurked in its waters. This e-
      book introduces the phenomena of the most important cases,
      observations, and sightings. 'UFO-USSR' endeavours to describe
      efforts of those dedicated researchers who have stubbornly
      pursued UFO research in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern

      The evidence in this piece of literature is extensive both in
      scope and detail. In its totality, it comprises a body of
      evidence written in the style of a Russian, which at the very
      least supports the general assessment of describing as fully as
      possible Soviet and Russian UFO cases, research areas, prominent
      personalities involved in such research (military, intelligence
      agencies, and civilians), opinions and viewpoints of those who
      were and are serious in their approach to the study of anomalous

      Whatever the UFO phenomena is, it is certainly not a modern
      invention as this unique history clearly demonstrates. The
      history of UFO sightings and contacts over the lands that later
      became known as Russia date back thousands of years. 'UFO-USSR'
      is not meant to be definitive in any way, but is meant to show
      that UFO research has been and still is very active in the
      former USSR, and that a vigorous programme of research and
      serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted.

      The sheer scale of the authors' vision is breathtaking and I
      would challenge any non-believer to remain sceptic and walk away
      unchanged after absorbing the facts of decades in duration, and
      global in nature of there being too many hard sensor data-points
      and millions of eyewitnesses to ignore the evidence. This e-book
      has been published in the hope that the research and
      investigations will enable greater co-operation between East and
      West in what some have called 'The Greatest Mystery Known to

      Written by Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle, currently 'UFO-
      USSR' is available as an e-book from:www.ufodata.co.uk


      There are still some tickets available for the Great British UFO
      Show to be held in Leeds on 1st October, to avoid disappointment
      we suggest you order yours now.

      Details on the website: http://www.ufodata.co.uk/conf.htm

      Coming Soon.

      If you prefer to be alerted to new stories and new titles
      appearing in the bookstore you will be able to register on-line
      and receive an automatic notification of any updates to the site
      via your in box, the system will be launching soon.

      That's all for this update.

      We hope to meet you at The Great British UFO Show in October.


      Russel Callaghan.
      Produced in the United Kingdom
      for enthusiasts and researchers around the world...


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