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Article on Crop Circles

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ A Depression in the Ground Often stunning in their symbolism, Crop Circles appear as suddenly and
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      A Depression in the Ground
      Often stunning in their symbolism, Crop Circles appear as suddenly and mysteriously in grain fields of all types, preferably in the areas of Southern England - and especially near ancient sacred monuments. The grain is not removed, however; it is not mowed down. The stalks are laid down gently, symetrically, flawlessly, perfect - and the individual plants are still alive. It has been said that anyone who believes that all Crop Circles are fakes just isn't paying attention. The tall, skinny plants are interwoven with each other - a feat which in itself is amazing, and beautiful to look at. Add to that the complex patterns in which they are done, with phenomenal precision - and we haven't anywhere to look but up. Some of the symbols depicted conform to ancient Celtic runes, for which Crop Circles were the likely source of inspiration. No one serious believes they are all hoaxes.
      While skeptics and critics carge that this is nothing more than the work of pranksters, or vandals (and there certainly have been a number of those), authentic Crop Circles have been witnessed, and videotaped, forming in mere seconds; as strange, glowing, ethereal orbs of light fly overhead. Additional criteria to qualify a glyph for the non-hoax category: they are measured as having faint trace ammounts of radioactivity, with different areas of the formation also reading magnetic fluxuations and electrostatic charge. Certain anamolous compounds have also been discovered on many sites: very pure carbon oxide, in crystaline form, about the size of a fist - as if they were a by-product of some molecular transformation.

      Something that no one should have to explain: whenever human circle makers are filmed performing their craft, the final product is nowhere near the graceful sensitivity, or sophistication, that many Cerealogists have come to expect (from whatever superior intelligence is creating the bulk of them); as high order mathematics plays a large role in even the appreciation of authentic Glyphs - each one a new lesson in what the ancients called Sacred Geometry. When dealing with circles, one would expect the value of "pi" to come up frequently - but "phi" is the natural proportion found in all living things; and fractals, though somewhat more complex (and available in many flavors), are the ultimate test as to whether or not something is man made, or a product of nature. That the real circle makers choose to devote many of their masterpieces to the elegant simplicity of fractals, testifies to either the vast technology gap between us, or their sense of humor, or both.
      One of the more famous Crop Circles manifested within walking distance of Stonehenge in 1999. Although several Crop Circles have appeared near the ancient monument over the years, the Spiral Fractal (left) is perhaps the most famous. Unbelievably huge, the innermost ring is as large as Stonehenge itself - the entire Glyph, being the approximate diameter of the Outer Ring of Stonehenge. Each of the dozens of large circles along the "tail" of the spiral is large enough for a tour bus (center of image) to fit comfortably within. Perhaps the Gods are making their presence known.

      ~ jumpoint to ~
      Ancient Civilizations - Stonehenge

      ~ Under Construction ~

      The Phenomena
      Crop Circle Gallery
      Scientific Data

      The Phenomena Symbolic Messages From Above
      A worldwide phenomenon for many centuries
      recently their number increased exponentially
      most within the immediate area of Stonehenge.

      Thousands of fractals and runes created in the living grain
      truly appreciable only from the skies above our Planet Earth
      appear suddenly, silently, without a trace of Human intervention
      ~ with traces of radioactivity, formed by strange glowing flying orbs.

      Many interesting theories have arisen, and are being thoroughly investigated
      but one thing is for certain ~ they could not possibly have been made by Humans.

      Crop Circle Gallery New Pictures for All the World to See
      Literally hundreds of new Glyphs form every year.
      each one painting a new picture of complex simplicity.
      Pretty indeed, but what could the message possibly be?

      Many organizations have formed to accurately record and analyze
      each event as they happen ~ sometimes as much as several per week.
      The various symbols seem to fall into one of several different catergories,
      which proves to many skeptics a new theory involving competitive hoaxers
      ~ but they're too perfect, and no trace of any human contact has yet been found.

      Scientific Data Traces of an Invisible Energy
      Authentic Crop Circles are symmetrical.
      Flawless design, but as for the grain itself:
      it's eggheads and microscopes to the rescue.

      While skeptics cry "fake," real scientists prowl the grounds
      searching for further clues as to the glyphs' mysterious origins.

      Startling new evidence of magnetic interference and unknown radiation
      ~ and that the plants somehow remain alive, even after being so affected ~
      now draw many more credible and mainstream scientists into the field of study.

      Crop Circles The Phenomena
      Crop Circle Gallery
      Scientific Data

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