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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 35

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 35 August 31, 2005 Edtor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 35
      August 31, 2005
      Edtor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "On Wednesday and Thursday nights," August 17 and 18,
      2005, "both between 9:25 and 10 p.m., Stephanie Jeff of
      Crownpoint, N.M. reported seeing bright rotating lights
      appear suddenly in the sky and vanish just as
      "'It was kind of scary at first,' said Jeff, who has
      never seen anything like that before. 'They were bright
      lights, kind of rotating.'"
      "The reddish-orange lights first appeared from the
      west on Wednesday, she said. After about a half hour,
      they vanished."
      "'I reported it to the Air Force,' Jeff said."
      "The following night (Thursday, August 18, 2005), she
      said, there were more planes than usual flying overhead.
      But about 9:30 p.m., the strange lights again emerged from
      the western sky. When a plane came too close, Jeff said,
      the lights went out and never returned."
      "To make sure she wasn't hallucinating, Jeff said she
      called her brother, Tony, in Dalton Pass and asked him to
      look outside."
      "'He said he saw two lights flying about,' Jeff said.
      "Crownpoint Police Capt. Steve Nelson said no
      unidentified objects have been reported to the police. He
      could not remember ever hearing of a local UFO sighting,
      Nelson said."
      "But Jeff knows she saw something."
      "'It wasn't a star, because it just came right out of
      the sky. It rotated, and was very bright when it was
      pointed at us,' Jeff said. 'And we know what an airplane
      looks like, we know the difference between the lights on a
      "Reportings of unidentified flying objects are not
      uncommon. Some UFOs have been reported by prominent
      scholars. In 1949, Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of
      the planet Pluto, reported seeing a UFO over Las Cruces;
      four Air Force officers reported an unidentified flying
      object over Taos in 1952; and several motorists reported
      seeing a brightly-lit space craft land in a field near
      Springer, N.M. in 1996."
      "Reports of UFOs can be traced back thousands of
      years, even to ancient civilizations like Egypt and
      "Jeff said her husband didn't want her to tell anyone
      about the unidentified lights. 'I bet a lot of people see
      things but are afraid to talk about it,' Jeff said, 'It's
      kind of cool, though. It's exciting. We'll definitely be
      watching to see if they come back again."
      Crownpoint (population 2,630) is just west of New
      Mexico Highway 371, located about 80 miles (128
      kilometers) northwest of Albuquerque. (See the Gallup,
      N.M. Independent for August 20, 2005, "Crownpoint couple
      spots UFO twice." Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. for this
      newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Comment: And welcome to Fortean Explosion
      Week here at UFO Roundup . We've got it all this week.
      Ice chunks falling from the sky, alligators galore, out-
      of-place sharks, the Elmendorf Beast and even Jennifer
      Lopez. Not to mention a few new UFO sightings. At first
      I couldn't understand why we had an explosion of phenomena
      at this end of the month when Charles Fort's birthday is
      August 6. But then I learned that today is the birthday
      of actor Richard Gere, who starred in the 2002 jinx film
      The Mothman Prophecies. He turns 56 today. Happy
      Birthday, Richard...and watch out for falling ice chunks.)


      "A huge chunk of ice that crashed through the roof of
      a home in Fontana," California (population 128,929) is the
      center of a Federal Aviation Administration
      "The ice does not appear to be of the 'blue ice'
      variety that usually falls from airplane toilets. The
      origin of the ice appeared to be a mystery."
      "It's a mystery that homeowner Johnny Worthy would
      like to solve--if only he can get some sleep."
      "Worthy kept the ice ball that nearly killed him
      Saturday night," August 13, 2005, "in a big plastic jug
      next to the TV dinners in his freezer."
      "It scared the daylights out of Worthy when it
      slammed into his house while he was doing the dishes."
      "'There was a loud explosion and a concussion of the
      house, and it like scared me to death,' Worthy said."
      "When he peeked around the corner, Worthy saw the ice
      slowly melting into his living room carpet."
      "'It made a loud explosion,' he said, 'It was like
      nothing I'd heard in my life.'"
      "All the neighbors came out in their yards, Worthy
      "Worthy's daughter thinks the ice hunk is a weather
      anomaly called ' megacryometeors,' with 'mega' standing
      for big and 'cryo' for ice. Megacryometeors are
      unexplained ice balls that fall from the sky and weigh
      between 25 and 30 pounds (13 and 15 kilograms)."
      "Worthy still wants more concrete answers."
      "'Every time I lay down in the bed, and I look up at
      the ceiling, I'm afraid somethiing's going to hit me,'
      Worthy said."
      Fontana is in southern California, located between
      Interstate Highways I-10 and I-15 about 50 miles (80
      kilometers) east of Los Angeles. (See the Modesto, Cal.
      Bee for August 19, 2005, "Ice ball strikes house in
      Fontana." Many thanks to Tiffany Burton for this
      newspaper article.)


      "A mysterious metal object which blasted through a
      Christchurch family's roof at the weekend was likely to
      have been launched from a home-made bomb, (New Zealand)
      police say."
      "Sergeant Stephen McDaniel said the object had to
      have come from 'a phenomenal height' to have pierced the
      thick iron roof of the Allsopp family home in New
      Brighton," South Island, New Zealand.
      "McDaniel said the most likely explanation was the
      object had been fired from a home-made rocket launcher."
      "Police had received three reports of sightings of
      flares (UFOs?--J.T.) in the New Brighton night sky on
      Saturday," August 20, 2005.
      "Craig Allsopp and his partner, Aileen Costin, were
      watching" a rugby league match "when they heard a loud
      "'We heard this huge thump which sounded like it had
      come from our house,' Allsopp said."
      "After searching the house, Allsopp found the noice
      had been caused by a metal object about 30 centimeters (12
      inches) long which had come through the roof and landed in
      the garage."
      "The piece of pipe was hot and burnt a groove into
      the washing machine it landed on, Allsopp said."
      "'It had some real force to come through our roof.
      Imagine if it had hit someone,' he said."
      "McDaniel said launching a metal object was an
      extremely stupid and dangerous thing to do."
      "The object would be taken to the Department of
      Science and Research for examination. Police would try to
      find its source, he said."
      New Brighton is on the South Island, located about 8
      kilometers (5 miles) north of Christchurch. (See the
      Timaru Herald of New Zealand for August 25, 2005, "Mystery
      pipe crashes into Christchurch house." Many thanks to
      Kirsty McLaren for this newspaper article.)


      "Los Angeles Police announced today (Wednesday,
      August 24, 2005) they have solved part of the riddle of
      the wayward 7-foot (2.1-meter) alligator, which continues
      to elude searchers at Lake Machado" in Harbor City, an
      L.A. suburb.
      "Police said the gator, which has befuddled high-
      priced, self-styled gator wranglers from Colorado and
      Florida, was a pet whose owner, Anthony Brewer, 36, of San
      Pedro, was arrested Tuesday," August 23, 2005.
      "Authorities said they siezed a mini-zoo from
      Brewer's home on Moray Street, including three alligators,
      piranha fish, one rattlesnake, desert tortoise eggs, a
      scorpion and six marijuana plants."
      "'It was a concerned citizen who was aware that the
      man had an alligator in his backyard for some period of
      time,' said Lt. George Angelos, 'And it is our belief that
      some of the neighbors were aware of this.'"
      According to the LAPD, the defendant allegedly had a
      former LAPD officer drop off the alligator, which has been
      named "Carlito" and "Harbor Park Harry" at Lake Machado
      "two months ago."
      "'It's frightening. It's scary. These people put a
      lot of people at risk,' said Janice Hahn, a member of the
      Los Angeles City Council."
      "The development came as a crew of wranglers tried
      again to nab the elusive gator that has for weeks played
      cat-and-mouse with pursuers at Harbor City's Lake
      "The hunt resumed Tuesday," August 23, 2005, "as Los
      Angeles Park officials turned to Tim Williams, a Florida
      gator wrangler to replace a Colorado expert who had been
      hired at $800 per day but failed to produce."
      "Williams, the self-taught dean of gator wrestling,
      said he had been handling gators for 30 years. He came
      Monday night," August 22, 2005, "from Gatorland in
      Orlando, Florida."
      "The gator had been dubbed 'Harbor Park Harry' and
      dozens of spectators gathered last week to share the
      spectacle of the hunt, with several rooting for the gator.
      Office workers, amateur herpetologists, retirees and dog
      walkers have camped out beside the lake to get a look" at
      the elusive alligator.
      On Friday night, August 26, 2005, "reptile wranglers
      searching for an alligator let loose in a southern
      California lake have given up the hunt--at least for now."
      "The alligator was spotted (Friday) August 12 in
      Harbor City's Lake Machado, and since then hundreds of
      visitors have flocked to the South Los Angeles park for a
      "'We are considering this halftime,' Tim Williams, a
      30-year gator handler from Florida said Friday when the
      search was called off. 'He's won the first half.'"
      "Williams said the gator has plenty of food--frogs
      and crayfish inhabiting the lake, and tortillas and
      chicken legs left by visitors and park officials." (See
      the Los Angeles Times for August 25, 2005, "LAPD arrests
      suspect in gator dumping," and the Duluth, Minn. News-
      Tribune for August 28, 2005, "Alligator search called
      off," page 2A. Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown, UFO
      Roundup's "crazy crocs" expert, for the Times article.)


      "A Chinese wildlife farm has set up a hotline for
      people to report sightings of 13 runaway crocodiles who
      are likely to suffer as the weather cools."
      (Editor's Comment: Note the magic number thirteen.)
      "Altogether 29 crocodiles escaped from the farm near
      the city of Benxi, located about 800 kilometers (500
      miles) east of Beijing in Liaoning province, in the middle
      of August."
      "Fifteen had been found and one killed, leaving 13 at
      the mercy of the elements."
      "'They are doomed if we don't find them as soon as
      possible, because the autumn cold is drawing near,' Mai
      Yingpei, owner of the park, was quoted as saying."
      "The ideal temperature for the Siamese (Thailand)
      crocodiles is 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit--
      J.T.). The temperature at this time in the Taizi River
      near the farm is 12 degrees Celsius (44 degrees
      Fahrenheit--J.T.)--and the water is going to get colder."
      "To make matters worse, the crocodiles might become
      more aggressive as they cannot find enough food in the
      wild,' a keeper at the farm was quoted as saying." (See
      the newspaper China Daily for August 25, 2005, "Officials
      hunt for 13 runaway crocodiles." Many thanks to Chen
      Jilin for this newspaper article.)


      "An escaped four-and-a-half foot (1.4 meter)
      alligator is still on the loose after fleeing Wednesday,"
      August 24, 2005, "from the back of a moving pickup (truck)
      on Pembroke Road in Oak Grove, Kentucky (population
      "The search for the gator was suspended Wednesday
      night, and officials at Kentucky's Fish and Wildlife
      Resources decided not to resume the hunt yesterday
      (Thursday, August 25, 2005)."
      "'I'm not aware of any other search for it,' said
      James Mason of Fish and Wildlife. 'It would be very
      difficult to find in this (cornfield)--like a needle in a
      (Editor's Comment: I might have known the lexilink word
      Mason would turn up in this crazy croc flap.)
      "The alligator was discovered Wednesday afternoon in
      the basement of a vacant doubledecker mobile home in Oak
      Grove and was taken to a Clarksville (Tennessee) pet
      store, then escaped while being taken back to Kentucky."
      "Employees at Montgomery County Animal Control spent
      several hours yesterday spreading the word of the fugitive
      reptile in the area, where it was last seen heading
      towards a cornfield."
      Oak Grove, Ky. is about 2 miles (3 kilometers) north
      of the Tennessee state line, located about 16 miles (28
      kilometers) south-southeast of Hopkinsville, Ky., the site
      of the famous alien encounter in 1955. (See the
      Clarksville, Tenn. Leaf-Chronicle for August 26, 2005,
      "Alligator on loose after escaping from a pickup truck in
      Oak Grove." Many thanks to Loren Coleman for this
      newspaper article.)


      On Monday, August 15, 2005, at 11 p.m., Barry Weitz
      and his wife were strolling through Bages, a small town 10
      kilometers (6 miles) southwest of Narbonne in southern
      France when they saw a strange light approaching from the
      "Walking from the village square approximately 100
      meters (330 feet), I was with my wife and colleagues,"
      Barry reported, "I had not been drinking as I was driving
      to and from a restaurant. I saw a moving object in the
      sky I had been surveying, as I was fascinated by the
      clarity of the stars, as there is very little light
      pollution in the area."
      "I was so excited I told my wife to look and said to
      her, 'Look! A shooting star!'"
      "However, the object flew in a straight line down the
      path of the road, completely silent."
      "After it had passed, which took about 4 or 5
      seconds, I reflected on what I had seen and realised that
      it could not have been a shooting star. It was not a
      streak of light, which I had seen on many (previous)
      "I wrote a contemporaneous description when I
      returned to our home in France."
      In his description, Barry wrote that it "was an
      object not excessively high, (altitude) estimated at
      between 3,000 and 8,000 feet (900 and 2,400 meters),
      however, difficult to judge without reference points in
      the sky. It was not illuminated but clearly visible.
      Travelling fast, smoothly, silently and shaped more oval
      than round or any other shape that comes to mind."
      "I thought perhaps I was seeing a satellite but,
      again, I have seen satellites in the sky, and they look
      much higher and are just moving spots of light."
      "My wife merely saw it and thought it was what I told
      her, that it was a shooting star. However, she cannot
      tell me exactly what she saw, as she had been drinking
      some wine, and her concentration and recall were somewhat
      "The object was too dark to identify colour or shape.
      From my vantage on the ground, if I put a 2-inch (5-
      centimeter) finger about 2 feet (60 centimeters) from my
      face, the object would have been in this order of relative
      size in the sky."
      Narbonne is in France's department of Aude, about 150
      kilometers (90 miles) west of Marseille. (Email Form


      On Saturday, August 27, 2005, at 8:45 p.m., Dennis
      Speed was outdoors at his home in Lenah Valley, a suburb
      of Hobart, the capital of Australia's southernmost island
      state of Tasmania, when he saw a strange formation in the
      night sky.
      "They approached from the north," Dennis reported,
      "There were six of them. Six orange lights, the size of
      bright stars below cloud height in a scattered formation,
      moving slowly across the sky. There was no noise.
      Suddenly, they scattered about 500 metres (1,650 feet)
      apart. A white aura appeared in the sky around them as
      they moved through the clouds to the south. I estimated
      that they were at about 5,000 feet (1,500 meters). I
      observed them for a quarter of an hour (15 minutes),
      travelling, say, 30 kilometers (18 miles) in that time."
      Elsewhere in Hobart, up to nine orange UFOs were
      sighted. Phones were ringing off the hook at Hobart's UFO
      Investigation Centre. "Spokesman Keith Roberts said he
      received several calls last night but could not explain
      the phenomenon, which he did not see." (See the Sunday
      Tasmanian for August 28, 2005, "Phones ran hot at UFO
      Centre." Many thanks to Dennis Speed for his eyewitness
      report and the newspaper item.)


      On Friday, August 26, 2005, eyewitness K.D. spotted
      two UFOs flying over downtown Toronto, Canada's largest
      He reported, "I saw two objects, one after the other
      with coloured lights that beamed illumination every few
      seconds as though the craft was changing its angle of
      attack. But they seemed to maintain a continuous height
      and speed. They were surrounded in a light haze (an aura
      similar to the one in Tasmania?--J.T.). Their estimated
      height (altitude) was over 7,000 feet (2,100 meters)."
      "The entire sighting lasted 2 to 3 minutes till the
      second craft disappeared from my line of sight flying over
      my building in the middle of downtown Toronto on Yonge
      Street. I was on my balcony, which faces south."
      "I have always been a sceptic of UFO sightings, but I
      know for sure that what I saw was two unidentified craft."
      (Email Form Report)


      On Tuesday, August 23, 2005, at 8:45 p.m., Crystal
      Elam reported, "I had just arrived home" in Danville,
      Kentucky (population 15,477) "and, being an avid sky
      watcher, I looked to the west. There were two star-like
      bright lights, the only ones out since it was still
      daylight here."
      "I went into the house for 30 minutes and came out
      again as it was turning dark. The two objects were still
      in the same location. I told my husband they looked like
      cat's eyes, and he agreed."
      "As I watched, one of the objects turned bright
      orange while the other stayed very bright white. My son
      came out, and I pointed it out to him and was looking
      myself as the orange one faded away and was gone. My
      first thought was that it went through a cloud cover, but
      the sky was clear."
      "A few seconds later, it came back brighter than
      before and still moving a little to the left, then to the
      right, and then up. It finally settled behind the same
      place it had started from. I had the feeling it was
      searching for something."
      "As I watched it, it repeated the fading, coming back
      and movement for one hour. In the pasture area where this
      was taking place, I could see a light way off in the
      trees. Around 10:45 p.m., the orange light just
      disappeared, as did the one on the ground. The white one
      disappeared at 10:50 p.m., and I saw neither one again, as
      I waited outside until 11:32 p.m."
      Danville, Ky. is on Highways 33 and 127, located
      about 35 miles (58 kilometers) south-southwest of
      Lexington. (Email Form Report)


      "An unusual and eerie mystery has people in Liberty,
      a small town north of Middletown," Ohio (population
      51,605), "worried and asking questions."
      "Liberty, Ohio is a quiet little community, except
      for one thing--the scream."
      "Jamie Young told" Cincinnati's TV station Channel
      5's "News5's Brian Hamrick she heard it while she and her
      husband were walking one evening."
      "'It scared me. I didn't want to finish my walk,'
      Young said."
      "But instead of running into her house, she recorded
      the noise and sent a tape to the local newspaper."
      "With a sensitive microphone and some special ghost-
      hunting goggles, Hamrick went hunting for the back-country
      roads, traipsing boldly into the most likely spots-- from
      a graveyard to an old church where flea market dealer Walt
      Wilson sells some truly frightening things. But he's not
      "'I don't think that it's going to end up grabbing
      any of us and running off with us,' Wilson said."
      "Residents have no clue as to what's making the
      sound, from cats to something even scarier."
      "Townspeople say they called in an expert, who told
      them that the noise didn't come from any animal."
      "So, for now, the scream remains a mystery." (See
      the Channel 5 of Cincinnati news broadcast for August 27,
      2005, "Screams baffle Ohio town." Many thanks to Mary
      Drown for the broadcast transcript.)

      LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S...

      "Serbian authorities are investigating reports of a
      real-life 'Superman' after people claimed to have seen a
      cloaked figure flying over their homes."
      "Hundreds of residents in Ljubovija described seeing
      a cloaked figure flying above buildings 'as if he had an
      invisible engine on his back' and changing direction in
      "One local resident said, 'It was like something out
      of Superman or Batman. No one has any rational
      explanation for what we all saw.'"
      "Police in the town have refused to comment." (See
      the Serbian newspaper Blid for August 24, 2005, "Superman
      spotted in Serbia." Many thanks to Aimee Kokotovic for
      this newspaper item.)


      "A Texas fisherman caught a shark instead of catfish
      at a local lake, and now he and scentists are wondering
      how the shark survived in fresh water."
      "Jet Smith found the 36-inch (90-centimeter) Atlantic
      sharpnose shark Sunday morning," August 21, 2005. "It had
      already died."
      "Scott Nunez, a physiologist and assistant professor
      of marine science at the University of Texas Marine
      Science Institute in Port Aransas, Tex., said he can't
      understand how the shark could have made it to Muslin
      "The shark, he said, would be dead within minutes of
      entering fresh water." (See the San Antonio Express-News
      for August 25, 2005, "Saltwater shark found in fresh Texas
      lake." Many thanks to Dolores Echevarria for this
      newspaper item.)


      "A police officer got a rude welcome from a pet
      squirrel when he went to serve a warrant on a
      Massachusetts woman. The incident happened last week in
      Leominster, Mass. (populaton 41,303)."
      (Editor's Note: Located 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of
      Fitchburg, the "UFO capital of Massachusetts," and a UFO
      hotspot in its own right, Leominster has seen some
      pretty strange phenomena over the years, from automobiles
      being drawn backward uphill by "a mysterious force" in
      1934 to the "Situation Red" UFO flap of October 1973.
      That month, as a reporter for the old Fitchburg Sentinel,
      I interviewed five people who claimed to have seen big-
      headed aliens on the roof of Leominster High School line-
      dancing like the Rockettes.)
      "Once police were inside the house, the squirrel
      named 'Spanky,' attacked Officer Dwayne Flowers."
      "Flowers suffered some scratches and was treated and
      released at a local hospital."
      "Flowers said he had been attacked before but never
      by a pet squirrel."
      "'He had a good chuckle,' Flowers said of his
      "The woman said Spanky didn't mean any harm, he just
      plays rough."
      "Spanky is now in the custody of animal control
      officers, who said they weren't sure what they should do
      with the animal."
      "Police said they were serving the 42-year-old woman
      with a warrant to get her help for an illegal drug
      dependency." (See the Sentinel & Enterprise of Fitchburg,
      Mass. for August 22, 2005, "Pet squirrel attacks police
      (Editor's Comment: What will happen to Spanky at the end
      of 30 days? Will he be "put to sleep" at the animal
      shelter? Or will he find a new home? I can see it
      now...right after the Labor Day holiday...at the U.S.
      Naval Observatory in Washington D.C., when "Uncle Dick"
      opens the FedEx package and wonders aloud, "Now, who could
      have sent me a pet squirrel?")


      A crop circle measuring "5.2 metres (17 feet) in
      diameter" appeared in a soybean field in Dresden, Ontario,
      Canada (population 2,589). The circle's "plants appeared
      dead, not flattened or smashed. There was a V-shape
      inside the circle of unaffected plants. All other plants
      in the 100-acre field appeared normal. The circle was
      found by the farmer on Saturday, August 20, 2005."
      Dresden, Ont. is on Provincial Highway 78, located
      about 35 miles (58 kilometers) southwest of London, Ont.
      On Monday, August 15, 2005, "a circle 7.6 to 9 metres
      (25 to 30 feet) in diameter was found in a field of cattle
      corn in Lynden, Ontario, Canada," with some unusual
      features about the nodes. "Some stalks 'sheared off' or
      snapped at the second node. Some stalks were still
      standing; others were felled on the ground."
      The case is being investigated by Canadian
      cerealogist Joanne Emery.
      On Sunday, August 14, 2005, "two circles were found
      in pea fields by a local farmer in Swift Current,
      Saskatchewan, Canada (population 14,890). The two circles
      were 12 metres (40 feet) in diameter and were found in two
      separate pea fields approximately 0.6 kilometers (0.3
      miles) apart."
      "These crop circles are also 29 kilometers (18 miles)
      from the site of a bull calf mutilation, found by the same
      farmer during the same time period. The mutilation case
      is being investigated by researcher Linda Moulton Howe."
      Swift Current, Sask. is on Provincial Highway 1
      approximately 152 miles (254 kilometers) west of Regina.
      On Friday, August 19, 2005, "an astounding crop
      circle formation was discovered in front of the entrance
      building of Mystery Park" in Interlaken, Switzerland, on
      the shores of Lake Geneva. An exposition on crop circles
      was planned for the park, but "because of the mysterious
      appearance of a crop circle overnight, the event was
      cancelled." (Many thanks to Paul Anderson of Canadian
      Crop Circle Research Network and French ufologist Robert
      Fischer for these news stories.)


      The "Elmendorf Beast," a strange quadruped with
      bluish-gray fur, was first shot by a rancher in Elmendorf,
      Texas (population 664) in 2004.
      Now it's been sighted again.
      "It's happened again. Now a farmer in Coleman, Texas
      (population 5,127) may have found a creature some would
      call a Chupacabra."
      "Reggie Lagow set a trap last week after a number of
      his chickens and turkeys were killed. What he found in
      his trap was an odd-looking animal."
      "It looks like a mix between a hairless dog, a rat
      and a kangaroo. It looks very similar to an animal killed
      by a rancher in Elmendorf last year."
      "Some believe the beasts are Chupacabras of Mexican
      folklore. Others say that they're just dogs with mange."
      "The one found this week in Coleman is now headed to
      the Texas Park and Wildlife lab where it may be
      Coleman, Tex. is on Highway 84 approximately 62 miles
      (103 kilometers) southeast of Abilene. It's also about
      250 miles (400 kilometers) northwest of Elmendorf, where
      the Beast was first sighted.
      Commenting on this case, Fortean researcher Loren
      Coleman said, "But, of course, what really freaked me out
      about this story is that the body was found in Coleman,
      Texas. 'Chupacabras in Coleman' is just too weird a
      headline to imagine. Where is Jennifer Lopez when I need
      her?" (See the WOAI-TV of San Antonio, Texas news
      broadcast for August 25, 2005. Many thanks to Loren
      Coleman for a copy of the transcript.)
      (Editor's Comment: To answer your question, Loren, she's
      in the Southwest, first in Houston for husband Marc
      Anthony's concert and then at the Bordertown set in
      Albuquerque, N.M. But somebody needs to tell Jenny that
      Albuquerque isn't "the Block." You don't have the same
      degree of anonymity as you do in New York City. Tongues
      are wagging from Paradise Hills to Singing Arrow Avenue
      about her dinner with co-star Antonio Banderas. And every
      motel housekeeper in town has her cell phone camera handy,
      ready to snap the million-dollar photo that's going to put
      her kids through college. If you think there's fireworks
      on the Border now, just wait till next week when Marc and
      Melanie Griffith show up in Nogales unannounced.)


      For the first time since the run-up to Y2K back in
      1999, the Pentagon is drafting new operational plans to
      cope with chaos in the USA resulting from a terrorist
      In its August 8, 2005 edition, the Washington Post
      ran a story on the new Northern Command (NORTHCOM)
      headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado
      Springs, Colorado. "The plans themselves are classified,
      but 'officers who drafted the plans' gave details to Post
      reporter Bradley Graham," who toured the NORTHCOM base as
      a guest of the U.S. Department of Defense.
      Graham wrote, "The new plans provide for what several
      senior officers acknowledged is the likelihood that the
      military will have to take charge in some situations,
      especially when dealing with mass-casualty attacks that
      could quickly overwhelm civilian resources."
      "The war plans represent a historic shift for the
      Pentagon, which has been reluctant to become involved in
      domestic operations and is legally constrained from
      engaging in law enforcement" by the Posse Comitatus Act of
      (Editor's Note: That's not exactly true. A new book
      on the Bonus Army march of 1932 reveals that the War
      Department--the predecessor of today's Defense Department-
      -had a secret operational plan called War Plan White. The
      plan's mission statement said it was designed to defend
      the city of Washington D.C. against a civilian
      insurrection. Gen. Douglas MacArthur implemented whole
      sections of War Plan White when he attacked the Bonus
      marchers in the Anacostia section of the city. A similar
      plan of the period, War Plan Orange, was designed to
      defend the Philippines against an attack from Japan or
      Fifteen "potential crisis scenarios are outlined,
      ranging from 'low-end,' which Graham describes as
      'relatively modest crowd-control missions' to 'high-end,'
      after as many as three simultaneous catastrophic mass-
      casualty attacks, such as nuclear, biological or chemical
      weapons attack."
      According to the Washington Post, Admiral Timothy J.
      Keating, commander of NORTHCOM, stated, "In my estimation,
      in the event of a biological, a chemical or a nuclear
      attack in any of the fifty states, the Department of
      Defense is best positioned--of the various eight federal
      agencies that would be involved--to take the lead."
      The Post "also describes an unresolved ebate among
      the military planners on how to integrate the new domestic
      mission with ongoing U.S. deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan
      and other foreign conflicts."
      "One major document of over 1,000 pages, designated
      CONPLAN 2002, provides a general overview of air, sea and
      land operations in both a post-attack situation and for
      'prevention and deterrence actions aimed at intercepting
      threats before they reach the United States."
      "A second document, CONPLAN 0500, details the 15
      scenarios and actions associated with them."
      According to the Post, "CONPLAN 2002 has passed a
      review by the Pentagon's Joint Staff and is due to go soon
      to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and top aides for
      further study and approval, the officers said."
      "CONPLAN 0500 is still undergoing final drafting."
      "About 1,400 National Guard troops have been formed
      into a dozen regional response units, while smaller quick-
      reaction forces have been set up in each of the 50
      (American) states."
      NORTHCOM has also earmarked "four active-duty U.S.
      Army battalions, as well as Navy and Coast Guard ships and
      air defense fighter jets" for post-attack emergency duty.
      Apparently, the Defense Department has been carrying
      out clandestine military exercises within "the Zone of the
      Interior" (internal USA--J.T.), in particular a "security
      operation" under the code name Operation Vital Archer.
      Graham wrote, "Military exercises code-named Vital
      Archer, which involve troops in lead roles, are shrouded
      in secrecy. By contrast, other homeland exercises," like
      the one in New London, Connecticut three months ago,
      "featuring troops in supporting roles are widely
      "Military lawyers have studied the legal implications
      of such deployments, which risk coming into conflict with
      a longstanding congressional prohibition on the use of the
      military for domestic policing known as posse comitatus."
      "Involving the National Guard, which is exempt from
      posse comitatus, could be one solution."
      In October 1999, two months before Y2K, there was the
      first public mention of Operation Abacus, a planned
      nationwide roundup of rightwingers, militia people,
      members of the John Birch Society and evangelical
      Christians who might pose a threat to the New World Order.
      It is not known if Operation Abacus has been "rolled into"
      the new CONPLAN 2002, and if responsibility for
      authorizing the operation has passed from the Department
      of Homeland Security to the Defense Department.
      However, in his interview with reporter Bradley
      Graham, Admiral Keating "cited a potential situation in
      which (National) Guard units might begin rounding up
      people while regular forces could not."
      (Editor's Comment: Circumventing the Posse Comitatus
      Act is the only way Operation Abacus could be carried out.
      The targets of the proposed roundup would be American
      citizens born in the USA, who are currently protected by
      the Posse Comitatus Act.)
      Graham wrote, "When it comes to ground forces
      possibly taking a lead role in homeland operations, senior
      NORTHCOM officers remain reluctant to discuss specifics.
      Keating said such situations, if they arise, probably
      would be temporary, with lead responsibility passing back
      to civilian authorities."
      NORTHCOM was established in October 2002 and now has
      a headquarters staff of 640, which is "already larger than
      that of the Southern Command, which oversees U.S. military
      operations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean."
      "One impediment to bringing about one-world
      government under the New World Order has always been the
      presence of a sizable population of born-again Christians
      in the USA," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented,
      "Not all evangelicals are believers in the Illuminati.
      But there are quite a few born-again Christians who
      understand that the United Nations and the New World Order
      originated with practicing diabolists such as Adam
      Weishaupt and Anacharsis Clootz. This is a thorny problem
      for the Bush family, who count evangelicals among their
      staunchest supporters. How to seperate the Illuminati-
      aware evangelicals from those who genuinely like the
      president? The answer is obvious-- Operation Abacus. If
      Dubya is serious about implementing a 'Great Merger' of
      the USA, Canada and Mexico by 2010, he has to deal with
      the anti-NWO crowd sooner or later. Then again, maybe
      he'll just leave it to Hillary."
      "I sometimes think the Illuminati have already
      selected the next few presidents. Next we'll see Hillary
      Rodham Clinton, for a historic two terms as the USA's
      first woman president. Then it'll be Arnold
      Schwarzenegger, followed by Ben Affleck, and then by
      somebody from below the Rio Grande with a name like Ho Chi
      La Bamba."
      A recent article in the Journal of Clinical
      Psychiatry raised speculations about Operation Abacus with
      its assertion that "Anti-Government Phobia" or AGP was a
      certifiable mental illness. The article was supposedly
      written by "Dr. Ivor E. Tower."
      But some Fortean researchers think the article may be
      either disinformation or a deliberate hoax.
      Longtime Fortean researcher Michael Strainic
      commented, "Ivor E. Tower, as in 'Ivory Tower?' Something
      smells fishy here."
      "I read the Roundup today and just had to comment on
      the 'author' of the article from the Journal of Clinical
      Psychiatry," researcher Keith Stevenson commented, "Ivor
      E. Tower. I know academicians are often accused of
      living/working in 'ivory towers.' Perhaps 'Dr. Tower'
      does as well." (See the Washington Post for August 8,
      2005. Also the World Socialist Web Site for August 9,
      2005, "Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in
      U.S." Thanks also to Michael Strainic and Keith Stevenson
      for their comments.)

      >From the UFO Files...

      1776: THE DEVIL IN YOUR

      Links between the origins of the United States of
      America and the esoteric doctrines of Freemasonry were the
      subject of last year's hit movie National Treasure.
      Nowhere are these links more apparent than on the one-
      dollar bill.
      In her recent article "The Magic and Mystery of
      America's Money," author Tracy R. Twyman makes a
      compelling case "that the dollar is a unit of magical
      energy and the American dollar bill is a magical
      "The United States of America was founded largely by
      men with a philosophy grounded in the occult," Ms. Twyman
      writes, "Members of Freemasonry and other secret societies
      who saw America as a potential 'New Atlantis' or 'New
      "Since Freemasons were responsible for both the
      foundations of America's institutions and the design of
      its national symbols, it is tempting to ascribe a Masonic
      significance to the use of this number (the occult number
      13--J.T.) But there is no special mention of the number
      13 in any known Masonic ritual, except perhaps in the
      rites of the Noble Order of the Shrine, where this number
      seems to be mentioned often."
      "At any rate, Masonic or not, the number 13 is
      undeniably the most omnipresent, most repeated symbol on
      the one-dollar bill, although its use isn't always
      explicit. Most are featured on the back of the bill."
      "The pyramid on the left has 13 layers, not including
      the eye at the top."
      "Above the head of the eagle, on the right, there is
      a constellation of 13 pentagonal stars, arranged in the
      shape of a Seal of Solomon."
      (Editor's Note: In Masonry, the pentagonal or five-
      pointed star stands for the star Sirius, also known as
      "the Blazing Star," which was sacred to the ancient
      "There are thirteen leaves on the olive branch in the
      eagle's right talon, and thirteen 'Jonathan's arrows,' as
      they're called, in his left."
      "There are thirteen horizontal divisions on the
      eagle's shield and thirteen vertical ones."
      "The motto 'E Pluribus Unum' (Bastard Latin for Out
      of the Many, One, the E should be written Ex--J.T.),
      written on the banner in his beak, contains thirteen
      letters. So too does the motto 'Annuit Ceoptis' (Latin
      for He favors our undertaking--J.T.) written above the
      pyramid on the left."
      "Furthermore, if you add the number of letters in
      'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (Latin for New Order of the Ages--
      J.T.) and (the date) MDCCLXXVI (1776 in Roman numerals--
      T.T.) written below the pyramid, you get 26, or two sets
      of thirteen."
      "On the front of the bill, at the base of the
      portrait of George Washington, on each side there are
      eight leaves and five berries (8 plus 5 equals 13--J.T.),
      indicating another two sets of thirteen."
      "There are also thirteen stars on the chevron on the
      seal of the Treasury Department, which is featured to the
      right of Washington, overlaying the word 'One.'"
      "Clearly these allusions to the number thirteen are
      no accident. The truth is compounded by the letters in
      permanently featured words on the front of the dollar bill
      (that is, words not contingent upon any changing
      circumstance, such as the name of the U.S. Treasurer--
      T.T.) These words include 'Federal Reserve Note,' 'The
      United States of America,' 'This Note is Legal Tender for
      All Debts Public and Private,' 'Washington D.C.,' 'One
      Dollar' and 'Washington."
      "The total number of letters in these words is 169,
      or 13 squared (13 times 13--J.T.)."
      "On the back of the bill, there would appear to be
      exactly 13 examples of the use of the number 13, but in
      order for this to be correct, you have to count "In God We
      Trust.' Of course, there are only twelve letters in this
      phrase, but occupying the same space in the center is the
      word 'One,' implying that we should add 1 to this sum to
      make 13."
      "This leads to the thirteenth example of the use 13
      on the back of the bill. There are 12 occurrences of the
      number 1 or the written word 'one,' unless you count the
      Latin word unum, meaning 'one,' used once, which makes 13
      in all."
      Ms. Twyman also reveals that the phrase 'In God We
      Trust,' long thought to refer to Christianity, is actually
      a Masonic motto.
      "The words 'In God We Trust' have been engraved on
      all American coins since 1863 and were made at the
      suggestion of Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase," a
      prominent Mason.
      "'In God We Trust' is indeed a Masonic motto, used in
      Masonic rituals in which the participants must pledge to
      always put their 'Trust in God.'"
      "Its appearance on the dollar bill in 1957 may have
      been meant to bolster a currency increasingly dependent on
      faith due to changes in American monetary policy."
      (Editor's Comment: Or it may have had an as-yet-
      unexplained occult purpose.)
      The recurrent appearance of the number 13 and related
      symbolism on the USA's one-dollar bill is clearly far
      beyond the realm of coincidence. The occult purpose of
      this symbolism, however, is just another of the many
      mysteries of American Freemasonry. (See Paranoia No. 39
      for Fall 2005, "The Magic and Mystery of America's Money"
      by Tracy R. Twyman, pages 54 to 61.)
      (Editor's Note: I just found another one. Tracy's
      article appeared in issue number 39 of Paranoia. 39 is
      the product of 3 times 13. Triskadeiphobics, please
      remain calm and remember to take your heart medicine.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-
      -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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