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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 33

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 33 August 17, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 33
      August 17, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-Mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      The UFO flap in Crimea, an autonomous region south of
      the Ukraine bordering the Black Sea, reached a new level
      with a close encounter of the third kind--a face-to-face
      encounter between a ufologist and four "strange entities."
      "They were Reptoids," eyewitness Victor Alexandrovich
      Zdorov reported, "Either Reptoids or some sort of
      reptilian creature. They were scaly Reptoids or lizard-
      like beings with four fingers."
      On Sunday, July 17, 2005, Zdorov was at his office in
      Komsomolskoye, a village east of the Simferopol Airport,
      when the aliens barged in. They surrounded Zdorov, who
      was sitting at his desk and blinking in disbelief. One
      entity pointed a scaly, clawed finger at him and hissed,
      "You know too much about UFOs."
      The strange visitation came at the end of a series of
      UFO sightings by Zdorov during the previous week.
      "In the middle of July (2005)," Crimean ufologist
      Anton A. Anfalov reported, "Zdorov was driving his VAZ-
      2104 Lada (automobile) east of Simferopol when he saw the
      disk-shaped object hovering over the pine forest southeast
      of Simferopol's water reservoir. The disk was seen in
      broad daylight and had a high central dome and a broader
      protruding flat bottom unit. The disk-shaped craft was
      visibly metallic. The witness' car engine was
      malfunctioning, and he appeared 'under emanations' from
      the alien craft, as he asserts."
      "Between (Monday) July 11 and (Sunday) July 17, 2005,
      Zdorov reportedly saw another spectacular UFO, shaped like
      a whirligig or a humming top in the form of a high cone
      installed within another cone. The UFO was reportedly
      hovering at least for several minutes over the village of
      "On Saturday, July 16, 2005, another witness, Artyem
      A. Benda, a ufologist from Zaporozhye in the Ukraine,
      while vacationing in the village of Alupka, west of Yalta
      in the Crimea, saw two bright overflights of UFOs in the
      early evening, out from beyond the mountains over the
      Black Sea. He tried to photograph the objects, remarking,
      'That was a beautiful sight.'"
      "On Thursday, August 4, 2005, while walking his dog
      in Lenino Square in downtown Simferopol, between the
      Council of Ministers building and the Ukrainian Dramatic
      Theatre, close to the Lenin monument, Victor A. Zdorov saw
      a bright object continuously blinking a red light for ten
      minutes, hovering in the northeast, over the suburb of
      Svoboda. This sighting lasted from approximately 9:45 to
      9:55 p.m. The object couldn't have been an airplane's
      navigation light because it was stationary, not moving.
      Surely this wasn't a helicopter, as well. It was totally
      soundless, and all of the Mi-8 and Mi-2 helicopters were
      on the tarmac at Zavodskoye airfield." (Many thanks to
      Anton A. Anfalov for these news reports.)


      On Friday, August 5, 2005, at 8 p.m., eyewitness R.M.
      "was on a rural motorway between Kurow and Omarama in
      central Otago (region of the) South Island, New Zealand.
      Me and another witness were driving west through the
      Southern Alps here in New Zealand when we spotted a
      singular object in the dark sky. At first we believed
      this orange object was Mars, but then, at 8:45 p.m., the
      object began to pulse and flare up."
      "This strange orange object looked two to three times
      larger than any of the other stars. And when it pulsed,
      it would flare up to a large gleaming orange and then turn
      so dull it could hardly be seen. Then it would flare up
      to a bright orange again, even brighter than the moon."
      "Each pulse occurred at random intervals between 20
      seconds to two minutes" in duration.
      "I looked at the object with binoculars," R.M.
      reported, "believing this must be the space shuttle
      (Discovery) or a satellite, but these were quickly excused
      for many reasons, and no other reports had been made of
      this object."
      "There was no approach or departure that I saw, but
      the object was remarkably high above the Earth." (Email
      Form Report)


      Canada is the site of a major new UFO flap this
      summer, with dramatic sightings in the provinces of
      Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba.
      On Tuesday, July 12, 2005, at 11:30 p.m., eyewitness
      Catherine Hawks reported, "Me and my family are from
      England, and I was visiting relatives in Canada. We were
      staying at my Nana and Grandad's cottage on an island in
      Fenelon Falls, Ontario (population 2,040). Me and my
      boyfriend were down at the beach, when my boyfriend
      pointed up to the sky and said, 'What's that?'"
      "I glanced up and said, 'Oh, it's a plane.'"
      "But he said, 'No, it's not. Look!'"
      "I looked again and realised it was not a plane as it
      had no flashing (navigational) lights. The object was
      really, really high in the sky. It was a clear night, and
      we could see a bright white light, brighter than any star
      in the sky. It was moving very rapidly across the sky and
      zigzagging, unlike a plane or a satellite. Then it stood
      in the same place and turned a dull red colour and then
      faded until it totally disappeared."
      "Also, about five minutes later, there was a big
      circular flash of bright white light in the sky. It was
      only there for a second. If you had blinked, you would
      have missed it. I don't know whether they had anything to
      do with each other, but I thought I would add it, anyway."
      Fenelon Falls, Ont. is on Provincial Highway 121
      about 50 miles (80 kilometers) northeast of Toronto,
      Canada's largest city.
      On Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7, 2005,
      residents of Piney, Manitoba "witnessed a strange sight in
      the sky."
      "Three residents of Piney claim they saw a shiny
      object three times the size of a jetliner, with pointed
      ends and no wings."
      "'It was mainly tubular-shaped with some small
      protrusions on either side, and it flew overhead,' said
      Chris Rutkowski, director of Ufology Research of Manitoba
      The witnesses estimated that "maybe three minutes
      (elapsed) from the time this thing appeared over one
      horizon until it had flown over and vanished over the
      opposite horizon."
      Piney is on Provincial Highway 12, just above
      Manitoba's border with the state of Minnesota, located
      about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southeast of Winnipeg.
      On Tuesday, August 9, 2005, at 10 p.m., eyewitness
      A.S. reported, "My friend and I were in the park at
      Westwood," in Montreal, Quebec, "lying down on the field.
      We were able to see the lights of the city, as well as
      many stars, although the clouds were kind of low and it
      was very foggy out because it had been a very hot day."
      "As I was laying there, I saw in the clouds a halo
      and a light. Then it flashed a couple of times and turned
      an orangish colour. It resembled a pumpkin. There were
      three white lights at the top of the round disk. The
      angle of the disk alternated, assuming different angles.
      When it was on its side, it was disk with a dome on the
      top of it."
      "The object started flashing and spazzing into an L-
      shape, going back and forth. Finally, it went behind a
      cloud, but, a couple of minutes later, we saw a white
      object flying around the disk. It was moving very regally
      but very fast, faster than any airplane."
      "Minutes later, both objects completely vanished.
      When we got home, we both drew what we had seen and
      compared drawings. The funny thing is, during the
      sighting, it was completely silent. I hadn't ever
      realized that my (cell) phone rang. I had two missed
      calls, and my phone was on my bag, set on Loud."
      However, A.S. did not hear the cell phone ringing.
      On Thursday, August 11, 2005, at about 3 a.m.,
      Brandon S. reported, he was asleep at home in Kapuskasing,
      Ontario (population 10,036) when he "had to get out of bed
      because I needed a bathroom break. While I was doing my
      business, my grandma got up. While I was in the bathroom,
      my grandma looked out the window to see if she could see
      any shooting stars (meteors--J.T.) So I went over to see
      what she was looking at. At this point, she got me to
      look up at the sky, too, and, all of a sudden, we saw this
      star appear. And then it started to get bright, then
      "All of a sudden, it got really, really big--as big
      as a watermelon. It took off across the sky at eight
      times the speed of a jet (about 4,000 miles per hour--
      J.T.). Once we saw this happen, we saw another star get
      as big as the first one and then take off after it."
      "It was so cool but scary at the same time," Brandon
      Kapuskasing is on Provincial Highway 11 in northern
      Ontario, about 250 miles (400 kilometers) northeast of
      Sault Sainte Marie. (See the CTV news broadcast of August
      11, 2005 for the Manitoba story. The other cases were all
      Email Form Reports.)


      On Friday, August 12, 2005, at 12:20 a.m., Emma
      Whitley was at her home in Westwood, Nottinghamshire, UK
      when she saw something strange in the sky, approaching
      from the southwest.
      "I was sitting in the living room, and I heard a
      humming noise," Emma reported, "So I looked out the window
      to see what it was. All I saw was a triangle-shaped
      object with three white lights at each point (or corner--
      J.T.) and a one red light in the middle, flying slowly
      over the house."
      "So I walked outside to watch and it must've taken at
      least five minutes to get completely out of range. It
      could have been a plane, but I've never seen one like this
      go so slow before." (Email Form Report)
      Eyewitness Tim Francis reported, "Yesterday evening
      (Saturday, August 13, 2005) at approximately 10:30 p.m.,
      there was a series of bright orange moving lights in the
      sky over my neighbourhood" in Smithleigh, near Plympton,
      Devon, UK.
      "They were moving westward from Smithleigh.
      Initially it was possible it was lights flying together in
      some sort of formation. It looked like a star
      constellation until we spotted the lights moving towards
      us, and some were too bright and too orange in colour to
      be stars."
      "As the lights got overhead, the formation changed,
      with one of the lights speeding up a bit faster than the
      others. No noise could be heard from the objects,
      although there was road noise from the nearby (motorway)
      A38, which could have drowned out faint sounds."
      "After the first formation had gone, there came
      several more objects over the next ten minutes. I think
      there were two occurrences of two lights together and then
      two single lights after."
      "The last object flew over and seemed to be lower
      than the others. As it got overhead, it seemed like you
      could make out a rectangular shape, which appeared almost
      fluid. My friend (there were three of us present--T.F.)
      said it looked like a jellyfish, I think, because the
      shape appeared to be changing."
      "All of them seemed to have a bright orange light at
      the front and back, or maybe on top, as you could see the
      lights when they were coming towards us or going away.
      But the light was not visible while they were overhead."
      (Email Form Report)


      More UFOs have been sighted in Argentina recently,
      according to UFO Roundup correspondent Ricardo E.
      On Sunday, July 24, 2005, at 8:29 p.m., "a bright
      light-pulse flashed at the zenith in the sky over
      Cordoba," capital city of Argentina's province of the same
      name. "Two minutes, 28 seconds later, a luminous white
      orb began moving towards the east. It was apparently the
      size of the planet Jupiter. The energy release was 'very
      striking,' according to those who observed it."
      Cordoba is located 400 kilometers (250 miles) west-
      northwest of Buenos Aires, the national capital.
      On Monday, July 25, 2005, "another bright luminous
      flash was seen from the grounds of the Observatory" in
      Cordoba. "The strange light presented a blue coloration."
      On Saturday, August 6, 2005, from 7 to 7:20 p.m.,
      "observers onshore spotted a luminous UFO hovering the
      cities and towns of the (Rio Parana) Delta," north of
      Buenos Aires. Sightings were reported in Tigre, Belen de
      Escobar, Ibicuy, Zarate and Campana. "The phenomenon was
      also seen over the Rio de la Plata," east of the city.
      "Several fireballs of a great intensity flew from the
      north to the southeast. Seconds later, they hovered over
      the Rio de la Plata and appeared as lights flashing."
      On Tuesday, August 9, 2005, "at 7:56 p.m., "two UFOs
      appeared and suddenly inflated to stars of the first
      magnitude. They then dimmed equally suddenly. These
      strange lights were seen over southern Cordoba and the
      neighbouring town of Ferreyra. Both objects began as what
      looked like ordinary stars, and they made absolutely no
      sound. One observer captured two minutes of this
      particular sighting on video." (Muchas gracias a Ricardo
      E. D'Angelo para estas noticias.)


      "Thousands of quarter-sized toads have invaded" Big
      Sandy, Montana (population 703), a "north-central Montana
      farming community, causing slippery streets and" raising
      the ire of local entrepreneurs.
      "The toads started showing up in the southeast
      portion of town in the past couple of weeks."
      "'I have no idea how many thousands of toads are in
      town,' said Charlie Foussard. 'At times, you just can't
      take a step.'"
      "Karen Jesperson said some lawns in town are filled
      with so many toads, it looks like the grass is moving."
      "'They're pretty cute,' she said."
      "Breezy Baumgarn, who works at the grocery store on
      Main Street, said driving in town is a little sticky
      because the roads are filled with tiny, smashed toads."
      "'Poor little toads,' she said, 'Everyone keeps
      running them over. They have nowhere to go.'"
      "Some are collecting the toads with plans to sell
      them to per stores. Others are talking about trying them
      out as fish bait."
      "Larry Ophus, chief of the volunteer fire department,
      said the toads seems to be moving from east to west and
      believes they will soon be on their way."
      "It was just two years ago (2003) that the town's
      streets were blocked by 10-foot (3-meter) drifts of
      tumbleweeds. Firefighters hauled the tumbleweeds away and
      burned them."
      "'The tumbleweeds were a hazard,' Ophus said, 'The
      toads are just a nuisance.'"
      Big Sandy, Mont. is on Highway 87 approximately 77
      miles (123 kilometers) northeast of Great Falls. (See the
      Great Falls, Mont. Tribune for August 15, 2005, "Thousands
      of toads hop into Montana town." Many thanks to Terry
      Duckworth, "the Archimagos Maximus of Tsathoggua," for
      this newspaper article.)


      Police in Charleston (population 53,421), the state
      capital of West Virginia, are trying to solve a mystery.
      Who's leaving alligators at different points around the
      The latest find took place on Wednesday, August 10,
      2005 when "someone left a two-foot-long (60-centimeter-
      long) alligator in a plastic container in a convenience
      store parking lot, officials said."
      "Earlier this summer, workers at a repair shop found
      a smaller alligator" on the top of an outdoor air-
      conditioning unit "on the bank of the Kanawha River."
      "'It sounds like a genuine phenomenon," UFO Roundup
      editor Joseph Trainor commented, "Except for the fact that
      the reptile was found in a plastic container.
      That's never happened before in what is known in Forteana
      as the crazy croc syndrome or the crazy crocs. This refers
      to the unexplained appearance of small alligators or
      crocodiles in areas far from their natural habitat--like
      West Virginia."
      "Did the second alligator appear in Charleston on its
      own? Or is there a 'Crocmeister' at work, leaving small
      alligators around town in an attempt to bedevil local
      authorities? If it is a 'Crocmeister,' he certainly is
      conversant with the works of Charles Fort." (See USA
      Today for August 11, 2005, "Across the USA--West
      Virginia," page 7A.)


      A Chinese amateur photographer flying over a remote
      region of the Himalayas snapped a picture of two large
      dragons flying through heavy clouds.
      "On June 22, 2005, the photographer went to Amdo in
      Tibet to attend the Qingh laying ceremony, and then took a
      plane from Lhasa (Tibet's capital--J.T.) to fly back
      inland. When flying over the Hir region, he accidentally
      caught these two 'dragons' in a picture that he took. He
      called these 'two dragons'."
      "Looking at the photo, these two objects appear to
      have the characteristics of crawling creatures that seem
      to be covered by scales, the backs have spine-like
      protuberances, and also they have rear ends."
      "Although the photo caught only a portion of the
      entire scene, it gave the appearance of two gigantic
      dragons flying in the clouds" over the Himalayas.
      "No wonder that China is the homeland of the dragons,
      mysterious and powerful. It can always produce
      spectacular sights beyond people's expectations," a
      columnist in People's Daily wrote, commenting on the
      strange photograph. "Is it really true? Is it possible
      that there is an ancient civilization that we don't know
      about? One that is sparsely populated? It really looks
      like the dragons in the fables, and I really hope it is."
      "In Chinese fairy tales, the dragon is a kind of rare
      heavenly creature. It ascends to heaven in the spring
      breeze and dives and hides in deep water. It promotes
      clouds and brings rain. It also became the symbol of
      imperial authority."
      "Culturally, the dragon is the Chinese ancestors'
      totem. Nearly all races in China had fallen dragons as
      the main subject, such as dragon boat races, the dragon
      lantern dance and sacrificial offerings to the dragons to
      implore timely wind and rain for good crops."
      "Whether this creature really exists is still an
      unsolved riddle. In the previous dynasties, there have
      been many documents recording eyewitness accounts of
      magical dragons."
      "A relatively recent tale occurred in the puppet
      Manchuria regime (Japan occupied Manchuria in northern
      China from 1931 to 1945--J.T.). A dragon fell to the
      ground at the Chen family's Weizi village, on the south
      shore of the Mudan River (today the Songhua River--J.T.).
      The black dragon was on the verge of death. The
      eyewitness said this creature had scales covering its body
      and had a strong fishy smell that attracted numerous
      "Records from previous dynasties also mentioned the
      connection between the emergence of mysterious creatures
      like dragons and the transition of (political) dynasties
      on Earth."
      "The appearance of the dragon invites our curiosity
      and imagination." (See The Epoch Times for August 9,
      2005, "Dragons in the Tibet sky." Many thanks to Chen
      Jilin--no relation to the Chens of Weizi--for this
      newspaper article.)


      "The bodies of a dozen decapitated kangaroos have
      been found at a suburban golf course. Their bodies were
      found on the grounds of the golf course at Yarrambat and
      neighbouring areas in the past two weeks."
      "The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of
      Cruelty to Animals--J.T.) said the attacks were horrific
      and is working with the Nillumbik Shire Council to find
      the perpetrator. Police have also been notified."
      "RSPCA senior investigator Ken Waixel said the
      attacks were extremely insane."
      "'This type of behaviour, if it is a single
      individual, is particularly graphic,' he said, 'There is a
      link to violence against animals with violence to people.
      It is a very distressing issue. We're asking for
      community assistance to find out who the perpetrator is.'"
      "Mayor Greg Johnson said the council was baffled by
      the attacks."
      "'We're at a loss as to what's going on here. It's a
      dreadful thing, and we're very concerned about it,' he
      said." (See the Australian newspaper Herald-Sun for
      August 10, 2005, "Kangaroos' heads chopped off." Many
      thanks to Todd and Kristin Rogan for this newspaper


      "The discovery of two bovines found dead under not
      entirely clear circumstances reactivated the mystery that
      held the country (Argentina) hostage two years ago (2003)
      when hordes of similar cases became known, and for which
      no reasonable explanation was ever found beyond a number
      of hypotheses--some of them extreme and unsustainable."
      The three cows were found dead in two fields at
      Cubanea, a small community in Argentina's Rio Negro
      province approximately 70 kilometers (42 miles) from
      "One property, belonging to Erberto Malaspina, the
      development commissioner for Cubanea, contained two of the
      bovines, located 50 meters (165 feet) from each other.
      Malaspina's field is located on the side of National Route
      25, which links Viedma with Conesa."
      "One of the animals was found dead on a farm
      belonging to Luis Garrone at Kilometer 1001 on National
      Highway 3." This field was approximately 20 kilometers
      (12 miles) away from Viedma in San Javier."
      All three cows "had been relieved of their right eye
      and ear, and the skin of its jawbone had been excised with
      straight, cauterized incisions. It was further missing
      its tongue and presented a 20-centimeter (6-inch) orifice
      on the right side of the nape of the neck."
      "Police officials from the San Javier Sheriff's
      Office reported to the scene with experts from the
      Criminality Bureau, who took (microscope) slides and
      measured the scene of the discovery."
      "In any event, Carlos Garrone, the field owner's
      brother, reported that he had never seen anything like
      it." (See the Argentinian newspaper Las Noticias for
      August 8, 2005, "Three bovines killed suspiciously in Rio
      Negro." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Cristian
      Quintero del grupo Planeta UFO por este articulo de


      "Pilot James Kelly admitted that he experienced a
      'moment of trepidation' Tuesday," August 9, 2005, "as
      space shuttle Discovery plunged toward Earth."
      "'I wouldn't be human otherwise,' he said."
      "Memories of Columbia's fateful journey two years
      ago, in which all seven crewmembers died, were inevitable,
      especially when Commander Eileen Collins pushed the button
      to start Discovery's descent."
      "Kelly, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, said he was
      'honestly hoping that we'd make it farther than they did.
      And I wished that they had made it all the way home.'"
      Kelly, Collins and their fellow crew members,
      spacewalkers Stephen Robinson and Soichi Noguchi, Charles
      Camarda, Andy Thomas and Wendy Lawrence "landed smoothly
      at 5:11 a.m. Pacific time at Edwards Air Force Base,
      completing" the USA's first space shuttle mission since
      the destruction of the shuttle Columbia on February 1,
      Discovery "was supposed to land at the Kennedy Space
      Center in Florida but was diverted to its landing site in
      (California's) Mojave Desert. Two days of rain and
      lightning in Florida made it too risky to land there."
      "As it hurtled backwards 220 miles (352 kilometers)
      above the Indian Ocean, Discovery fired its tail rockets
      at 4:06 a.m. Pacific time, slowing just enough to drop out
      of orbit and into Earth's atmosphere."
      "A tense hour later, the shuttle appeared overhead as
      a glowing star in clear, predawn darkness on its final
      approach to Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base."
      "'There was a moment of trepidation right before
      Eileen hit the execute on the deorbit burn,' Kelly
      confessed, referring to the rocket firing that initiated
      re-entry. 'Once you do that, you're coming home.'"
      "After touching down, Collins said, 'Houston,
      Discovery, wheels stop."
      "Roger, wheels stop, Discovery, and congratulations
      on a truly spectacular test flight,' responded astronaut
      Kenneth Ham at Mission Control."
      "Stephanie Stilson, the vehicle manager in charge of
      Discovery, confessed to 'hugging anybody who was close to
      "President (George W.) Bush congratulated the crew,
      saying the successful flight 'was an important step for
      NASA as it regains the confidence of the American people'
      and focuses NASA on a new mission: to return to the moon
      and go to Mars."
      "The moment was bittersweet for Evelyn Husband, who
      watched Discovery's return at her home in Houston with her
      children and two friends. Her husband, Rick, was
      Columbia's commander."
      "Husband said she had been dreading the moment after
      two-and-a-half years of waiting. When Discovery reached
      the same point in its descent that Columbia broke up, 'I
      got a lump in my throat.'"
      "'We were very quiet,' she said, 'I was thinking
      about my husband. And when we saw the infrared image of
      the shuttle, it made me really sad. I wish we could've
      seen the same thing."
      "The shuttle fleet remains grounded until NASA can
      diagnose why chunks of insulating foam continue to break
      off the shuttle's external fuel tank on takeoff."
      "Discovery's latest mission, the 114th for the
      shuttle fleet since 1981, had its successes. It
      resupplied and repaired the half-completed International
      Space Station."
      "Discovery also brought back more than 3 tons of
      garbage and broken equipment. Astronauts Stephen Robinson
      and Soichi Noguchi did three spacewalks."
      "The 14-day mission, delayed by about two weeks by a
      faulty fuel sensor, also chalked up a series of space
      firsts--some reflecting NASA's troubles with the shuttle:"
      (1) "A new array of cameras and sensors aboard
      Discovery allowed NASA engineers to spot and assess dings
      during flight."
      (2) "Collins flew a shuttle's first backflip, so the
      space station crew could photograph the heat-resistant
      tiles on Discovery's underside. The inspection disclosed
      two sandpaper-like seals, known as gap fillers, protruding
      from the heat shield. Engineers decided they could cause
      overheating on re-entry."
      (3) "Robinson did the first repair in orbit to the
      shuttle's heat shield. Riding the station's robot arm, he
      easily yanked out the gap fillers. NASA decided not to
      repair a torn section of insulation blanketing near a
      cockpit window. It caused no trouble on re-entry."
      "Collins, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel,
      acknowledged thinking about the Columbia crew during re-
      entry. The astronauts had a photo of the Columbia crew on
      board with them."
      "To the Columbia families, Collins said, 'Our heart
      goes out to them as we reach a point of closure for
      them.'" (See USA Today for August 10, 2005,
      "'Spectacular' mission ends in Calif.," page 3A.)

      FOR MARS

      "After a day's delay, a spacecraft loaded with high-
      tech cameras, antenna and radar began a seven-month voyage
      to Mars on Friday," August 12, 2005.
      The new mission "aims to gather more data on the Red
      Planet than all previous explorations combined."
      "The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) lifted off
      flawlessly on an Atlas V rocket, three days after space
      shuttle Discovery returned to Earth from a two-week
      The MRO, "the fourth Mars orbiter," is carrying "some
      of the most sophisticated science instruments ever sent
      into space," including the largest telescopic camera ever
      sent to another planet. The new orbiter will "scan the
      desolate surface in search of sites to land more robotic
      explorers in the next decade."
      "'It's time we started peeling back the onion layer
      and start looking at Mars from different vantage points,'
      says project manager James Graf of the Jet Propulsion
      Laboratory in Pasadena," California.
      "Like the three (Earth) spacecraft currently flying
      around Mars--including a European orbiter--the latest
      orbiter will seek evidence of water and other signs that
      the planet once could have hosted life."
      "Powered by solar panels on its journey, the orbiter
      is expected to reach Mars" on or about March 15, 2006.
      The $720 million mission was launched from Cape Canaveral,
      The MRO's "powerful camera can snap the sharpest
      pictures yet of the planet's rust-colored surface, with
      six times the resolution of past images."
      "During the 310-million-mile trip, NASA will test the
      six instruments aboard the orbiter, including one that
      will measure the ultraviolet radiation from Earth so
      scientists will have a comparison with Mars."
      "The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will be NASA's last
      Mars orbiter this decade. Belt-tightening forced the
      agency to cancel a $500 million mission planned for 2009."
      "However, two more landing attempts are set during
      the next four years. Scientists hope to use the orbiter's
      detailed mapping to scout safe landing sites for the
      Phoenix Mars and Mars Science Laboratory missions in 2007
      and 2009, respectively."
      "The information gleaned by the spacecraft also could
      help scientists decide where to send a lander during the
      next decade to return the first samples of Martian rock
      and soil to Earth."
      "The stationary Phoenix lander will use a robotic arm
      to explore the icy plains of Mars' north pole. Later, the
      Mars Science Laboratory will analyze rocks and soil in
      finer detail than other rovers, which uncovered geologic
      evidence of water in the planet's past."
      "The solar-powered Spirit and Opportunity rovers are
      still trekking across the Martian surface" on opposite
      sides of the Red Planet, having "thrilled space fans with
      their hijinks on Mars."
      "The 2-ton Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter also will try
      to find two ill-fated spacecraft--NASA's Mars Polar Lander
      and Britain's Beagle 2 lander--that lost contact (with
      Earth) during separate landing attempts."
      "The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter should reach Mars'
      orbit in mid-March next year. Along with its telescopic
      camera, the orbiter's payload includes ground-penetrating
      radar that can probe up to a third of a mile beneath
      surface rock and ice for evidence of water."
      "Today Mars is cold and dry with large caps of frozen
      water at its poles. Scientists think the planet was a
      wetter and possibly warmer place eons ago--conditions that
      might have been conducive to life." (See the Duluth,
      Minn. News-Tribune for August 13, 2005, "NASA launches
      Mars orbiter," page 2A; and USA Today for August 8, 2005,
      "Mars attracts: New orbiter set for launch," page


      A thunderstorm hurled hailstones as big as grapefruit
      at farms and ranches in western Minnesota's Otter Tail
      County (population 57,159).
      During the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 9,
      2005, "baseball-sized hail pounded parts of Otter Tail
      County, damaging buildings and vehicles."
      "Marie Jacobson, co-owner of the nursery Outdoor
      Renovations, reported losing thousands of dollars in
      plants and equipment. The hail, which she said was
      'softball-sized at times,' punched holes through the tops
      of her greenhouses and shattered her clay birdbaths."
      "It also knocked out windshields in her fleet of
      seven trucks."
      "Jake Jacobson of Underwood, Minn. (population 285)
      held pieces of hail" as big as portable CD players when he
      posed "behind his truck window that was broken overnight
      during a hailstorm on Tuesday."
      "Otter Tail Power Co. reported about 200 residents in
      Fergus Falls (population 13,471) and about 205 residents
      in Miltona (population 250) were without power for about
      three hours early Tuesday."
      (Editor's Note: In addition to being the home of the
      world-famous Goose Gallop, Fergus Falls was the site of
      one of the worst tornadoes in Minnesota history back in
      July 1919.)
      The same storm system caused lightning damage in the
      Minneapolis-St. Paul area a few hours later.
      An "employee was standing on the tarmac at Flying
      Cloud Airport when the tarmac was hit by lightning.
      According to broadcast reports, the employee was shocked
      and taken to the hospital but suffered no serious
      "Lightning also struck a house near 56th Street and
      Nicollet Avenue in southern Minneapolis and started a fire
      there. Firefighters said the fire damage was limited, but
      the house sustained water damage."
      "In Chaska, Minn. (population 17,449), a two-story
      house was hit by lightning. The second story of the house
      bore the brunt of the damage, and the roof was badly
      "A third house was hit in Maple Grove, Minn.
      (population 50,365)."
      Otter Tail County is intersected by state Highways 3,
      24 and 35, located about 190 miles (304 kilometers)
      northwest of Minneapolis. (See the Duluth, Minn. News-
      Tribune for August 10, 2005, "Lightning hits metro area
      homes," page 4D.)


      It looks like UK now has its own home-grown
      superhero--Captain Nappy.
      "UK police said Monday," August 15, 2005, "they were
      searching for a man wearing a diaper, who approaches women
      late at night and asks: 'Are there any baby-changing
      facilities around here?'"
      Police in "Cleveland in northeastern England said the
      latest incident occurred around 11 p.m. Sunday," August
      14, 2005, "where he surprized a woman walking her dog in a
      play area near Eaglescliffe, near Middlesbrough."
      "Police said no one had been assaulted by the man but
      decided his behaviour is bizarre and a cause for concern."
      "'There have been several reports of him having been
      seen in Eaglescliffe dressed only in a nappy, and we are
      keen to trace him and speak to him,' police said." (See
      the Reading Evening Post for August 15, 2005. Many thanks
      to Sarah Caldwell for this newspaper item.)


      "Belgian negationist and extreme-right publicist
      Siegfried Verbeke has been arrested at Schiphol Airport in
      Amsterdam," the capital of the Netherlands, "and might be
      extradited to Germany for trial."
      "A German judge issued an international arrest
      warrant against Verbeke at the end of last year (2004)
      because he cast doubt over the Internet whether the Nazis
      actually killed six million Jews in World War II."
      "Germany asked Belgium to extradite Verbeke, of
      Kortrijk, (also known as Courtrai--J.T.)" located 40
      kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Antwerp, in 2004 "but a
      Belgian judge refused the request."
      "Verbeke has already been convicted in Belgium for
      negationism. The Appeals Court in Antwerp sentenced him
      in April of this year (2005) to a maximum one-year jail
      term and an E2,500 (Euro) fine for breaching negationist
      and anti-racism laws."
      "The 63-year-old Verbeke has been the head of the
      Free Historical Research Center (Flemish acronym VHO)
      since 1983. The center publishes books in which the
      Holocaust is denied or downplayed."
      "Verbeke has used the principle of freedom of speech
      to defend himself in the past and is a reknowned figure
      across Europe."
      "He holds links with various extreme-right groups
      across the continent, Flemish broadcaster VRT reported."
      (See the Belgian newspaper De Standaard for August 5,
      2005. Many thanks to Valentin M. Dobrobanov for this
      newspaper article.)

      >From the UFO Files...


      These are probably the most controversial apparitions
      of the Virgin Mary (birth name: Miriam bat-Joachim--J.T.)
      in contemporary South America. The Roman Catholic Church
      hierarchy is holding both seers at arm's length. But
      they're not going away.
      "They bring multitudes. They create an evident
      spiritual atmosphere. They say the Virgin appears before
      them and gives them messages calling for greater religious
      devotion among the faithful."
      "Believers credit to them gifts--or at least the
      possibility that they may have them--of intercession with
      Mary, or directly with Jesus Christ, to grant favors,
      especially healing."
      "Many say that what they asked for was granted to
      them, and many claimed to have deepened their conversion
      and even that of their loved ones."
      Meet Sra. Maria Livia Galiano de Obeid. Senora
      Galiano de Obeid lives in Salta, the capital of the
      province of the same name, among the foothills of the
      Andes in northwestern Argentina.
      "The case involving the so-called Virgen del Cerro
      (Translated: The Virgin of the Mountain--J.T.) in Salta is
      the oldest and also the strongest. It began in 1990 when"
      Maria Livia, then "a married housewife with three children
      claimed being visited by the Virgin. The image, according
      to the description is different from other devotional
      images known," for example, Our Lady of Fatima, fist seen
      at Cova da Iria in Portugal's Serra da Aire mountains in
      May 1917.
      Maria Livia "allegedly received messages from the
      Virgin, and, in 1995, the entity told her that her image
      represents a new avocation--the Immaculate Mother of the
      Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus."
      "According to Maria Livia, the Virgin asked in the
      first apparitions that a shrine be built for her at
      Shoenstatt," a village located at the foot of the
      mountain. "She later added that the messages be made
      known through a Carmelite abbey in the" Salta area.
      (Editor's Note: Salta is a notorious UFO hotspot.
      Since 1996, UFO Roundup has documented dozens of UFO and
      paranormal events in this region, located 900 kilometers
      (540 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina's
      "Later on, she asked that another sanctuary be built
      for her at the top of the mountain, and that this site
      should become an evangelical center. She added that a
      house for elderly priests, a seminary and a house for
      monks" should also be constructed. "But, above all, she
      recommended asking for conversion and the adoration of the
      Eucharistic Heart."
      "Increasingly, more people congregate every Saturday
      around the image of the new avocation. Amid a powerful
      spiritual atmosphere, people congregated to pray the
      Rosary and to meditate on the messages received by the
      seeress. With all this, the most exciting moment is when
      Maria Livia prays a brief 'Prayer of Intercession' for the
      intentions of the faithful, walking in front of them and
      placing her hands on her shoulders for a few moments."
      "To many, this is a very powerful experience. Not a
      few collapse to the ground--even the men. Behind them,
      ever-attentive ushers keep people from being hurt during
      the falls."
      "In fact, it is only possible to reach the image
      following a path along which the ushers--wearing white and
      blue kerchiefs--offer water. Many report a scent of
      roses, which do not exist in the area."
      (Editor's Note: Nor at that altitude in the Andes.)
      "The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salta is very
      cautious. After the former archbishop, Monsignor Moises
      Blanchoud, allowed the distribution of messages received
      by Maria Livia, the present archbishop, Monsignor Mario
      Cargnello," made up his mind "to forbid the most recent
      messages from becoming known while they are being studied"
      by the Church.
      "Monsignor Cargnello also virtually forbade the
      'Prayer of Intercession' in an announcement made two years
      ago (2003). Cargnello made it clear that, in his diocese,
      'no layman is authorized to perform the laying on of
      "Cargnello also questioned the messages, which he
      considered 'revelations lacking content' and maintained
      that 'the seeress' urge to be in the limelight is
      "He further stated that he was never informed of the
      results of the psychological exam requested for Maria
      "'The woman and the Carmelite nuns did not comply
      with what the Church asked them to do,' was the recent
      statement from the Archdiocese of Salta."
      "Maria Livia's collaborators sent him a letter last
      month (July 2005) in which they denied that the results of
      the psychological tests had been concealed and asked him
      to be more understanding toward the phenomenon."
      In Mendoza, another city in the Andes of Argentina,
      yet another Marian seer has made an appearance. Meet
      Manuel Yanzon.
      "The Mendoza case is more recent. It began on July
      27, 2000 when Yanzon reported having seen his first
      apparition of the Virgin under the avocation of the
      Mystical Rose."
      (Editor's Note: Exactly seven days before Yanzon's
      apparition, on Thursday, July 20, 2000, Fatima seers
      Francisco and Jacinta Marto appeared to me in a dream and
      warned of a major war erupting in the Middle East. Boy,
      did that come true! They also warned that the Zionists
      would use the war-emergency to crush the born-again
      Christians of the USA. For details, see UFO Roundup,
      volume 5, number 30 for July 27, 2000, "Another October
      Surprise?" page 8.)
      "Yanzon himself claims to have received messages,
      even those requesting the construction of a sanctuary.
      Many pilgrims visit him at El Algarrobal in the department
      (district) of Las Heras upon hearing of his reputed
      efficacy as an intercessor for finding impossible cures
      and other miracles."
      "But he was recently denounced by a close
      collaborator who accused him of fraud."
      In May 2005, "the Roman Catholic Archbishop of
      Mendoza, Jose Maria Arancibia, seriously questioned the
      authenticity of the phenomena experienced by Yanzon."
      "'There aren't sufficient reasons to acknowledge
      these alleged supernatural manifestations as genuine,'"
      Archbishop Arancibia pointed out in his pastoral letter.
      "He rejected the alleged messages on the grounds that
      'they contain serious errors and statements contrary to
      the Roman Catholic faith.'"
      However, Archbishop Arancibia "reserved his judgement
      on the (divine) grace that the faithful claim to have
      received" at El Algarrobal.
      "He concluded his pastoral message with an incisive
      reflection: 'We cannot cease to wonder what our God is
      telling us at El Algarrobal. What are we being told
      through the faces, lips and supplications of so many of
      our brothers, who, having heard of a possible
      manifestation of Mary, set out to reach this difficult
      location? How may we hear the voice of the (Holy) Spirit
      in all this?'"
      Mendoza is located near Argentina's border with
      Chile, about 700 kilometers (420 miles) west of Buenos
      Aires and 500 kilometers (300 miles) southwest of Salta.
      On August 5, 1917, Jacinta Marto, the youngest of the
      Fatima seers, had a vision at her family home in
      Aljustrel, Portugal of the "Pope of the Last Days" or the
      Tribulation. In this vision, she saw the Pope at an
      unfamiliar mountaintop sanctuary "praying before the
      Immaculate Heart of Mary," just before his execution by
      the troops of the New World Order.
      Is Jacinta's vision fated to come true in Argentina's
      Salta province?
      Or is the mountain at Medjugorje in Bosnia-
      Hercegovina the site of this prophesied future event?
      On August 5, 1984, the Virgin appeared at Medjugorje
      and revealed a small but interesting secret. August 5th
      is her birthday. Miriam was born to Joachim and his wife,
      Hannah, in Nazareth on August 5 in 16 B.C.
      As for the next apparition...stay tuned! (See the
      Argentinian newspaper Clarin for August 3, 2005, "Mystic
      phenomena defies the Church." Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales y Cristian Quintero del grupo Planeta UFO por
      este articulo de diario. See also The Sun Danced at
      Fatima by Father Joseph A. Pelletier, Image Books, New
      York, N.Y., 1983, page 66.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth--and occasionally, Mars--brought to you by
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