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  • Philip Mantle
    UFODATA Electronic Bookstore The UFO subject is one of the most controversial subjects you could imagine, it is just as controversial here in Leeds as it is in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2005
      UFODATA Electronic Bookstore

      The UFO subject is one of the most controversial subjects you could imagine,
      it is just as controversial here in Leeds as it is in Outer Mongolia or the
      North Pole.

      The greatest three pronged question is asked the world over.

      �Who are we? What are we? And where are we from?�

      Scientists and scholars the world over have pondered those three little
      questions for a millennia, some claim to have answers but like many others
      before them it seems to be personal opinion and not proven facts that are
      relied upon for answers.

      Scientific papers, peer reviewed articles and publication into the orthodox
      world costs thousands of pounds worth of funding with no guarantees of
      reward at the end of what can be sometimes a lifetimes work.

      Such is the world of publishing.

      To get a book published you have to have an agent and to get an agent you
      need to have had a book published or so it must seem to hundreds of
      researchers and writers who have manuscripts that deserve publication,
      information that deserves an outlet and hundreds of hours of research and
      results that are stuck on a shelf not getting the exposure they deserve.

      Well UFODATA has an answer for all of you that have your work caught up in
      the �looking for an agent� trap.

      We here at UFODATA have been involved around the publishing game for some
      time now and we know the difficulties that face first time and even
      accomplished authors to get their hard work into print.

      Here�s where we can help.

      We have online our own e-book & CD-book publishing department.
      An ever growing selection of titles are being made available to us for
      electronic download or direct purchase on CD-Rom by way of a simple but
      effective publishing agreement between publisher and writer.

      In the publishing world, even when you have your title in print publishers
      and agents can make it seem like forever before the writer sees any
      financial reward for their (now out of their control) hard work.

      Sometimes first pay cheques are not received until 12 months after the
      launch of the title, you might get a small advance (first time writers
      rarely do) but of course all that has to be clawed back before any other
      royalties end up in the authors bank account, that�s the way it is and has
      been for many years.

      Not now.

      All you need to do is forward your work, electronically to us at UFODATA. We
      will layout the pages and place all images etc in e-book format, we can
      create a cover if this has not already been done and display the title with
      any reviews and a synopsis, along with a short sample of the text in our
      electronic book store.

      If a reader wishes to purchase the title they can either buy an electronic
      download or order a CD-Rom version for delivery to their home.

      The site is fully secure and downloads can�t be made until payment is made.

      Every month we will furnish the author with a statement of sales of their
      particular title and arrange electronic transfer of their earnings into
      their account.

      It is as simple as that.

      Of course there is an agreement to sign between the two parties, nothing too
      scary but in essence it is a release cover for any images that might be used
      and also covers the responsibility and liability of the author and his work.

      We also promise to inform via our own literary agency publishers of how our
      e-titles are selling and look into getting a publishing deal for our

      Any arrangements between UFO DATA and an author can be terminated by giving
      six months notice or by mutual agreement between parties.

      UFODATA reserve the right to remove any libellous, illegal or unsuitable
      material from their system without notice or compensation to the author.

      So down to business.

      If you are in possession of any manuscripts or working on any titles UFO and
      Alien related and are interested in our offer please contact me Russel
      Callaghan russ@...

      In writing at
      PO BOX 280
      LS26 1AN

      All submissions can be accepted in the following electronic formats.

      Plain text, Rich text, MS Word, pdf.

      Remember we need to be able to format and page set your work.

      We also ask that any images are referenced i.e. to the author or place of
      origin and inform you that we will need permission from the owner if
      required to publish their image in your book.

      There are lots of great titles stuck in drawers around the world awaiting

      UFODATA can help you the author realise your dreams.

      Our catalogue will be sent out to ever growing mailing lists and our
      bookstore will be linked to some prestigious website and advertised in the
      worlds UFO and related press.

      We will also feature interviews with our authors on our web based radio
      station �Talk UFO�

      All you have to do submit your work.

      Our pricing structure means that e-books and cd-books are very affordable
      and collectable.

      And by you the author sharing your work with our experience and technical
      environment we hope to reward you for your hard work.

      E-books will be priced from as little as �2.99 and a 30% commission is paid
      directly to the author.

      Remember we update your account every month and all we ask is that you set
      up a PayPal account so we can transfer your commission quickly and

      The bookstore will be open for business from 1st Sept 2005
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