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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 32

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 32 August 10, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 32
      August 10, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "A man in Exeter, New Hampshire (population 9,759)
      claimed that he recently saw an object the size of two
      aircraft carriers, but some think it's nothing more than a
      tall tale."
      "Artist Angela Gram met with the man who said that he
      saw the object on a recent afternoon."
      "'First it started with a cylindrical shape. It was
      silver and metallic,' Gram said, 'And later it turned
      color to orange, and there were flames underneath.'"
      "Gram revealed a drawing of the object based on the
      man's description. She said that his story was
      "'He was an ex-Navy pilot, and he seemed to know what
      he was talking about in terms of aircraft,' she said."
      "The man--whose identity is also a mystery--said he
      didn't think police would believe him so he called the
      National UFO Reporting Center" in Seattle, Wash.
      "In his report, he said, 'The object seemed to
      stretch out about twice its original size, and then, in
      the blink of an eye, it simply disappeared right in front
      of me.'"
      "Over the years, there have been many other UFO
      sightings in New Hampshire. Some residents said they
      thought it's possible that there's life out there, but
      many aren't convinced that aliens are piloting vehicles
      over the New Hampshire skies."
      "'I just don;t believe it,' one resident said, 'It
      would be nice to think about it, but it's a figment of the
      imagination, I think.'"
      "But Gram said she's convinced that it's not a hoax
      and that her drawing represents what he saw."
      A few days later, another eyewitness stepped forward.
      This time it was a woman from East Kingston, N.H.
      (population 400).
      "It's happened again. An East Kingston resident said
      she saw 'a silver, cigar-shaped object' in a daytime sky
      last week. This time it was a homemaker who, like the
      first person give an account of witnessing an unidentified
      flying object, wished to use only her first name--
      "The sighting allegedly happened around noon on
      (Monday) July 25, 2005. Lucienne said she was standing in
      a meadow behind her house on North Road when she saw the
      long object in the sky. She described it as a 'pill
      shape' because it had rounded ends and was longer than it
      was wide."
      "Dark spots lined the object, which appeared to be
      "Lucienne said the incident lasted for about 30
      seconds, and she didn't have time to run into her house to
      get her binoculars."
      "When she saw the object, she called for her husband,
      but he was too far away to hear."
      "The report comes about a week after a 48-year-old
      Navy veteran claimed to have seen a similar object when he
      was in the backyard of his home in Exeter. 'David,' as he
      wished to be described, said he saw the object about 3
      p.m. on (Wednesday) July 20 (2005). He presented a
      detailed report to the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle."
      Lucienne said she didn't read the first article in
      the Exeter News-Letter about David's encounter until
      (Wednesday) July 27 (2005). When she read the second
      article about people questioning the validity of David's
      account, she contacted the News-Letter because, she said,
      she believes she saw the same object in the sky just days
      after his encounter."
      "Like David's account, Lucienne said that, before the
      object disappeared, it stretched out to about twice its
      original size. But unlike David's account, Lucienne said
      the object did not change color and she did not see any
      flames under the object."
      "Also, the 'windows' on the object did not extend to
      each end. Rather, each end of the object was solid and
      lacked windows. Lucienne wrote down her description so
      that she'd have documentation, but she had not submitted
      to UFO authorities as of Monday," August 1, 2005. (See
      the Exeter, N.H. News-Letter for July 27, 2005 and for
      August 3, 2005, "East Kingston woman reports similar UFO
      sighting." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for these
      newspaper articles.)
      (Editor's Note: Exeter, N.H., of course, is famous
      for the multiple large UFOs that were seen by local police
      and residents forty years ago, from September 3, 1965 to
      November 29, 1965.)


      On Wednesday, August 3, 2005, at 9:45 p.m., Kyle
      Crossett took a break from his job at Big Bobby Brown's
      Restaurant, located at the southern tip of Saratoga Lake
      in Malta, N.Y. As he stepped outdoors, he saw something
      unusual in the night sky.
      "Stepping outside of my workplace for some fresh air,
      I noticed a bright light which I immediately took for a
      bright planet or star," Kyle reported, "As I focused on
      the light, it began to change, from my perspective, from
      what at first looked to be a motionless/stationary light
      to a light moving swiftly towards the lake surface while
      pulling toward the west in a curved flight path."
      "As it made the curved maneuver, the main white light
      would dim out and the red light would appear flashing in
      its place. At this point, it stopped, dimmed and moved
      off towards the east, all the while alternating between
      the white light and the flashing red light."
      "It continued in this motion, which could in fact be
      interpreted as a craft with a defined mass, and took to
      moving over the lake in concentric loops--almost like a
      search pattern--all the while maintaining a personal
      altitude of 125 meters (412 feet) above the lake. It did,
      however, stop, hover and change direction intermittently,
      all the while returning to the loop manuever during the
      course of 15 minutes."
      "I even made an attempt at communication. I flashed
      the headlights of my SUV in their direction. Tried S.O.S.
      in the old Morse Code. Tried flashing nine times in three
      sets of three (flashes). And even matched the flashing of
      my headlights with the flashing red light on the craft."
      "As soon as I attempted communication, the craft
      headed swiftly towards the south-southwest and dropped
      behind the treeline. No engine noise was heard. In fact,
      there weren't any other aircraft during the entire time."
      Malta, N.Y. is on Route 9 approximately 10 miles (16
      kilometers) south of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (Email Form


      On Saturday, July 30, 2005, at 11:15 p.m., Mark N.
      reports, "Me and my girlfriend were sitting in my truck,
      looking at the stars" in Escondido, California (population
      133,559). "Earlier in the day, we saw some lightning in
      the distance, and I saw what I thought was an airplane
      flying over. But it didn't have any flashing (navigation)
      lights. It was one color, maybe a yellowish-orange color.
      I thought it was a little strange because it was moving at
      a different speed than an airplane. I thought it might
      have been a helicopter."
      "By then, my girlfriend was watching it, too. We
      were both trying to think of what type of aircraft it
      might be."
      "After maybe 10 minutes of watching this, the light
      suddenly stopped moving. It wasn't too high in the air,
      but it wasn't too low, either. It was just stopped. Then
      it moved a little down to the left and then slowly to the
      right. And then it just faded out for good and was gone.
      By then, we were both freaked out as to what it might be."
      "After about a minute and a half of sitting still, it
      dropped a quick light--like a lighted ball or something--
      really fast, and it went straight down. Then it started
      moving along its original path, but then faded back a
      little bit, and then just faded out for good and was
      "We sat for a little bit longer to see if there was
      anything else. But it was gone, and the sky was still
      clear like it had been before. I thought it might have
      been an airplane or a helicopter dropping people or boxes.
      But the object disappeared too quickly, and it was too
      high and too fast."
      "I've been around airplanes my whole life as my
      family are pilots," Mark added, "I've never seen anything
      that looks like what I saw. The way it moved and faded
      was just so unreal."
      Escondido, Cal. is on Highway 78 about 25 miles (40
      kilometers) northeast of San Diego.
      On Sunday, July 31, 2005, Kari Lasee and her two
      friends were fishing on the Stanislaus River in California
      when they had a UFO encounter.
      Kari reported, "Two friends and I were fishing in the
      Stanislaus River at approximately 3 a.m. when a very
      bright star appeared. We saw it directly overhead. We
      were kind of stargazing, too. We'd seen a few falling
      stars earlier (Saturday, July 30, 2005) in the evening.
      It stayed in one place and went a little to one side, then
      the other."
      "Suddenly, it vanished by flying straight up, and the
      light got dimmer and dimmer."
      "A few seconds later, it reappeared close by and did
      the same thing. It was a bright white light, and it
      looked like a star."
      Kari and her friends were fishing in Riverbank, Cal.
      (population 15,826), a town on Highways 108 and 120, about
      7 miles (11 kilometers) northeast of Modesto. (Email Form


      On Sunday, July 31, 2005, at 9:45 p.m., "hundreds of
      residents of the bairro Cidade Tiradentes (neighborhood)
      in Sao Paulo, saw a strange object in the sky near the
      planet Jupiter but closer to the horizon. Onlookers
      described it as 'a UFO of a greenish color which slowly
      flew from north to south over Cidade Tiradentes. It flew
      at a constant velocity, similar to that of a satellite,
      and on a strict trajectory.'"
      "At first, the object seemed like a bright star
      positioned near Jupiter. But as it began to move, people
      realized that it was a UFO. This sighting lasted for
      approximately five minutes."
      "The object was also seen over Viaduto da Cha in the
      central city."
      "When last seen, the object disappeared over the
      southern horizon in the direction of Sao Caetano do Sul."
      Sao Paulo is the capital of Brazil's state of Sao
      Paulo and is located about 500 kilometers (300 miles)
      southwest of Rio de Janeiro. With a population of 8
      million, Sao Paulo is the largest city in South America.
      (Muito obrigado a Brunilda Barros e Mauro de Rezende por
      eso caso.)


      On Sunday, July 24, 2005, at 10:50 p.m., Alfred
      Stevenson parked his van on the main street of Meeniyan,
      Victoria state, Australia when he spotted something
      strange in the northern night sky.
      "We were on holiday in Victoria," Alfred reported,
      "It appeared from the north. We were going to the van,
      which was parked on Meeniyan's main street. I opened the
      door and grabbed my camera and took three photos of it.
      We watched it go (south) until it was out of sight. It
      was not as fast as an aircraft."
      "When we checked the photos on our home computer,
      they were different from what we saw (at the time--J.T.).
      There was only the last one that looked like what we saw.
      It had a cigar shape, looked like fire all around, and
      there was no sound. I got three photos of it. It was
      about 1,000 feet (300 meters) high, and it was moving at
      80 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour--J.T.)." (Email
      Form Report)


      Massachusetts "officials are investigating the
      discovery of a human hand in the woods of Bridgewater
      (population 6,664)."
      "Authorities said the hand--apparently severed just
      above the wrist--was found last weekend (Saturday and
      Sunday, July 30 and 31, 2005) by two people who were
      walking in the wooded area off Scotland Street."
      (Editor's Note: This is very close to Lake Nipenicket, a
      UFO hotspot.)
      "A forensic anthropologist determined that the hand
      was indeed human. But who it may have belonged to remains
      a mystery."
      "DNA tests may reveal whether it was a man or a
      "The Plymouth County District Attorney's Office said
      the hand could have been in the woods for several years,
      but a search of the area by police Monday," August 1,
      2005, "found no other human remains."
      Bridgewater is at the heart of the "Bridgewater
      Triangle," a hotspot of constantly occurring paranormal
      phenomena. The Triangle is an area of about 200 square
      miles in southeastern Massachusetts, with the towns of
      Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown at the corners. Contained
      within the Triangle are the communities of Bridgewater,
      West Bridgewater, North Middleboro, Segregansett, Dighton,
      North Dighton, Berkley, Myricks, Raynham, Taunton and East
      Taunton. Phenomena reported within the Triangle include
      low-flying UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, cattle mutilations,
      gigantic birds, black helicopters, mystery booms and
      ghostly apparitions.
      "This is a weird one, almost like those 'human
      mutilation' UFO cases in Brazil's Sao Paulo state back in
      1968, which Scott Corrales wrote about," UFO Roundup
      editor Joseph Trainor said, "No telling who could be the
      culprit. An unknown cult sacrificing one of its members.
      One of the 'crazy crocs' seen at Lake Nipenicket. Or
      maybe a crew of Reptoids dining on some unfortunate
      abductee. Let's see where this case goes--if anywhere."
      (See the WJAR-TV Channel 10 News of Providence, R.I.
      broadcast for August 2, 2005, and the Taunton, Mass. Daily
      Gazette for August 3, 2005, "Hand found in Bridgewater is
      human." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for the
      newspaper article.)


      "Christians are flocking to a northwestern town to
      view an image of Jesus Christ that allegedly appeared in a
      section of a cut tree branch" on Wednesday, July 27, 2005.
      "The image resembling Jesus' face cannot be seen from
      a close distance but only from a few meters away. The
      branch in the town of Bijeljina," located in northwestern
      Bosnia-Hercegovina 150 kilometers (90 miles) north of
      Sarajevo, "was cut about a year ago."
      "Skeptics have dismissed the image as a freak of
      nature, but pilgrims have been streaming to the tree,
      kneeling before it to pray, lighting candles, leaving
      money and cutting off bark to take home."
      "Bishop Andrija Vasilije of the Serbian Orthodox
      Church visited the site and said church officials would
      discuss the phenomenon and advise believers how to behave.
      He appealed to visitors not to destroy the tree and not to
      leave money at the site." (See the Serbian newspaper
      Oslobodjenje for July 29, 2005, "Pilgrims flock to image
      of Jesus on a tree in Bosnia." Many thanks to Aimee
      Kokotovic for this newspaper article.)


      "Larry and Sue Hartman found a surprising guest in
      their fish pond" in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (population
      17,862)--"a two-and-a-half foot (70 centimeter long)
      "A neighbor caught the reptile and put it in a
      "The Hartmans suspect that the alligator had once
      been a pet that was released by its owner. It was sent to
      the Catoctin Zoo in Thurmont, Maryland (population
      This is the latest in a long-running series of out-
      of-place alligators, better known to Forteans as the crazy
      croc syndrome or the crazy crocs. In 2005 alone,
      alligators have been sighted or caught outside of their
      native habitat in places as diverse as Washington state,
      West Virginia and the Bridgewater Triangle in southeastern
      Chambersburg is on Route 11 about 50 miles (80
      kilometers) southwest of Harrisburg, the state capital.
      (See USA Today for August 5, 2005, "Across the USA--
      Pennsylvania," page 10A.)


      On Monday, August 1, 2005, at 10:15 p.m., Ahmed Atiya
      and his 15-year-old son were walking along Southdale Road
      in London, Ontario, Canada (population 325,646) when they
      spotted a mysterious "red glow" in the sky.
      "The object appeared to be moving westward at first
      and then changed to eastward," Ahmed reported, "Me and my
      15-year-old son were taking a walk because of the weather.
      Our house is located on nearby Birchwood Drive. All of a
      sudden, we saw a red glow in the sky, behind what seemed
      like very thick clouds on a clear night. We first assumed
      it was lightning because we could see that it was behind
      the clouds, but, as we looked further, we realized that
      the light was still there."
      "We decided to go westward and head home. Then we
      noticed that the (red) light was following us. It did not
      seem to be coming closer or moving further away from us.
      But it just kept following behind us at the same
      "One interesting thing is that it was behind the only
      visible clouds in the entire sky. It seemed to be pulling
      the clouds along with it. I estimate that it was at an
      altitude of 100 feet (30 meters) and was travelling at 60
      kilometers per hour (36 miles per hour--J.T.)."
      London, Ont. is on Provincial Highway 4 approximately
      132 miles (201 kilometers) west of Toronto, Canada's
      largest city. (Email Form Report)


      "For years it has been the source of paranormal
      events and 'urban legends.'" in Santiago de Chile, the
      national capital. "Thanks to its majestic architecture,
      it was soon to be turned into a restaurant. But a fire,
      apparently arson, destroyed its mysterious past."
      "Neither the ghostly spirits from legend nor the
      Nunoa Fire Department, representing those on 'this side,'
      was able to keep the Casa Mujica (mansion), better known
      as 'the bewitched house,' from burning mercilessly to the
      "According to Carlos Gajardo, deputy district
      attorney of the (suburban) communities of Nunoa,
      Providencia and La Reina, the probability that the fire,
      which started at 4 a.m., was the result of an electrical
      malfunction was dismissed."
      "'The information that we have is that it could be
      arson. It was well-known that this was an abandoned
      property, and the main cause of fire, which can be
      (electrical) short circuits, was discarded in this case,'"
      Gajardo said.
      "But what was the motive? That is the question the
      Nunoa Fire Department is unable to answer as of yet. What
      is clear is that the firebug's intent was to destroy the
      mansion utterly."
      "'Destruction was complete. It was a very intense
      blaze that consumed the property completely. We are still
      investigating the cause and the point of origin,'
      explained Denis Cohn, commander of the Nunoa Fire
      "The mansion has attracted curiosity-seekers willing
      to hear the gruesome tales that have been spread about it,
      and tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of some shadow
      moving across its windows."
      "For this reason, and to keep the curiosity-seekers
      safe from injury, Cohn ordered people to keep their
      distance because 'the place was left in a very dangerous
      state. There is a risk of walls and ceilings caving in.
      All necessary precautions to seal off the site have been
      "The curse that weighs heavily over the building is
      an old one. Its unique architectural style was
      interesting when it was built in 1915 by the Suarez Mujica
      family on a 1,600-square-meter plot of land that would
      serve as the seat of the owner of the vast estancia (large
      ranch--J.T.) that was Nunoa at the time."
      "Elvira Suarez de Mujica, neice of the first owner of
      the house, lived there for more than a decade before her
      death. After her passing, the property was inherited by
      her seven children, who decided not to live there and left
      it to the Charles & Aubrey brokerage firm. The mansion
      was up for sale for many years without any takers. Some
      say it was due to the exorbitant asking price; others say
      that the rascally ghosts kept the future tenants away."
      "The latest incident involving the house was earlier
      this year (2005) when the Macal Engineering firm took over
      the abandoned property to give it a better look. The
      manion was rented at $145 million and finally sold for
      $300 million on (Wednesday) July 27, 2005 to an anonymous
      "Although the property is best remembered for its
      lugubrious, unkempt appearance, it was speculated that the
      mansion would be remodeled and turned into a restaurant
      and special events facility."
      "That was until this morning when, after hearing a
      strange noise, the night watchman who cared for the
      property realized that the fire was out of control and
      fled his post." (See the Chilean newspaper La Nacion for
      August 2, 2005, "The gruesome Mujica mansion now lies in
      ashes." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales por este articulo
      de diario.)


      "Could the legendary phenomenon Bigfoot by lurking in
      Kosciusko County" in northern Indiana?
      "One man believes he could be, though he's never seen
      him himself."
      "Mike Bardsley's son first encountered" Bigfoot in
      June 2003 near the family's home in North Webster, Indiana
      (population 1,067).
      "'They shined the flashlight at it, and it was really
      long and furry,' says Bardsley, "'That's when they started
      realizing there's legs on the end of it, and it's a long
      body, and that's when it started to put its arms down and
      push itself up. They just turned and ran straight home to
      the trailer.'"
      "Then, several months later, his son and two friends
      were meeting in nearby wetlands. 'It stood up in place.
      They clearly stated that what they saw appeared to be in
      the 8-foot (2.4-meter-tall) range, large shoulders, nimble
      hands, the long arms at the end. But in the instant that
      it stood up, it turned on its heels and ran due east out
      of their range.'"
      "Mike Bardsley has never seen it himself, but others
      have. His search is a full-time hobby."
      "'If Sasquatch does not exist, then what are
      thousands of people seeing?' asks Bardsley."
      "Plaster of Paris is always on hand to record
      "Bardsley has set up his own Web site--Indiana
      Bigfoot Awareness Group."
      "Bardsley says he has got laughed at a lot, but a few
      who've laughed also claim that they've heard stories from
      friends who say they've seen a similar living creature."
      North Webster is on Indiana Highway 13 about 40 miles
      (64 kilometers) northwest of Fort Wayne. (See the WNDU-TV
      Channel 16 News Center of South Bend, Indiana broadcast of
      August 5, 2005, "Could Bigfoot be lurking in Indiana?"
      Many thanks to Loren Coleman for the WNDU-TV transcript.)


      On Tuesday, August 2, 2005, at approximately 3:15
      a.m. Eastern time, a TV camera aboard the space shuttle
      Discovery captured an image of a descending saucer on the
      night side of Earth.
      "DirectTV Satellite Channel 376," showing live NASA
      footage, "was broadcasting a shot from the shuttle of the
      darkened Earth, where only the city lights could be seen
      apart from the faint corona around the edge of the globe."
      The original eyewitness said he "could not tell if it
      was live feed or not."
      "That went on for roughly five minutes from the time
      I turned on, and then, suddenly, an extremely bright solid
      white disc appeared in the lower portion of the screen and
      shot inward, towards the Earth, at terrific speed, leaving
      a tracer (a trail of light--J.T.) on the camera in its
      "As soon as this happened, the feed went blank and
      returned to the standard (NASA) map of the globe showing
      the orbital path of the shuttle."
      "It was definitely not space debris, was perfect in
      shape, appeared to be self-luminous and moved at a
      terrific velocity away from the camera, towards Earth,
      getting smaller as it went." (Many thanks to Steve Wilson
      Sr. for this news story.)


      The crew of the space shuttle Discovery pulled off an
      unprecedented spacewalk last week in an attempt to remove
      two stubs of heat seal that could prove dangerous to the
      spacecraft's re-entry.
      "Two stubs of heat seal were sticking out about 1
      inch (2.5 centimeters) from the shuttle's underside. The
      loose bits of seal, which fill gaps between the tiles on
      the ship's belly, could disturb the flow of air around
      Discovery as it re-enters the atmosphere. That could lead
      to dangerously high temperatures on the shield."
      "NASA is also analyzing a section of the heat shield
      that appears to have been torn by debris during
      Discovery's ascent last week. Deputy shuttle program
      manager Wayne Hale said the concern is that the ragged
      panel of heat-resistant fabric could rip away during" the
      shuttle's re-entry.
      "To fix the heat seals, astronaut Stephen Robinson
      will ride the International Space Station's robotic arm to
      the shuttle's belly," then "make the repair positioned a
      foot away from the shuttle, bending at the knees to stay
      "'That came out very easily,' astronaut Stephen
      Robinson said, after pulling out the second piece of seal.
      'It looks like this big patient is cured.'"
      "It took him only 10 minutes to draw out the first
      piece, move across the shuttle's underside and draw out
      the second."
      "Robinson brought the gap fillers back to Discovery
      so NASA can analyze them upon the crew's return."
      "Mission managers hesitated to send Robinson in a
      bulky suit and helmet to float within inches of the
      shuttle's fragile belly tiles. One slip could have
      created more damage."
      "After all the hand-wringing, Robinson made the job
      look easy. He didn't need the forceps, hacksaw or
      scissors he carried in case the head seals resisted the
      tug of his fingers. Most important, neither he nor his
      tools so much as brushed against the tiles."
      Robinson remarked upon the shuttle's beauty from his
      vantage point.
      "'Maybe you have to be an old aerodynamicist like me,
      but the surface of this belly is just a work of art,' he
      said, hovering near the shuttle's black underside."
      "Robinson rode to the repair sites standing at the
      end of the International Space Station's robotic arm,
      which was guided by Discovery crewmates James Kelly and
      Wendy Lawrence."
      "During the trip, the only things between Robinson
      and emptiness of outer space were a few tethers and a
      platform as small as a desk blotter, onto which his feet
      were strapped."
      "Once he reached the shuttle, orbiting 220 miles (352
      kilometers) above Earth, there were no handholds, only the
      smooth curve of the ship's belly. To get Robinson to the
      right angle and distance for the repair, Kelly and
      Lawrence moved the robotic arm a few inches at a time."
      "'Vegas, that was the ride of the century,' Robinson
      said, addressing Kelly by his nickname." (See USA Today
      for August 3, 2005, "Delicate repair today underneath
      Discovery," page 7A and USA Today for August 4, 2005,
      "Shuttle gets tummy tuck but may need more work," page


      Also last week, the robot spacecraft Cassini
      performed another flyby past Saturn's small, heavily-
      cratered moon, Mimas, taking more closeup images of a
      sphere that looks more like a derelict alien Death Star
      than a moon.
      "No, it's not Star Wars' Death Star. But Mimas, one
      of Saturn's moons, offers up its own dramatic story, NASA
      scientists say."
      "Passing by the battered moon at a distance of
      142,500 miles (228,000 kilometers), the space agency's
      Cassini orbiter found that Mimas (pronounced MY-muss)
      boasts the most heavily cratered surface in Saturn's
      "That surface includes the Herschel crater, an 88-
      mile (140-kilometer) wide cavity that dominates the 247-
      mile (395-kilometer) diameter icy moon. Long grooves on
      the surface seen in the flyby may be the result of the
      impact that created the massive (Herschel) crater."
      "Scientists hope that cataloging Mimas' craters will
      provide clues about the age of Saturn's system of moons,
      as well as revealing something about the source of
      whatever hit Mimas." (See USA Today for August 8, 2005,
      "Massive craters seen on Saturn moon," page 6D.)


      "The Mohegan Indian tribe will demolish the Norwich
      Masonic Temple and restore the tribal burial ground
      beneath the building."
      "The Connecticut Council on Culture and Tourism
      unanimously granted the tribe's request to tear down the
      77-year-old structure."
      "Among those believed to be buried there is Uncas,
      the Seventeenth Century Mohegan chief."
      Norwich (population 36,117) is on Routes 2 and 82, on
      the west bank of the Quinebaug River, approximately 41
      miles (65 kilometers) southeast of Hartford, the state
      "In addition to being an occasional haunt of author
      Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) because of its
      spooky New England Gothic architecture, Norwich has earned
      a place in Fortean history, as well," UFO Roundup editor
      Joseph Trainor said, "In December 1909, during L'affaire
      Tillinghast (better known as the New England Airship
      Invasion--J.T.), a bright white UFO passed over Norwich
      and hovered for several minutes. The object was seen by
      dozens of city residents. Luminous UFOs circled in the
      night sky over Norwich yet again in July 1921."
      "On July 31, 1921, catastrophic thunderstorms swept
      over the New England states, causing widespread damage.
      Forty years later, my grandmother, Alice M. Trainor,
      vividly remembered the event, and I first heard about it
      from her. Years later, when I first read about the fall of
      frogs at Anton Wagner's farm in nearby Sterling,
      Connecticut on July 31, 1921 in The Books of Charles Fort,
      I realized that this was the same storm Gram had been
      talking about. Sterling is further north in the Quinebaug
      River valley, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of
      Norwich." (See USA Today for August 5, 2005, "Around the
      USA--Connecticut," page 10A. Also the Norwich, Conn.
      Bulletin for December 23, 1909, page 2; and the Norwich,
      Conn. Globe for August 1, 1921.)


      "Early on the morning of (Saturday) July 23 (2005), a
      fisherman from Ningbo City is eastern China's Zhejiang
      province was shocked by the sight of a huge creature lying
      dead beside the seawall near his home."
      "Liu, who lives in Yangshashan of Chunxiao, a town in
      the province's Beilun district, and who has been a
      fisherman for over ten years, said, 'I have never seen
      such a monster; it was larger than a whale.'"
      The unidentified creature "was first seen by
      villagers in Yangshashan on (Thursday) July 20 (2005),
      according to Mei, who breeds fish nearby."
      The creature "is nearly 12 meters (40 feet) long and
      weighs around 2 tons, according to staff of the Beilun
      district's Bureau of Sea and Fisheries."
      "The animal reportedly has a long thin head and a
      snout nearly one meter (3 feet, 3 inches) long."
      "Partly rotten, with its spine exposed, it has been
      impossible to identify, but is described as having some
      hair, and orange stripes across a three to four-meter (10
      to 13 feet) wide belly. The skull, which alone weighs
      over 100 kilograms (50 pounds), and coccyx of the creature
      have fallen from its body."
      "Mei said four young people took away a 100-kilogram
      piece of the corpse to study, and many experts have come
      to inspect it, but all in vain."
      "From the degree of putrefaction, the animal may have
      been dead for a week and was beached by Typhoon Haitang
      several days ago, said Hu, an official with Beilun's Sea
      and Fisheries Bureau."
      "He said its overall structure means it's unlikely to
      be a fish, but the shape of its head is like a
      "Local fishermen have their own ideas about what the
      animal is and where it came from."
      "One called Li said it must have lived in the sea,
      because the skin of its chest is very much like that of
      many large sea animals, as thick and as hard as rubber."
      "According to another named Wang, it is very much
      like an elephant seal, especially its mouth, and he said
      he once spotted elephant seals on a journey overseas five
      years ago."
      "Many experts said that, being seriously rotten and
      deprived of lower limbs and tail, the monster is unlikely
      to be identified or to be made into a specimen."
      "An expert from Ningbo University's Sea Creature
      Research Center, who has not seen the animal, said the
      possibility of it being a huge crocodile was slim, for
      they usually live in tropical freshwater."
      (Editor's Note: On the other hand, in 1915, the captain
      of German U-boat U-28 spotted just such a giant
      crocodilian while attempting to sink the British steamer
      S.S. Iberian in the North Atlantic. As the torpedoes
      exploded, "a gigantic sea-animal, writhing and struggling
      wildly...shot out of the water to a height of 60 to 100
      feet (18 to 30 meters)...We did not have time to take a
      photograph, for the animal sank out of sight after 10 or
      15 seconds...It was about 18 meters (60 feet) long, was
      like a crocodile in shape, and had four limbs with
      powerful webbed feet and a long tail tapering to a point."
      See Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century by Janet and
      Colin Bord, Contemporary Books, Chicago, Ill., 1989, page
      "He also doubted that it could be an elephant seal,
      saying it would be hard to explain how one got to the
      subtropical East China Sea from polar waters." (See the
      Chinese newspaper Today Morning Express for July 29, 2005,
      "Unidentified sea creature found after typhoon." Many
      thanks to Chen Jilin for this newspaper article.)


      "Nineteen people were injured--three seriously--as a
      tornado ripped through the streets of Birmingham," the
      largest city in the West Midlands of UK.
      "The sudden storm damaged buildings, uprooted trees
      and trapped people in their homes. The Met Office
      estimates the wind speed may have reached 130 miles per
      hour," making the tornado an F4 on the Fujikawa scale.
      "Damage was caused in Kings Heath, with 'hundreds' of
      properties affected, council officials said."
      "Emergency services used dogs and specialist
      equipment to see if anyone had been trapped in damaged
      "Birmingham City Council set up a shelter at Aston
      University for people made temporarily homeless to spend
      the night."
      "An ambulance spokesperson said: 'The Ambulance
      Service has removed approximately 20 heart patients to
      Heartlands Hospital, Selly Oak Hospital and Dudley.'"
      "'One child was taken to Birmingham Children's
      Hospital. None of the injuries are believed to be life-
      threatening, although three patients were more seriously
      injured with fractures.'"
      "'Numerous casualties have been treated on scene by
      ambulance crews and medics, many roads are blocked by
      fallen trees and ambulance staff were running on foot to
      reach casualties.'"
      West Midlands Fire Service said the areas affected"
      by the tornado "included Kings Heath, Moseley, Quinton,
      Balsall Heath and Sparkbrook."
      "Caroline Ward, from the Jon Carrie Nursery in
      Moseley, said the tornado ripped out fences and toys were
      whipped into the air."
      "'Luckily, we got the children all inside but they
      were very frightened,' she told the BBC News."
      "Julia Banner, who works in a care home in Moseley,
      said: 'All of a sudden it got dark, the front door blew
      open and all the notices blew off the notice board. The
      kitchen window was open and all the crockery smashed to
      the floor.'"
      "'It all happened in just a couple of minutes. There
      is a tree through a car and trees on houses--it looks like
      something from a film set.'"
      "A Met Office spokesperson said: 'From the reports we
      have heard, we would estimate that this is a tornado with
      a rating of T3-T4, that would mean it had wind speeds of
      between 93 to 114 miles per hour for T3 and 114 to 130
      miles per hour for T4. A typical description would be
      that motorcars were lifted and destroyed, roofs removed
      from buildings and weak buildings destroyed.'"
      "'We have an average of 33 reports of tornadoes in
      the UK each year, but these are especially rare in built-
      up areas and there has not been one of this strength in
      many years. City centres are not the natural habitat of a
      tornado; the tall buildings would normally stop their
      Eyewitnesses contributed their accounts of the
      Birmingham tornado.
      "'I was in my flat in Moseley when I noticed the rain
      becoming much heavier and the wind building up,'" Neil
      Drury reported, '"I went to the window to look out when
      suddenly my ears popped. The wind got much stronger and
      large trees were bending back and forth. Bits of roofing
      were blowing past the window of my first floor flat. I
      went away from the window as a piece of slate blew through
      it. On going outside, I found the road blocked by fallen
      trees and several cars were crushed.'"
      "'The tornado hit us at Grantham Road, Sparkbrook.
      It was like something out of a movie!'" Eve Hemingway
      reported, "'As I looked at what seemed to be heavy
      rainfall and thunder, I saw a roof flying through the air,
      followed by a window and debris. My immediate reaction
      was to run! (Later) When I went to inspect the area, I
      could not believe the devastation. Trees were completely
      uprooted and Farm Park was completely cordoned off by
      fallen trees with helpless people stuck in the middle of
      the park.'"
      Clive Whittaker reported, "'I heard things hitting
      the window, I thought it was hail. I looked up to see
      what I thought were leaves moving round in a circle about
      50 metres (165 feet) across. I realised that they were
      stones and roof tiles. The window next door smashed so we
      sheltered in the corridor until it passed.'"
      "The big mystery here is why this tornado received
      zero news coverage in the USA," UFO Roundup editor Joseph
      Trainor commented, "Birmingham is one of the largest
      cities in UK. Let's use a large American city as a
      comparison. Try to imagine an F4 tornado coming down on
      Wrigley Field in Chicago and then tear-assing over to
      South Michigan Avenue and all the way up to Loyola
      University, demolishing the Sears Tower and scattering the
      pieces halfway across Lake Michigan. That's what happened
      in Birmingham. And no mention in the American news media?
      The same media which at least gave some mention to the
      incredible one-day monsoon that flooded Mumbai the
      previous week? Is there some kind of news blackout on
      these catastrophic weather events? Hmmmm. (See BBC News
      for July 28, 2005, "Tornado injures 19 in Birmingham."
      Many thanks to David Latham for this news report.)


      "Saturn's icy moon Enceladus spews a mysterious water
      vapor cloud from its south pole, seen up close by NASA's
      Cassini spacecraft."
      "Geothermal 'hot spots' on the moon, only 310 miles
      (516 kilometers) in diameter, may be responsible, says
      Torrence Johnson of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory" in
      Pasadena, California.
      "The moon's ice-covered south pole lacks craters,
      indicating it has been freshly resurfaced and appears
      strewn with house-size ice boulders."
      "Flying within 109 miles (175 kilometers) of the moon
      in July (2005), the spacecraft spotted large fractures
      called 'tiger stripes,' surprisingly warmer" at 261
      degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale, "than the
      moon's equator," where it's a chilly 316 degrees below
      "'This is astonishing, as if we'd flown past Earth
      and found that the Antarctic was warmer than the Sahara,'
      said team scientist John Spencer of the Southwest Research
      Institute in a NASA statement." (See USA Today for August
      2, 2005, "Watery world found at Saturn's ice moon," page
      (Editor's Comment: Geothermal energy for heat--water for
      drinking, growing food and making oxygen--the best view of
      Saturn in the solar system. No doubt about it, Enceladus
      is the perfect spot for our UFO Roundup space colony. Now
      all we have to do is get there.)


      "Warring Mexican gangs fought a pitched battle wth
      bazookas and grenades late Thursday," July 28, 2005, in a
      middle-class neighborhood of" Nuevo Laredo, a large city
      in Mexico's Tamaulipas state, "terrorizing citizens who
      say they live in a 'Baghdad-like' war zone."
      Nuevo Laredo is on the USA-Mexico border, right
      across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas. A month ago,
      President Vicente Fox sent the Mexican Army to occupy the
      city and arrest its police department and municipal
      government, alleging that local officials were involved in
      the drug trade.
      But now the locals are fighting back.
      "The battle was so fierce that the U.S. ambassador to
      Mexico announced Friday," July 29, 2005, "that he was
      closing the U.S. consulate in Nuevo Laredo until at least
      August 8 (2005). The announcement called the battle 'an
      alarming incident' that involved 'unusually advanced
      weaponry.' U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said U.S. officials
      will use the week to assess security."
      "For more than 30 minutes Thursday, the sharp report
      of automatic-weapons fire, punctuated by thumping
      explosions, could be heard throughout the city."
      "After the fighting had ended, the street where the
      confrontation had taken place bore all the signs of
      combat. The house at the fighting's center was riddled
      with holes the size of melons. Part of it had collapsed.
      A building across the street was pocked with holes,
      indicating a fierce response with heavy weapons."
      "Hundreds of bullet casings from AK-47 assault rifles
      and other weapons littered the streets. Cars, many with
      Texas (license) plates, lay like victims, their windows
      shattered and their bodies scourged by bullet holes."
      "The battle offered a glimpse of the challenge facing
      the Mexican police and army as they try to root out rival
      drug gangs battling for control of this critical border
      region south of Texas."
      "About 300 heavily-armed soldiers in tanks,
      accompanied by state, city and municipal police and
      (Mexican) federal investigators, cordoned off the street
      while they inspected the devastated house and talked to
      neighbors. Most neighbors claimed they heard nothing,
      even though the sound of explosions reverberated
      throughout Nuevo Laredo, a city of nearly half a million."
      "Those who did talk told a confusing tale of gunmen
      wearing the uniforms of the Agencia Federal de
      Investigaciones (AFI or Federal Agency of Investigations--
      J.T.), Mexico's FBI, arriving in front of the house at
      2411 Mexicali Street in southern Nuevo Laredo, about two
      miles from the U.S. border, about 8 p.m."
      "'Suddenly there were explosions; they launched
      bazookas and grenades and machine guns,' said one man, who
      witnessed the battle for 20 minutes. Standing in a
      corner, the man pleaded that his name be withheld.
      'They'll kill me. It's become so dangerous,' he said,
      before rushing off into the night."
      "A state policeman who asked not to be identified
      said investigators searching the house found photographs
      of 14 municipal police officers (who survived last month's
      purge--J.T.) and a list of other officials 'sentenced to
      death.' He said the photos carried the men's names,
      nicknames, their ranks and home addresses."
      "The fighting was the sort of violence outsiders
      rarely see, but soldiers and police at the scene said it
      was daily fare. The U.S. State Department issued a
      warning urging U.S. citizens to stay clear of border
      "Since January (2005), more than 100 people have been
      killed in Nuevo Laredo. Human-rights groups say that in
      the past two years more than 400 people have been
      kidnapped, including more than 40 Americans. There have
      been few arrests."
      The insurgents may include more than just drug gang
      members. According to UFO Roundup correspondent Dolores
      Echevarria, anti-United Nations graffiti has been found on
      adobe and brick walls around the city, slogans such as
      Viva Cristo Rey! (Translated: Long live Christ the King!)
      and Abajo el Nuevo Orden Mundial! (Translated: Down with
      the New World Order!).
      "No one has seen any (UN) Blue Helmets in Nuevo
      Laredo, but they are rumored to be there, as well as FBI
      and CIA agents and Texas militia," Dolores stated,
      "Rumors continue about the presence of white United
      Nations tanks on the south side of the Rio Grande. Down
      in Del Rio, I heard that there is a staging area for UN
      tanks in the desert south of Highway 2, just east of
      Guerrero in the state of Coahuila."
      (Editor's Comment: Interesting--that's only 80 kilometers
      (50 miles) up the Rio Grande from Nuevo Laredo.)
      "Militias are keeping an eye on the situation," said
      UFO Roundup correspondent Jim Danvers, "Funny, ain't it,
      how this only made a few papers in the USA?" (See the
      Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for July 31, 2005, "Gang
      warfare frightens residents of Mexican border town," page
      (Editor's Comment: Downright hilarious, Jim--just like the
      dead silence on the Birmingham tornado.)

      >From the UFO Files...


      On May 8, 1865, in the city of Istanbul, then the
      capital of the Ottoman Turkish Empire (now the largest
      city in Turkey--J.T.), Aristide Coumbary, an amateur
      astronomer from France, decided to make an observation of
      the sun.
      "It is my custom to direct my telescope from time to
      time on the sun for the purpose of observing the solar
      spots," Coumbary wrote in his letter of May 10, 1865 to
      the French astronomer Leverrier. "And during the month of
      May, in particular, my scrutiny is very constant, for, to
      tell you the truth, the temperature at the period of the
      year indisposes me to active exertion."
      "On May 8 (1865--exactly 22 days after the
      assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's
      Theatre in Washington, D.C.--J.T.), I was observing the
      sun according to my custom, and about 9 hours, 28 minutes,
      I fancied I saw a little black point detach itself from a
      certain spot."
      "I did not feel quite confident that that was the
      case, and, thinking my eye might be at fault, I rested
      awhile; again examining the (solar) disk, a further proof
      awaited me that I had not been deceived, for I found the
      black point had departed from the spot to the extent of
      twice its former distance."
      (Editor's Note: The black dot was moving swiftly across
      the surface of the sun.)
      "This time I discovered that the black point had a
      circular outline, and moved minute by minute. The power I
      was using was 140, but I changed this for a higher one, to
      wit, 280. This enabled me to distinguish very plainly the
      movement of the black body, but the loss of light rendered
      the outline less clear."
      "From the time I saw the object till its final
      disappearance off the sun's limb, a period of about 48
      minutes elapsed. Just before the disappearance, the
      outline became oval and seemed to show a central
      separation, as if there were two bodies in close
      contiguity, but of this I am not certain, for perhaps my
      eye, being fatigued, was at fault, or the (telescope's)
      eyepiece had something to do with it."
      "I deem it my duty to lay this observation before you
      as it may serve as a basis for further observation."
      Apparently Coumbary had seen a large spherical object
      out in space, passing between Earth and the sun. And this
      wasn't the first time such an anomaly had been sighted by
      Earthbound astronomers.
      Four years later, in 1869, another astronomer, T.G.E.
      Elger, presented a list of similar "mystery object"
      sightings to the Astronomical Register.
      Elger wrote, "In the second volume of Petit's Traite
      de Astronomie pour les gens du Monde (Translated: Treatise
      on Astronomy for the Peoples of the World--J.T.), I find a
      notice of Coumbary's observation...Other observations of
      supposed intra-Mercurial bodies were also referred to by
      M. Petit."
      "Two small spots were seen on the sun, round, black
      and unequal in size, by Gruithuisen on the 26th June 1819
      and by Pastorff on the following dates--23rd October 1822;
      24th and 25th July 1823; six times during the year 1834
      (no dates given); 18th October 1836; 1st November 1836;
      16th February 1837."
      "In 1834, these spots were 3 minutes and 1.25 minutes
      in diameter, the smaller preceding and sometimes following
      the larger one, at an angular distance which did not
      exceed 1.16."
      "In 1836 and 1837, arcs of 12, 6 and 14 minutes were
      passed over in 52, 54 and 30 minutes of time."
      "As I have not seen an account of M. Coumbary's
      observations elsewhere, I think the above extract will not
      be without interest to some of your readers."
      And so, it seems that, until fairly recent times,
      very large alien spacecraft routinely passed through
      Earth's solar system. But, as telescopes improved in
      quality and astronomers became more skilled, the aliens
      re-routed their large spacecraft away from our sun,
      concealing their presence in our system.
      Aristide Coumbary's observation in Istanbul in 1865
      was not unlike the situation of a primitive South Pacific
      islander eighty years later, in 1945, seeing the big
      American aircraft carrier passing offshore in the dead of
      night and wondering, What is that thing? (See the book The
      Unexplained: A Sourcebook of Strange Phenomena by William
      R. Corliss, Bantam Books, New York, N.Y., 1976, pages 104,
      105, 109 and 110. Also Astronomical Register 3:214 for
      1865 and Astronomical Register 7:164 for 1869.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth--and occasionally, Saturn--brought to you by
      "the paper that goes home--UFO Roundup." See you next

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