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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 26

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 26 June 29, 2005 Editor:Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 26
      June 29, 2005
      Editor:Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      On Friday, June 10, 2005, at 10 a.m., Catherine R.
      "was driving on a country road on the outskirts of
      Bundaberg," a port city on Hervey Bay in Australia's state
      of Queensland, when she saw a strange figure "standing in
      a meadow beside the road."
      "While driving in a one-and-a-half-hour drive on a
      country road through mostly bush-land, I saw through my
      window a large dark figure about 7 or 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4
      meters) tall," Catherine reported, "It had the appearance
      of a man but was far more muscular, with wide shoulders
      and a torso like a god. It was like nothing I'd ever
      seen. It was dark and scaley-looking. Its colour was
      like ash. Its head was insect-like. I was a scared 22-
      year-old female."
      "It was just staring at me. I was extremely
      uncomfortable. I was shocked and 'floored' it. It stood
      still. I drove at 100 kilometers per hour (60 miles per
      hour) when I saw it. I sped away from it at 120
      kilometers per hour (72 miles per hour). I had never seen
      anything so strange."
      Bundaberg, Qlnd. is located 300 kilometers (180
      miles) north of Brisbane. (Email Form Report)
      (Editor's Comment: And welcome to Odd Doings in Oz
      Week here at UFO Roundup. There's more to come from Down
      Under, so read on...)


      On Saturday, June 25, 2005, at 10:10 p.m., Gavin W.
      was outdoors at his home in Knoxfield, a suburb of
      Melbourne in Australia's state of Victoria, when he saw a
      strange orange light in the sky.
      "There was an orange light in the sky moving around,"
      Gavin reported, "It was going straight, then it stopped
      and moved to the right. Then straight. Then right again.
      Then it stopped and moved back, going left. Then it
      stayed still again for about two minutes. Then it moved
      on at a high speed, up into the sky."
      "The object moved in every direction. I know it was
      moving at high speed because I could see the light trail
      it left. It was completely round in front, when it was
      moving towards me. But then, when it moved sideways, it
      looked disk-shaped. It was well above the clouds. I
      don't know the speed it was going, maybe the speed of a
      commercial aircraft when it is very high. But when it
      left, it went extremely fast." (Email Form Report)


      "Whale watchers off the New South Wales mid-north
      coast were 'blessed' to catch a glimpse of a rare albino
      humpback whale" on Thursday, June 9, 2005.
      "The whale, known as Migaloo, passed by Port
      Macquarie (Thursday) morning as it migrated to warmer
      waters in the Whitsundays, off the north Queensland
      "Carol Hunt, who runs a Port Macquarie charter boat
      company, said it was the first time Migaloo had been
      sighted off that part of the coast."
      "'He was sighted in Sydney at four o'clock on Friday
      (June 10, 2005) and I've been tracking him since,' Ms.
      Hunt said."
      "'We watched him for about an hour and a half. He
      was heading north to Coffs Harbour. He had three other
      whales with him and they were quite active. They were
      rolling over and slapping their fins.'"
      "Ms. Hunt said the whales were about a mile (1.6
      kilometers) offshore, delighting those on board with their
      "'Everyone on the boat was just beside themselves,'
      she said."
      "'We are blessed to see this. It is just a million
      to one chance.'"
      "'It was just magic--we were very, very lucky.'"
      "Ms. Hunt said Migaloo was travelling to the
      Whitsundays to mate."
      "'He had other whales with him, so his mate might be
      among them,' she said. 'He may very well be taking a mate
      with him what might be pregnant.'"
      "'He'll stay up in the Whitsundays and hopefully,
      when he comes back, he might come into Port Macquarie
      again on his southern migration.'"
      (Editor's Note: In the language of the Hervey Bay
      Aborigines, the name Migaloo means white fella.)
      "The whale is believed to be the only one of its kind
      in the world. It is expected to pass the coast off Coffs
      Harbour" on Saturday, June 11, 2005. (See the Australian
      newspaper The Advertiser for June 13, 2005, "White whale
      spotted off coast.")
      (Editor's Comment: And aboard the ghost ship Pequod,
      a mad gleam comes into the eye of Captain Ahab. "Coffs
      Harbour--so that's where he's hiding. Avast, ye lubbers!
      Lay in a course for Australia!)


      "A massive UFO sighting took place on Friday, June
      24, 2005, in Jalapa," a city in Mexico's state of
      Veracruz, and was "witnessed by Jalapa's governor Fidel
      Herrera Beltran, members of his staff, the Jalapa police
      department, newspaper and television reporters and many
      people gathered at the Casa Veracruz during an official
      ceremony in which the new patrol units (police cruisers--
      J.T.) were delivered to the police department."
      "The surprising incident took place at 10:30 a.m.,
      causing commotion, excitement and a certain alarm among
      the people and officials."
      "Just after Gov. Fidel Herrera Beltran made a speech
      inaugurating the new vehicles, and during an inspection of
      his new patrol car, his attention was called by officials
      to the sky where a strange spectacle had occurred."
      "A spectacular UFO fleet of at least 14 unidentified
      flying objects captured the attention of all the people
      gathered at Casa Veracruz, who, pointing at the sky,
      screamed, 'OVNIs! OVNIs!' in a state of excitement."
      (Editor's Note: OVNI is the Spanish acronym for UFO.)
      "The police officers also pointed to the sky,
      wondering what these strange objects could be."
      "Different reactions were heard" from the gathering,
      ranging from amazement to consternation, "and even some
      laughs from among the people, who continuted to shout,
      "The newspaper reporters were taking photos and the
      television crews were recording the unusual spectacle."
      "Gov. Fidel Herrera Beltran took the microphone and
      said jokingly, 'It seems the Martians have arrived.'"
      "The people wondered if the strange objects could be
      balloons of some kind or in fact real UFOs like those so
      many times reported in Mexico. However, the enigmatic
      flying objects remained almost stationary in the sky in
      formation, described as a triangular pattern in perfect
      alignment, for almost 30 minutes. This was time enough
      for the strange event to be videotaped by the media and
      some of the spectators in the audience."
      "On Friday night," June 24, 2005, "Television Azteca"
      in Mexico City, the national TV network, "presented the
      report with video footage, giving a full account of the
      unprecedented incident."
      "On Saturday," June 25, 2005, "the newspaper Diario
      de Jalapa, as well as others, published on page one--with
      major headlines--the unusual event."
      Jalapa is in the western part of the state, about 264
      kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Veracruz and 320
      kilometers (200 miles) east of Mexico City. (See the
      Mexican newspaper Diario de Jalapa for June 25, 2005.
      Muchas gracias a Santiago Yturra Garza y Arturo del Moral
      por este articulo de diario.)


      On Thursday, June 23, 2005, at 11:47 p.m., Carl
      Farrington was driving on a mountain road near Canton,
      North Carolina (population 4,029) when he saw a most
      unusual spectacle in the night sky.
      "I took (Route) 110 out of Canton and turned left
      onto (Highway) 276. I went straight up to the Blue Ridge
      Parkway," Carl reported, "Then I turned left and turned
      into the famous overlook on the left. Facing a bright
      orange moon that day after the full moon."
      "What at first appeared to be a shooting star but
      brighter than I have ever seen plummeted towards the
      ground and impacted in the Smokies approximately six to
      nine miles (10 to 14 kilometers) straight ahead. Struck a
      mountain top. As it got closer to the point of impact, I
      noticed bright matter dripping off of it, streaming behind
      the main mass of the object."
      "It could've been a meteor, fallen satellite or space
      "However, on the way to the house in this rural
      setting, three dark helicopters flew over my car. I would
      not have noticed them except for the fact that my car's
      moon roof was open, because they had no lights on
      whatsoever. They were flying at a high rate of speed
      approximately 300 to 400 feet (90 to 120 meters) off the
      ground, and hugging the terrain is very dangerous in this
      (mountainous) area."
      "The object was bright white and almost teardrop-
      shaped. It definitely impacted the ground. If it was a
      meteor, it was a big chunk. Broke the atmosphere and came
      straight down like a missile. Impacted the ground without
      an explosion. I was too far away to hear anything as I
      was six to nine miles away. I saw it at a higher
      elevation than the impact zone and was looking down at a
      Canton, N.C. is in the Pisgah National Forest about
      15 miles (25 kilometers) west of Asheville and 262 miles
      (419 kilometers) west of Raleigh. (Email Form Report)


      On Sunday, June 19, 2005, at 11:30 p.m., Swedish
      tourist Jonas Larsson spotted a UFO over Dublin, Ohio, a
      suburb of Columbus, the state capital.
      "I live in Sweden, but I am currently visiting a
      friend in Cleveland. I really believe in UFOs and have
      long been interested in such things," Jonas reported, "My
      friend and I were driving on Highway 270 West in Columbus,
      very near Dublin, My friend spotted a lightning ball in
      the middle of the air. I mean, it was like far away and
      looked like one of the street lamps along the highway."
      "My friend asked what it could be, I mean, we had
      not seen it move at all at first. And it could not be an
      airplane because we saw a lot of airplanes, and they have
      these blinking (navigation) lights, right?"
      "Imagine just a roadlamp high in the sky--this is how
      we saw it. We chatted for about 30 seconds and suddenly
      it was above us. And it was not an airplane, not a
      luftbalone (Swedish for hot-air balloon--J.T.). The craft
      had an oblong first part, and the middle as well, and a
      big back part. I could say it was 100 meters (330 feet)
      above me."
      "I was trying to find a word for what it looked like-
      -I would say that, if you think about it, the object
      looked a bit like an arrow. The craft was white; the
      first part was big, and the big back part had three such
      lamps. It seemed like it flew from side to side. Very
      "The whole craft was lighted up, but it was nowhere
      near as strong a light that we should have seen from that
      distance. Yellow-orange color. And the craft never
      seemed to move at all. But it was moving very fast,
      anyway, and by that I mean it was not an airplane."
      "When I saw it, it was over us, and we were still
      driving south. We could not stop on the highway, of
      course. I am like a slack at where I am. My friend saw
      the dart" the UFO fired, and "my friend was doing the
      "When I saw it, it was above me, and we were still
      driving south. We could not stay long on the highway, I
      guess. Of course, people may say it was an airplane, I
      was dressed like a slick at where I am. My friend was the
      driver. Of course, my colleagues say it may be an
      airplane, but what I saw wasn't an airplane."
      "Well, I needed to tell them. I mean, what else can
      I do? I'm leaving for Sweden tonight. I hope I get some
      answers about this when I get back home." (Email Form


      On Monday, June 20, 2005, at 9:30 p.m., Hank Ironwood
      was outdoors at his rural home in Westmoreland, New
      Hampshire, 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of the state
      border with Massachusetts, when he spotted a strange gleam
      in the sky.
      "The object flew from west to east," Hank reported,
      "I thought it might have been a plane, but it moved at
      around the speed of an airplane. Now, there were two
      passenger planes in the area, and their (navigation)
      lights were much smaller and dimmer than the lights on
      this object. I couldn't really make out the shape of it,
      but it appeared to be round."
      "I have no idea if this was a UFO, but I think that
      if it was, others here in southern New Hampshire should
      have certainly seen it. I would sure like to hear from
      them." (Email Form Report)


      On Saturday, June 11, 2005, at 3 a.m., eyewitness
      Jason S. and a few of his mates were walking home from
      their favorite pub in Leominster, Herefordshire, UK when
      they saw a strange object approaching from the north.
      "Me and some of my friends were walking home from the
      pub at around 3 a.m.," Jason reported, "None of us were
      really drunk or anything. We got to the crossroads and
      saw this green light speed across the sky. It didn't look
      too far away, and it sort of looked as if it were flying
      low. There wasn't any sound, either. The object was
      bright green, circular and flying very fast." (Email Form
      (Editor's Note: This is the UK community for which
      Leominster, Mass. was named. Located in the heart of the
      mysterious "Montachusett" region, Leominster has had UFO
      sightings dating back to June 1909. And no wonder--its
      neighbor 5 miles (8 kilometers) to the north is Fitchburg,
      the "UFO capital of Massachusetts.")


      On Sunday, June 19, 2005, Polish cerealogist Leszek
      Owsiany investigated three crop circles in the village of
      Papros, located 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Inowroclaw
      in central Poland. "The three circles were joined
      together in a field of rye," Owsiany reported, "The first
      circle was 20.8 meters by 20.5 meters (69 by 67 feet); the
      second was 7.7 meters (25.4 feet) in diameter; and the
      third was 6 meters by 5.7 meters (20 feet by 18.8 feet).
      In all three circles, the rye was lying on the ground on
      the right side."
      "We noted that the joints of the rye stalks were
      thickened and bent."
      Assisting Owsiany in the investigation were fellow
      cerealogists Jacek Koslowski and Wojtek Budny of
      Independent Research Group Torun.
      While at the scene, the team learned of another pair
      of crop circles nearby. They interviewed farmer Zbiginew
      Wasilewski, who told them that on Thursday, June 16, 2005,
      he "had discovered two circles in his field of wheat,
      located one kilometer (0.6 miles) from Papros. The first
      circle measured 12.3 meters (40.5 feet) in diameter, with
      a lay to the right side. The second circle was
      approximately 0.5 kilometers (0.3 miles) away and 14.8
      meters (48.8 feet) in diameter, again with a rightward
      lay. In this circle, the (surrounding) wheat was standing
      straight up."
      Inowroclaw is located 225 kilometers (140 miles)
      west-northwest of Warsaw, Poland's capital.
      In Canada, a crop circle was found Thursday, June 2,
      2005, at the Sandy Bay Reserve near Lake Manitoba. The
      formation "was approximately 8 metres (26 feet) long--
      grass missing, not flattened--with 1/4-inch (0.63-
      centimeter) deep 'grooves' in the soil. The formation is
      similar to the early 1990s dumbbell-type formations in
      England, with three sets of concentric rings connected by
      straight pathways. The grass and the soil in the area
      became pretty waterlogged due to excessive rain. The
      formation was aligned north-south."
      "Also worth noting," reported Paul Anderson of
      Canadian Crop Circles Research Network, "Three circles
      were found at the site, made of fist-sized rocks, with
      curving lines between the circles. Ground photos can be
      found at CCCRN's Web site." (Many thanks to Robert
      Fischer and Paul Anderson for these reports.)


      "A family has requested district judge Number 6 in
      Granada," a city in southern Spain, "to issue a court
      order authorizing the exhumation of their mother, claiming
      that an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorded on a
      cell phone indicated that the deceased is requesting the
      removal of a cross placed on her chest during burial."
      "The judge ordered them to consult with a priest."
      "According to the deceased woman's daughter, the
      woman has been contacting them from beyond the grave via
      cell phone. She explained that she has no idea where her
      mother's messages are coming from, adding that when any
      member of her family records anything on her cell phone,
      'what is played back is my mother's voice, saying, 'Come,
      come, the cross!'""
      "Furthermore, her grandfather and uncle, buried in
      the same tomb as her mother, are also sending audible
      (EVP) messages through family cell phones."
      "The judge, who met with the family members for three
      minutes and managed to hear the spirit voice recordings,
      explained that they should take their claim to a priest or
      to the Higher Council for Scientific Research."
      The source of the alleged EVP messages, the family's
      mother, "Filomena Gomez died two years ago (in 2003) at
      age 55 from liver cancer." (See the Spanish publication
      Mundo Misterioso for June 17, 2005. Muchas gracias a
      Scott Corrales y Rafael Ballester para estas noticias.)


      "A massive crack in the earth last week appeared in
      Claude, Texas (population 1,313) and is creating a stir
      among geologists."
      "Geologists said Tuesday," June 21, 2005, "the crack
      was a joint in the earth's crust."
      "They believe the opening is the result of a weak
      point in the joint where one fault slips away from the
      other. Some pits were more than 30 feet (9 meters) deep
      and drained what used to be a pond."
      "Some geologists say earth cracks are common, but the
      size of the one in Claude is not."
      "This is the second time recently that a giant crack
      has opened in the earth and drained a body of water," UFO
      Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented. "It first
      happened on Thursday, May 19, 2005 at the village of
      Bolotnikovo in Russia's Nizhegorodskaya region. Are the
      'dreadful Dholes of eons-forgotten Aklo' up to their old
      tricks again?"
      "The Dholes were mentioned in Kitab al-Azif, the book
      of black magic written in Arabic by the Iraqi sorcerer
      Abdul Majid Al-Hazrad (640-738 A.D.) He devotes a whole
      chapter to the lost city of Aklo and 'they that burroweth
      beneath the sands.'
      Maybe the Dholes were planning an attack on a certain
      ranch in Crawford, Texas. If so, they missed their target
      by 423 miles (676 kilometers)."
      Claude is on Highway 287 in the Texas Panhandle about
      40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Amarillo. (See the
      Walker, Minn. Pilot-Independent for June 24, 2005,
      "Massive crack opens in earth in Texas.")


      "Wildlife workers in Cyprus are trying to verify
      reports that crocodiles may be on the loose at a popular
      tourist nature spot after they became too dangerous for
      their owner to handle."
      "The reptiles are believed to have been smuggled in
      to the eastern Mediterranean island, where crocodiles do
      not breed and the closest nature cousin is the innocuous
      This is the fourth report in three weeks about out-
      of-place crocodiles or alligators turning up in areas far
      from their natural habitat. This phenomenon is known in
      Forteana as "the crazy croc syndrome" or "the crazy
      In recent weeks, the crazy crocs have appeared at
      three locations in the USA: Somers, Wisconsin; South Bend,
      Indiana; and Napa, California.
      "'The information we are trying to verify is that
      someone imported baby crocodiles as pets, and when he
      realized they were growing...they were too much for him to
      handle, so he let them loose,' a Veterinary Department
      official said."
      "However, police appeared to doubt the accuracy of
      the report of the crocodiles' release and suggested that
      the story that made headlines" on Cyprus "Thursday (June
      23, 2005) might have been a prank."
      "'It is impossible for us to verify this information
      based on the investigations so far,' a police source
      "The crocodiles, believed to number between two and
      four, are said to be small in size and are thought to be
      less than a year old. Adults can grow to be about 3
      meters (10 feet) in length."
      "Wildlife wardens are scouring a region on the
      southeastern side of the island," between Larnax and
      Yermasoyia, which has a lake "which is popular with
      tourists and anglers, whose only catch is freshwater
      African bass." (See Agence France Presse for June 26,
      2005, "Cypriots get teeth into case of missing
      crocodiles." Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown, UFO
      Roundup's crazy croc expert, for this news report.)


      "Ede Municipal Council has hired the Pantera Big Cat
      Foundation to help catch a puma (known as a cougar or
      mountain lion here in the USA--J.T.) that is roaming free
      in the Veluwe forest.
      "The council opted for the Pantera Foundation after
      its staff claimed they could catch the big cat alive. The
      foundation has been given from Friday," June 10, 2005, "to
      Tuesday," June 14, 2005, "to capture the animal."
      "A mass search by (Netherlands) police over recent
      days has discovered tell-tale signs of the cat, and some
      people have caught fleeting glimpses of it. But attempts
      to catch it have failed so far."
      "The police had indicated that the puma would be shot
      dead if it could not be caught quickly."
      "Pantera is based in the town of Nijeberkoop and
      claims to be the only 'real' big cat reception center in
      Europe. The foundation was chosen by the town council
      following consultations with animal welfare groups."
      "The public has been warned to avoid the Veluwe woods
      near Ede as the search continues."
      "It is unclear how a puma came to be in the Veluwe, a
      60-kilometer (36-mile) wooded area that includes the Hoge
      Veluwe National Park. The police have not received
      reports of anyone losing their big cat pet, nor have any
      pumas escaped from a zoo in the Netherlands."
      "But police have warned cyclists and ramblers to
      avoid the woods near Ede because experts say a puma on the
      loose could be very dangerous."
      "Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman said attempts
      would be made to capture the animal alive, but, if that
      failed, it would be shot and killed."
      "The first signs of the puma were detected near
      Harskamp at the weekend. Over the following days, more
      traces were found, and members of the public reported
      sightings. Game wardens also found half-eaten game."
      Ede is in Gunderland province about 64 kilometers (40
      miles) southeast of Amsterdam, the capital of the
      Netherlands. (See the Netherlands newspaper De Telegraaf
      for June 16, 2005, "Wild cat experts hired to catch
      elusive puma." Many thanks to Derek terHorst for this
      newspaper article.)


      "Welcomed by many including the mayor and some city
      councilors but reviled by others, a statue of 1960s TV
      icon Samantha Stephens of Bewitched was unveiled amid a
      puff of smoke in Salem (Massachusetts, population 40,407)
      on Wednesday," June 15, 2005.
      "The statue depicts the late actress Elizabeth
      Montgomery, who played the nose-wiggling Stephens in the
      1960s sitcom (American slang for situation comedy--J.T.),
      sitting sidesaddle on a bromstick, her skirt flying behind
      her in the breeze, in front of a crescent moon."
      "Even though hundreds turned out to welcome the
      statue at Lappin Park, including some people who call
      themselves witches, others continued to protest."
      "'I think it's the best thing to happen to Salem in a
      long time,' self-described witch Linda Monroe told"
      Channel 5 WHDH-TV in Boston. "'It's a long time coming
      for something so fun and cheery. She's awesome. She's
      everybody's idol.'"
      "While some Salem officials said the bronze statue,
      sponsored by the TV Land cable network, is just a bit of
      fun and will hopefully draw more tourists to the city,
      others have criticized it, saying it trivializes the real
      and tragic events that occurred in Salem in 1692, when 20
      people were put to death after being accused of
      "Those people carried signs at Wednesday's event that
      said 'Tragedy (does not equal) Whimsy' and 'Is there no
      limit to the schlock and hype?' They say the statue is
      nothing but an ad for the Bewitched movie, starring Nicole
      Kidman and Will Ferrell, scheduled for release June 24,"
      "The ceremony was attended by show director William
      Asher, who was married to Montgomery, as well as a number
      of actors who appeared in the original series, icluding
      Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay), Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate) and
      Erin Murphy," who portrayed the lead characters' daughter,
      "Tabitha Stephens" on the show. (See the Kent County
      Daily Times of West Warwick, R.I. for June 16, 2005. Many
      thanks to Terry Duckworth for this newspaper article.)


      The movie version of Bewitched premiered last Friday.
      The film, which stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, is
      based on the popular American situation comedy show, which
      ran from 1964 to 1972.
      The "father" of lead character "Samantha Stevens"
      (portrayed by actress Elizabeth Montgomery) was never
      revealed on the show. But in what we sometimes laughingly
      call "real life," he was a near-forgotten American
      humorist and fantasy writer of the early Twentieth Century
      named Thorne Smith.
      In 1925, the same year F. Scott Fitzgerald's The
      Great Gatsby came out, Smith parlayed his interest in
      Spiritualism into a novel entitled Topper: An Improbable
      Adventure. The novel, which was published in 1926,
      concerned "the misadventures of a man and a ghostly couple
      who really knew how to 'live' it up. It spawned a sequel,
      movies and even a television show" in the 1950s, starring
      Leo G. Carroll as the haunted curmudgeon.
      "Another of Smith's novels, Turnabout (1931), also
      filmed, involved a couple who magically switched
      identities, a concept used numerous times with slight
      variations," most recently providing film work for Lindsay
      Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.
      Smith was influenced by an 1882 novel by Victorian
      novelist Thomas Antsey Guthrie entitled Vice Versa, or A
      Lesson to Fathers, about "a father and son (who) switch
      places with comical results and appropriate lessons
      learned on both sides."
      Curiously, Guthrie also wrote The Brass Bottle in
      1900, about "a genie who, upon release, created all sorts
      of complications for its new master" and "served as the
      probable inspiration for the popular television series I
      Dream of Jeannie," a contemporary of Bewitched which ran
      from 1965 to 1970.
      "Another Thorne Smith fantasy, The Night Life of the
      Gods brought classical Greco-Roman statues to life for a
      night on the town in New York and was made into a film in
      Smith died in 1941 while working on his final novel,
      The Passionate Witch. The manuscript was completed by
      Norman H. Matson. The novel "was filmed as I Married a
      Witch in 1942 and, like The Brass Bottle, was possibly
      influential in the conception of another popular
      television series, Bewitched." (See the book Fantasy of
      the 20th Century by Randy Broecker, Barnes & Noble Books,
      New York, N.Y., 2001, page 84.)
      (Editor's Comment: The 1942 film also launched a
      whole slew of Married movies during that period, including
      I Married a Nazi, I Married a Communist and I Married a
      Monster from Outer Space. And people around the world
      actually wonder why the American divorce rate is so high.)

      >From the UFO Files...


      "There are several well-authenticated reports of
      falls of fish in India, and this has given rise to the
      belief that the phenomenon is more frequent there than
      elsewhere. This may be true on account of the favouring
      circumstances of extensive river flood plains, numerous
      shallow water tanks, a fish fauna rich in shoal water
      forms, and a hot whirlwind-breeding climate. Certainly
      the description of fish rains in that part of the world
      are numerous, specific and astonishing as to the magnitude
      of the phenomena."
      "A very valuable account of a shower of fishes is
      that by J. Prinsep, editor of the Journal of the Asiatic
      Society of Bengal. He writes:"
      "'The phenomenon of fish falling from the sky in the
      rainy season, however incredible it may appear, has been
      attested by such circumstantial evidence that no
      reasonable doubt can be entertained of the fact. I was as
      incredulous as my neighbours until I once found a small
      fish in the brass funnel of my pluviometer (rain gauge--
      J.T.) at Banares (now Varanasi, India--J.T.). I have now
      before me a note of a similar phenomenon, on a
      considerable scale, which happened at the Nokulhatty
      factory, Zillah Dacca Jedalpur, in 1830."
      "Mr. Cameron, who communicated the fact, took the
      precaution of having a regular deposition of the evidence
      of several natives who had witnessed the fall made in
      Bengalee (now Bangladesh--J.T.) and attested before the
      magistrate; the statement is well worthy of preservation
      in a journal of science..."
      "'The shower of fish took place on the 19th of
      February, 1830, in the neighbourhood of the Surbundy
      factory, Feridpur (modern Faridpur, located on the south
      side of the Ganges River about 70 kilometers (42 miles)
      southwest of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh--J.T.).'"
      "'There are depositions of nine eyewitnesses, of
      which I quote two:'"
      "Sheikh Chaudari Ahmed Bin Mutiullah, inhabitant of
      Nagdi, relates in his deposition: 'I had been doing my
      work at a meadow, when I perceived at the hour of 12
      o'clock (noon) the sky gather clouds, and began to rain
      slightly, then a large fish touching my back by its head
      fell on the ground. Being surprized, I looked about, and
      behold a number of fish likewise fell from heaven. They
      were saul, sale, guzal, mirgal and bodul. I took 10 or 11
      fish in number, and I saw many other persons take many.'"
      "Sheikh Suduruddin, inhabitant of Nagdi, was called
      in and declared in his deposition saying: 'On Friday, at
      12 o'clock p.m., in the month of Phalgun ...when I was
      about to work in a field, I perceived the sky darkened by
      clouds, began to rain a little and a large fish fell from
      the sky. I was confounded at the sight, and soon entered
      my cottage, which I had there, but I came out again as
      soon as the rain had ceased and found every part of my hut
      scattered with fish; they were bodul, mirgal and nouchi,
      and amounted to 25 in number.'" (See the book The
      Unexplained: A Sourcebook of Strange Phenomena by William
      R. Corliss, Bantam Books, New York, N.Y., 1976, pages 181
      and 182. Also Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,
      Volume 3, pages 650 to 652.)

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