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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Different Drums by Alfred Lehmberg www.AlienView.net You re disgusted with the pace of things? You re impatient for a change? You suspect your blighted
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2005
      Different Drums
      by Alfred Lehmberg

      You're disgusted with the pace of things? You're impatient for a
      change? You suspect your blighted leadership's less obliging, more

      You feel as though you've been betrayed? You suffer disrespect? You
      tolerate a government not remotely circumspect?

      You perceive there is conspiracy? You discern it lives and breathes?
      You gather that it's been employed to bring us to our knees?

      You 'know' that there are UFOs? You've seen them for yourself? But
      culture seems opposed to one who tries to find ones self?

      You cannot trust your mainstream? You smell its artful lie? There's
      much pretense for foolishness there's nothing in your sky?

      You're revolted by religion? Do the "Fundies" make you sick? Do
      invented gods and devils do the bidding of these pricks?

      Is 'science' your social arbiter? Is it god or mal-used tool? Do you
      let it ~dictate~ policy? Do you mourn its turgid rule?

      Do errant posers profit ? Do they prosecute their 'need'. To they
      defecate on shoulders of the giants of our breed?

      Are you sickened by society? Abhor the status quo? Are you fed up
      with a culture that precludes your right to know?

      Are you trifled by inferiors? Do they caper, leap and prance? Do the
      ghouls of ...'re'-revision... ply the missteps of that dance?

      Are you sick and tired of being played for a clueless, hapless tool?
      Are you disrespected flotsam, slighted chump... affronted fool?

      Do you sense a new reality? Are you outraged and contentious? Are you
      finished with indignity? Are you ~ripe~ for the seditious?

      Then snub their hijacked networks, friend. Refuse their print and
      graph. Reject their explication, puerile prose, or photograph.

      Eschew convenient 'history'. Avoid contrived 'accounts'. Disbelieve
      authorities of 'mainstreams' who won't count.

      Read ~forbidden~ indexes. Think outside their box. Review the
      un-explorable. Explore the closed and locked.

      Question all authority. Demand what's just and fair. Leaping up from
      bleeding knees you find the guts to dare!

      Speak the truth to power. Let them know your thoughts. Voice your
      true convictions, friend, before you mourn their loss!

      The future's near upon you, and it's speeding as it comes, but you
      might ~be~ prepared for that... if you marched to ~different~ drums.

      What drums are those, some sneer and smirk secure in centrist views?
      Well, that which finally comes from you, and that's a muse ~you~

      alienview@... -:-

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