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  • tewrecks
    ... never ... any given ... not one ... sneeze, so ... or simply a ... worse ... Orb photos are ... ridden, falling ... particles ... makes sense, ...
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2005
      > This is what skeptics and debunkers can't explain......and they
      > will.........
      > Dust is everywhere, millions of dust particles float in the air at
      any given
      > second. Computer chip makers must have special clean rooms so that
      not one
      > speck of dust lands on a circuit. It gets in our nose and makes us
      sneeze, so
      > it is closer than close to the camera lens. A slight puff of wind
      or simply a
      > person walking around will cause it to fly everywhere. One of the
      > places to see dust floating around is in our own homes, and many
      Orb photos are
      > taken in homes.....and especially the old, dilapidated, dust
      ridden, falling
      > apart and neglected ones of haunting fame.......
      > So why then I ask you, why in the world do we not get these dust
      > in every photo that is taken.........
      > If somebody can explain this to me in a very logical way and it
      makes sense,
      > then I will say that Orbs are nothing more than just dust
      > particles.........and please don't insult my intelligence by saying
      that when a person capture
      > Orbs in say 5 photos out of 25 taken, that there was no damn dust
      in front of
      > the camera when the 20 were taken.
      > Sandy Nichols

      Any videos of orbs? Not to my knowledge, but if you know of some
      could you post? It would be more convincing than just photos.
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