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London UFO conference

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    This may interest some wealthy UFO enthusiasts I say wealthy because the tickets for this one day conference are £129.25. There was a time that UFO and crop
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2005
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      This may interest some wealthy UFO enthusiasts
      I say wealthy because the tickets for this one day 'conference' are £129.25.
      There was a time that UFO and crop circle conferences were reasonably priced compared with those on the New Age circuit.
      Not any more it seems.
      Is it really worth this much to hear Nick Pope and the rest regurgitate material which is for the most avilable free on the internet?
      Dave Haith
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      From: Lynne McTaggart
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      Please feel free to email this broadcast to any friends you feel would
      appreciate receiving it.

      Living The Field Annual Conference


      Time: 9.30am - 5.00pm
      Date: Saturday 11th June 2005
      Venue: Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1, UK

      Discover the truth behind the most highly classified subject on Earth

      As a valued e-news reader, I wanted to provide you with more exciting news
      about our forthcoming Living The Field Annual Conference entitled The
      Scientific Evidence for UFOs.

      To book your seat

      For those of you who attended our last annual conference, you will remember
      that over 500 people sat enthralled as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell
      confirmed the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Well now we¹re going

      In the groundbreaking tradition expected of a Living The Field conference,
      you can hear for the first time the scientific evidence for the existence of
      UFOs that for many years has been held in secret by governments around the
      world. It is a unique and privileged opportunity to hear from some of the
      world¹s leading UFO experts and to ask them the questions you want answered.

      For more information and to book your seat

      People such as Richard Haines, a former senior NASA research scientist will
      be giving us an exclusive insight into US government files on more than
      3,000 UFO sightings; Nick Pope, who for three years ran the British
      government¹s UFO desk; Dr Vladimir Rubtsov, Director of the Research
      Institute on Anomalous Phenomena in the Ukraine and a leading expert in
      Soviet Ufology; Dr Viktor Zhuravlev, former director of the Siberian
      Scientific Research Centre on Anomalous Phenomena, will reveal, for the
      first time to a Western audience, his remarkable findings, including the
      hard facts about Russia¹s own Roswell; and Timothy Good, a renowned author
      and broadcaster and a leading authority on UFOs who has amassed thousands of
      intelligence documents on the subject.

      To book your seat

      Due to the high profile nature of the speakers at this conference, it is
      anticipated that demand for places will be high. However, as a valued
      e-news reader you need not worry as your name has been placed on a priority
      list. Please just confirm your booking in the next few days.

      So make a date in your diary to keep 11th June free as it will be one you
      won¹t want to miss SS.. and in future you will be one of the privileged few
      who can tell others OI was there!¹

      To book your seat

      Don't forget for exclusive discounted 4 & 5 star hotel information, just
      email cs@... stating:'UFO Hotels'

      Yours sincerely,

      Lynne McTaggart

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