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Fw: Diaries concerning Unified field theory placed online

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  • Roger Anderton
    DIARIES CONCERNING UNIFIED FIELD THEORY BEEN PLACED ONLINE-- From Web site Philosophere --- they mention that Lancelot Law Whyte was working on the Unified
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2005
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      From Web site Philosophere --- they mention that Lancelot Law Whyte was working on the Unified Field Theory:--

      Whyte appeared to know all of the authors here who were within his generation. He gave a keynote memorial address for the Institute of General Semantics in honor of Korzybski, and corresponded with Bois. Bohm knew and admired him and carried on the work of expressing the unified theory in physics after Whyte died. He knew Teilhard de Chardin and by one of those strange co-incidences his cousin had worked on archeological digs with Teilhard in China. Of all our writers embracing holism perhaps Whyte expressed it most clearly.


      When I contacted them, they placed LL Whyte's diaries online for me:-----------


      Part 1. The private diaries of Lancelot Law Whyte
      By Brian Rothery

      In October 2001, I travelled from Ireland to Boston to look at the private papers of Lancelot Law Whyte, stored in Boston University, as part of the final stages of re-publishing his books. As we flew over the blue Atlantic Ocean, I could not help reflecting that Lancelot Law Whyte had been wartime managing director of the Whittle jet engine project, which, after the war, became the prototype for the commercial passenger jet engine, such as that now providing the morphic updraft for my body and soul. Gary David once said, "On the one hand it is a much larger movement than that of any one individual, hence the metaphor of the updraft that one is caught up in; on the other, the individual is making that updraft. So at the same time, we are subject to that movement and participate as that movement."

      I had some questions about the private life of Lancelot Law Whyte I hoped might be answered by the Boston papers, in particular concerning a great crisis he had talked about but not revealed in his 1962 autobiography Focus and Diversions. Nothing, however, had prepared me for what I was to find.

      The library staff told me that I was 'the first scholar' to research the Whyte papers. Within minutes of the list of contents of the 40 boxes being placed before me, my focus was changed. The list showed that Box 36 held a package titled 'Private diaries'. I asked for it first. Inside the box was a large white envelope, sealed with wax and with a warning that it was not to be opened until after May 1983. Before that date had been reached, his widow Eve extended the restriction a further five years until 1988, the year in which she was to die. Inside the envelope were several student-type school notebooks, covering the period from 1948 to his death in 1972, almost 25 years. Unfortunately he appears to have destroyed diaries before 1948, as he refers at least once to having glanced back over old diaries. This may be explained by the fact that the sealed diaries were addressed to future biographers and researchers, and he more or less says this in the text, and they mark what to him was the most momentous period in his life and work. The first two are called 'journals'. They are: 1955-1958 and 1948-1962, and they overlap. The summary, or part transcript, which I have since made, attempts to edit them into chronological order.



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