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Fwd: UFO UpDate: Mexican Air Force FLIR Lights Case 'Closed'

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2005
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      Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:57:30 -0700
      Subject: Mexican Air Force FLIR Lights Case 'Closed'

      Hello All,

      I waited many months for the opportunity to provide new evidence
      on the Mexican Air Force UFO case from march 05, 2004. I tried
      hard to perform by myself the experiment of flying closer to the
      Cantarell oil field as to recreate the C26A flight. The full
      cost for that flight was about US $2,500 and I couldn't spend
      that much.

      My theory, at least for me, is finally confirmed and the Mexican
      Air Force UFO case of march 05, 2004 is closed. In april 14,
      2005 I was lucky enough to record a video that shows the
      Cantarell oil flames group that matches the same lights as those
      in the Mexican Air Force FLIR video regardless that it was
      recorded in a different route, altitude and angle of view.

      I would like to emphasize again that I am not a debunker. I am
      an independent UFO investigator since 1963. I truly believe that
      some UFO's are of alien origin and also do believe that
      extraterrestrial intelligence exists in the vast universe.

      I have been attacked by some members, I was humiliated and
      defamed in national and international TV and absurdly exposed as
      a hoaxer by a real hoaxer who accused me of not being loyal to
      my own country because I answered to a question here in the UFO
      UpDates list regarding the Mexican Air Force which I still
      sustain is in a very bad condition. _It’s Hard to Block the Sun
      with Your Finger_.

      I understand those people with lack of critical thinking who
      instead of attacking and criticizing should provide useful
      evidences and commentaries. Anyway I would like to thank them
      hardly for their nice thoughts and interest.

      I would like to thank specially all those nice members who
      supported my oil well theory and motivated me to continue
      working on this interesting case until today.


      There is enough evidence and data for me to conclude that
      the Mexican Air Force FLIR video lights are not UFO's.

      April 14, 2005 video showing the same lights _23MB_.

      Images from video of April 14, 2005.


      My first post about the oil well theory, may 26 2004.
      UFOs Or Simply Oil Well Flames?

      There is still a controversy about how and why the
      FLIR's video lights filmed by Mexican Air Force C26A
      crew on march 05, 2004 seem to be at the same altitude.

      Video showing the horizon at same flight level.

      March 05, 2004 Mexican Air Force C26A FLIR's
      video on board communications transcription
      showing Radar malfunctions and crew behavior.

      Simple experiment of the video optical illusion.

      First video showing same FLIR lights Oct. 20, 2004.

      Videos recorded on September 3rd and 4th, 2004.
      Videos recorded on October 19th 2004.

      NARCAP Statement on Mexican FLIR case of March 2004.

      NARCAP applauds Captain Franz for his attention to
      detail as well as his objectivity.

      Mexican Air Force FLIR lights are oil well flames.

      Best regards to all,

      Capt. Alejandro Franz


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