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Dr. Lynne Kitei And The "The Phoenix Lights"

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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Dr. Lynne Kitei And The The Phoenix Lights by Alfred Lehmberg www.AlienView.net I hope Dr. Kitei has adequate security... As for me, I m getting ready to
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      Dr. Lynne Kitei And The "The Phoenix Lights"
      by Alfred Lehmberg

      I hope Dr. Kitei has adequate security...

      As for me, I'm getting ready to flex my ufological bungee cords once
      again! Cleats and hardware are metaphorically magnafluxed, cords are
      checked and treated, and rip-stop anklers are snuggly fitted around
      my demure jumper's mukluks... preflight is complete. All the
      required equipment necessary to live to fight another day... prepared
      for action! Let's, really, roll!

      ...I might shoot myself from a cannon out over the abyss for this
      one... it seems it may be justified. I sense some lift out there in
      the hoary reaches of an unending space provided.

      A running leap into the ufological abyss does seem appropriate
      given the confluences of conspicuous circumstances in (and out of) a
      'painstream' so disturbed and distorted by corruption and dishonesty
      that it can, only fallaciously, be referred to as a 'mainstream'
      anymore, at all. Still, some new light is communicated to me by Dr.
      Kitei through the 'official' and obfuscating smog.

      But, what 'confluences' and 'conspicuous circumstances' am I talking

      I think Dr. Kitei perceives the following, too. Swirling together
      into serendipitous if unusual conjunction, and accelerating as they
      swirl, are cutting edge discoveries in the physical sciences,
      theologies, psychologies, and philosophies et sig al. This is
      compounded and multiplied by information technology, communicational
      ease and efficiency, high-speed data transfer, and massive data
      storage. All of the preceding is further compounded as a result of
      the realization by more and more individual folks all the time...
      that the 'official' versions of 'how things are' may not serve their
      best interests.

      They don't.

      Our socio-biological cultural view is stubbornly and irrationally
      homocentric and therefore wrong (...we'd be much better off
      culturally, socially functioning under an auspices that we were
      not alone in the expanding 'multi-verse'... think about it...).
      Our manufacturing base is geared to quick profit taking, planned
      obsolescence, environmental pollution, and energy wastage... and is
      therefore wrong (...we'd be well served by energy saving hybrid
      automobiles built well enough to be heirlooms rather than rusting
      heaps replaced every few years...) Our facile education system is
      contrived to mass-produce blandly docile employees instead of
      critical thinkers and is therefore... so wrong! Our reflex denial
      of multiple levels of ufological evidence, from the physical through
      the photographic to the historical and the personal... is wrong,
      wrong, wrong, and wrong -- a slow, agonizing, and fretful demise for
      all humanity, I suspect.

      Verily, we resist our cultural evolution and upcoming birth like
      we've dug in spiked boot-heels from the womb side of our evolutionary
      cervix. This is a metaphor demanding misery and death for all
      concerned, surely. Moreover, it is clear that the 'many' presently
      suffer... for these convenient boot-heels of the duplicitous 'few' in
      reflexive and self-facilitating denial.

      Just lately, though, it may be that Dr. Kitei is in position to apply
      a little humanistic 'jiffy-lube' to those aforementioned boot-heels.
      Cosmic midwives might, hopefully, be standing at the ready.

      Dr. Lynne Kitei is an internationally-acclaimed physician and health
      educator, a leading professional in the "cutting-edge era" of early
      disease detection and prevention, and is Chief Clinical Consultant at
      the (world-renowned!) Arizona Heart Institute's
      Imaging/Prevention/Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
      Additionally, Dr. Kitei has appeared as the resident health reporter
      for the NBC TV affiliates in Philadelphia, PA... and in Phoenix,
      Arizona, as medical consultant for KPHO TV News in that city... and
      has been featured on USA Cable, FOX TV News (...she can be forgiven
      for that, I suppose...), and MSNBC. Dr. Kitei also wrote and
      appeared, all over the world, in more than a hundred informational
      health segments on television.

      Oh... and yes... while a genuine skeptic and in no way 'looking' for
      them at the start, she has seen more than a few... UFOs. That's

      On the night of March 13, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona, a plethora of
      sober persons (numbered in the thousands!) were outside, anyway, to
      cage a look at the (still very mysterious) Hale-Bopp comet... then
      in the evening sky. An infamous comet was not the only thing in
      the firmament that night! This other thing was also witnessed by
      many thousands.

      Truth. Lynne Kitei was one of those thousands.

      What she saw and photographed was to change her life completely,
      cause her to reassess her entire worldview, and then bravely risk a
      substantial reputation to make some kind of sense of what she and
      many, many others had witnessed on that fateful night. She remains
      glad, I think, that she's buckled up for the ride.

      She was naturally very curious, right off the bat, about this...
      huge occurrence! When she made casual inquires, altogether
      rational inquires I add, she was rebuffed, mildly ridiculed, lied to,
      made the butt of insulting sarcasm, and otherwise assiduously
      stonewalled! Kitei is a scientist you see, and a suspect "status
      quo" was ill served when it tried to shine her on in the beginning of
      the quest imposed upon her.

      ...Authoritarians never learn, do they. They never see that their
      disrespectfully repressive approach is always their eventual undoing.
      Mash something down 'here', and it only pops up over 'there'... just
      meaner for the mashing. I digress...

      The stonewallers tried to blow-off the wrong lady, indeed, friends
      and neighbors. A scientist like I said, she was also well keyed into
      professional media production, was a medical doctor's "talking-head"
      on NBC, and at one time she was even featured in a film with Nicolas

      Can you smell, 'connected', good reader? Are you starting to rub
      your hands together, as I have? This lady has connected teeth in
      addition to substantial chops. I'm popping corn!

      See, Dr. Kitei took a hard 90 degree turn right into enigma's yawning
      maw and, end-running the whole of our fatuous 'officialdom',
      refocused on her new (...perhaps life?)goal of finding out what the
      hell was going on with regard to UFOs! She's very obviously
      strapped in for this bumpy ride, has fixed her sextant on this new
      "star to steer by", and hauled her ample mainsail. Her colors
      fly, reader!

      Dr. Kitei is a scientist like I said. She didn't see a weird light
      in the sky and then run off to join a crystal squeezing 'boojum' cult
      to say beads and worship runes (...with all respect to Boojum
      crystal squeezers, bead Sayers, and rune worshippers everywhere...).
      No, she did her homework, she studied the evidence, she interviewed
      the vetted principals... she reviewed the skeptical opposition she'd
      too blithely accepted before... She did her research, brothers and
      sisters, yea and verily!

      A new world literally exploded around her. She began to suspect she
      was no longer (...had never been!) in Kansas, and Auntie "M"
      (...cubed?) was a myth and nowhere to be found!

      There'll be no heel-clicking return from this Oz. Besides, who'd
      want to? As the reader may recall, a multicolored Oz was preferable,
      preferential, and more fully featured with potentiality than
      Dorothy's grey scale dust-bowl. Speaking for myself, I'd opt to stay
      in Oz. Another digression.

      Dr. Kitei, to continue, was flatly amazed at the startling quality
      and abundant quantity of the evidence readily available for study! A
      scientist, so you don't forget, she realized that there is really no
      such thing as "proof" actually, only evidence, only ever
      'evidence'... that one individual will accept over another
      individual. That 'subjectivity' remains to be the foundation of the
      final 'objectivity'... is a strange twist of irony... but, reach
      exceeds grasp or what's a heaven for?

      She was absolutely stunned to discover the number of quality
      persons who report, at risk, the activities and actions of these
      strangely enigmatic lights and anomalous objects... objects
      steadfastly refusing to go away! ...And Persons exist, good
      reader, Dr. Kitei discovers, who are too many times dashed (by the
      system) on the seemingly indifferent shoals of the mainstream's
      abject and inexplicable DENIAL... of anything ufological or
      zeno-archeological or historically revisionistic, or remotely
      investigative of the darkly powerful.

      She was outraged, I suspect, to discover the head-in-the-sand,
      derisively mannered, and deleterious approbations from top level
      government, jet-setting corporate, or larded establishment church
      wheels with regard to UFOs! It became clear to her that, to this
      point, and for all the pain (and death!) of some brave and
      intelligent ufological worthies, ufological considerations by the
      conflicted mainstream were data driving and not, remotely, data
      driven. Lies, not truth.

      I can't speak for Dr. Kitei, but I suspect that her disappointment
      upon this gestalt realization of ongoing betrayal was, to say the
      least, profound... I imagine this disappointment was followed by
      angered resentment at being so manipulated, duped, and otherwise
      shined on her whole life by the duplicitous establishment... I may
      be projecting... [g].

      Regardless, she's in a round of UFO Hold'em and already dealt a
      couple of aces, considering her reputation and education, ... and
      knowing that her opponents in the game have nothing but small cards
      in different suits, or, nothing, that is to say... she's exuberated
      to play with the idea of going "all in" as the game progresses...

      This is, I detect, because she can prove the Flop, predicts the
      Turn card, and has already divined the River, I'm betting. The
      only way an opposition wins now is to lie, cheat, and steal...
      convince the water-heating masses they disrespect that UFOs are
      facile fantasy and anyone who wastes time on them is SICK, LYING, or

      Just thinking out loud... What could be made up out of whole cloth
      about the good Doctor Kitei to provide the rain for this refreshing
      parade she's, perhaps, about to launch at the grass roots about UFOs?
      What character attacks must she stoically endure in the future?

      Kitei may prove to be a rallying standard around which physicists
      can consort with philosophers and theologists can collaborate with
      humanists. It would be tres' convenient for the status quo if she
      would "get out" of the UFO business, I expect.

      Her detractors are well behind the credibility curve and lose more
      supporting relevancy every day, while Kitei has already filled her
      sails with a righteous east wind and can easily out-sail this bloated
      and illogical squall of card-carrying reflex debunkers... tack away
      from the cloying insinuations of pelicanist sturm and klasskurtzian
      drang. She's already produced the 'book' and couched that written
      explication with a video 'documentary' that is unsurpassed with
      regard to data following sincerity, legitimately compelling
      production values, and an all-enriching inspirational optimism for
      our unfolding future... if we let it unfold that is.

      And such a film it is...

      This just mentioned film is a first rate production of one of the
      most startling ufological accounts of our time... "The Phoenix
      Lights"... an account very similar to other accounts from the past
      which have been chronicled by vetted human beings (even if ignored)
      for as long as we have been able to put pen to paper and even burnt
      stick to cave wall...

      ...Even before Christ! Even before Buddha! Even before
      Moses...before Krishna... before Osiris, Marduk, and El Al... all the
      way back to Enki and Enlil and beyond. We're not only not alone,
      reader... we've never been 'alone'.

      Moreover, Doctor Kitei attempts to take a few more bravely
      unpopular steps out on that ufological limb, forgetting for a moment
      that someone has to make the traverse because that's where the
      informational nuts and berries are...

      The Doctor, respected reader, is open to 'optimism' with regard to
      this 'thing'... yes.

      She is energized by this thing. She is inspired by this thing. She
      is as reassured as she is excited by this thing. So are others
      interviewed . Optimism is a new flag flying.

      This thing has improved her values, enhanced her already very
      satisfying (I suspect) existence, reinvented her focus, and widened
      her views. Dusk becomes a new dawn, verily. She's in excellent
      company. Many more are similarly affected.

      Thusly, Dr. Kitei is truly in a position to lance the boil of our
      aggregate ignorance, and so has become a dangerous woman. Dangerous
      to who? Who are these? Just who are "they"? Let's talk about
      'them' briefly.

      "They" are... ...the privileged arbitrary, the unelected, and far too
      many of the elected. "They," are those who have, and having had,
      would keep on having despite an aggregate detriment to the common
      good of those who "have not." "They," are in possession of
      information that would credit or be to the advantage of anyone who
      'knew', specifically outlining why most know not.

      "They" are the 'secret keepers'. "They" are the jealous manipulators
      of the mainstream. "They" are the ardent covetous who encourage bland
      employees while they discourage critical thinkers. "They" are the
      ones with suspicious agendas, duplicitous plans, and secret programs.
      "They" are the 'few' willing to profit, egregiously, at the expense
      of the 'many'. "They" are above the law, outside reasonable ethics,
      practice a sociopathic amorality, and hold the many enthralled... but
      beneath their privileged contempt...

      If raw news has any relevancy in these tumultuous times, these
      precepts are obvious. ...Not to put too fine a point on it. To wit:
      The preceding are not persons to lightly be dangerous to; one might
      readily agree...

      So, I hope Dr. Lynne has good security... as at this point she is
      just what the doctor ordered, even as her efforts put her head way
      up over the berm and her hull well out of defilade... I admonish her
      to keep her 'eyes' open.

      She's been an inspiration to me, and you too, I'm betting, if you
      have a look. Remember, she's got the Hold, the Flop, the Turn, and
      the River!

      The pot seems hers for the taking... That's enough...

      ...Anybody have a cannon?

      ...News and info on her startling book and stunning documentary can
      be found at:


      Read on!

      alienview@... -:|:-
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