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Fwd: [StarShips_and_Extraterrestrials] Steven Greer on Jennings Report

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  • Ramona West
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2005
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      > Subject: [StarShips_and_Extraterrestrials] Steven
      > Greer on Jennings Report
      > Of course, the title of the show was `Peter Jennings
      > Reporting' - if
      > only that were so. This is the story of how, once
      > again, the corrupt
      > Big Media has defrauded the American people, from
      > one who had a front
      > row seat to the spectacle.
      > In the summer of 2004, as founder and director of
      > The Disclosure
      > Project (www.DisclosureProject.org) I was approached
      > by Jennings
      > Productions producer Jordan Kronick. He explained
      > how ABC News was
      > going to make history by doing a serious expose of
      > the UFO matter -
      > for the first time on network news.
      > Initially skeptical - we have seen and heard this
      > song and dance
      > before - I agreed to meet with Kronick at our
      > offices in Washington
      > DC. Over the course of several hours, we discussed
      > the subject and how
      > The Disclosure Project had identified several
      > hundred top secret
      > military and government witnesses to UFO events and
      > projects.
      > Kronick expressed great interest and repeatedly
      > stated that this is
      > exactly what Jennings, chief producer Mark Obenhaus
      > and he were
      > looking for. I offered to provide, pro bono, ALL
      > Disclosure Project
      > digital videotape interviews and full access to ALL
      > Disclosure Project
      > witnesses willing to cooperate with ABC News -
      > including those
      > witnesses not yet taped by us.
      > The reader at this point needs to know that these
      > are not fuzzy,
      > blacked-out deep throats anonymously telling stories
      > of the night.
      > These are hundreds of military, government and
      > corporate insiders who
      > have been identified by us over the past 14 years.
      > They range from
      > Generals, to Astronauts, to senior FAA officials who
      > were privy to
      > events, projects and cover-ups involving UFOs.
      > Additionally, we have
      > thousands of pages of uncontested official
      > government smoking gun
      > documents and physical evidence, photos, videos,
      > landing trace events
      > and other unambiguous proof.
      > The ABC News production team claimed to want exactly
      > this type
      > evidence - and especially the high-level government
      > and military
      > insider whistle-blowers who could credibly blow the
      > lid off of decades
      > of secrecy.
      > As a two-hour news special, ABC claimed that they
      > could, at long last,
      > give the subject the focus and rigor needed to
      > achieve this objective.
      > But as discussions continued, it became more and
      > more clear that
      > Obenhaus and Jennings really wanted to do a human
      > interest story -
      > including anecdotal civilian witnesses,
      > man-in-the-street interviews
      > and the general silly season and carnival atmosphere
      > surrounding most
      > things ufological.
      > We agreed to cooperate with the filming of a CSETI
      > (Center for the
      > Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research
      > expedition to Mt.
      > Shasta in August of 2004, at which time we were able
      > to have
      > discussions with Obenhaus, the senior producer in
      > charge of the project.
      > We were incredulous as Obenhaus revealed to us that
      > he was sure the
      > matter was not really being kept secret but had just
      > `fallen through
      > the cracks' due to lack of follow through, laziness
      > and so forth on
      > the part of the government! It was clear he had not
      > studied the data
      > or evidence given to him, and had his mind made up
      > to do a `light',
      > human interest piece and not a real expose or
      > research project.
      > This was later confirmed when, as summer turned to
      > fall, the long
      > promised serious research and interviews they
      > claimed they wanted to
      > do with these top-secret government witnesses were
      > never followed up.
      > I spoke a few more times to Kronick, who promised a
      > sit down interview
      > and follow- up with these high-ranking and
      > conclusive witnesses. They
      > never did.
      > Instead, the final ABC News show was weaker in
      > evidence than most
      > tabloid cable channel pieces on the UFO subject -
      > with the bulk of the
      > `documentary' being interviews with UFO
      > personalities, debunkers and
      > the carnival atmosphere of UFO hotspots like
      > Roswell.
      > They fraudulently appeared to be ` balanced' by
      > having both skeptics
      > and `believers' - with the clear implication that
      > the skeptics were
      > `real scientists' and the `believers' were misguided
      > flakes. Using the
      > ruse of media `objectivity', ABC News would
      > asymmetrically show, say,
      > a Harvard scientist skeptic juxtaposed against an
      > civilian who thought
      > he had been sexually assaulted by aliens!
      > The few, very brief interviews with pilots and
      > military people were
      > overwhelmed by the spurious, carnival-like
      > pseudo-ethnography of the
      > UFO subculture mixed in with long segments of
      > scientists pooh- poohing
      > the entire matter.
      > While appearing objective and `balanced' to the
      > general viewer, the
      > project was, rather, a disinformation piece,
      > carefully crafted to give
      > the mere appearance of objectivity.
      > Otherwise, why spend so much air time interviewing
      > UFO personalities,
      > media figures and the like - while completely
      > leaving out ALL
      > high-ranking military, government and scientific
      > witnesses and
      > evidence given directly by us to them?
      > In light of the range and scope of material that we
      > personally gave
      > them, it is incomprehensible why ALL of it would be
      > omitted - unless
      > it was their intent from the beginning to do a
      > disinformation and
      > cover-up piece.
      > Why else would Peter Jennings state that the US
      > Government has been
      > out of the UFO matter since 1969, when Project Blue
      > Book was closed,
      > even though he and his team were directly given by
      > us, official US
      > government documents, senior government
      > whistle-blower testimony and
      > physical evidence - including radar tapes - to the
      > contrary? Why would
      > Jennings feature uninformed scientists rhetorically
      > asking `where's
      > the physical evidence' when abundant physical
      > evidence is available
      > and was offered to him?
      > Why indeed. We have received a CIA document from
      > 1991 that clearly
      > states that the CIA has contacts in the big media to
      > change, kill or
      > spin stories. From this document, dated 20 December
      > 1991, and released
      > 1 April 1992, to the Director of Central
      > Intelligence from the Task
      > Force on Greater CIA Openness, on page 6:
      > "PAO [the Public Affairs Office] now has
      > relationships with reporters
      > from every major wire service, newspaper, news
      > weekly, and television
      > network in the nation. This has helped us turn some
      > intelligence
      > failure stories into intelligence success storiesIn
      > many instances, we
      > have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold
      > or even scrap stories"
      > And from a CIA document regarding the psychological
      > warfare
      > implications of UFOs, we find a reference to Disney
      > Studios, now the
      > parent company of ABC, being used as a source for
      > doing cartoon-like
      > portrayals of the subject for psychological warfare
      > purposes. Can we
      > be surprised ABC News has, again, defrauded the
      > American people - only
      > pretending to do news and real investigative
      > reporting when in reality
      > they are purveying disinformation to an accepting
      > public?
      > Obenhaus, without any research or foundation in
      > fact, went so far as
      > to personally assert to me that the hybrid
      > government - corporate
      > complex is not keeping new energy, propulsion and
      > related technologies
      > hidden from the public! His prejudice on the matter
      > was profound and
      > unwavering: forget the facts, my mind is made up.
      > It is hard to reconcile ABC News' claims to doing a
      > serious expose and
      > investigative report when the senior producer of the
      > project, without
      > any investigation or research, espouses such
      > closed-minded conclusions
      > at the outset.
      > Those who know me, know that I like to stay
      > positive, present the
      > affirmative facts and present the promise of an
      > advanced, sustainable
      > civilization on earth benefiting from the knowledge
      > of these new
      > technologies. But it is time for the American people
      > to wake up to the
      > fact that the big media and their corporate masters
      > are the central
      > problem blocking the truth from coming out. As a
      > former board member
      > of Time Warner told me, the big media has become
      > scribes taking
      > dictation from the right hand of the king - and the
      > fourth estate is
      > essentially dead.
      > The American people must demand that ABC News
      > correct its fraudulent
      > assertions - and do a real investigative report on
      > the serious
      > evidence, government documents and courageous
      > military whistle- blower
      > testimony that The Disclosure Project and others
      > have identified. The
      > reader may obtain much of this evidence from
      > www.DisclousreProject.org.
      > Write Peter Jennings at ABC News at:
      > support@... and demand
      > an honest investigative report.
      > Additionally, please contact the FCC and register
      > your complaint
      > regarding the transparent fraud perpetrated by ABC
      > News on the
      > American public.
      > Remember: ABC News, as a broadcast network, is given
      > by the FCC access
      > to the public airwaves. In exchange, we have the
      > right to hold ABC
      > News, as well as the other networks, to fairness,
      > accuracy and honesty
      > -and certainly to avoid blatant fraud and
      > corruption. This was not the
      > ABC entertainment division that perpetrated this
      > fraudulent report on
      > the American people, but its news division. That
      > they would sanitize
      > such an important two hour report of nearly all
      > credible evidence and
      > government insider witnesses requires that we demand
      > a hearing on the
      > matter by the FCC immediately. Who induced Obenhaus
      > and Peter Jennings
      > to cover-up this important evidence? Why? ABC News
      > cannot claim
      > ignorance on the matter as they were directly given
      > extensive
      > testimony and evidence, none of which appeared in
      > the program.
      > Contact the FCC at www.fcc.gov.cgb.complaints.html
      > and demand an
      > immediate investigation into this matter and demand
      > that the FCC
      > require ABC to retract its false statements and
      > present the evidence
      > which they possess but are hiding from the American
      > public.
      > And lastly, support Disclosure in any way you can.
      > Help us get the
      > truth out. Tell people about
      > http://www.DisclosureProject.org where
      > they can find the truth about this important matter.
      > And help us
      > identify backers who will help us start a new - and
      > honest- news
      > outlet that will truthfully report on these and
      > related projects that
      > are illegally kept secret from the public. Is it not
      > time for us to
      > form a news network -The Disclosure Network- that
      > will produce and air
      > real investigative reports on a wide range of
      > government and corporate
      > corruption? Matters now left completely hidden by
      > the complicity of
      > big media need to be known by the people if we are
      > to renew and
      > protect democracy and disclose the technologies now
      > hidden and
      > suppressed that could replace oil and nuclear power
      > and give us a
      > sustainable, peaceful world.
      > We can no longer trust ABC news or the rest of the
      > big media to do
      > this. We, the people, must take on the task of
      > getting the truth out -
      > and salvaging what is left of our democracy and
      > planet. Big media, who
      > have become shills for their corporate masters, are
      > incapable or
      > unwilling to tell the truth. It is time we did it
      > for them.
      > Steven M. Greer MD
      > Director and Founder
      > The Disclosure Project
      > Albemarle County Virginia
      > March 2005
      > http://www.DisclosureProject.org

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