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Re: Fwd: Ask the Captain - Have you seen any UFOs or 'alien' aircraft?

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  • Lesley
    Does that mean if I talk to one person who hasn t seen something it doesn t exist? Like anyone believes usa today anyhow they are almost as unreliable as
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2005
      Does that mean if I talk to one person who hasn't seen something it
      doesn't exist? Like anyone believes usa today anyhow they are
      almost as unreliable as Peter Jennings.

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      > Ask the Captain
      > Meryl Getline
      > http://www.usatoday.com/travel/columnist/getline/2005-03-21-ask-
      > Have you seen any UFOs or 'alien' aircraft?
      > Captain Meryl Getline answers your questions about what it's like
      to fly
      > the friendly skies. Is there something you want to know about air
      > Send her an e-mail, and she may publish it in an upcoming column.
      > Question: Have you seen any UFOs, or outright "alien" aircraft?
      > anecdotes of such sightings common or uncommon among pilots? â€"
      Jim Scaife,
      > New York
      > Answer: This is a great question, as well as a popular one, but
      I'm afraid
      > I don't have a great answer. I've never seen a UFO, and I've
      > personally known a pilot who's seen one either.
      > I have, however, seen wonderful phenomenon, like the Halebop Comet
      > the Northern Lights behind it and a meteor shower going on to
      boot. I'll
      > have to be satisfied with space phenomena like that.
      > The movie version, of course, is for the pilots to see something
      > spectacular without being able to identify what it is. They look
      at each
      > other afterward and say, "Did you see that?" The other one
      replies, "See
      > what?" and they leave it at that.
      > The fact is, if I ever did see anything really unusual, I'd be on
      > phone â€" not to the CIA or another government facility â€" but to
      the nearest
      > university with an astronomy department that could answer my
      > Disappointing but true.
      > Meryl Getline is a captain for United Airlines and author of The
      World at
      > My Feet. She also publishes her own Web site, fromthecockpit.com.
      > opinions expressed in this column are exclusively those of Capt.
      > Getline. United Airlines neither contributes to nor endorses this
      > If you have a question, send it to her at travel@u...,
      > acknowledging she may use it in a future column.
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