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      > Subject: [StarShips_and_Extraterrestrials]
      > By Dr.John Mack
      > Florence, Italy
      > November 16, 2003
      > Thank you to the Gruppo Academico Scandicci GAUS and
      > Paola Harris for inviting me to Florence for this
      > conference.
      > What I'd like to do first is give an overview of the
      > "so called abduction phenomena and lead into
      > questions of how do we know or what are the ways of
      > knowing when we are dealing with something this
      > strange. I also will discuss the implications of
      > this and phenomena like this for our world.
      > I am a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst and I have a
      > special interest in extraordinary experience. I'd
      > like to discuss how our language shapes the
      > experience. For instance, words like "abduction" and
      > "alien" shape the conversation a certain way.
      > The word "abduction" is off in two different ways:
      > First, it implies that every person who has this
      > encounter experience is taken against his or her
      > will like an abduction in human terms; It also
      > implies that each person who has an experience is
      > physically taken, the whole body is taken up into a
      > craft, which is also not true in all instances.
      > Another aspect of contact is transferring
      > information to humans telepathically or showing us
      > images. A lot of this information has had to do with
      > what our species are doing that is destructive to
      > our planet. It is as if what we are doing
      > ecologically with the planet is creating some kind
      > of larger problem in the Galaxy.
      > Also "the Experiencers" are given certain skills,
      > certain capabilities that they were not given in
      > their schooling. For instance, they may discover
      > that they may have a great artistic ability that
      > comes from this contact. Also they may have been
      > given important mathematical and scientific
      > knowledge that goes way beyond anything they learned
      > in school and yet they are downloaded the most
      > complicated mathematical formulas. And when the
      > scientist and physicist recognize that there is
      > truth coming from these individuals and sometimes
      > more than the physicists themselves know, they
      > recognize it as genuine. I have personally seen many
      > examples of these.
      > I'd also like to speak about the question of
      > evidence: how do we know that this experience is
      > true? How do we evaluate these reports and how do we
      > determine truthfulness? For example, when I
      > evaluate, I become clear that people of sound mind
      > have no reason for making up this story. It is sure
      > that they did not get it from the media because
      > often they know more than the media.
      > But there is something missing in what we have to
      > evaluate or determine when a person tells us a story
      > so bizarre whether he/she is telling the truth and
      > whether we should take them seriously. But as yet we
      > have had no criteria to evaluate the truth of such
      > encounters. So I am working on just this and I'm
      > just beginning to establish a science of Human
      > Experience.
      > Now in traditional science when we observe certain
      > phenomenon, we bring some objectivity to what we
      > have studied. But when you are trying to understand
      > something so profound and important to a person you
      > can not stand back but you must enter into the
      > consciousness of that person. So what the critics
      > will say "what you are learning is too subjective"
      > here is the problem: if you are going to learn about
      > something this profound, then the learning needs to
      > be "intersubjuctive."
      > So still there is the problem of discovering the
      > truth. If I say it just feels like they are telling
      > the truth, then this is not enough. So we have to
      > start with the "holistic way of knowing". This is
      > close to what we know as intuitive knowing. It is
      > like a knowing of the heart and a knowing of the
      > spirit that has been part of traditional cultures
      > for hundreds and thousands of years but has been
      > lost in the west.
      > I received some help in this matter from Vatican
      > representative Monsignor Corrado Balducci who says
      > "we in the church take this UFO Encounter Phenomena
      > very seriously and the reason for that is that there
      > seem to be so many reliable witnesses. In the
      > church, we have had centuries of having to evaluate
      > miraculous reports by some kind of criteria and so
      > they had to develop the notion of the "reliable
      > witnesses."
      > So I began to apply this idea of the reliable
      > witness to these cases. How do we know who is a
      > reliable witness? For my cases, it not only had to
      > do with the fact just that these people who were
      > trustworthy reported something, but it had to do
      > with the power of their communication that came
      > across to me. I would experience with these people
      > when they would be reliving their experience, the
      > most powerful vibration. I was in the presence of
      > something awesome in its intensity. The experiencers
      > themselves would give language to that. They would
      > say something like "every cell in my body was
      > vibrating"!
      > When you are in the presence of that, it passes your
      > judging mind and you feel it in your whole being.
      > Going back to "What is a reliable witness?", it has
      > to do with a resonance between the person who is
      > reporting or sharing the experience and the
      > clinician. It might be called "a direct knowing".
      > You just know that with your whole being that this
      > person is telling the truth. There are other
      > examples of this "direct knowing" as demonstrated
      > when the Tribunal that was hearing testimony of the
      > torture in Bosnia questioned witnesses. The Judge
      > said after hearing the testimony of a particular
      > woman about how she was tortured, "I do not need any
      > more testimony". I can just tell that it is not
      > possible that she is not telling the truth. That is
      > sufficient.
      > Now everyone knows torture exists. That is accepted.
      > But it is not accepted in our society that these UFO
      > encounters exist. Therefore you need to have
      > evidence of a pattern of such similarities that is
      > showing up in hundreds, if not, thousands of cases.
      > One of these experiencers is helping me out with
      > this statement she made about witnesses:
      > "When a witness speaks, all recognize that they have
      > been in another realm. Sincerity and truth and power
      > of spirit are just as measurable as inches and
      > pounds but not in the same way."
      > It is ironic that experiences like alien abduction
      > encounters, UFOs, crop circles, and near-death
      > experiences are called anomalies. In another words,
      > in our culture, what lies outside the realm of the
      > cultural agreement, about what is real, is called
      > anomalous. Therefore a huge amount of human
      > experience is called anomalous.
      > When I have discussed this with Native Americans,
      > and they say it is not an anomalous. We know about
      > this. It is part of the human experience.
      > Establishing a new "worldview"
      > In the last minutes, I want to talk about matter of
      > a worldview and how it works. It has always been
      > referred to as a paradigm and it has more of a
      > scientific. But I prefer to call it "worldview"
      > because it refers to something bigger. A worldview
      > is the way we organize reality. It is the way we
      > believe things work. In a way it is like an
      > instrument of navigation. Our worldviews is what
      > holds the human psyche together. What I came to
      > realize with that Harvard Committee was that I was
      > threatening the scientific medical worldview by
      > which they were living.
      > What has been the dominant worldview in our society
      > could be called Neutonian-Carticianism or
      > anthropocentric, humanist. It is a worldview that
      > puts the human being as top of the cosmic hierarchy
      > of intelligence. The simplest term for this is, is
      > that which I call Scientific Materialism. In this
      > worldview, matter and energy is the primary reality
      > and there is no larger intelligence in the cosmos.
      > The principle method of study is objective reality
      > which separates the investigator from the matter
      > that is being investigated. Now in recent years,
      > this view, which has dominated our society, is
      > failing. It is failing in every important element
      > that the worldview is supposed to serve.
      > First, there is a huge amount of phenomena, which it
      > can not explain nor deal with. There is no method of
      > study for many things that we are talking about
      > today.
      > Secondly, it leads to terrible destructiveness
      > because it treats the entire planet as simply
      > physical resources to fight over by who are the most
      > powerful and most important countries.
      > Thirdly, scientific materialism does not give human
      > beings any real satisfaction. It leaves us without
      > spirit and it leaves us with an empty feeling
      > because all it has to offer are more and more
      > material things.
      > Now we have new emerging worldviews that are
      > different. In this worldview, there is intelligence
      > dwelling in the universe. That experience which
      > happens to my clients is one example of the
      > intelligence dwelling in the universe and the beings
      > that have come to my clients are another example.
      > The crop formations are also evidence of this
      > intelligence that is trying to communicate with us.
      > Also it is a model of the universe and us in it
      > which says that everything is connected with
      > everything else and we know that cutting edge
      > physics is supporting this worldview. So it includes
      > not only new ways of knowing but it also involves a
      > spiritual awakening.
      > This change which is happening around us is met with
      > enmity and a great deal of resistance because
      > there's a huge psychological economic and political
      > investment in maintaining the old worldview.
      > I will give you one example of the UFO resistance
      > because books being written which discuss this new
      > paradigm are being called "new age, psudoscientific,
      > psychcentric in order to dismiss them as out of hand
      > because some people who write such books do not hold
      > themselves responsible to any scientific standards
      > whatsoever.
      > I will conclude by speaking about the implications
      > of this new worldview. We see around us all kinds of
      > forces which are supporting the emergence of this
      > way of thinking. People around the planet are
      > opening up to new ways of thinking. Groups, like the
      > committed to the new emerging paradigm.
      > How would this planet be different if the emerging
      > worldview became be the dominant worldview?
      > We would be connected to all living beings not just
      > those around us, and with all nature and spirit,
      > which would make it impossible for us to treat
      > nature in such a exploitative way. For example, we
      > would be able to identify with other peoples, other
      > religions and with all animals so we would not treat
      > them just as products to consume. With this deeper
      > reality, we could appreciate that we are connected
      > to the Divine, the creative principle which would be
      > more fulfilling than the material focus that has
      > been so dominant today. So it would be global like a
      > "global awakening of the heart", instead of global
      > exploitation, a word that is has that connotation
      > today.
      > I might add "opening of the heart " has been a
      > fundamental aspect of alien encounter experience I
      > learned from my dealing with experiencers. Sometimes
      > experiencers get information from these beings that
      > we are not just a menace to the Earth but we are a
      > menace to the Galaxy.
      > In conclusion, as this emerging paradigm, this
      > emerging worldview takes hold, we might become more
      > responsible citizens of a galaxy instead of becoming
      > the eminent menace we appear to be!
      > Happy Easter to All
      > Tone

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