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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 11

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 11 March 16, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 11
      March 16, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinagan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      The weird entity which the Argentinian media has
      dubbed El Loco de los Techos (Spanish for Rooftop Madman--
      J.T.) has been sighted repeatedly in the barrio San
      Lorenzo (district) on the south side of Santa Fe, a large
      city in northwestern Argentina.
      "Residents of barrio San Lorenzo remain frightened
      and agitated by the apparitions of the ghostly character
      called the Rooftop Madman. Given the prevailing state of
      nervous tension, two psychologists began meeting with the
      population through the health assistance needs center
      located in the area."
      "As part of the plan, periodic meetings have been
      held with local residents. The next one is slated for
      Thursday afternoon, March 10, 2005, at 1 p.m. Interested
      parties have been invited--by means of handbills--to reach
      individual interviews with the national health
      "Meanwhile, the ghostly character's 'visits' continue
      taking place, according to the numerous stories that are
      heard daily in the streets of San Lorenzo."
      "This morning, (Friday, March 11, 2005) a 60-year-old
      man told El Litoral that he saw the Madman in a hallway of
      his own house, while another woman from the 4000 block of
      Calle Entre Rios (street) saw the phantom on top of an old
      pine tree."
      "'My 11-year-old son fainted,' said the woman."
      Santa Fe, capital of the province of the same name,
      is located 400 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of Buenos
      Aires, the national capital. (See the Argentinian
      newspaper El Litoral for March 10, 2005, "The Rooftop
      Madman is still at large." Muchas gracias a Scott
      Corrales y Proyecto Catent por este articulo de diario.)


      "Since January (2005), residents of La Playosa, a
      small city in Cordoba province" in western Argentina, "are
      restless over the presence of a man who could be the
      legendary Lobizon, thought to break into homes while
      issuing powerful howls."
      (Editor's Note: In the folklore of Argentina, El Lobizon
      is the seventh son of a seventh son who turns into a
      werewolf when the moon is full.)
      "Several women have brought complaints to the local
      sheriff's office and the fire department, but until now it
      has been impossible to apprehend the strange character who
      has kept the town up in arms."
      "'Generally speaking, it attacks dwellings in which
      no man is present or happens to be away for various
      reasons. It tries to break in through backyards and
      alleyways, knowing that only women and children happen to
      be present. Fortunately, it has been unable to break into
      homes because the doors are locked,' explained Ana, one of
      the women attacked by the Lobizon, to the Cordoba
      newspaper La Manana."
      "The woman's eyewitness account coincides with others
      who are able to see through their windows. 'It's a young
      person, thin and tall. Its eyes are bloodshot, and it's
      clad in black--I suppose with the intention of frightening
      the familes of the homes it's trying to break into.'"
      (Editor's Comment: This one sounds like a cousin of the
      entity in Santa Fe.)
      "Investigators believe that the Lobizon of La Playosa
      could be a deranged young man trying to break into the
      house of a woman he has studied previously and who, for
      some reason or another, has caused him to develop an
      interest or attraction. In any event, the town's peace
      has been disrupted, and no one dares sleep with open
      windows, or leave their doors unlocked as used to be the
      Cordoba, capital of the province of the same name, is
      located 425 kilometers (265 miles) west-northwest of
      Buenos Aires. (See the Argentinian newspaper La Manana
      for March 10, 2005. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y
      Proyecto Catent por este articulo de diario.)


      "The mysterious booms that rocked much of downtown"
      Winston-Salem, North Carolina (population 185,766)
      "Saturday night," March 5, 2005, "may remain forever a
      "About 8:20 p.m., 911 dispatchers started getting a
      mass of calls reporting the booms, said Shawn Cline, the
      hazardous materials coordinator for the Winston-
      Salem/Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management."
      "The calls concerned an area downtown between Glade
      and Cherry Streets, from Brookstown Avenue to the south
      and West 24th Street to the north, he said."
      "Cline said he had not ruled out as of yesterday
      whether a small earthquake or sonic booms might have
      caused the noises, but by the end of the day he did not
      have a valid answer."
      "There may not be enough earth-measuring equipment in
      the area to determine whether a small earthquake occurred,
      said Tyler Clark, the chief geologist at the North
      Carolina Geological Survey."
      "'This is likely to go down in the history books as a
      mystery,' Clark said."
      "Saturday's booms were about the tenth event he has
      had from the Winston-Salem area in the past five years,
      Clark said."
      "'These are not anything new,' he said, 'They've
      happened to our state for a long time.'"
      "There are more active fault lines in states that
      border North Carolina than there are inside the state, he
      "'In North Carolina, we sit in the quiet zone,' he
      said. Because of this, there is not a network of seismic
      equipment to track local earthquakes."
      "It may be possible that the noises were a sonic
      boom, which is more likely to make the kind of explosive
      sound reported than an earthquake, Clark said."
      "But a sonic boom could not have come from a plane
      leaving or landing at Smith-Reynolds Airport because the
      plane would be going too slow, said Dave Short, the air
      traffic manager at the airport."
      "Smith-Reynolds air traffic controllers do not track
      anything else above its air space of 12,000 feet (3,600
      meters), Short said."
      "City public utilities officials considered the
      possibility that a methane explosion in a nearby sewer
      could have caused the booms but ruled out the
      "'If the explosion had happened, there's got to be a
      release of pressure elsewhere,' said Ron Hargrove, the
      deputy director of the City-County Utilities Division.
      There have been no such reports, which could include such
      things as blown manhole covers."
      "Loud noises and vibration that struck the Konnoiac
      Hills in 1994 turned out to be a small earthquake, the
      largest of which measured 1.7 on the Richter scale."
      Winston-Salem, N.C. is on Highway 421approximately
      105 miles (168 kilometers) west of Raleigh, the state
      capital. (See the Winston-Salem Journal for March 8,
      2005, "Source of mystery booms likely to remain unknown."
      Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)


      On Tuesday, March 1, 2005, at 1 a.m., Paul W.
      "noticed a bright red object in the sky" over Auckland, a
      large city on the North Island of New Zealand.
      "The object was entirely lit red and was circular,"
      Paul reported, "It made no noise at all. And, if it had
      been an aircraft, I would have definitely heard the engine
      from the distance I observed it from at first. It was
      decreasing its altitude as it was flying away but not
      dramatically. When the object was 20 kilometers (12
      miles) away from me, it suddenly changed its direction and
      started flying to my right at the same altitude. Not
      flying at a super-high speed but definitely than the
      aircraft that fly over my area."
      "I would say it was about 5 kilometers (3 miles) away
      from me when I first noticed the object. I have a pet dog
      who was inside all the time. I really didn't notice any
      barking from him or from any other animal within the area.
      It was a fine and clear sky, only a few clouds. The
      object actually flew through one of these clouds during
      the sighting."
      Paul called out to his mother to come and see the UFO
      "but by the time she made it outside, the object had
      changed direction to my right. She could see only a red
      object briefly before a neighbouring house blocked the
      view. The object was visible for one to two minutes. I
      have always had an interest in UFOs. After this
      experience, I know they exist. I can totally say seeing
      is believing." (Many thanks to Canadian ufologist Brian
      Vike for this report.)


      On Tuesday, March 1, 2005, the male eyewitness
      reported, "I went to Parc de Mystere (French for Mystery
      Park--J.T.) with two friends. Ending the visit, we headed
      back to Geneva at 3:30 p.m. We were on the highway not
      far from Bern (Switzerland's capital--J.T.) when I
      suddenly saw, in the daylight sky, a light that appeared
      to be immobile. Still, I told myself, it could be a star.
      I told my friends to look at the light, but it went faster
      for a second, then disappeared."
      "We looked at each other amazed, and they kept
      looking at the sky. Suddenly, one of my friends told me,
      'It's back!'"
      "It had appeared once again, and it was the same
      light at the same place. This (same sequence of events)
      occurred four times" as they drove along, "and then we
      couldn't see the light any more because trees blocked our
      view for a while. We knew it was a UFO. We had never
      seen anything like that previously." (Merci beaucoup a
      Robert Fischer pour cettes nouvelles.)

      UFO IN DUBBO, N.S.W.

      "A black triangular object made a number of motions
      and then sped off right behind some trees" on Sunday,
      March 6, 2005 in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.
      "That's how police have described the footage claimed
      to be of an unidentified flying object by a Dubbo family
      last Sunday night."
      "'I've never seen anything like it,' Suzanne Fuller
      said, 'It was hovering over there by five trees and was
      completely silent.'"
      "The police arrived at the scene and 8 p.m., viewed
      the footage and filed an official report with Air Services
      Australia (ASA), a federal airways monitoring bureau."
      "'It looked like a bird, but much larger, the size of
      a car, with a flat top and a deeper shape at the bottom.'"
      "Mrs. Fuller has put in a call to UFO Researchers
      Independent Network and described what she had seen to
      Moira McGhee."
      "'The object looked about 40 to 50 miles (64 to 80
      kilometers) away to the southeast,' she said."
      (Editor's Note: That would put the UFO in the area of the
      Burrendong Reservoir, a notorious UFO hotspot according to
      Australian researcher Rex Gilroy.)
      "She said the family saw something between 7 p.m. and
      8:15 p.m. At first, a male member of the family saw what
      he described to Moira McGhee as 'something that looked
      like a stationary chopper.'"
      "'Now remember, it was still daylight at 7 p.m.,' she
      (Editor's Note: Australia, like the other countries of
      the southern hemisphere, is just wrapping up its summer.
      Their autumn begins on March 21.)
      "Mrs. Fuller said that, together with her husband and
      her three daughters, they continued watching until after
      11 p.m."
      "'Once the sun set, there was a light like from a
      lighthouse, flashing on and off every couple of seconds,'
      she said."
      "'The police were here, and they said they had never
      seen anything like it before. Every now and then, it
      would move to the left again...and then back to the same
      position again.'"
      "Duty Officer Inspector Alan Cusick commended the
      family for reporting the incident."
      "'We take these calls on their merit,' he said, 'The
      family was genuine in their concern, they called the
      police and they did the right thing. We have proceeded in
      investigating the matter by referring the incident to the
      ASA and sending them the videotape for inspection.'"
      "The sighting is not the first in Dubbo. In 2002, a
      man reported seeing an object 'as large as a house'
      hovering in the sky only 500 feet (150 meters) off the
      ground and allegedly mixing and changing colours."
      "Mrs. McGhee said a similar sighting 10 years ago had
      a number of people in Dubbo report seeing an object 'as
      big as a supermarket' in the sky."
      Dubbo, N.S.W. is located on the Macquarie River about
      320 miles (532 kilometers) northwest of Sydney,
      Australia's largest city. (See the Australian newspaper
      The Liberal for March 9, 2005, "Black UFO hovers silently
      for 5 hours over OZ town." Many thanks to Todd and
      Kristin Rogan for this newspaper article.)


      On Sunday, March 6, 2005, at 2 a.m., Joann Van Horn
      spotted a UFO approaching from the southeast at her home
      in Lakeside, California (population 19,560).
      "A large, bright orange, egg-shaped craft (appeared
      to be a commercial airliner approaching Gillespie Field
      engulfed in flames--J.V.H.) stopped and split into three
      smaller craft that flew in a synchronized formation,
      firing off what appeared to be tracers. They joined back
      together approximately 15 minutes later, forming a
      triangular shape and flew off toward the southwest."
      "There was a Lakeside Fire Department truck parked
      across the street, and the firefighters were watching it
      at the same time as myself and my son. Approximately a
      half-hour later, the bright orange craft flew from a
      southeasterly direction at an extremely high rate of speed
      at a lower altitude and stopped directly in front of me,
      then slowly flew off to the southwest again."
      "It was about the size of a commercial airliner
      approaching for a landing at Gillespie Field or at San
      Diego International Airport."
      "I called Channel 9 News several times, spoke with a
      newsperson and a photographer. Lakeside Fire Department
      told the station that it was a balloon that had gotten
      away and offered no other explanation."
      Lakeside, Cal. is on Highway 67 about 15 miles (25
      kilometers) northeast of San Diego. (Email Form Report)


      "Whether it's actually a speck of cottonwood fluff or
      a small bug darting around in the sun or an alien ship
      coming to inspect life in Fort St. John," British Columbia
      (population 15,021), one local man is certain that, for
      now, he has pictures of an unidentified flying object."
      "Mark Mann has been taking video footage of the sky
      for a couple of years now and has come up with some
      remarkable images by pointing his camera at a brightly-lit
      area of the sky, where the sun has just tucked behind a
      building and leaving a backlit area just to the side of
      "'There's hundreds of these things; they're just
      everywhere,' said Mann of the radical object he's seen
      floating across his video scenes. While he also studies
      the tape frame by frame, Mann can spot the 'spinning
      turnips' in this kind of radiant light."
      "Mann has sent the footage to a UFO group in New York
      that estimated the object's speed across the sky as up to
      18,000 miles per hour (28,800 kilometers per hour) and its
      size as 15 to 25 feet (4.5 to 7.5 meters) in diameter."
      "'These things were highly polished and moving very
      fast,' he said, 'I don't know exactly what they are, but
      they're solid and silent.'"
      "'The definition of UFO is an unidentified object--I
      can't begin to imagine where they're from, but they're not
      ours. I've seen too many different shapes, and too many
      people have seen them in different places.'"
      "Mann has also been in touch with Brian Vike, a UFO
      enthusiast who collects reports of sightings" throughout
      western Canada. "Vike, who lives in Houston,
      B.C.(population 3,934), is a member of several national
      and international astronomical societies and appears
      regularly on radio programs in Okanagan, Alberta and the
      "Vike has seen Mann's mysterious footage and
      originally thought it could be a bright star. But when
      the object disappeared after two days, he wasn't so sure.
      'It stands out in the sky like a sore thumb...if it was a
      star, it should have shown up again after two days.'"
      "Vike said many sky observers have used a technique
      similar to Mann's, of daytime shots that reveal 'little
      blobs flying around' that could be anything from
      cottonwood fluff to dandelion pollen or, quite possibly,
      to UFOs."
      "Environment Canada spokesman Bill Miller said they
      used to receive several UFO reports from the Peace region
      that were attributable to the lights of a weather balloon
      or aircraft. But, as for Mark's sighting, Miller doesn't
      want to hazard a guess."
      "'Some could be bugs,' Vike offered, 'With the sun
      behind the building, if something crosses between the
      camera and the sun, it will look very bright. In Mark's
      footage, it looks like a giant hamburger, so I don't know
      what it was.'"
      "Graham Conway heads up a group called UFO-B.C. And
      while he figures the bug explanation sounds reasonable, he
      doesn't quite buy it."
      "'Depending on the time of year, say, when it's
      colder in the fall and winter months, the insect theory
      doesn't stand up.'"
      "Vike has heard reports of sightings in the North
      Peace region from the 1970s but said this seems to be a
      lull right now, most likely because people are afraid of
      ridicule from friends and family."
      "Mann's had his share of naysayers but is adamant
      about what he's seen."
      "'I've had friends who say no way, but seeing is
      believing. There's nothing I can do to convince people
      until they see it for themselves.'"
      "Vike can't say for sure what's in Mann's photos, but
      he's not ruling out some extraterrestrial visitors."
      "'We can't be the only form of life in this
      universe,' he said, 'There's a lot more questions and not
      enough answers, but we can't be the only life form in this
      vastness.'" (See the newspaper Alaska Highway News for
      March 3, 2005, "Local man claims UFO sighting." Many
      thanks to "Sourdough Pete and Cheechako" for this
      newspaper article.)


      "A woman branded a nymphomaniac by a local tantrik
      (Hindu priest--J.T.) was stripped naked, tarred, her head
      shaved and paraded naked on a donkey in Chandpur," near
      Lucknow, "around the Sarai Aqueel police station of Uttar
      Pradesh's Kaushambhi district."
      (Editor's Note: Uttar Pradesh is a state in northern
      India. Chandpur is located near Lucknow, about 220
      kilometers (144 miles) southeast of New Delhi.)
      "Known as Shastriji, the tantrik reportedly told his
      congregation that 17-year-old Usha had an insatiable
      sexual appetite and had slept with innumerable men. He
      said the teenager would strive to bed other men unless she
      was burnt alive on the stake for her infractions."
      "To make matters worse, Shastriji also held Usha
      responsible for the murder of a five-year-old who drowned
      in a pond a few days ago. Claiming that he had seen the
      gruesome killing re-enacted in a tumbler of mustard oil,
      the tantrik convinced everyone of the girl's guilt. She
      was subsequently denounced as a witch."
      "While many of the locals had made up their mind to
      consign Usha to the flames, what saved her was dissension
      from a section of the crowd. As a compromise, it was
      decided to publicly humilitate the girl by taking out a
      procession in which she could be carried naked."
      "Five people were arrested in connection" with the
      incident by Indian police. "The charges against them
      include forcing a girl to strip, obscenity in a public
      place and assaulting her with canes. Vijay, Amarnath,
      Rajendra and Shyam Sunder are among those currently in
      police custody."
      "The local populace, however, has taken no liking to
      the police action. Usha they still believe to be a witch
      whom they had every right to attack. Although police say
      the child most likely drowned since the post-mortem report
      shows no external injury marks, no one seems willing to
      accept the explanation."
      "Senior police officials, including the Sub-
      Divisional Magistrate, are camping in the area to diffuse
      the situation, following angry protests against the five
      arrests." (See the Hindustan Times for March 11, 2005.
      Many thanks to Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda for this
      newspaper article.)


      The "Bridgewater Triangle," Massachusetts' paranormal
      hot spot, got chilled again last week when two more
      snowstorms swept through the region, dumping a total of 12
      inches (30 centimeters) of new snow.
      The three points of the "triangle" are the towns of
      Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown in southeastern
      Massachusetts. Within this area, Fortean phenomena have
      been manifesting since 1760, with numerous reports of
      UFOs, Bigfoot, phantom panthers, out-of-place alligators
      and giant birds.
      Taunton, Mass. (population 55,976), at the heart of
      the Bridgewater Triangle, is experiencing the snowiest
      winter in its history, which dates back to 1639 when
      Elizabeth Poole of Taunton, Somerset, UK raised her cabin
      on the banks of the Cohannet River.
      (Editor's Note: Although Elizabeth called it "the New
      English Canaan," Taunton was then part of the independent
      state of Pokanoket, one of many small lands ruled by the
      Eniskeetompauwaug indigenous people, better known as the
      Wampanoag Indians.)
      "It's official. This has been the snowiest winter in
      the Silver City (local nickname for Taunton--J.T.) since
      the National Weather Service started keeping track. And
      it just keeps on coming."
      "Last night (Tuesday, March 8, 2005) an icy blustery
      storm was expected to bring another four or five inches
      into the city, National Weather Service meteorologist
      Glenn Field said. It was wet, windy and too cold to
      fathom that the arrival of spring is less than two weeks
      Including Saturday's storm, Taunton's snow total for
      the winter of 2004-2005 now stands at 94 inches (234
      centimeters). That is 21 inches (52 centimeters) more
      snow "than the 73 inches (182 centimeters) totaled in the
      winter of 2002-2003, the previous snowiest winter" in the
      city's history.
      "And it's not over yet, not by a long shot, Field
      said. The city could see another couple of feet before
      the winter of 2004-2005 is history, he said, 'It's not
      beyond the realm of possibility.'"
      "Where is our spring?" UFO Roundup correspondent Mary
      Lou Jones-Drown, who lives in neighboring Rehoboth, Mass.,
      In nearby Attleboro, Mass. (population 42,068),
      located 13 miles (21 kilometers) west of Taunton,
      "Shrieking, stinging wind whipped up near-whiteout
      conditions Tuesday night as commuters struggled first to
      reach their cars, then make their way home on snow-clogged
      roads. The icy maelstrom of a storm had dropped 3.75
      inches of new snow on Attleboro by 10 p.m., pushing the
      city to its second-snowiest winter on record. Numerous
      accidents were reported Tuesday night, including dozens of
      vehicles reported sliding off the interstate highways in
      the area. No serious injuries were reported."
      Carolyn Rzepecki, your editor's sister, provided an
      eyewitness account of both late-winter storms: "We were in
      the middle of this crazy winter storm most of the day
      (Tuesday). The temps dropped from 42 to 27 degrees (on
      the Fahrenheit scale--J.T.) in about an hour. Sometime
      later, between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., it changed briefly to
      freezing rain and got slippery very fast. By 7 p.m., it
      was snow mixed with freezing rain along with 40-mile-per-
      hour winds. It reminded me of the movie The Day After
      Tomorrow. It was just like it. Doors were frozen shut,
      ice everywhere. I think (Tuesday's) storm was worse than
      the (January 2005) blizzard."
      No sooner had Triangle residents dug out of that
      storm than they were hit by another one. "We had
      lightning flashes and thunder on Friday night (March 11,
      2005), which is pretty unusual for March," Carolyn
      reported, "The snow began at 7 a.m. on Saturday (March 12,
      2005). The snow was very heavy, especially from 8 a.m. to
      10 a.m., coming down at one to two inches (2.5 to 5
      centimeters) per hour. It was very wet and sticky snow.
      Taunton got buried again. To make things worse, we got
      winds of up to 35 miles per hour (58 kilometers per hour),
      so there was drifting across many major roads. It was
      kind of mild in the morning, only 37 degrees (Fahrenheit),
      but still the snow came down. It's so weird. It's like
      we're having a miniature Ice Age but just in this area."
      (See the Taunton, Mass. Daily Gazette for March 9, 2005,
      the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-Chronicle for March 9, 2005 and
      the WJAR-TV Channel 10 newscast of Providence, R.I. for
      March 12, 2005. Many thanks to Mary-Lou Jones Drown and
      Carolyn Rzepecki for these news reports.)


      On Friday, March 11, 2005, a gunman went on a rampage
      at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia
      (population 416,474), and it appears to be the latest in a
      series of occult crimes in the USA.
      Fortean researcher Loren Coleman pointed out a series
      of lexilinks associated with the shooting, adding, "A U.S.
      Customs agent was killed on Lenox Road, Atlanta, and his
      gun and badge were missing. When Don O'Briant, an Atlanta
      Constitution-Journal reporter" reportedly ran into the
      suspect in "the Fulton Courthouse shooting. According to
      the reporter, he first asked him how to get to Lenox
      "The suspect is Brian Nichols, 33," Loren reported,
      "'Nichols' has been a mildly-warm 'Name Game' monicker.
      Think Terry Nichols," who was convicted in the 1995
      Oklahoma City bombing case, "and citizen Frank Nichols of
      Josserand, Texas, who saw an airship (UFO) over his home
      in 1897."
      "Upon allegedly killing his fourth victim, a U.S.
      Customs agent in Lenox, suspect Brian Nichols gave himself
      up at the Bridgewater Complex in Gwinnett County and was
      transported to the FBI office in Decatur, Georgia
      (population 18,147)."
      "Nichols plus Lenox plus Bridgewater plus Decatur
      equals twilight language lexilinks," he concluded.
      "There are some oddball Masonic links here as well,"
      UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor added, "The suspect is
      33 years old, as in the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.
      Gwinnett County is named for Button Gwinnett, a South
      Carolina delegate who signed the USA's Declaration of
      Independence in 1776 and who was also a prominent Mason.
      The FBI office is in Decatur, which was named for Capt.
      Stephen Decatur, a U.S. Navy hero of the war with the
      Barbary pirates 200 years ago. Decatur, too, was a Mason
      and, before he was killed in a duel, built the notoriously
      haunted Decatur House in Washington D.C., right on
      Lafayette Square. The square, today called Lafayette
      Park, used to be known as 'Tragedy Square.'"
      "Strange, too, that Nichols gave himself up at the
      Bridgewater Complex," Trainor added, "Places named
      'Bridgewater' are Fortean hotspots these days. Witness
      the three winter storms that have slammed the Bridgewater
      Triangle in Massachusetts in the past couple of weeks and
      the silvery UFO that crossed the sky over Bridgwater,
      Somerset, UK on February 20, 2005." (Many thanks to Loren
      Coleman for this news story.)


      "Nazi Germany was not only trying to develop nuclear
      weapons but actually tested atomic devices near the end of
      World War II, the publisher of a yet-to-be-released book
      by a German historian says."
      "The pre-publication claim being made by historian
      Rainer Kalsch drew headlines in a German newspaper on
      Friday," March 4, 2005, "but the publisher of Hitlers
      Bombe declined to give details or answer further questions
      until the book is distributed March 14 (2005)."
      "Other historians played down suggestions that the
      Nazis were anywhere near taking on the United States in a
      nuclear war."
      "According to the book, Kalsch says the Nazis
      secretly tested 'nuclear bombs' during 1944 and 1945 on
      the Baltic (Sea) island of Ruegen and in central Germany
      under the auspices of the SS, but they were not ready to
      be deloyed before the war ended."
      "Bernhard Fulda, a lecturer on Twentieth Century
      German history at Cambridge University" in UK "said that
      even though Germany's intent to discover such rich energy
      sources is well-known, the ideas that the Nazis almost won
      the nuclear arms race are implausible."
      "'I would disown any suggestion that these tests were
      comparable to those carried out by the Americans as part
      of the Manhattan Project,' he told the Reuters news
      service, referring to the secret program" that led to "the
      Hiroshima bombing of August 6, 1945."
      "Kalsch has been on the staff of Berlin's Free and
      Humboldt Universities, the book's publisher DVA said."
      "DVA spokesman Marcus Desaca said the book was based
      on research reports, construction plans, divisions, aerial
      photos, spy reports and the testimonies of many of the
      scientists involved."
      "Under the supervision of the SS, German scientists
      tested nuclear bombs on Ruegen and in Thuringia in 1944
      and 1945,' Desaca said. Hundreds of prisoners of war and
      internees died during the process, he added."
      "Radiation measurements and soil analyses were used
      to back up the assertions, he said. No further details on
      the book will be released until its publication." (See
      the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel for March 4, 2005,
      "Historian claims Nazis did nuclear tests." Many thanks
      to Anton Meibauer for this newspaper article.)


      "Passengers on planes descending into Berlin's Tegel
      Airport were greeted by the sight of a huge swastika
      squeezed out of snow on a frozen lake little more than a
      kilometer (0.6 miles) from the runway, police said
      Thursday," March 3, 2005.
      "The Nazi symbol, which is banned in Germany, was
      visible from planes arriving from all over Europe for most
      of Monday morning," February 28, 2005, "before the Water
      Police, having tested the ice thickness, could venture out
      to erase it."
      "Alerted after a pilot told the airport control
      tower, police in a squad car went to the lake but failed
      to see anything from the shore. A police helicopter later
      spotted the 8 by 5 meter (26 by 16 feet) swastika and sent
      out the Water Police team."
      "The suspected neo-Nazi stunt recalls an affair five
      years ago (2000) when a 60 by 60 meter (200 by 200 feet)
      swastika, visible only from the air, was observed in a
      forest 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Berlin."
      "A devoted Hitler follower had planted russet-colored
      larch trees in 1938 which stood out each autumn and spring
      as the leaves changed color." (See the German newspaper
      Der Tagesspiegel for March 8, 2005, "Giant swastika carved
      near airport." Many thanks to Anton Meibauer for this
      newspaper article.)


      Welcome to Wiggins, Mississippi.
      It's a nice little Southern town just east of Highway
      49. Rooms are reasonably priced at the Best Western
      Woodstone on Frontage Drive East. There's fishing on
      Four-Mile Creek and a nice breeze off the Flint Creek
      Reservoir north of town. Some venerable buildings to look
      at, too, like Stone High School on Brady Avenue. Great
      vacation spot.
      There's just one small problem. There are disturbing
      rumors that Israeli troops are building a concentration
      camp within a few miles of this southern Mississippi
      Not since "the Mouse Line" story made the rounds
      during Florida's hurricane blitz last summer has the rumor
      about a massive concentration camp in the USA spread
      throughout the Internet.
      According to researcher Jeff Rense, "A new prison
      camp is being built in (Mississippi's) DeSoto National
      Forest near Camp Shelby."
      "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is
      contracting with an Israeli company," later reportedly
      identified as Israeli Prison Systems International, "to
      build internment camps in Mississippi and Louisiana. An
      unidentified prison consultant has said the plan is to
      have them in the World War II Yakazasi-style internment
      "Zev Barkoff has written numerous studies and is
      considered one of the top men in the correctional field.
      He has stated most of this is in the formative stage and
      there is nothing concrete. He admits there have been some
      talks with small-town officials about labor pools. He
      admits the construction time could be as short as one year
      for a fully-functional facility."
      "When asked about potential internees, Zev said they
      will be probable dissidents. He said Homeland Security is
      concerned about the damage that the Internet could do in a
      time of crisis and martial law. Arrests could be
      sweeping--similar to the Japanese experience after Pearl
      Several weeks after Pearl Harbor, on February 19,
      1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive
      Order EO-9066, which ordered the internment of all people
      of Japanese ancestry living in the USA. A month later, on
      March 21, 1942, Congress ratified and confirmed the
      internment order by passing a law that made any violation
      of the restrictions laid down by the President under EO-
      9066, the Secretary of War or "designated military
      subordinates" a misdemeanor punishable by one year in
      jail. By August 1942, over 110,000 Japanese-Americans
      were behind barbed wire. The internees were finally freed
      in late 1945.
      (Editor's Note: During the Yalta Conference of February
      1945, Roosevelt told UK prime minister Winston S.
      Churchill and Soviet premier Joseph Stalin, "I am a
      Zionist." Which sort of tells you who's all in favor of
      "In a martial law situation," Rense concluded,
      "Homeland Security will be filling up the prisons. The
      Jews aren't going to let a few motor-mouths ruin their
      plans. The Rense and Rivero types will be targeted."
      But, while Zev Barkoff reportedly said the Israelis
      were only talking to local community leaders about "labor
      pools," some Mississippi right-wingers claim that
      construction of a large camp, modeled after the Shin Beth
      prison in Beersheba, Israel, is already under way.
      The Mississippi Militia has about a dozen color
      photographs of the site. Most of these, taken months ago,
      show a rural site with a guard tower, surrounded on all
      sides by concertina barbed wire. There is a steel gate,
      with high ground on either side. Sandbags form a
      makeshift berm on both sides of the entrance.
      However, the most recent two photos show construction
      under way, with the concrete foundations already in and
      steel girders for a three-story building erected.
      According to the rumors, this site was originally
      supposed to be one of the 600 camps operated by the
      Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), now a sub-
      agency of the Department of Homeland Security. The tower
      was installed in the year 2000, but then, for some reason,
      construction halted.
      The rural area northwest of Wiggins, off Colville
      Road, meets all of the criteria for an internment camp
      listed by researcher Jeff Thompson, who has studied the
      FEMA camp system. Thompson wrote, "They all have a body
      of water (in this case, Flint Creek Reservoir--J.T.).
      They all have a train system within five miles or closer.
      They all have a major highway relatively close."
      The urgency of construction is a mystery. Some
      observers believe that it may be some kind of deportation
      camp because of its proximity to Gulfport, Miss.
      (population 71,127), about 35 miles (58 kilometers) to the
      The original plans for Operation Abacus--the mass
      roundup of the USA's born-again or evangelical Christians,
      which came out in the year leading up to Y2K-- called for
      simultaneous internment nationwide. But some believe that
      this Mississippi camp is being built for a preliminary
      In his book, Black Helicopters Over America, author
      Jim Keith wrote, "My guess is that it is more likely that
      the concentration camps are being set up to hold a select
      group of citizens. This group might include prison
      overflow, unbending patriots, random dissidents, anti-New
      World Order loudmouths and the politically incorrect."
      "It could be a case of putting all of the bad eggs in
      one basket," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said. "To
      Jim's list, I would add evangelical Christians who belong
      to a Lordship church. This is a church whose sole
      authority is Jesus Christ, an especially galling concept
      to the Israelis. Then there are 'Holocaust deniers,' of
      course, and that small number of mainstream evangelicals
      who have their doubts about how 'born-again' Dubya really
      "From a Zionist perspective, it would make a lot of
      sense to grab these dissidents before Operation Abacus,
      put them in one camp in Mississippi, and then deport them
      through Gulfport to Israel, where the Big Boy, Ariel
      Sharon, can deal with them personally."
      The Power Hour radio talk show had call-ins on
      Friday, March 11, 2005, hinting that an Israeli attack on
      Iran and Syria, with a resulting escalation of the current
      war, might be "imminent."
      According to John DiNardo, three alarming reports
      were provided by callers.
      (1) "For the past month, National Guard troops at
      Fort Riley, Kansas have been conducting martial law
      exercises. Also, railroad tanker cars" have been seen
      sidetracked on the post "with boxcars labeled For Crowd
      Control Only and For Police Use Only--Keep Covered."
      (2) "Convoys of Canadian troops were spotted coming
      into the U.S." through the border checkpoints at Detroit,
      Michigan and Port Huron, Michigan.
      (3) "Military convoys were spotted in Pennsylvania,
      and the Willow Grove Air Base has had unusually heavy
      flight activity." (Many thanks to Jeff Rense, John
      DiNardo, Jim Danvers and "Patricia of the Militia" for
      these news items. See also Black Helicopters Over America
      by Jim Keith, IllumiNet Press, Lilburn, Ga., 1994, page


      "Officials in Central Falls, Rhode Island (population
      18,928) are looking for the owners of an iguana that was
      found sitting at an intersection."
      "The lizard was sitting on an ice patch" afloat in a
      large puddle, "Monday morning," March 7, 2005, "said
      animal control officers who found it."
      "Animal Control Officer Will Muggle said it's a very
      friendly animal. He said the iguana may have been outside
      for a while. The iguana was eventually taken to the
      police station, but it's being held at" the animal shelter
      in nearby Cumberland, R.I. (population 7,738) until some
      area resident comes forward."
      "Muggle said the shelter is equipped to care for
      exotic pets." (See the Pawtucket, R.I. Times for March 8,
      2005, "Have you lost a pet iguana?" Many thanks to Mary
      Lou Jones-Drown for this newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Note: Despite its bucolic-sounding name,
      Central Falls is the most urbanized community in the Ocean
      State, with street after street of abandoned Nineteenth
      Century mills and tenement blocks. It has also played
      host to Fortean phenomena before. On June 21, 1907, there
      was a rain of fishes and frogs in both Central Falls and
      Pawtucket, an event that delighted 17-year-old Howard
      Phillips Lovecraft, then a high school student and amateur
      astronomer living in nearby Providence. See the
      Pawtucket, R.I. Times for June 22, 1907, "Rained fishes?")


      "A 5-meter (16-foot) long crocodile said to have
      eatern more than 80 people has been captured alive in
      Uganda and transferred to a sanctuary, officials said
      Tuesday," March 8, 2005.
      "The great beast, weighing about a ton, was captured
      by wildlife experts who spent three nights camping in the
      bush locating the target."
      "Residents told the local media that the crocodile
      had killed 83 people over the past two decades, mostly
      fishermen plying their trade on Lake Victoria off the
      shores of the Bugiri district."
      "'Much as the residents of Luganga wanted to kill the
      reptile after our rangers had captured it, it was our
      responsibility to protect it by removing it from this area
      and keeping it in a safe place,' Uganda Wildlife Authority
      spokesman Lilian Nsubuga said."
      "The beast, reportedly more than 60 years old, was
      trapped using ropes and transported by pickup truck to the
      Buwama Crocodile Farm Wednesday," March 9, 2005, "in the
      capital, Kampala."
      "The beast roared as it was released into a holding
      ground at the farm on Monday afternoon."
      "Crocodiles sometimes attack villagers collecting
      water or fishing in Lake Victoria, which is Africa's
      largest lake." (See the Ugandan newspaper New Visions for
      March 10, 2005. Many thanks to Justin Sabiti for this
      newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Note: To give our American readers a basis for
      comparison, this crocodile was double the size of the
      alligator caught at Bayou Bonfouca, Louisiana back in
      1985. The Bonfouca alligator was 7 feet or 2.1 meters


      "Grand Theft Auto is a world governed by the laws of
      degeneracy. See a car you like? Steal it. Someone you
      don't like? Stomp her. A cop gets in your way? Blow him
      "There are police at every turn and endless
      opportunities to take them down. It is 360 degrees of
      murder and mayhem, slickly produced, technologically
      brilliant and exceedingly violent."
      "And now the (video) game is at the center of a civil
      lawsuit involving the murder of three men in the small
      town of Fayette, Alabama (population 4,922). They were
      gunned down by 18-year-old Devin Moore, who had played
      Grand Theft Auto day and night for months."
      "Attorney Jack Thompson, a long-time crusader against
      video game violence, is bringing the suit. 'What we're
      saying is that Devin Moore was, in effect, trained to do
      what he did,' says Thompson."
      "'He bought it as a minor. He played it hundreds of
      hours, which is primarily a cop-killing game. It is as
      though, which we think we can prove to a jury in Alabama,
      that, but for the video-game training that he engaged in
      for hundreds of hours...he would not have done what he
      "Moore's victims were Ace Mealer, a 911 dispatcher;
      James Crump, a police officer; and Arnold Strickland,
      another officer who was on patrol in the early morning
      hours of June 7, 2003 when he brought in Devin Moore on
      suspicion of stealing a car."
      "Moore had no criminal history and was cooperative as
      Strickland booked him inside the Fayette police station.
      Then, suddenly, inexplicably, Moore snapped."
      "According to Moore's own statement, he lunged at
      Officer Arnold Strickland, grabbing his .40 caliber Glock
      automatic (pistol) and shot Strickland twice, once in the
      head. Officer James Crump heard the shots and came
      running. Moore met him in the hallway and fired three
      shots into Crump, one of them in the head."
      "Moore kept walking down the hallway toward the door
      of the emergency dispatcher. There, he turned and fired
      five shots into Ace Mealer. Again, one of the shots was
      in the head. Along the way, Moore had grabbed a set of
      car keys. He went out the door to the parking lot, jumped
      into a police cruiser and took off. It all took less than
      a minute, and three men were dead."
      "'The video game gave him a cranial menu that popped
      up in the flash of an eye, in the police station,' says
      Thompson, 'And the menu offered him the split-second
      decision to kill the officers, shoot them in the head,
      flee in a police car, just as the game itself trained him
      to do.'"
      "After his capture, Moore is reported to have told
      police, 'Life is like a video game. Everybody's got to
      die sometime.'"
      "Moore is awaiting trial in (Alabama) criminal
      "A suit filed by the families of two of his victims
      claim that Moore acted out a scenario found in Grand Theft
      Auto. The player is a street thug trying to take over the
      city. In one scenario, the player can enter a police
      precinct, steal a uniform, free a convict from jail,
      escape by shooting police and fleeing in a squad car."
      "David Walsh, a child psychologist who's co-authored
      a study connecting violent video games to playground
      aggression, says the link can be explained in part by
      pioneering brain research recently done at the National
      Institutes of Health which shows that the teenaged brain
      is not fully developed."
      As a result, teens may be more susceptible to video
      game "suggestion" than older players.
      Then again, this inexplicable rampage did take place
      in Fayette, Alabama. Devin Moore might have been another
      victim of "the Fayette Factor." (See the CBS-TV show
      Sixty Minutes for March 6, 2005, "Can a video game lead to
      murder?" Many thanks to Loren Coleman for the TV show

      From the UFO Files...

      1976: BIGFOOT MARCH

      March of 1976 proved to be a big month for Bigfoot
      sightings in the USA.
      On March 14, 1976, strange footprints were found in
      Alcorn County, Mississippi, near Corinth (population
      According to the Richmond, Va. News-Leader,
      "Something is leaving giant footprints 15 inches (37
      centimeters) long by six-and-a-half inches (16
      centimeters) wide in the hills of Alcorn County, near
      "They were first spotted on March 14 near Smith
      Bridge Road, north of U.S. (Route) 72. Since then, other
      tracks have been found within 5 miles (8 kilometers) of
      Hatchie Chapel."
      "Joe McKewen, a local naturalist, reckons the tracks
      indicate a creature 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall weighing 400
      to 500 pounds."
      McKewen "said a 'big hairy creature' was seen by two
      boys about two years ago (i.e. in 1974--J.T.), knocking
      down the door of their cabin and scaring them before they
      ran away, and a farmer (also) saw" the creature.
      Nine days later, on March 23, 1976, a Bigfoot that
      "screeched horribly and walked upright, left a
      disemboweled and mangled deer carcass at Mill Valley,
      California (population 13,600)," about 7 miles (11
      kilometers) north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge,
      "on Mount Tamalpais."
      "Just after midnight on March 23 (1976), Caroline
      Morris, 26, reported to the police a frightening
      'screaming, screeching and growling' in a ravine below her
      hillside home. Two patrolmen also heard the noise when
      they arrived. They searched the wooded slopes by
      flashlight and heard something moving through the
      underbrush, breathing heavily."
      "One of them thought he glimpsed 'a large, dark-
      colored thing trying to climb over an 8-foot (2.4-meter)
      retaining wall.' In the morning, they returned to the
      scene to follow a trail of blood to the deer."
      "Experts thought the deer had been killed by a
      mountain lion."
      March 1976 also saw an appearance by Florida's
      elusive creature, the Skunk Ape. "Two brothers were
      driving along a dirt road near North Fort Myers
      (population 40,214) when they saw an ape-like creature in
      a clump of pine trees about 10 yards (9 meters) from the
      The creature was described as being "'about 6 feet
      (1.8 meters) tall with long black hair.' The area was
      searched, and samples of lice-ridden hair, thought to be
      from the Bigfoot, were found on a barbed-wire fence. They
      were sent to Dr. J. Mason Valentine, anthropologist and
      Atlantis-hunter, at the University of Miami for
      In addition to the Bigfoot sightings, other Fortean
      phenomena during March of 1976 included:
      March 5, 1976: "Plague of millions of rats in
      Senegal, 'displacing or affecting 150,000 people." The
      rodents were "thriving despite poisons and flamethrowers"
      deployed by the Senegalese Army.
      March 14, 1976: "Vast numbers of cockroaches invade
      office building of Sutton Community Health Office, South
      London, UK."
      March 14, 1976: "Many girls in South African TV
      company in Natal," South Africa, "convulse, dance, stare,
      make weird noises" for a week. The girls were "believed
      to be possessed by devils."
      March 14, 1976: "A wild boar, supposedly extinct in
      Scotland since the Eighteenth Century, is killed by
      vehicle on the estate of the Earl of Cawdor, near Nairn."
      March 19, 1976: "Chimps in Tarzana, California pelt
      24 policemen with sticks and cabbage stalks."
      (Editor's Note: Originally called Runnymede, Tarzana was
      reincorporated in the 1920s by a local committee, which
      included the town's most famous resident, Edgar Rice
      Burroughs (1875-1950). The town was renamed for Tarzan of
      the Apes, Burroughs' most famous literary creation.
      Curiously, this "chimpanzee riot" took place close to the
      26th anniversary of the author's death. Was this "the
      Mother of all Dum-Dums?")
      March 21, 1976: A very large block of ice falls from
      the sky in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK.
      (Editor's Comment: Yes, that's the same Bridgwater,
      Somerset, UK where Mike Taylor and his eight-year-old son
      saw the "silvery object with a hint of blue-green" on
      Sunday, February 20, 2005. For more, see UFO Roundup,
      volume 10, number 9 for March 2, 2005, "Daylight discs
      trigger major flap in UK," page 1.)
      March 25, 1976: "Quake at Hopkinsville, Kentucky
      during a showing of the (1974) film Earthquake," which
      starred Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner.
      March 27, 1976: "A witchdoctor hired to keep rain off
      the Malaysian Open golf tournament in Kuala Lumpur," the
      capital of Malaysia, was so successful that "other parts
      of the city were deluged with torrential rains." (See the
      Richmond, Va. News-Leader for March 24, 1976; the Los
      Angeles Times for April 26, 1976; the Atlanta, Ga.
      Constitution for June 11, 1976; and Fortean Times No. 18
      for 1976, pages 11 and 12.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
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