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HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings

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    HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings Release Date: March 4, 2005 Maple Ridge B.C. Unusual Object Changing Shape Date: 1993-1994 Time: Daytime Full
    Message 1 of 113 , Mar 4, 2005
      HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings

      Release Date: March 4, 2005

      Maple Ridge B.C. Unusual Object Changing Shape

      Date: 1993-1994
      Time: Daytime

      Full Description of event/sighting: It began with a few sightings my family and I had. One was in the daytime and it looked like two cotton balls very close together if not attached.(like this OO)

      It was the size of a Chinook helicopter in size and was half a block away from me as I was drove along. It looked very fuzzy and in-between these two balls was a "dark cloud" area of mist or fog, but you could see it was two spheres with a gap in-between.

      This thing was also changing shape. The area in-between the two spheres would fill in, so now it looked like one object,
      or a short tubular cylinder then back again to two balls. This object was only about 400 feet in the air going east parallel to the road and houses at about 20 miles per hour. I sat there and watched this for a few seconds when it made a "normal" but tight left curved turn north.

      I continued on my way to a store, got milk eggs or whatever and then out of curiosity, I drove north just to have a look, and lo and behold there it was looking like a cylinder at about 200-3000? feet climbing at about a 45 degree angle at 20 miles an hour into the bottom of some cloud cover.

      Another very close one was one night when I had a video camera and tripod merrily humming away till about 2:00 a.m. when I thought it was time to shut it all down and putting everything away, I thought I'd look out "just one last time". I opened the blinds with my fingers and there was this huge "thing" about 75 feet away at about 200 feet or less, a pair of "eyes" or two perfectly round, perfectly evenly illuminated circles of light, like this O O. A bit farther than eye spacing I would guess.

      They were about 10 foot across each light. One was pure blue light and the other one was a pure red, very intense color bright, but not to bright to look at.

      I looked at this for maybe 30 seconds when I started to feel light headed, I think it was the shock, I dove for the camera and power adapter, fumbling, and when I got back to the window, it was gone. I think I saw red light going across the blinds heading north. I also had a couple of more close sightings as well.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Fort Collins, Colorado A Dozen Lights Moving Quickly & Strangely

      Date: Early Fall 1966
      Time: Approx: 9:30 p.m.

      When I was a student in Fort Collins Colorado in the early fall of 1966. My date and I were returning from dinner downtown and were walking back to campus, crossing a football practice field. It was a beautiful clear night around 9:30 p.m. We decided to sit down for a few moments and watch the stars that evening.

      As we were watching the sky, out of the South came what looked like a number of bright stars, except that they were moving as a group in a northward direction along the foothills of the Rockies. I drew my date's attention to them and then we both watched the entire 'pack' move in a straight line across the sky. What was interesting about this particular sighting was that they played a game of follow the leader, in that one particular UFO would suddenly dart ahead of the pack, a distance of about a quarter mile (in as fast as you could snap your fingers). Then the remaining pack would catch up to that leader in another 'snap of the fingers'. Then, a different UFO would jump out front and then the rest of the pack caught up to that leader in the snap of the fingers. This 'game' was repeated for what appeared to be about two minutes until they all disappeared out of sight.

      I asked my date how many she thought there were and she said a dozen. I agreed and we laid back talking about the whole event. About five minutes later, the whole UFO pack returned along the same pathway, except now a North-South reversed path. They repeated their 'follow the leader' game until they disappeared out of sight heading south. We then decided we had seen enough and went back to our respected dorms. When I got back to my dorm, I told my roommate about the incident and he said that our neighbor about an hour earlier made a comment about us, saying, "Wouldn't it be funny if they saw a UFO tonight." I went next door and told him about our sighting and he about 'lost it'.

      Thank you to the witness for their report.


      Lake City, Washington Three Distinct Elliptical Objects

      Date: Winter of '89-'90
      Time: Between 10:00 p.m. & 1:00 a.m.

      Number of witnesses: 1+1
      Number of objects: 3
      Shape of objects: Elliptical

      Full Description of event/sighting: I had just gone outside to smoke a cigarette, and glanced upwards towards something I thought was a movement in the night sky. I observed 3 lights that were moving north at what I'd guess to be around 5k to 10k feet in altitude . These lights were spaced equally in a triangle shape and seemed to me to be far too widely spaced to be a normal aircraft. I'd estimate the speed of the lights to be around 300 to 400 M.P.H. I though that perhaps they were three separate aircraft.

      The weather was cold, with gusty winds about 10 - 20 M.P.H., and there were patchy low clouds occasionally scudding by at approx. 200 to 400 feet.

      I watched the lights make a quick 45 degree left turn just before I lost sight of them behind some low clouds. Less than 10 seconds later, I observed 3 distinct elliptical objects less than a half-mile away, flying at under 500 feet in a 'delta' formation . They were flying ESE at approx. 40 to 55 M.P.H., and were in clear line-of-sight to me.

      I was surprised by their appearance, they were flying in very close proximity to each other and were a light-greyish color that was very close to the color & light intensity of the low clouds ( the clouds were 'lit' by ambient ground lighting - streetlights, traffic, billboards, etc. ).

      These three objects suddenly banked hard to their left, in precise unison, changed their altitude to approx. 200 ft. and assumed a course to the NNE . When they changed course, they also accelerated in an unusual manner that I'd not seen before. It appeared as if the acceleration was instantaneous, from 50 M.P.H. to 300 M.P.H. in zero seconds, as it were. I lost sight of them, as my house came between me and their flight path.

      I trotted towards my back yard to re-acquire visual contact with them and watched as they appeared to take yet another "jump" in speed, as these three objects gained altitude. It was at this time that I thought of taking note of the time & started the stopwatch function on my wristwatch. I watched as they performed another whip-quick banking maneuver, this time heading towards the WSW at around 10k to 12k feet in altitude.

      I lost sight of them and stood in the darkness of my driveway, scanning the sky for a little more than 60 seconds (stopwatch was still running ). All of a sudden, I see ( & hear ) 2 bright red afterburners 'fire up', heading towards the WSW ! It was a fighter aircraft, but I couldn't tell you what type/model, as all that I saw was it's rear-end moving away as fast as it could, from at least a mile and a half distance at night.

      I knew I'd seen something unusual. I went inside my house & called the Boeing Field air-traffic control tower and spoke to an air controller. I had my girlfriend hold her ear to the phone ( so she'd know that I was not telling her a B.S. story ) as
      I asked him if anyone had just reported any unusual aircraft in the area, and he said that no one had. I told him that I'd seen something unusual and told him the direction I'd last seen them heading towards. He said he'd check another screen and said that there were 3 aircraft over Greys Harbor that were giving him identification ( transponders ) as helicopters. I asked him if they were flying in formation, and he said (quote) "There seems to be a leader". It was at this moment that I checked my stopwatch and pushed the button to stop it. I asked him " So , what do we do about this ? Who do we report this to ?", to which he responded only in silence. I then thanked him for his help and hung up the phone.

      I dug out a large state map and a ruler and did a Time/Speed/Distance calculation ( and checked it four times ) which came up with the result that these three objects would have had to have an average speed of 3256 to 3645 M.P.H. to have gotten that far in that much time.

      These objects, at their closest to me (approx. 250 to 300 ft.) were silent - no wind sound, no airframe noise, no nothing.
      There were no individual lights that I could see, and were no markings. The outer edges of these objects appeared to be somewhat indistinct and almost 'hazy', although they were clearly defined. All three objects , for lack of a better description, seemed as if they were lit from within, since their luminosity was uniform and without shadowing.

      It was a very clear view that I had that night, and pretty close too.

      I've seen many different 'choppers' in all kinds of weather, with their rotors vaporizing humidity in the air at night & presenting an illusion of an elliptical "something", when viewed in 'proper' lighting, at the proper distance and angle.

      I am certain that these 3 elliptical objects were not any type of conventional aircraft.

      Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.


      Lake Geneva Wisconsin Aircraft Fly's Into A Cloud & Disappears

      Date: Summer of 2002
      Time: Daytime

      My third sighting may have been a UFO, or it may have not been, in at least the classical sighting sense anyway. In the summer of 2002, I was alone, sunbathing on my back on my pier and looking skyward. There were few clouds in the sky that afternoon. I heard the sound of a small jet flying overhead, as I live on a lake near several local airports that service our resort area (Lake Geneva Wisconsin). As I was watching this small twin-engine jet flying directly over head at about 5,000 feet, it flew into a mid-sized cloud. However, the jet did not emerge from the other side of the cloud, which it normally would have in a few seconds, and the sound of the jet went absolutely silent. I stared at that cloud for what appeared to be 15-20 minutes expecting the jet, or something (or anything), to come out the other side, but nothing did. Perhaps I witnessed a UFO's capability to morph into something we are all familiar with, like a plane, and then morph again and 'disappear".

      Thank you for hearing me.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Kaufman County, Texas Oval/Disc

      Date: February 21, 2005
      Time: 5:34 p.m.

      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 2
      Shape of objects: Oval/Disc

      Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, On 02-21-2005 at 5:34 p.m., I was taking pictures of this jet laying a chemtrail. I took 4 or 5 pictures and this one had a couple of objects in it. I didn't visually see these things so I can't tell you much at all about them. I was facing southwest when the picture was taken, fairly clear sky. They appear to me to be close to the trail and if they are, they are huge, a lot larger than the jet or trail as you can see. I like to take pictures and video of these jets and trails for the simple reason objects seem to check them out and I catch a few when they do.I'm sending you a copy of the original picture.Thought this one would be of interest to you.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.


      Quakertown/Zion Hill, Pennsylvania Unusual Amount Of Air Traffic

      Date: February 24, 2005
      Time: Early morning

      Hello, Sending a report from the Quakertown/Zion Hill area of Pennsylvania. Last night we woke to sounds of helicopters. I got up and looked out the door to see them, but they were black and very hard to see. We have been having this happen quite frequently now, black helicopters, normally 2 or 3 at a time, just circling the area and then leaving. One night, when my husband was coming home from work, (He works till 1:00 a.m.) He said he seen helicopters all over the place and they stayed in the same general area. The few times we have seen them in the day, they were all black with some sort of tanks on the sides of them, very odd looking. Waking up, after they spend the night in the area, we always see chemtrails and now, what seems to be rainbows in the clouds. I'm not talking about your general generic type, I am talking about small clouds full of a spectrum of color like a rainbow has, they disappear then there back. Just something to add to the never ending strangeness that goes on around here. Sincerely.

      Additional Information:

      Hello, I have no idea what's going on around here. I have lived in this town for a year and a half now and we have always had a lot of activity, but nothing like what is going on now. There is a Navy base about 25 mles east of here, the Willow Grove Navy base, but these aircraft are going west and are not coming from the direction of the base. We see these weird lights in the sky a lot even in the day, we see these clouds that are so abnormal looking and some with prisms in the them but no sunshine, go figure. We always have tons of chemtrails, everyday and a lot of them are letters. Even my non beleivers neighbors are starting to pay attention and ask questions.

      That's why I send you the information on what's going on around here, because something just isn't right and we would all would like to know what they're up to. So maybe by posting this on your website, someone might see it and tell us if they have the same problem. I thank you for posting the information, it's nice to know that there are people out there who are not afraid to tell the truth as to what is going on. Me and my son seen this huge, and I mean huge triangular shaped aircraft when we lived in Phildadelphia, in 1994 we were coming out of a supermarket, I happened to look up and even with all the lights that were around us, I could still see this thing, I think because it was so huge, and black, it wasn't as noticable, and my son looked up and couldn't believe his eyes. The thing was a prefect huge black triangle that just was stationary in the sky, didn't make a single sound and it stayed there for the longest time.

      We sat there in the car just staring at it in disbeleif. I had to go home but we didn't want to, we wanted to keep on watching it. It had a round white light type thing in the middle with round white light things on the tips of each triangle point. It never made a single sound, nor did it move at all. I had to leave and I started the car and drove down the street to where we lived which was only 5 blocks and by the time we got home it was gone, nowhere in sight. My son is 25 now and still will talk about it, it really impacked him. I find it strange that we do get so much activity around considering it is very rural and mostly farms. If you hear from anyone else in and around this area, Quakertown/Zion Hill, please let me know. Thanks.

      Thank you to the witness for the report and photos.


      Banora Point, NSW Australia Bright White Flash In The Sky Then Power Outage

      Date: February 24, 2005
      Time: Around Midnight

      Hello Brian, something strange happened to our town area on the 24th of February.

      Unfortunately, I was asleep at the time.

      The occurrence happened around Midnight - Causing a power outage for around 4 hours.

      My parents told me that they were sitting outside on our balcony at around midnight, When there was a very bright white flash in the sky, and straight after, the power went out.

      They said that there was no thunder or sound, but believed it to be just an exploding Power Transformer. The night after, I was talking to one of my friends that was awake at the time of the occurrence, and he also said that he witnessed a bright flash in the sky around the same time. He also said that there was no big boom afterwards. My friend lives on the other side of town on a hill, overlooking our town, and said he did not see anything that looked like a power transformer on fire.

      I don't think it was considered - but our town was built late 1998, and all power cabling etc has been housed underground. The closest place I can recall a power transformer to be located is outside of town - around 2 to 3 km away.
      Also, if my friend had seen this white flash, it must have illuminated all areas of our town. So, it must have either been a silent bolt of lightning (Which I don't think is possible', or a very large electrical explosion that had created it.

      I cannot explain why the power was out for around 4 hours early that morning though.

      That same week, I had a strange dream.

      The dream was very different to a normal dream. It was, too clear - where most other dreams are confusing and mixed up.

      I am walking to the bus stop, but the sky looks as if it is very late afternoon to night. I stop at the road and look into the sky, and to the left there is the bright flaming light (The same I witnessed before) moving slowly in the sky.

      I pull out my camera from my left pocket and record a video clip of the object for a short time. On the screen of the camera, there is no light, however a metallic sphere. The shell of this object is cage like - and it looks corroded. A rusty red orange color. Inside the sphere, there is another cage like sphere, but this one is rotating inside of the outer sphere. The rest is completely hollow. It was more closer than the other experience. Maybe 15 to 20 meters away from me.

      I run home quickly to show my parents the video, but when I look for the video file on the camera, it is missing.

      I then wake up.

      I don't know if this has any relevance to what happened that night - But I do know that the dream occurred one night of the same week we had that mysterious power outage. It could have well have happened the same night.

      Sorry, I don't have an exact time of the event as I was asleep. My parents believe it to be around midnight, 24th of February Australian. I woke around 3:00 a.m. to find the power off.

      I do not know what date I had the dream - But I am sure that it was the same week of the power outage.

      I live in Banora Point on the Far East of NSW Australia.

      Thank you to the person for the interesting report.


      Sumner, Washington Four Lights Hover In A Circle Around Object

      Date: March 1, 2005
      Time: 8:05 p.m.

      Upstairs looking out my bathroom window, warm evening, scattered, thin clouds that you can see through in the dark-otherwise the night sky was clear in spots. Looking to my left towards town, lots of airplanes in the flight path, one right after another~probably 3 heading towards Sea-Tac International Airport. I look to the right after hearing someone talking kind of loud and excited. I see 2 lights in the sky very low and bright. As I lean out my window to get a better look, suddenly I see 3 more, they're spaced as if in a circle around 1 different looking thing. I figured the 4 positioned around the center light must be those low flying 'planes' (that hardly make any noise at all).

      All of them seemed to hover including the center one. They weren't very high in the sky either, lower than planes fly (by the way, they weren't in or near the flight paths) and I'm not hearing anything other than cars going by and loud voices. My binoculars are old and they don�t get real clear images but the center light especially should�ve been easy to see if I had good binoculars! Anyway, they all sit there for about 3 or 4 minutes and then the center one starts heading to the left. At this point the lights on it looked as though it could be a saucer shape 2 big white lights with a thin blue light behind them with 2 other smaller lights next to the big ones but spread out a little. When it leaned to its right to leave, it got very, very bright. Once accelerating in that direction, it looked like 2 round sections-one on top of the other - one light white and the other a pinkish purple but very soft. I believe they were flashing as it came by pretty close, maybe a couple of blocks away heading towards Edgewood sort of diagonally. Half way there it began jerking back and forth very quickly maybe 3 times and then continued on.

      After it got by the Yeast Plant it then looked like it was made up of 4 sections that were staggered and they were all a goldish-white almost amber. Turned to look at the other 5 lights and one was already moving in the same direction but was closer to me. It too got very bright as it banked to follow the other one. As it went by, it looked to me like a Thunderbird design. Can't really explain it that well but could draw it. I didn't think about watching the others, not sure if they were still there but wanted to call someone to see if other people had called it in. I figured there were a lot of calls, it being early evening and all the cars I heard go by and the voices I heard must've been watching them too but the officer sounded surprised when I asked him if anyone had called in about them. He said nobody else had called other than me! That really surprises me - I don't know what they were but I really got the feeling at first when I seen this, was that they're actually letting themselves be known.

      There has been so many things happening around here for months that we can't explain. I don't know if this really covers everything I watched because I am so excited and needed to get this written quickly for future reference. One more thing that has been happening around here for maybe 3 or 4 months, we hear loud popping noises kind of like it sounds if you live close to a military base practicing, sounds like artilliary. But we're too far away to be hearing that, never heard it before and it's at all different times of day and sometimes night, like right now (21:05). They stopped for about 2 weeks recently but started again on Sunday.

      Thank you to the person for the interesting report.


      Pottsville, Pennsylvania Light Rose Up And Hovered

      Date: March 3, 2005
      Time: 10:45 p.m.

      Location of Sighting: One mile south east of Pottsville.
      Number of witnesses: 1
      Number of objects: 1
      Shape of objects: Small bright light.

      Full Description of event/sighting: I was looking southeast of Pottsville and saw a light slowly rising about 100 to 150 feet left of blinking elf tower. This light rose up over a ridge near a water reservoir. The object then stopped and hovered. I would say about 250 feet. The light of this did not vary in intensity and shone for about 2 minutes then slowly faded and disappeared. I observed this through binoculars and could not get a good look at the shape as to the light emitting from it prevented any further description. Also the light that came from it did not illuminate anything around it.

      Thank you to the witness for the report.

      Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189 email: hbccufo@... Website: http://www.hbccufo.org HBCC UFO RESEARCH Newsletter At: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HBCC_UFO_Newsletter/
      HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO



      UFO Defense Tactics: Weather Shield to Chemtrails - By: Johnstone, A. K

      Dr. Johnstone's book was selected by The Anomalous Book List, as one of the ten best UFO books of 2002.
      Description: The existence of UFOs is a phenomenon that intrigues and captivates, yet it generates more skepticism than acceptance. Witnesses of unconventional craft are often disbelieved and even ridiculed. Belief in the existence of UFOs is obviously not yet mainstream, but that may one day change. Over the past few decades, reports of UFO sightings have dramatically increased in North America. Further, these sightings have been observed to be more blatant and even menacing. Some reports even imply that these craft are monitoring our planet.

      Interestingly, many of these sightings have taken place over military bases. In UFO Weather Shield, A.K. Johnstone, PhD., explores the details of numerous sightings from a scientific viewpoint, including descriptions of craft, luminous sheaths and fireballs. So what, if anything, is the United States government doing about it? Johnstone suggests that military and government agencies have the ability to manipulate weather electromagnetically and with chemtrails to deter unconventional craft. This hypothesis also explains erratic changes in the weather in the last few years. Is the government creating a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering the earth�s atmosphere? Take a look at the evidence.

      To purchase the book, please visit: http://www.hbccufo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1934

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      HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings Release Date: April 6, 2006 Tippecanoe County Sheriff Smokey Anderson Says Indiana Lights Are Flares HBCC UFO Research:
      Message 113 of 113 , Apr 5 10:11 PM
        HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings

        Release Date: April 6, 2006

        Tippecanoe County Sheriff Smokey Anderson Says Indiana Lights Are Flares

        HBCC UFO Research: After contacting the Grissom AFB in Indiana asking about if they were carrying out any type of exercise that may account for the strange sightings reported by many over the orange lights, the AFB tells us nothing pretty much. Yet the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier contacted the Tippecanoe County Sheriff and spoke with a Smokey Anderson who had received information from the Miami County Sheriff who reported the lights to be flares from training exercises done at Grissom.

        Mr. Vike,

        I checked with Tippecanoe County Sheriff Smokey Anderson about the orange-colored lights you said have been spotted near Lafayette and other nearby towns. He said that the Miami County sheriff said the lights are from flares from training exercises done at Grissom. Grissom, however, will say that they are not doing training exercises if they are contacted. Anderson, who lives in southern Tippecanoe County, also spotted the lights about a year ago and made some calls then. He explained them as these flares that shoot off in a circular motion (forgive me for the description, but it's best explained in person). It's used to tell an aircraft which direction to head, he said. I hope this explanation helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

        Thank you to the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier for their help.


        Woodlawn ( Ottawa ), Ontario Object Came Together & Lit Up The Area

        Date: 1963 or 1964
        Time: Between 10:00 p.m. and Midnight.

        Location of Sighting: Just west of Ottawa along the Ottawa River
        Number of witnesses: 6 to 8
        Number of objects: 5
        Shape of objects: No bigger than stars to begin with.

        Full Description of event/sighting: Well, this was quite a while ago and it seems that everyone who was there had a slightly different account. So here is mine.

        Like I mentioned above this was around 1963 or 64 so I would have been 14 or 15 years old. It was summer, well after sunset. I remember that my parents were out so it was just us teenagers out in the back yard cooling out over the Ottawa River. You know talking and goofing around as teens do. It was not cloudy and there was no moon so all the stars were visible. I can't remember who exactly noticed at first, but it was mentioned that a star had moved and then come to a stop. What? yea sure was the general reaction, but we all stared upwards and began looking. Sure enough there was movement and stoppage again and we all began to see this. Then it was noticed that there was another, which we all at the time thought were just stars until they moved and stopped.

        Over a bit of time we managed to count at least five of these objects doing the same. I remember at first these were all pretty well high up in the sky. Then they began to get further apart over time in their movements and moved down closer to the horizon and out over the river. All this time staying the same in size and no brighter than your average star. There was no sound that we could hear, so all this had us fairly fascinated. Move and stop, move and stop, all of us trying to figure out what we were looking at. After perhaps half an hour or so watching, I recall two of these moving closer together out over the river to the north west. This is when it really got interesting because these two objects came together and as they appeared to touch they lit up the entire area. Not like it was daylight but I remember it was like a huge and very bright flood lamp.

        Bright and white. This also gave me an idea as to how far away it was from us. The direction we were looking was towards where there is an island and that particular island was known to us at the time as Six Mile Island. It was named this because of the distance it was from where I lived and grew up at the time. Its real name is Aylmer Island. So this illumination was at least six miles from us because it lit up the island on the river and the opposite side of the river just behind the island and everything in front of it, the river and towards us.

        It did not remain lit up for very long, but long enough to scare the heck out of all of us. I remember all who were there, me included, giving out a yelp and running like scared rabbits for the house. Wondering what this was all about we began to make some phone calls and of course never got any satisfactory answers. The call we made to the Ottawa airport was the most interesting when we were told that there were helicopters out waiting for some special cargo plane from Toronto. We had explained what we saw and that these made no sound at all, but that was there answer to us. As I said at the beginning we all seemed to have slightly varied accounts. My sisters account was the most interesting though because she said she did not remember when the two came together and illuminated the whole area. I must say, I have been interested in watching the skies ever since and have seen some curious things, most much more recently. That's this story as I remember it.

        Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


        Tacoma, Washington Black Rectangular Oddity

        Date: Fall of 1991
        Time: Afternoon

        Location of Sighting: 1 mile SSW of the Southwest end of Hoods Canal in Puget Sound.
        Number of witnesses: 1
        Number of objects: 1
        Shape of objects: Rectangle

        Full Description of event/sighting: While sailing on Puget Sound, near the South end of Hoods Canal, I sighted an unusual black rectangle located due south of my location. I was under full sail in my 21' San Juan racing hull, and was very attuned to my surroundings, especially since I was sailing solo. I luffed up my boat ( slowed it down ) and watched the odd-looking object in the water, about 200 yards away from me.

        I'd estimate it's length to be 90 to 100 feet long and 2 1/2 feet tall. It was, I can only best describe it, an 'intense' black color and did not appear to bob around on the water. This struck me as very odd, since there was about a 3 foot 'chop' in the waters, with a few whitecaps showing , wind at around 14 M.P.H., gusting to 25 M.P.H.

        It was cloudy with a few sun-breaks here and there, one of which 'illuminated' the area where this strange thing was located. I could see no reflections from seawater on it's hull, meaning that the black rectangle appeared to be dry. It remained stationary, had no wake or waves splashing on it and had no conning tower, fins, protuberances, lights etc.

        If there were any sound (s) produced from this craft , I did not hear any thru the hull of the sailboat or in the air ( the wind and waves were the only sounds I could hear).

        I watched the object for 1 minute and 15 seconds, and then decided to quickly go below deck and get my binoculars. This action took less than 10 seconds, but, to my dismay, the object was nowhere to be seen when I emerged. I spent about 15 minutes looking for it, sighting nothing unusual.

        I've seen many odd things while at sea, but never anything quite like the above. I have no idea what it was, other than the fact that it was not an animal or any known ( to me ) submarine craft. There were no other boats in the immediate vicinity - the closest was about 3-4 miles away, so I'm the only one I know to have seen this black rectangular oddity.

        Additional Information:

        I would have had to seen it through the binoculars to really give you a 100% answer on your question; my definite impression, obtained from about 3 feet above sea level, was that this thing was actually "in" the water, as I could not see any water or features beneath it .

        There is a Navy torpedo testing base very nearby this area, approx: 2 or 3 miles away. I'd sailed right through this area on over 90 trips, under varied sea and weather conditions both days and nights .

        When they're testing underwater stuff, there's almost always Navy &/or Coast Guard activity, in my experience. There was no such activity on the day that my sighting occurred, that I was aware of. I sailed right past the test base within 40 mins. of my sighting, proceeding through the waters until I reached Poulsbo, Wa., which is a nautical 'dead-end' (one way in, one way out) .

        It's possible that it was some sort of Navy project, but it behaved as if it was suspended precisely in one place, unaffected by wind, tide or waves .

        Thank you, Brian, for doing so much fine work on your website. I've enjoyed both reading and filing reports there for years now. Yours is one of the consistently best-kept and current that I've ever seen .

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        Centennial, Colorado Glowing Ball Of Light

        Date: September 10, 2001
        Time: 5:30 p.m.

        Number of witnesses: 2
        Number of objects: 1
        Shape of objects: Glowing ball of light.

        Full Description of event/sighting: I was chatting to a neighbor outside when I happened to look up at the sky. I noticed a glowing ball of light moving from the north west, it was not very high in the sky, maybe a few hundred feet or so. I yelled "Look!" and she also looked up, called her daughter who was playing down the street. She ran to us and we were watching the sphere in awe. It clearly was not a shooting star, as it moved very slowly in an arc over our heads and disappeared from sight. It made no sound at all.

        Thank you to the witness for their report.


        Cedar Rapids, Iowa A Blue/Green Ball Of Light

        Date: 2005 ?
        Time: Between 10:45 and 11:00 pm.

        I swear to the almighty lord Jesus that I saw a spaceship in Cedar Rapids, Iowa last year in 2005. I was in a car with some friends. I think that it was between 10:45 and 11:00 pm. when my uncle said (what the heck is that). I said what are you talking about, he said look up. I looked up and saw a blue/green ball of light in the air it moved in a circular formation and then moved from left to right, and flew straight up and zipped off leaving behind a blue streak of light behind.

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        Throckmorton, Texas V Shaped Transparent UFO

        Date: October of 2005
        Time: Evening

        Message: I saw a V-shaped, transparent UFO in October of 2005, in Throckmorton, TX, a small, rural west Texas town. I was looking for shooting stars, and instead, I saw a 5-star upside-down V, gliding across the nighttime sky. I followed it as it moved, and as I turned around to keep following it, it disappeared right before my eyes! My cousin, who was with me, witnessed this as well.

        At other times, I have had other encounters, seeing strange, slow moving crafts that would come at a standstill, then zoom off at an angle out of view. All of these sightings have been in the exact same town. Other people in that town have seen strange things like that as well.

        I have heard about the military making crafts that would almost mimic the slow moving, the hovering, but I do not think that the military would have a craft that would be able to blend in with its surroundings!

        Do we even have the technology for that?!

        Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


        Chandler, (Gaspesie Quebec) A White Glowing Globe

        Date: March 6, 2006
        Time: Approx: 4:00 p.m.

        Number of witnesses: 6
        Number of objects: 1 or 2
        Shape of objects: Round to cigar shaped

        Full Description of event/sighting: I was having tea in the kitchen with my biological mother (We met when I was 25) & I wanted to ask her about a UFO sightings she had the night I was conceived. I looked out the window and noticed the light in the sky, like something falling, but it moved slow enough across the sky and disappeared behind the trees and houses. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to fade out of sight.

        I took a few photos, the best I could out of my upstairs bathroom window. I had a dream the day before the sighting of a big white orb floating down to earth.

        It looked like a white glowing globe with a map of the world outlined on it in sparkling diamonds. I ran in to get my camera and went back out to take photo's and in the sky were little twinkling golden stars which moved about and formed into a lions head then into the shape of the sphinx, then I was abruptly woken up.

        I stuck the photos into my photobucket account and you can get a hold of them at the following link. (The 1st photo of the odd streak in the sky with the sunset is from last year in February almost 1 year before, the rest are dated).

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        East Of Battle Ground, Indiana Another Witness Confirms Orange Lights

        Date: March 29, 2006
        Time: Approx: 9:00 p.m.

        Message: This is an addition to your report of lights in the Kokomo Indiana area. They were also visible on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 around 9:00pm from Battle Ground Indiana. They are due east and fairly distant.

        I've seen them before as well, sometime within the last 2 years. I didn't take note of the exact date but it was during an outdoor program I was doing either on a Friday or Saturday evening between 7:30 and 8:30pm. The entire audience started to make comments and point over my head. Lights off in the east hanging in midair, then just going out. I joked about the mother-ship coming back for me, but just assumed they were some sort of flare from the AFB off that way.

        Next time we see them maybe we'll try to track them down. (east of Battle Ground, south of Kokomo)

        Thank you to the witness for this report.


        Vernon, British Columbia Fast Traveling Orb

        Date: April 2, 2006
        Time: 9:30 p.m.

        Hi Brian, at 9:30 pm tonight I was outside enjoying the clear night and bright sliver moon when I noticed movement from the south sky. It was an orb, under satellite height and moving a little faster than a satellite. It brightened for a second to a white brilliance, then dimmed back to the brightness of a satellite. As I tracked it's direction toward the WNW it accelerated in a straight line appearing to "take off" like a plane off the runway heading away from the atmosphere.
        Take care.

        Thank you to the witness for their report.


        Hamilton, Ontario Hovering Disk Shaped Craft

        Date: April 3, 2006
        Time: 7:45 a.m.

        Number of witnesses: 2
        Number of objects: 1
        Shape of objects: Disk

        Full Description of event/sighting: Hey, my name is (name removed), I live in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I have witnessed 3 UFO sightings over the past couple of months over Lake Ontario. In Hamilton there is a street called Burlington Street which goes straight towards the lake, so you can see a full view of Lake Ontario while you are driving. I drive this way every morning around 7:30 - 7:45ish. My first sighting happened about 3 months ago, when me and my friend were driving down Burlington Street at 7:45, there were clouds covering the lower part of the lake, but it was a bright sky above the clouds, now all these sightings have happen while I was driving, so we only caught glimpses of them. All of a sudden we saw something shoot through the clouds and into the sky, leaving behind a straight line in the clouds. We thought it was really weird. The second sighting happen at the same time, 7:45, while were driving on Burlington Street again. It was a clear sky and we saw just a little swiggle in the sky, it was not moving, just sitting there. I have seen video of the exact same sighting before, it was very weird. But today's sighting topped everything, as we were again driving down Burlington Street and looking at the view of the lake, I thought I saw a bird gliding into the wind, but then I realized, it wasn't moving. My buddy and I started to take a closer look, it was a craft hovering over the lake. It was in a disk shaped form! Just sitting there watching all the cars going by on the highway. I know what I saw, and it was for sure a disk. I know that there is alot of sighting over Lake Ontario, do you know why I know. I've witnessed three of them. If you have any questions please get back to me.

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        Playa Del Rey, California Unusual Maneuvers For Triangular Lights

        Date: April 3, 2006
        Time: 1:35 a.m.

        Number of witnesses: 1
        Number of objects: 3
        Shape of objects: Triangle

        Full Description of event/sighting: I was having a cigarette, looking for satellites because it's a clear night. I saw three lights in a triangle shape, higher and moving faster than any plane I've ever seen before. I see a lot of planes as I live next to LAX. But these made no noise, not even a delay of noise. As they went towards the horizon heading west, it change shape, and two light went left (south) and disappeared. The third stayed straight and disappeared.

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        Cardiff, UK Lights Seen To Dance Around In The Sky

        Date: April 3, 2006
        Time: 11:45 p.m.

        Number of witnesses: 1
        Number of objects: 3
        Shape of objects: Shapes indefinable (blurred)

        Full Description of event/sighting: At 11.45pm (3 April, Monday) I saw something that I never believed I would. I was in the backyard having a cigarette and looking at the stars and the moon. I saw in the sky what at first I thought was a plane, until it changed direction at such an acute angle, almost going back in the opposite direction. At this point it was joined not by one but two more "lights" (they were very blurry, orange in colour, although there was alot of light pollution ) they danced around each other for, well it could have only been seconds, and then moved off in a diagonal formation. I was confused at first and shocked that I had seen this event. I called my wife but by the time she had got from the living room the objects had disappeared out of sight.

        This started close to the constellation of Taurus in a NW direction. The objects moved off in a North direction. These couldn't have been planes/jet fighters, birds etc. I don't make silly claims. I have seen things in the sky before but always put it down to planes/ satellites, space junk and the like. This was none of these and quite frankly has shaken me considerably.

        Thank you to the witness for the report.


        Vernon, British Columbia More Orb Like Objects

        Date: April 5, 2006
        Time: 4:45 am - 5:45 am

        Hi Brian, I had a restless night, so at 4:30 this morning I was outside watching the Northern Lights when I spotted a globe (orb) very slowly heading east. This orb appeared to be very low in the sky. A short time later there was another globe very slowly flying south. This one appeared to be higher in the sky but also appeared to descend lower as it went south. A short time later there were two in the sky. One going north and the other going south.

        It looked as though one was flying at a higher altitude when they passed each other, as it was smaller than the one heading south. All the orbs stayed at the brightness of the smaller stars and were moving slowly. Not like the other night when the orb I reported accelerated so fast, leaving no trail, that my eyes crossed following it. I checked the Heavens-Above to make sure that they weren't satellites, and hoping I read the chart right there were no satellites at this time.

        Thank you to the witness for their report.


        Los Angeles, California TV Station - News Reporter Talking About A Stealth ?

        Date of news: April 5, 2006

        Hi Brian, had to write to you about what I heard, on the news yesterday. I have it recorded on my TiVo. Yesterday, the news was on, and the weather man just got finished talking about the weather. It's been raining here for a few days, and he gave the weather report for the next week. The news lady, who's name is Coleen Williams said, she saw the Stealth Bomber do a fly by. It was just under the clouds, and it looked like a big kite in the sky. The weather man, who's name is Fritz Coleman said, that's strange, I wonder why it didn't show up on my Doppler. To me they got a funny look on there faces, and changed the subject. Maybe what she really saw , was a large Triangular shaped craft, other then the Stealth. It was on the channel 4 news, here in Los Angeles,Ca.

        Thank you to the person for the note on this.


        Mysterious Bruises Show Up - Ongoing Families Experiences

        HBCC UFO Research Note: The below letter is from a lady who is speaking about what her daughter found. The family has had some very unusual things happen throughout their lives, and this could be another one of these unusual events.

        Message: Hi Brian, I have contacted you before if you recall. Last week my daughter, 27, said to me that she would be ovulating. She thought approximately around Sunday and we joked that maybe the "aliens" would come. She had spoke of the possibility of that and intended to try to notice anything strange around this time. Well, the morning after the ovulation, she got up and when showering noticed several bruises on her legs, on the inside near her knees and also inside of her thighs. She showed them to me. She had been home all weekend with me, just being lazy, not doing anything physical at all. I think it is too much of a coincidence that she would predict this, and then have unexplained bruises. This kind of stuff is not new to us, but still is amazing. She also, like me, has had weird stuff happen to her all her life. I did not know this till a few years ago and things she told me coincided with things I remember her going through, such as unexplained terrors, but at the time I had no idea anyone in the family had gone through anything except some UFO sightings and strange dreams that I think were actually memories. You can use this, all of it or just part, however you want. Thank you for listening.

        Thank you to the Mom for passing along the information.


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