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Lehmberg -- "Seeing Is Believing," Naught

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  • Alfred Lehmberg
    Seeing Is Believing, Naught by Alfred Lehmberg www.alienview.net I saw Peter Jennings on a high-school trip to Sacramento when I was a kid in 1965 or
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2005
      "Seeing Is Believing," Naught

      by Alfred Lehmberg


      I saw Peter Jennings on a high-school trip to Sacramento when I was a
      kid in 1965 or there-abouts. A local-news guy in the California
      Capital, I think (who cares?), it was pretty obvious, even to a
      teen-aged, predictable, and oblivious moi, that he was one of
      "fair-haired lot" on his way up.

      Hustled onto buses to see him from our sleepy little town of Elk
      Grove, I wondered what the big deal was. Verily, when he finished
      his talk, I still didn't know.

      All I heard then was "yadda yadda, blah blah-blah blah... blah."

      That's all I heard for two hours last night, too, 40 years later:
      well traveled, safe, and predicable "yadda" with oppressive overdoses
      of the conventional "blah." Such was his ballyhooed ABC program on
      the subject of UFOs.

      Flatly, Jennings took the easy way out, reader, fell back on the
      outmoded and invalidated "conventional wisdoms" exacerbating the
      cultural hole that we are in, and wiggled his ass for a mainstream as
      corrupt as it is canted... as irrelevant as it is fraudulent.

      What did I expect?

      I had ~no~ expectations. Like many, though, I had hopes.

      ...It all seemed to be coming together. An unusual prime-time news
      special from the vaunted establishment taken in conjunction with a
      likely "discovery" of life on Mars, seemed serendipitous... at the
      very least. Are we, perhaps, being prepared for the more expansive
      future... I'd wondered.

      No. Be not fooled...

      ...And there will be kinder assessments than mine providing puerile
      protestations on the validity of ABCs little exercise of manipulative
      self-affirmation for the status quo. These will celebrate the "loss
      leader" admissions that ABC duplicitously injected so they could
      pretend that they were balanced, on balance...

      They were not. These loss-leaders only serve to support the big lie.
      And ABC told the ~big~ lie, Sir and Madam! They contrived the lie of
      ~Omission~, folks... baldly, bluntly, and with malice aforethought.


      I was grossly disappointed with the obvious bias shown in several
      segments, especially the Roswell and Abduction subjects. These were
      badly handled, poorly chosen, and explicated incompetently with

      Jennings did no homework. ABC talked extensively, for months, with
      the ufological principals... Richard Hall, Dr. Swords, Jerry Clark et
      al... they could make their own comparisons to Dr. Shirmer, Mr.
      McGaha, Dr. Shostak... and this is ~forgetting~ that the latter have
      ~ever~ had their HATS handed to them in debate with the former.
      Jennings and ABC stacked the deck, dealt from the bottom, and changed
      games in the middle of the play over a huge pot! They implied equity
      between these conflicting groups, where there IS none!

      Then, given a back stepping reliance on 19th Century
      philosophies/physics, there was ABCs treatment of interstellar
      travel. Ludicrous, reader! We could travel between stars right NOW
      if we wanted to. Not a NOD to that.

      Moreover, consider the unchallenged nonsense of the SETI "Cultists."
      Guilty of every conceit and mal-intellectualism they would attribute
      to a rank "believer," they are studiously blind to that which they
      would only pretend to seek! ET can be ~anywhere~ reader, except

      Additionally, one would think ABC could mention that Stanton Friedman
      is a bona fide scientist, a physicist with many degrees and honors
      respectably investigating, for over three freaking decades, the very
      subject of the program on which he is wrongly vilified! Outraged

      ...That Jesse Marcel Jr., who saw saucer parts as a boy, is now a
      medical doctor, just back from active duty in Iraq as a flight

      ...That Jesse Marcel Sr., the saucer finder, was the ranking
      Intelligence Officer of the only atomic bombing group in the world!
      Obviously, not a credulous dummy!

      ...There was no mention of the literally thousands of physical trace
      cases, or of the blacked out FOIA documents obfuscating more of the
      truth, or "radar/visual" sightings... persons watching physical
      evidence actually being made...

      Moreover, indicating that Hynek was the only scientist fighting the
      battle was patently preposterous... if it was not the very soul of
      duplicity, too. Dr. James McDonald (et sig al) did far more than
      Hynek ever did on his ~best~ day...

      Why continue ad nauseum. The reader gets the point.

      Reader, two of the finest men in the current ufological struggle were
      made out plainly to be money-grubbing sensationalists and
      opportunists. They chumped Stanton Friedman in this fashion... and
      made Peter Davenport look like a freaking nut-ball! More Outrage!

      Yes, this Peter Jennings/ABC journalistic apostasy was a complete, if
      subtle, Hack-Job! It employed all the old discredited prejudices,
      subtly made out like ufologists operate, doggedly, on conflicted
      faith and are, most likely, mentally ill, misinformed, or
      misinforming... ...while Skeptibunkies, on the other hand, are hard
      nosed realists with the conviction of "real" science behind them!
      What nonsense this?

      All in all, ufologists were given no, hoped for, "hand" at all,
      except for the back of one...Outrage beyond incredulity!

      This program was an opportunity to begin to relearn a trust in
      government and the media, but the baffled ufological fence-sitter was
      in no way encouraged to ask difficult questions of Government,
      Institution, or Agency on this subject. He or she were informed and
      inculcated otherwise, again by the hijacked mainstream, that ET is a
      long-shot, credible evidence of interaction does not exist , and ET
      can't get here anyway, largely because ~we~ can't get ~there~... oh,
      and all is right with the world... our arrogant hubris is intact.
      Human Beings remain the center of the universe and the jewel in God's


      I was completely disgusted with this canted partisan display. No
      points for Jennings, at all... who should just follow Dan Rather into
      some journalistic elephant's graveyard and let his tiny tusks bleach
      in the sun.

      I'm not done. I'm just getting started. ABC doesn't know who they
      trifle with. We're righteous piranha and they're dead in the
      ufological water. Breaking out of the preceding metaphor, We don't
      need them... it's ~them~ needs ~us~! As it stands, Peter Jennings
      and ABC are beneath ~my~ concern, ~my~ consideration and ~my~

      Read on.

      alienview@... -:|:-


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