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Peter Jennings UFO Show So So

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  • antigray@cs.com
    Peter Jennings UFO Show So So Hi Group, Well, the show was a start. This is what I posted in my group about it:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2005
      Peter Jennings UFO Show So So
      Hi Group,
      Well, the show was a start. This is what I posted in my group about it:
      Subj: Peter Jennings UFO Show So So
      Date: 2/24/2005 11:49:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From: ANTIGRAY
      To: marssouthpolereturns@yahoogroups.com

      Hi Group,
      Just finished watching UFOs - Seeing Is Believing. The key idea of the show
      is "believing," almost in the religious sense, like you are believing something
      and going off the deep end because you have misidentified it. The good thing
      about the show was the highly credible military and police UFO witnesses. The
      rest was same old "believers versus skeptics" name calling. At least it will
      make the public think about it all a little bit. But then the show featured a
      scientist who came on and said science does not accept proof from eyewitnesses!
      If Peter Jennings and his staff had dug a little deeper, they could have
      proved the Roswell UFO crash did happen just from the pictures he had in hand on
      the show. They showed the famous photo of General Ramey at a press conference
      bending over some debris from a weather balloon and saying that is what really
      crashed. The 1947 photo was taken with an old Graflex press camera that had a
      huge photographic plate inside that the photo image was exposed on. Two teams
      of professional researchers 3 years ago got the original photo and negative
      from the Ft. Worth, Texas newspaper's archives. The researchers used computer
      enhancement to zoom in on a telegram that Gen. Ramey was holding in his hand. I
      have those photos in my book including the text of the telegram. The telegram
      was from the Pentagon and it was orders telling what was to be done with the
      saucer debris and the alien bodies they had recovered. I have the zoomed in
      picture of the telegram in my book and all of the reconstructed text:
      "Warning" by Art Greenfield
      ISBN: 1-59113-358-0
      Copyright © 2004 by Art Greenfield
      All rights reserved

      Jennings had the smoking gun right under his nose and never knew it. If he
      had only asked Art Bell where was the proof of Roswell, he could have found out
      about the smoking telegram. The researchers revealed all of the information
      about that telegram on Art Bell's show.
      They were discussing the show and abductions on a local radio show this
      morning. I sent them the following email.
      Subj: All About The Aliens
      Date: 2/25/2005 8:49:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From: ANTIGRAY
      To: pat@...
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      Hi Pat,
      If you want the complete story about who the aliens are, what they are doing
      here, and why the government HAS to keep it all secret, check out my website

      My book that covers it all is available at:
      History of alien interference with humanity, and a beneficial solution.


      If you have any questions just ask. Do you think your audience can handle the
      Art Greenfield

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