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UFO Review issue 8 - February 2005

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  • Stuart Miller
    UFO Review, issue 8 February 2005 is now available at http://www.uforeview.net. Top left hand button on page marked Current issue . As usual, a PDF download,
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      UFO Review, issue 8 February 2005 is now available at
      http://www.uforeview.net Top left hand button on page marked
      "Current issue". As usual, a PDF download, this time at just
      over 3 mgs.

      So what do we have? An interview with Lembit Opik, the
      Liberal/Democrat MP for Montgomery in the UK and the leading
      voice in Britain on NEOs. Lembit tells us what the government
      has done about the asteroid problem, what he's done, and what we
      can do. He also tells us he's convinced we're going to get
      whacked by something big sooner or later and we need to wake up!
      Wish the guy was my MP.

      David Rudiak talks to us about Roswell, the Ramey memo, who's
      been "briefed", General Clark, NATO, and other topics. A wide
      ranging interview with an experienced, respected, intelligent

      Writer Will Hart ("Genesis Race") gives us a well constructed
      argument against the sceptical cause and Sherryl Gottschall
      follows up her original piece on the problems facing ufologists
      with part 2, "Greater Challenges for the volunteer Ufologist".
      And we're extremely pleased to welcome Bill Hamilton to Review
      with the first installment of a series of articles entitled,
      "UFO Recognition."

      We are also pleased to present Grant Cameron's Washington
      Presentation paper entitled "Glimpses of Disclosure".

      We strip the mask off Kithra who has been writing for us since
      day one and we tell you a little bit about the lady who offers
      us her own thoughts on the S.E. Asian tsunami disaster.

      "A reader" takes his courage in his hands and has sent us in a
      piece on "The Song of the Greys." We thank Robbie Jameson.

      As we step over the edge into the world of unreality, "Dr.
      Bruce", who bares absolutely no similarity to any known living
      or deceased individual, joins our staff and answers letters from
      readers while Uncle Seth once again sits down with a group of
      people, in this instance very young children, and attempts to
      deal with what they throw at him. Indeed he does.

      There's also a sensational revelation about who or what has been
      cleaning the solar panels on the Mars Opportunity Rover. Oh,
      there's something up there alright.

      As usual, cartoons plus the usual silly madness.

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