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      Source: ABC News



      The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing

      Two-Hour Primetime Special Airs Thursday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m.

      Almost 50 percent of Americans, according to recent polls, and
      millions of people elsewhere in the world believe that UFOs are
      real. For many it is a deeply held belief.

      For decades there have been sightings of UFOs by millions and
      millions of people. It is a mystery that only science can solve,
      and yet the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Most of the
      reporting on this subject by the mainstream media holds those
      who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule.

      On Feb. 24, "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is
      Believing" takes a fresh look at the UFO phenomenon. "As a
      journalist," says Jennings, "I began this project with a healthy
      dose of skepticism and as open a mind as possible. After almost
      150 interviews with scientists, investigators, and with many of
      those who claim to have witnessed unidentified flying objects,
      there are important questions that have not been completely
      answered — and a great deal not fully explained."

      "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" airs
      Thursday, Feb. 24 from 8-10 p.m. ET on ABC. The program will be
      broadcast in High Definition.

      This two-hour primetime special reports on the entire scope of
      the UFO experience — from the first famous sighting by Kenneth
      Arnold in 1947 to the present day. The program draws on
      interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel,
      scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts
      of encounters with the unexplained. Also included are the voices
      of professional skeptics about UFOs, including scientists who
      are leading the search for life forms beyond earth elsewhere in
      the universe.

      The program explores the facts behind the enduring mystery of
      the incident at Roswell, N.M., and looks into the strange
      stories of alien abductions. Among the UFO cases presented:

      Minot Air Force Base, N.D., October 1968 — Sixteen airmen on the
      ground and the crew of an airborne B-52 witness a massive
      unidentified object hovering near the base.

      Phoenix, Ariz., March 1997 — Hundreds witness a huge triangular
      craft moving slowly over the city.

      St. Clair County, Ill., January 2000 — Police officers in five
      adjoining towns all independently report witnessing a giant
      craft with multiple bright lights moving silently across the sky
      at a very low altitude.

      Today if you report a UFO to the U.S. government you will be
      informed that the Air Force conducted a 22-year investigation
      which ended in 1969 and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to
      national security and are of no scientific interest. But as one
      of the world's leading theoretical physicists says in the
      program, "You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of
      these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object
      created by … a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of
      us in technology."

      "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" is
      produced by PJ Productions and Springs Media for ABC News. Mark
      Obenhaus and Tom Yellin are the executive producers.
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