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    ... I think that there are two (perhaps three) different phenomena operating here. 1/ Biblical demons ( more or less common to Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      >Aliens or Demons?<
      I think that there are two (perhaps three) different phenomena operating

      1/ Biblical demons ( more or less common to Christianity, Judaism and Islam
      under different names).
      Remember most Christian demonology dates from the middle ages in Europe,
      rather than from the Torah/Bible.
      However the Book of Enoch ( Not held as Canonical by either Jews or
      Christians) does seem to deal with ET type demons.
      It may be that Demons are trying to 'cash in' on UFology and further
      confuse the matter.
      Mainstream Christian/Jewish attitudes probably aid them!(see below)

      2/ ETs. from somewhere.
      If we can believe the stories, they seem to be physical beings with large
      metal? spaceships that need a very large industrial base to build and
      suggesting something like the Earth with a few more hundred years of
      technological progress and presumably all pulling together, rather than
      as we do here on earth.

      Yes much UFology is steeped in the Occult, but there is a reason for this.
      Neither Main stream Judaism or the Church have been 'into' the subject.
      There are a very few exceptions to this.

      What happens?
      People have an experience, either a close encounter (Ce-2 or 4) or a CE-4
      and they want help and explanation.
      They know what they have seen or experienced!
      To them its REAL!
      Unfortunately the Church and the Shule are not generally helpful, neither
      is the Medical profession, generally.
      Organisations like the Samaritans, Rape Crisis, Women's Aid all let the
      victim down... anyway this is what has happened to victims that I have
      Its then only the New Age, the Occultists and UFO cult groups that are
      available to help them.
      Whitley Strieber was lucky in that he was introduced to a support group run
      by a qualified doctor, many are run by very dubious persons.
      These fringe groups, some almost UFO Cults, seem to combine anything
      'spooky with UFOs.

      Most contain "Channelers."
      This is just a PC term for Mediums, and of course Judaism and Christianity
      recognises these as being in contact with the Biblical Demons.
      Their messages again confuse the situation.
      The clue is that they always seem to give an anti-Judeo-Christian message,
      just as' proper demons are claimed to do.

      Only by serious studies of UFOs and the recognition that the Torah and the
      Bible both recognize "Biblical Demons" as real, and separate phenomena, can
      those with CE-3 & 4s
      be helped.

      3/ Of course there is a third possibility, the person actually is mentally
      ill, and then they need proper medical attention.
      They need a Ufologist as much as a person who thinks he's Napoleon needs a

      However, unless we all accept all three possibilities, we will never be
      able to help anyone, or even make any progress into understanding the (all
      three) problem(s).
      At the very least we must keep an open mind that there is more than one
      Just as it is wrong to say that a person who has had a CE-4 MUST be mad (
      take these Vallium and come back in a month's time!) its just as wrong to
      dismiss the ET or the
      Religious explanation.

      I suppose there is a further possibility... Both our understanding of
      Biblical demonology and ETs are incorrect and they are one and the same

      Mike O.
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