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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 2

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  • John Hayes
    Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor. ========================== UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 2 January 12, 2005 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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      Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


      Volume 10, Number 2
      January 12, 2005
      Editor: Joseph Trainor

      E-mail: Masinaigan@...
      Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      "Was it a coincidence? Lots of people ran from the
      tsunami and the earthquake" that ravaged the Indian Ocean
      on Sunday, December 26, 2004, "but areas are reporting
      that strange Unidentified Flying Objects flew over" the
      Andaman Islands "a few days before the tsunami."
      "People in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the
      Andaman and Nicobar Islands, as well as many in Indonesia,
      had been reporting for some time about strange objects in
      the sky."
      "The local residents did not know what to do with
      these reported sightings. But it seems from the reports
      that many UFOs were in the sky and were trying to
      communicate something."
      Complicating these reports are the startling news
      stories from the Andamans. Many of the tribes in the low-
      lying jungled islands, who were thought to have been
      killed, were discovered to have miraculously survived.
      "In Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman
      Islands of India," during the week before the tsunami,
      "some tourists saw strange flying objects."
      "In Indonesia, remote islands also had similar
      experiences at that time."
      "According to some UFO experts, UFOs have already
      appeared at the epicenter of major calamities. Some
      believe they are trying to communicate with us to warn us.
      India, especially in the Himalayas, China and Indonesia
      experienced many UFO sightings in recent days" leading up
      to the tsunami. "Remote areas of Bangladesh, Myanmar
      (formerly Burma--J.T.), the Andaman Islands and Sri Lanka
      also recently reported such sightings."
      In a really puzzling development, "five isolated
      tribes living on the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      appear to have survived the devastating Indian Ocean
      tsunami, although a more numerous group suffered a great
      loss of life, a British-based charity said Tuesday,"
      January 4, 2005.
      "Survival International, which campaigns on behalf of
      tribal peoples, said Tuesday that none of the five Indian
      island tribes had been wiped out by the Dec. 26 disaster.
      The tribes' populations range in size from dozens to
      "Of the tribes on the Indian-ruled Andaman Islands,
      the 270-strong Jarawa, who lived in isolation until
      recently, seemed to have escaped unharmed, the group
      "And most of the Onge, of whom only about 100 remain,
      fled to high ground, it said."
      "Pilots flying over Sentinel Island, home of the most
      isolated of all the tribes, the Sentinelese, witnessed
      people standing on beaches. It was not known how many, if
      any, had died, Survival International said."
      "The group said it had no reports on the 41 Great
      Andamanese, 'but early indications are that they have
      survived more or less intact.'"
      "The hunter-gatherer Shompen tribe on Great Nicobar
      Island would have survived as they live primarily in
      (rain) forests."
      "In contrast to these five isolated and tiny
      communities, the more assimilated Nicobarese, of whom
      there are about 30,000, had suffered much more, with all
      12 villages on one island washed away, Survival
      International said."
      "Indian officials on Tuesday said 6,010 people are
      missing on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands."
      The news of UFOs in the Andamans has heightened
      debate in New Delhi, India's capital, over whether the
      government should go public with its knowledge of an alien
      presence in the subcontinent.
      Strange sightings continue in the Himalayas. The
      newspaper India Daily reported, "In Ladakh, for example,
      the locals clearly point out the every day phenomenon of
      large triangular spacecraft coming out from beneath the
      ground and Indian security forces protecting them."
      "The current debate is focused on whether to keep it
      quiet as other countries are doing, or, in the tradition
      of a total transparent society, come out and tell the
      world. India is so open and democratic it is very
      difficult to keep a secret for long."
      "If this information comes out as unofficial claims
      first, and the authorities are pressed against the wall to
      confess, two bad things can happen. First, it could
      really cause a panic in the country. Second, the way
      Indian politics is run, the ruling party would be thrown
      out of office if it was ever found out that the Government
      had withheld such information from the public." (See
      India Daily for December 31, 2004, "An enormous number of
      UFO sightings preceded the tsunami and earthquake in South
      and Southeast Asia," and for January 6, 2005, "India may
      be the first country to explain about extraterrestrial and
      UFO contacts." Also USA Today for January 5, 2005,
      "Isolated tribes on islands fared better than expected,"
      page 8A. Many thanks to Prashant Solomon of UFO India and
      Elaine Douglass for these newspaper articles.)


      "An unidentified object fell from the sky and spooked
      Roswell residents."
      "Roswell Avenue residents aren't sure what the
      unidentified flying object was, but it streaked across the
      sky about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday," January 4, 2005, "and
      apparently hit the ground, touching off a fire that
      destroyed a neighbor's shed."
      "The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said
      they got calls from Chino residents and motorists on (the)
      210 and 71 Freeways reporting that an unidentified flying
      object was landing or crashing in town."
      "'Somebody told one of our fire officials that they
      saw a plane crash,' said Fire Capt. Kim Johnson, who
      responded to the shed fire on Cozzens Street, close to
      Roswell Avenue."
      "A helicopter search determined there wasn't a plane
      "'There are a lot of people who are convinced that
      something came out of the sky--that there was something
      unexplainable, a light falling from the sky,' Johnson
      "Somebody called in saying they saw a fire in the
      sky, sheriff's spokeswoman Debra Holman said, 'At first we
      thought it was a transformer fire, but it's still
      "Firefighters are trying to determine the cause of
      the fire."
      "'There may be a simple explanation,' Holman said,
      'But who knows?'"
      Chino is on Highway 60, the Pomona Freeway, and
      Highway 83, about midway between San Bernardino and Los
      Angeles. (See the Modesto, Cal. Bee for January 7, 2005,
      "Residents startled as UFO falls in Chino." Many thanks
      to Jim Hickman, Executive Director of Skywatch
      International, for this news report.)


      On Saturday, January 1, 2005, at about 5 a.m.,
      Michael L. and his girl friend were on a hilltop in San
      Francisco, California when they saw something unusual in
      the sky.
      "I was having a smoke with my girl when these seven
      really odd-shaped, balloon-shaped things came in from my
      right," Michael reported, "Coming from the head was a
      thick streamer-like thing. There were also five more that
      followed closely behind. They were totally freaking me
      out. Were certainly odd-shaped balloons, but at least I
      could rationalize them. Then it got weird."
      "As they were moving across my view, a much smaller
      white light kept moving away faster and not at such a high
      altitude. This I can't rationalize. It came out of
      nowhere, and there was no way it was a plane. Also, they
      all made no sound. If this was a plane, it would've woken
      up the entire neighborhood."
      "I slid to the side of the tree. Some of them came
      out the other side and continued until they disappeared
      into the distance. On top of all this, my girl was
      experiencing everything I was, and she was just as freaked
      out. The 'balloons' were browish against a blue sky that
      had a lack of clouds."
      "We were on top of one of San Francisco's hills. I
      talked to my cousin who lives near there, and he confirmed
      that we were looking south. So it came in from the west
      and went off to the east. The 12 might have been oddly-
      shaped balloons, but they had some very strange tails.
      The tails were probably 40 percent of" the diameter "of
      the circular heads. I had a distinct view of this for a
      good 10 to 15 seconds." (Many thanks to Canadian
      ufologist Brian Vike for this email report.)


      On Monday, January 3, 2005, Wayne M. Baker D.D.S. was
      driving on Little Road, about a quarter-mile south of
      Route 52 in Hudson, Florida (population 12,765) when he
      saw a strange object hovering above the road ahead.
      "It was 6:30 p.m.," Dr. Baker reported, "The object
      was hovering above Little Road without movement, except
      for the flashing lights at the bottom of the spaceship. I
      was driving home from my office, and it was dark already.
      When I was about one mile (1.6 kilometers) south of
      Highway 52, I noticed a plane or helicopter with four
      bright lights surrounding it, and the fourth was
      underneath flashing brightly. From a distance, it
      appeared that the 'plane' had its landing lights on. When
      it came closer, I realized it wasn't shaped like a plane
      or helicopter, but it was much larger than any plane for
      civilian aircraft."
      "When I was directly under it, I noticed that it was
      not very high up at all, so I could see into it clearly,
      as it was vertical instead of horizontal. I saw a
      brightly-lit yellow hallway that went all the way around
      the craft.
      It was so clear that it seemed that it was going to land
      right there on Little Road. But as I drove east onto
      Route 52, it didn't follow me but stayed in place above
      the road."
      "I continued on and then headed home. Immediately I
      contacted Channel 8, WFLA-TV and asked if anyone else had
      reported seeing the craft, which I would've imagined
      anyone could have noticed it. I am waiting for WFLA's
      reply." (Email Form Report)


      On Monday, January 3, 2005, at 12:30 p.m., Cathy S.
      was at home at her apartment near Lake Pontchartrain in
      New Orleans, Louisiana when she spotted something unusual
      in the sky.
      "It appeared to be a large black sphere," Cathy
      reported, "I could hear what sounded like an engine but it
      was so very far away. There were at least six of them
      flying lower than the clouds but a little higher than the
      high-flying birds. It was very strange to see them fly so
      slow. One was so slow it appeared to be stationary. I
      have never seen anything like it. Could it be something
      from the military? They were very slow. Nothing like a
      helicopter." (Email Form Report)


      On Monday, December 20, 2004, "the staff at Mexico
      City International Airport witnessed a strange flying
      object shaped like 'a black saucer' with what resembled 'a
      golden spinning top' on its upper section. It was at an
      altitude of approximately 200 meters (660 feet) at 12
      "On (Friday) December 24 (2004), an aviation
      technician located unknown air traffic flying from east to
      west" over Mexico City, "passing very close to an airliner
      inbound from South America. According to witnesses on the
      ground, the UFO stopped and then ascended before vanishing
      into the high atmosphere. This event occurred at 4:30
      "Subsequently (Mexican ufologist) Horacio Rodriguez
      shot video (footage) of a cylindrical flying object having
      a metallic appearance to the east of Mexico City."
      On Monday, December 27, 2004, "at 3 p.m., a spherical
      white flying object was seen suspended in the air near the
      control tower at Mexico City International Airport." (See
      the Mexican newspaper La Prensa for December 30, 2004.
      Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Ana Luisa Cid Fernandez
      para esto articulo de diario.)


      "An unidentified flying object was captured in a
      photograph taken by a tourist, Raul Jara, at the Los
      Molinos beach resort" near Valdivia, Chile.
      "Jara claims not having been aware of anything
      abormal when he pointed his camera torward the heavens of
      the Valdivian shoreline, while members of the Aedo Lovera
      and Jara Lovera families were startled by the find,
      pointing out 'at the time nothing strange was seen in the
      "The foregoing is due to the fact that they
      acknowledge that the object located over the subjects of
      the photograph has a certain resemblance to a helicopter."
      "When contacted about this, Boris Lovera stated that
      'in spite of the noise on the beach, the mutter of an
      aircraft flying over the area should have been heard at
      the time.'"
      "Both families, however, are sceptical when it comes
      to confirming the presence of what could be an alien
      "The phenomenon seen by the Valdivians was recorded
      at around 7 p.m. when both families were about ready to
      leave Los Molinos beach and head back to the city of Calle
      "At that time, the temperature was around 24 degrees
      Celsius, and the skies along the coast were clear.
      Despite the 'showy' nature of the object, Raul Jara stated
      that 'no one else on the beach appears to have seen
      anything at all,' adding, 'We didn't notice the UFO. It
      was only after we got home and downloaded the photo into
      the computer.'"
      "In fact, only one of the photos shows the presence
      of the UFO in the air, but it is not visible in the second
      "According to Boris Aedo, who appears in the lower
      left of the (family) photo, 'I was crouching when they
      took the first photo and, in a few seconds, there was
      nothing at all in the skies.'"
      "Carabineros (Chilean national police--J.T.) of the
      Reten de Niebla cuartel (barracks) noted that no phone
      calls had been received regarding the presence of any
      unusual flying object. This was confirmed by the Pichoy
      Airport Traffic Control Tower, whose officials were
      completing their day's work at the time."
      "The Los Molinos sighting can be added to those
      recorded in the area (Chile's 10th Region--J.T.) which
      brings up the old question: are we alone in the universe?"
      Valdivia is in southern Chile about 400 kilometers
      (250 miles) south of Santiago de Chile, the national
      capital. (See the Chilean newspaper La Segunda for
      January 3, 2005, "UFO reported in Chile's 10th Region."
      Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Guillermo Gimenez para
      esto articulo de diario.)


      "A kangaroo's frigid walkabout in Iowa County,
      Wisconsin ended Wednesday," January 5, 2005, "after
      authorities tracked down the marsupial during heavy
      snowfall. But where the animal came from remained a
      "Sheriff's deputies corralled the 150-pound male
      kangaroo in a barn after receiving calls from shocked
      residents who had seen it in parts of rural Dodgeville,
      Wisconsin (population 4,220)."
      "Janelle Simpson, 77, spotted it hopping across her
      yard Wednesday morning and called the (Iowa County)
      Sheriff's Department."
      "'He was going at a pretty good speed,' she said,
      'I'm too old to be out chasing kangaroos.'"
      "The kangaroo, which is native to Australia's bush
      country, where temperatures generally do not drop below
      the 30s" on the Fahrenheit scale "was wet from the snow
      but in good shape, said Jim Hubing, director of the Henry
      Vilas Zoo in Madison," Wisconsin's state capital, "where
      the animal was taken."
      "'It can't survive in this cold, particularly with
      lack of food,' Hubing said."
      "Temperatures in the area hovered in the teens and
      20s, and there was between 1 and 3 inches of snow as of
      Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service said."
      "Deputies and volunteer firefighters herded the
      kangaroo into Simpson's empty horse barn. The barn's high
      stalls kept the animal from hopping to another escape
      before it was coaxed into a crate to ride in a heated van
      to the zoo."
      "'It appears to be very familiar with humans and is
      not afraid of them and didn't seem to be agitated,' Hubing
      "The kangaroo will undergo medical tests to make sure
      it is healthy."
      "Iowa County Sheriff Steve Michek said he doesn't
      have any idea where the animal came from."
      "'Hopefully, it's not the case where somebody would
      have dropped it off or anything like that,' he said."
      "The zoo, which has five red kangaroos and three
      wallabies, will keep the animal quarantined for at least
      30 days. If an owner doesn't claim it, the kangaroo could
      remain at the zoo or possibly go to another facility,
      Hubing said."
      "Michek said people who initially spotted the
      kangaroo Monday," January 3, 2005, "were hesitant to
      report it 'because they didn't want to be made a fool
      "His department took the calls seriously because of
      the number of people who saw the animal."
      "Simpson was amazed by the kangaroo's presence."
      "'I asked the sheriff, 'What's going to be next--an
      elephant or something?''"
      Dodgeville is in southern Wisconsin at the
      intersection of Highways 18 and 39, located about 25 miles
      (40 kilometers) west of Madison." (See the Ashland, Wis.
      Daily Press for January 6, 2005, "Authorities chase down
      kangaroo on the loose.")
      (Editor's Note: Dodgeville, Wis. is just 13 miles (22
      kilometers) north of Wisconsin's Fayette County. Just
      thought you wanted to know.)


      "On December 30, 1946, a U.S. Navy patrol plane with
      a crew of nine, mapping the Antarctic coast as part of a
      military effort called Operation High Jump crashed in a
      snowstorm after its radar failed to detect a slope not
      shown on the charts."
      "Now the U.S. Navy, piggybacking on scientific
      explorations of western Antarctica, has begun an effort to
      locate the plane and recover the remains of the crew
      members who died."
      "The crew members and their plane were part of what
      remains to this day the largest expedition ever in
      Antarctica, Operation High Jump, which was led by the
      reknowned polar explorer, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd,
      and consisted of 13 ships, 23 aircraft and 4,700 men."
      "According to a 1946 Navy memorandum, the mission's
      goal was 'consolidating and extending U.S. sovereignty
      over Antarctic areas, investigating possible base sites
      and extending scientific knowledge in general."
      "With the Cold War turning more frigid by the month,
      the venture unnerved the Soviet Union. The Soviet whaling
      fleet had just begun plying Antarctic waters, and a
      military publication called Red Fleet warned darkly that
      the operation was proof 'American military circles are
      seeking to subject the polar regions to their control.'"
      "Argentina and Chile were none too happy, either.
      Both countries had their own overlapping claims to areas
      extending from the tip of South America. Their fears of
      an American incursion were heightened when Chile asked
      Washington's permission to send an observer along, but was
      turned down."
      In their books, written in the 1970s, Wilhelm Landig
      and "outcast ufologist" Ernst Zundel claimed that
      Operation High Jump was literally "the last battle of
      World War II." In Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions (1978)
      and Hitler at the South Pole (1979), Zundel claimed that
      Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler had founded an SS colony
      in Antarctica called Neuschwabenland (German for New
      Swabia--J.T.). The base, known as Point 211, eventually
      became the Antarctic Reich.
      Opinion is sharply divided about the final fate of
      Neuschwabenland. Some argue that the Nazis abandoned
      their Antarctic sanctuary in the 1960s and moved to sites
      in the Andes. Another group claims that the Antarctic
      Reich still exists and has grown into "a civilization
      under the ice," home to about 3 million people of German
      and Ukrainian descent. It's supposed to be somewhere in
      the Muhlig-Hoffman Mountains, adjacent to the ruins of
      Kadath, a city founded by settlers from the lost continent
      of Atlantis.
      The Redemptionists believe that Adolf Hitler escaped
      from Berlin in April 1945, traveled to southern Argentina
      in a U-boat, and from there traveled to Neuschwabenland in
      a Nazi flying saucer. Hitler supposedly lived in
      Antarctica until 1952, when he reportedly traveled to the
      moon and met with aliens from space. These aliens took
      him to Aldebaran, 68 light-years from Earth. According to
      the legend, some day Hitler will return with an Aldebarani
      space armada.
      On November 27, 2004, the Navy undertook "the initial
      flight...to try to locate the wreckage of the George 1,"
      the plane that crashed in 1946. The search flight "was a
      joint one, conducted aboard a Chilean Navy Orion P-3
      aircraft with a Chilean crew and NASA scientists working
      "'This wasn't just a routine task for us,' said Capt.
      Christian Aldunate, the senior Chilean pilot on the
      recovery flight. 'It was a challenge to find clues that
      could help locate the plane, even though we knew it would
      be almost impossible to get at it because of the ice and
      snow that had piled up over so many years.'"
      "During an 11-hour flight from and back to Punta
      Arenas, in the extreme south of Chile, the search plane
      dipped as low as 500 feet (150 meters) over Thurston
      Island so scientists could use radar and laser beams to
      try to locate the remains of the U.S. Navy PBM (Martin)
      Mariner seaplane."
      "'Even today it's not easy, but we can rely on
      information from satellite photos, GPS systems and wind
      predictions,' Aldunate said, referring to global
      positioning networks. 'But from the time they took off
      until the time they arrived in the area, they had no idea
      what to expect.'"
      "Though little known in the outside world, the three
      men who died in the (1946) crash--Wendell K. Hendersin,
      Maxwell Lopez and Frederick Williams--are still celebrated
      in Antarctica as heroes."
      "At McMurdo Station, a U.S. research base on the edge
      of the Ross Ice Shelf, there is a plaque to honor the men,
      the first Americans to die on any of Byrd's many
      expeditions." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for
      January 2, 2005, "Navy tries to find plane lost in
      Antarctica 58 years ago," page 7A.)


      "A Christian group is accusing the U.S. Secret
      Service of religious discrimination and censorship for
      issuing a memo that bans Christian crosses from the
      presidential inauguration parade later this month."
      "Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Washington
      D.C.-based Christian Defense Coalition, contends the
      Secret Service 'trampled the First Amendment and crushed
      religious freedom in the public square.'"
      "'Simply put, it is religious bigotry and
      censorship,' he said, 'It is even more troubling when one
      realizes that it is only Christian symbols that have been
      excluded from the inauguration parade.'"
      "Tom Mazur, spokesman for the Secret Service, told
      WorldNet Daily the prohibition is simply a security matter
      that has nothing to do with the religious nature of the
      "'The reference to the cross is strictly in response
      to structure, certainly not the symbol,' he said, 'There
      is no prohibition based on content, only structure, as
      materials that could be used in a potentially harmful or
      threatening manner.'"
      "The prohibition was issued in a December 17 (2004)
      memo to the National Park Service that the Christian
      Defense Coalition received along with the approved
      demonstration permit."
      "Mahoney's group plans to be at the January 20 (2005)
      event for a prayer vigil and 'to challenge President Bush
      to remember the innocent children who have been lost
      through abortion and to appoint pro-life judges.'"
      "The Department of Homeland Security has designated
      the four days of inaugural events a National Security
      Special Event, putting the Secret Service in charge of
      overall security planning."
      "Already security has been heightened around the
      White House, where police have set up a street checkpoint
      with a sign reading '100 percent ID check.'"
      "Mazur said crosses would be allowed at the parade
      site if they conformed to the material and size
      restriction applied to signs and placards. For example, a
      cross made of cardboard could be brought, he offered."
      "But Mahoney told WorldNet Daily that explanation
      'doesn't fly,' saying that the prohibition outlined in the
      memo bans crosses outright and does not say they are
      allowed if they meet certain restrictions, such as those
      outlined for signs and placards."
      "In the past, he said, his group had brought wooden
      crosses to the inauguration 'to remind people of innocent
      lives lost through abortion.'"
      "Mahoney and his legal team will definitely send a
      letter to the Secret Service, demanding the group rescind
      the prohibition."
      "'The only way we would not go to court on this--the
      Secret Service will have to issue an apology and remove
      this ban altogether,' he said."
      Mahoney's group has attended every presidential
      inauguration since 1993. "In 1997, he successfully sued in
      federal court for the right to get a demonstration permit
      for President Clinton's second inaugural parade. Prior to
      this, no protest permits were issued, he said."
      "'To my knowledge, this is the first time the federal
      government has ever singled crosses out,' said Mahoney, 'I
      have been involved in public gatherings and demonstrations
      for 27 years, and I have never heard of a cross being used
      as a weapon anywhere.'" (See WorldNet Daily for January
      5, 2005, "Officials ban crosses at inauguration parade."
      Many thanks to Jim Danvers for this news story.)
      (Editor's Comment: And if poor Dubya didn't have enough


      "With 2005 only a few hours old, El Paso psychic Lady
      D.is helping us take a glimpse at what might occur this
      "Early last year (2004), Janet Jackson made a splash
      with her 'wardrobe malfunction.' Her brother, Michael
      Jackson, will be in the spotlight early this year with his
      trial on child molestation charges set to begin January
      "'He will be found guilty, but I don't see him
      serving time,' Lady D. said, 'I see him leaving the
      country (USA). The trial will get very ugly.'"
      "Though the news doesn't bode well for Jackson, famed
      serial bride and fiancee Jennifer Lopez will stay married
      to singer Marc Anthony in 2005."
      "'Her marriage will last another year or two,' Lady
      D. said, 'Commitment just isn't where she is.'"
      "In the non-celebrity world, lots of things will
      happen. Events in June and July will cause economic
      change in August for the United States, Lady D. said."
      "The new year will be the start of President Bush's
      second term in office, but whether he finishes will be
      another story."
      "'I don't see George Bush finishing his second term,'
      Lady D. said, 'I see Bush will leave office. Something
      from within the government will lead him to leave office."
      (See the El Paso, Tex. Times for January 2, 2005,
      "Borderland News." Many thanks to Dolores Loayza Ortiz
      for this newspaper article.)
      (Editor's Comment: Prophecy? Or wishful thinking on Lady
      D's part? As always, let us wait and see.)


      A mega-storm rolled across the USA from California to
      Massachusetts last week, blanketing the country in several
      inches of snow.
      "Rain-soaked California got wetter Monday," January
      3, 2005, "as another storm dumped heavy snow in the
      mountains, eroded beaches and shut down a 40-mile (64-
      kilometer) stretch of the state's major north-south
      "About two feet (60 centimeters) of snow fell in the
      Tejon Pass north of Los Angeles, stranding some drivers
      and shutting down a section of Interstate (Highway) 5."
      "One man died in the San Fernando Valley when his car
      went off a road and slammed into a palm tree."
      "In Goleta (population 55,204), near Santa Barbara,
      surging high tides washed away tons of sand deposited last
      year as part of a $2 million beach preservation project."
      "The latest storm swept through northern California
      on Sunday," January 2, 2005, intermittently closing two
      main routes across the Sierra Nevada (mountains). Both
      were opened Monday morning."
      "Some ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area reported as
      much as 9 feet (2.7 meters) of snow since late last week.
      'It's pretty much been non-stop,' said California Highway
      Patrol Sgt. Jon Dietrich."
      "In Nevada, crews struggled for a fourth day to clear
      roads after a powerful storm dumped up to 4 feet (1.2
      meters) of snow in some areas around Reno. 'We're making
      progress,' city spokesman Steve Frady said. He called it
      the community's heaviest snowfall in 15 years."
      "Snow and freezing rain swept through Colorado on
      Tuesday," January 4, 2005, closing schools and causing
      scores of accidents during the morning rush."
      "Some schools closed early in Nebraska as snow cut
      "Dozens of schools in Kansas canceled classes because
      of icy highways."
      "Rain moving out of California caused flooding early
      Tuesday in Arizona. One man died in Tonto Creek, 40 miles
      (64 kilometers) northeast of Phoenix."
      The storm "spread a smear of ice and snow from the
      Rockies to the Northeast on Wednesday," January 5, 2005,
      "snarling highway and airline traffic, causing record-low
      temperatures in the Midwest and snapping power lines
      serving tens of thousands of people."
      "The snow, sleet and freezing rain were part of a
      mass of cold air that dropped the temperature to a January
      5 record low of 39 below zero in Grand Forks, North Dakota
      (population 49,321)."
      "According to the National Weather Service, the
      coldest spot in northern Minnesota was the town of
      Embarrass (population 250), which hit 43 degrees below
      zero Fahrenheit," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor
      reported, "Here in Duluth, it was 22 below zero on
      Wednesday morning. My orange juice froze in its straw on
      my way to work. A customer at the store told me it was 30
      below at Pike Lake, just north of the city."
      "Up to an inch of ice coated the Kansas City area and
      layers a half-inch thick glazed highways in Iowa, Oklahoma
      and the Texas Panhandle, causing numerous traffic
      "Snow was scattered from the Colorado Rockies--which
      got 20 inches (50 centimeters) in just 12 hours at Aspen--
      across the Plains and Great Lakes all the way into New
      "Weather-related traffic deaths included five in
      Oklahoma, and one each in Colorado, Nebraska and South
      Dakota. Two traffic deaths in Michigan were probably the
      result of the storm, authorities said."
      In Wisconsin, a semi-trailer overturned on Interstate
      Highway I-90 outside Janesville (population 59,498).
      "In Chicago, which had 9 inches (23 centimeters) of
      snow, more than 1,300 flights were cancelled at O'Hare
      International Airport on Wednesday and Thursday," January
      6, 2004. "Flight delays of up to two hours were common at
      major airports from Illinois to Massachusetts."
      "In New England, several inches of snow Thursday was
      soon encased in ice as freezing rain followed. Hundreds
      of car accidents were reported in Connecticut, where
      Hartford," the state capital, "had 8 inches (21
      centimeters) of snow."
      "In Ohio, ten families were rescued by boat in
      McConnelsville, southeast of Columbus, after the Muskingum
      River rose to its highest mark in 40 years. The Ohio
      River was forecast to rise to 8 feet (2.4 meters) above
      flood stage by tonight."
      "In West Virginia, three bridges across the Ohio
      River were shut down for hours after 16 barges broke loose
      from a power plan dock upstream from Wheeling."
      "In several states, thick ice from freezing rain
      broke tree limbs, snapped utility lines and downed power
      poles, leaving nearly half a million customers without
      "Outages included 100,000 homes in Kansas, more than
      100,000 in Indiana and nearly 250,000 in Ohio."
      "Most of the storm deaths came on icy roads,
      including a mother and her four children in a car wreck in
      Oklahoma. Twelve other traffic deaths were reported in
      Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota,
      Indiana and Michigan. Three people in Illinois died while
      clearing snow."
      "Still missing is a man in Arizona who disappeared in
      a rain-swollen stream and a Missouri couple whose car
      washed into a creek."
      In other strange-weather news, "Kansas had a record
      number of tornadoes in 2004, but no storm-related deaths.
      The 124 twisters broke the record of 116 set in 1991. The
      higher number may be the result of better storm-spotting
      technology and an increase in the number of storm
      spotters, said Mike Smith of WeatherData, a private
      forecasting service." (See USA Today for January 4, 2005,
      "Calif. sun gives way to rain, snow," page 3A; January 5,
      2005, "After battering Calif., snowstorm goes east," page
      3A, and "Around the USA: Kansas," page 13A; and January 7,
      2004, "As storm slams East, another brews in West," page
      3A; and the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for January 6,
      2005, "Storm knocks out power, stops traffic in
      heartland," page 6A.)
      (Editor's Comment: The wild weather isn't just confined
      to the USA. Read on...)


      Not only is the USA being hit by "the Big Freeze,"
      Arab countries in the Persian Gulf and New Zealand, an
      island nation in the South Pacific, are being hit by
      abnormally cold temperatures, as well.
      It's especially strange in the case of New Zealand,
      which experiences its summer in January.
      "Snow has fallen in the United Arab Emirates for the
      first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the
      mountains of Ras al-Khaimen as the desert country
      experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall."
      "The snow fell on the Al-Jees mountain range in Ras
      al-Khaimen, the most southerly range of the United Arab
      Emirates (UAE) federation, Dubai's airport meteorological
      department said."
      The Al-Jees range "at 1,737 meters (5,732 feet) above
      sea level 'had heavy night-time snowfall for the past four
      days as a result of temperatures dropping as low as minus
      5 Celsius' and stunning the emirate's residents."
      "On Monday," December 27, 2004, "12.6 centimeters (5
      inches) of rain fell on the desert emirate of Dubai, where
      it hardly ever rains."
      "A cold spell hit the country this week, with the
      mercury plunging to 12 degrees Celsius in Dubai on
      Wednesday night," December 29, 2004.
      Like the other countries of Earth's southern
      hemisphere, New Zealand is having its summer in January.
      But low temperatures have been hitting the South Island
      all week.
      "New Zealanders complaining about unusual summer rain
      in recent weeks are now seeing icebergs in their
      territorial waters for the first time since 1948."
      "The icebergs were seen in the Southern Ocean about
      700 kilometers (420 miles) southeast of (New Zealand's)
      South Island, the National Institute of Weather and
      Atmospheric Research (NIWA) said."
      "They are a hazard to all shipping, including yachts
      participating in the Vendeeglobe solo round-the-world
      race, officials said."
      "The Vendeeglobe Web site has issued a warning to
      competitors after one sailor sustained minor damage to his
      boat after he hit an iceberg just before Christmas."
      "NIWA scientist Lionel Carter said 15 icebergs, some
      up to 3 kilometers (2 miles) wide, have been recorded."
      (Editor's Comment: This is incredible. In the USA, it
      would be like seeing giant icebergs off Myrtle Beach,
      South Carolina in July.)
      "Previously, icebergs were reported in these waters
      in the 1890s, early 1920s, 1930s and in 1948."
      "The icebergs are believed to be drifting away toward
      South America."
      "On Monday (January 3, 2005), it was 54 degrees on
      the Fahrenheit scale here in Dunedin," Kirsty MacLaren,
      UFO Roundup correspondent in New Zealand, reported, "My
      uncle has a sheep station near Roxburgh (in the Southern
      Alps, about 110 kilometers or 66 miles west of Dunedin--
      J.T.), and it was 41 degrees there. Where did our summer
      In other weird weather news, two tornadoes ravaged a
      large city in Brazil's state of Santa Catarina on Monday,
      January 3, 2005.
      "The city of Criciuma (population 200,000) was struck
      by two tornadoes on Monday," Brunilda Barros, UFO
      Roundup's correspondent in Brazil reported. "The first
      tornado appeared at the city's edge at 3 p.m. Then, at
      about 4:15 p.m., the second tornado moved into the city.
      Both tornadoes were estimated be an F3 on the Fujikawa
      scale. Two people were killed, and over 250 houses were
      damaged. Many had their tile rooftops peeled off."
      "Meteorologists here say Brazil lacks the capability
      to accurately forecast tornadoes. So people have no
      warning that they are coming," Brunilda added.
      Criciuma is in southern Santa Catarina state, located
      about 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of Sao Paulo,
      Brazil's largest city and also the largest city in South
      (Editor's Comment: Again, this is really incredible.
      Tornadoes are as rare in Brazil as icebergs. And a pair
      of F3 tornadoes that close to the South Atlantic--amazing!
      Criciuma is only 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the ocean.)
      (See the New Zealand Herald for January 5, 2005, "Icebergs
      appear in New Zealand waters," the Gulf News for December
      30, 2004, "UAE sees first ever snow," and O Mineirao of
      Belo Horizonte for January 4, 2005. Many thanks to Kirsty
      MacLaren and Ayesha al-Khatabi for these newspaper
      articles. Tambem obrigado a Brunilda Barros e Rosamelia
      de Abreu por esto articulo do jornal.)


      "A retiree who accidentally shot a friend to death
      during an initiation ceremony at a Masonic lodge" in
      Riverhead, Long Island, N.Y. "pleaded guilty Friday,"
      January 7, 2005, "to criminally negligent homicide and was
      sentenced to five years of probation."
      "Albert Eid, 77, past Master of the Long Island
      Lodge, appeared tearful as he told a judge he was sorry
      for shooting William James."
      "James, 47, was shot in the face last March (2004).
      During the initiation, he was seated in a chair, and a
      small platform with cans was placed near his head. Eid
      was supposed to fire blanks and another Mason was supposed
      to knock the cans down to make James think bullets had
      been fired."
      "Police said Eid mistakenly pulled a loaded .32-
      caliber handgun from his left pants pocket instead of a
      .22-caliber pistol with blanks that was in his right
      "In a statement, James' widow, Susan, said her
      husband wanted to be one of the Masons' clowns who visit
      sick children in hospitals."
      "'I miss him terribly, and all because of grown men
      playing little boys' games,' she said." (See the Duluth,
      Minn. News-Tribune for January 8, 2005, "Man gets
      probation for fatal Masons' initiation shooting," page



      Concerning Scituate, R.I.'s mysterious Potato Sniper,
      Terry Duckworth, who now styles himself "Archimagos
      Maximus of Tsathoggua," writes, "Yes, Joe, Peeptoad Road
      was named after Tsathoggua (pronounced Zuh-THOG-you-ah--
      J.T.). Not only that, but that whole section of western
      Rhode Island--the home of Lovecraft's maternal relatives--
      is steeped in mystery."
      "Take (Scituate's) Chopmist Hill, for instance. Just
      off Route 101, on the west side of the road is the
      Chopmist Apple Farm, the farmhouse was built by a grandson
      of Rhode Island's founder, Roger Williams. The house was
      destroyed by a fire poltergeist in 1920."
      "At the top of Chopmist Hill was located a
      Revolutionary War beacon. Scituate's town history
      describes it as 'a pail of tar on a pole, to be lighted in
      case British troops approached.' But there were strange
      lights seen on Chopmist Hill as early as 1731."
      "At the foot of the hill, diggers in the 1930s
      discovered a queer granite altar top, with three circular
      depressions--pools to catch blood, perhaps?--and a legend
      chiseled on the back Uriah Harris 1815."
      "Less than a mile away, next to the old Chopmist Hill
      Inn, is the three-story Dexter Arnold farmhouse. Nearby
      is the junction with Route 14, with the quaint name of
      Crazy Corners. What else would you call a spot with
      occasional showers of small frogs and toads, luminous
      apparitions in the woods, and ice forming on barn rafters
      in early August?"
      "Wasn't it William Harris, of the Harrises of
      Chopmist Hill, who built 'the Shunned House' in
      Providence, R.I. in 1763? And wasn't it Rhoby Dexter he
      married? And wasn't it her sister, Mercy Dexter, who for
      long years was the chatelaine of that queer old Georgian
      mansion on College Hill, still the most haunted spot in
      "Lovecraft knew things he dared not put in his
      writing. Or, if he did, his white-livered editor,
      Farnsworth Wright, refused to publish them in Weird
      "Did you know, Joe, that Miss Ellen E. Irons, the
      octogenarian who took Lovecraft on that tour of the
      Clemence House in Manton (section of Johnston, R.I.--J.T.)
      in the summer of 1936, was a daughter of the Irons family
      of Ponagansett, the village closest to Crazy Corners?
      Ponagansett no longer exists. The village was abandoned
      in the Nineteenth Century to make way for the Scituate
      "Best you don't eat any potatoes from the overgrown
      garden of Uriah Harris at the foot of Chopmist Hill.
      Those plants have been feeding well--I won't say on what.
      Heh-heh-heh. One bite and you'll go slip-sliding down the
      toboggan slope of bass-ackward evolution."
      (Editor's Comment: That does it! From now on, I'm
      sticking with french fries from the Burger King at Six
      Corners in Rumford, R.I.)

      From the UFO Files...


      During the recent Christmas holiday, an interesting
      story appeared in WorldNet Daily. Evangelical Christians
      were wondering why there was no display honoring the
      Nativity at the White House. Since "Jesus is the reason
      for the season," the absence of any image or even mention
      of the Galilean had the evangelicals puzzled, particularly
      since President George W. Bush is reputed to be a born-
      again Christian.
      The White House spin machine trotted out the usual
      explanations for why Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed
      Reindeer got top billing during December. Dubya is
      president of all the people, et cetera, et cetera.
      But if you think there is no image of a deity in that
      big mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington
      D.C., think again.
      On your next visit to the White House, spend a few
      minutes in the Blue Room.
      Once known as the Elliptical Room, this oval chamber has
      blue curtains and "a blue draped valance trimmed with a
      tasseled empire border." Dangling from the ceiling is a
      large crystal chandelier, and "the furniture has blue-and-
      gold upholstery."
      The most striking feature in the Blue Room is "the
      white marble mantle, decorated with sheaves of marble
      arrows, tipped and feathered in bronze." It's one of the
      oldest furnishings in the mansion, dating back to 1792,
      and it's highly reminiscent of a Roman altar.
      Now take a look at the ornate clock on the mantle.
      This clock, "decorated with a seated figure of Minerva, is
      said to have been given by (the Marquis de) Lafayette to
      George Washington."
      Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, whose symbol
      was the owl. In this she was akin to the goddess Athena
      of ancient Greece or to Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris,
      and a leading deity of the religion of ancient Egypt.
      How that little idol got into the White House is a
      bit of a mystery. George Washington never lived in the
      mansion. The first president to live there was his
      successor, John Adams, and the Adams family didn't move in
      until 1797, five years after the Blue Room was furnished
      with that curious mantle.
      As with so many other arcana in the USA's capital
      city, the answer appears to lie with Freemasonry.
      Modern Freemasonry began with the founding of the
      Grand Lodge of London on June 24, 1717--St. John's Day,
      the traditional feast day of John the Baptist, "the voice
      in the wilderness" mentioned in the New Testament. But
      the Masonic order claims to be much older.
      On March 21, 1737, Andrew Michael Ramsey, famous as
      "le Chevalier Ramsey," made a speech in which he "places
      the origins of the Masonic rituals 'at the time of the
      Crusades' and associates them with...the Knights Templar
      and the esoteric traditions of other medieval Christian
      "It is interesting that Ramsey also goes on to state
      in his (spring equinox--J.T.) Oration that 'the famous
      festivals of Ceres at Eleusis, of Isis in Egypt, of
      Minerva at Athens, of Urania among the Phoenicians, and
      Diana in Scythia, were connected to ours.'" That is, to
      the festivals and rituals of Freemasonry.
      If the Blue Room and its Minerva clock and Roman
      altar were the only Masonic artifacts in the mansion, we
      could probably pass it off as a coincidence. But there's
      a full-sized Masonic temple on the first floor.
      This is the vast East Room, which faces the rising
      sun and occupies the mansion's entire eastern wing. This
      is truly "the 'great hall' in the White House...87 and a
      half feet long and approximately 45 feet" wide. "Three
      immense crystal chandeliers, with thousands of glittering
      pendants, hang from an elaborately decorated plaster
      ceiling. The walls are of paneled wood, enlivened with
      Corinthian pilasters, reproducing the decor established in
      the renovation of 1902."
      "On the walls are two notable pictures--full-length
      portraits of George and Martha Washington." When the
      British captured Washington D.C. in August 1814, George's
      painting was rescued by a one-time little Quaker girl from
      Virginia named Dorothy Payne, who grew up to become Dolly
      Madison, the wife of the USA's fourth president and the
      most famous and flamboyant of all the First Ladies.
      (Editor's Comment: Was L. Frank Baum, himself a Mason and
      a Theosophist, aware of this bit of trivia when he made
      "Dorothy Gale" the heroine of his novel, The Wonderful
      Wizard of Oz?)
      The Madisons never returned to the White House after
      it was burned by the British. They resided instead at the
      Octagon House at 1799 New York Avenue N.W. The Octagon is
      the second most haunted house in Washington, after the
      White House, and the stories coming out of there make H.P.
      Lovecraft's Cthulu tales read like My Pet Goat.
      No, the White House was not occupied again until
      1817, following a meticulous reconstruction by James
      Hoban, the original architect who built the mansion in
      1792. Hoban was also the founder of Federal Lodge No. 15,
      the first Masonic lodge in Washington D.C. (For more on
      Mr. Hoban, see UFO Roundup, volume 10, number 1 for
      January 5, 2005, "1792: Strange secrets of the White
      Renovation work continued even after President James
      Monroe (the USA's fifth president--J.T.) and his family
      moved in. Curiously, the first White House wedding was
      centered in both the Blue and the East Rooms. In 1820,
      the president's daughter, Maria Hester Monroe, married
      Lawrence Gouverneur in the Blue Room, and the wedding
      reception was held in the East Room.
      In 1886, President Grover Cleveland married Frances
      Folsom in the Blue Room, again suggesting a kind of
      chapel. A photograph from 1893 shows the Blue Room with
      its distinctive Minerva clock on the mantle. And, if you
      take a magnifying glass to the wallpaper, the Masonic
      compass-and-square motif is apparent in the design.
      The East Room is also where President Monroe received
      Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis
      de Lafayette, during the latter's trip to the USA in 1824.
      That may explain why the marble bust of Lafayette is in
      there. But it doesn't explain why the bust is situated on
      a pedestal in a small alcove in the wall, with two Masonic
      pillars (representing Jachin and Boaz ?--J.T.) several
      feet in front and a standing lamp on the bust's right-hand
      Who ordered the first post-War of 1812 renovation of
      the East Room? Why, none other than Andrew Jackson, the
      USA's seventh president, whose bronze equestrian statue
      dominates the center of Lafayette Square. It was Jackson
      who renamed what had been President's Square after the
      marquis, one of Europe's most formidable occultists. And
      it was Jackson who had White House architect James Hoban
      renovate the East Room.
      According to David Ovason, author of The Secret
      Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, "Prior to being
      elected to the seventh presidency, Andrew Jackson had been
      the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee...The
      records appear to have been lost, for H.L. Haywood, Famous
      Masons and Masonic Presidents, 1968 edition, page 35,
      reports Grand Chaplain Philip Neeley (speaking after
      Jackson's death) as saying that in the early part of his
      life, Jackson attended the Philanthropic Lodge No. 12,
      under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. The Lodge surrendered
      its charter in 1812, and Jackson's name is not on its
      rolls. However, he was present at the opening of a Lodge
      at Greenville (Grand Lodge of North Carolina) on September
      5, 1801."
      Apparently, it was Jackson who had Hoban transform
      the inner wall of the East Room into a Masonic shrine to
      the Marquis de Lafayette.
      Lafayette's bust looks out from its alcove toward the
      south portico of the White House. The portico, designed
      by Hoban's friend and fellow Mason, Benjamin Henry
      Latrobe, resembles an ancient solar temple. The southward
      view faces the city's nod to ancient Egypt--the 555-foot
      obelisk we call the Washington Monument.
      If you draw a straight line from the White House's
      south portico to the Washington Monument, and then
      continue that line across the Potomac River, you wind up
      at Shooters Hill in Alexandria, Virginia--the site of the
      George Washington Masonic National Memorial.
      Located at 101 Callahan Drive in Alexandria, Va., the
      Masonic memorial stands 400 feet high and resembles the
      Pharos, the lighthouse in Alexandria, Egypt, which,
      incidentally, was sacred to Isis. "Intended as a lasting
      tribute to Washington the Mason, the lofty structure was
      designed by Harvey Wiley Corbett and financed by
      individual contributions from more than three million
      members of the order. From a square base with a Greek-
      temple portico," the memorial "rises in a series of three
      cubical units capped by a steep pyramid."
      "The tour leads up through several lodge rooms,
      including a Masonic library and the Washington Room, which
      displays artifacts such as Washington's Revolutionary War
      field trunk and a lock of his hair. Downstairs, visitors
      can play with the antiquated historical exhibits and peer
      into mysterious Masonic meeting rooms. A 330-foot (100-
      meter) observation deck provides an amazing view of Old
      Town (Alexandria) and the D.C. (District of Columbia)
      metropolitan area."
      Need I mention that 330 equals 33 times 10, with 33
      being the mystic number in Freemasonry?
      Callahan Drive connects with King Street, which runs
      from the top of Shooters Hill down to the riverfront.
      Believe it or not, King Street was actually surveyed by
      George Washington himself. In 1749, 16-year-old George
      assisted John West Jr. in laying out the town's principal
      Originally known as the Howsen grant, Alexandria was
      settled in 1732, the year of George Washington's birth, by
      immigrants from Scotland who built tobacco warehouses
      along the old Oronoco Road. The Scots called their
      settlement Belhaven, and in 1748 it was incorporated as
      the town of Alexandria, named after Colonel John Alexander
      who had purchased the Howsen grant a few years earlier.
      Or was it? Perhaps it was named after the original
      Alexandria in Egypt, the seat of the cult of Isis in
      Cleopatra's day.
      In any event, no one seems able to explain why the
      riverfront section of Alexandria is called Rosslyn, after
      the stronghold of Henry Sinclair and the Knights Templar
      in Scotland.
      Throughout 1789 and 1790, Congress wrestled with the
      thorny question of where to build "the federal city" that
      would become the USA's capital. John Adams wanted
      Germantown, Pennsylvania. Others preferred rural sites in
      New Jersey. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison insisted
      upon a capital in the South.
      A compromise hammered out by Jefferson and Alexander
      Hamilton resolved the issue in the South's favor, and
      Virginia and Maryland donated land on either side of the
      Potomac to become the new "state of Columbia." The
      Residence Bill passed through Congress on July 16, 1790,
      investing the president with the authority to choose the
      site of the new federal city.
      Originally, President Washington selected Alexandria
      as the site. Shooters Hill would have become the site of
      the U.S. Capitol. But then, for some unknown reason, he
      changed his mind and selected Jenkins Hill on the Maryland
      side of the Potomac.
      So, instead of the dome of the U.S. Capitol rising on
      Shooters Hill, we have the step-pyramid of the Washington
      Masonic National Memorial, which is on a direct line with
      the Washington Monument and the south portico and East
      Room of the White House.
      One has to wonder if that Masonic pyramid on Shooters
      Hill in Alexandria is the real Capitol of the United
      States of America. (See the books Washington D.C.: A Guide
      to the Nation's Capital, edited by Randall Bond Truett,
      Hastings House, New York, N.Y., new revised edition 1968,
      pages 26, 27, 28, 232, 233, 238, 239, 244, 245, 456, 457,
      460, 461 and 464; The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's
      Capital by David Ovason, HarperCollins Publishers, New
      York, N.Y., 2004, pages 62, 63, 64, 65, 318, 328, 329, 330
      and 455; Beautiful Washington D.C. by Gene Gurney, Crown
      Publishers Inc., New York, N.Y., 1969, pages 56, 57, 60,
      61, 62 and 63; A Guide to the Architecture of Washington
      D.C. edited by Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Frederick A. Praeger
      Publishers, 1965, pages 40, 67 and 98; Washington D.C.
      2003, edited by Brian Wansley Flanagan, St. Martin's
      Press, New York, N.Y., 2003, pages 34, 60, 62 and 104;
      Washington D.C., Official National Park Guidebook, U.S.
      Department of the Interior, Government Printing Office,
      Washington D.C., 1989, pages 82, 83, 84, 85, 105 and 127;
      and Talisman by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval,
      HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., Hammersmith, London, 2004,
      pages 344, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350 and 351.)

      Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days
      for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
      planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-
      -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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