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  • Frits Westra
    Jonathan s Space Report No. 542 2005 Jan 7, Somerville, MA. ... * Space Station Progress M-51 docked with the Zvezda
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2005
      Jonathan's Space Report
      No. 542 2005 Jan 7, Somerville, MA.

      * Space Station

      Progress M-51 docked with the Zvezda module on Dec 25 at 2358 UTC,
      bringing critical food supplies to crewmembers Chiao and Sharipov aboard
      the Station.

      * Sich-1M

      Russian authorities have confirmed that Sich-1M and Mikron did not reach
      their planned orbits.

      After launch at 1120 UTC on Dec 24, the Tsiklon-3 launch vehicle first
      stage separated at 48 km altitude and coasted to around 70 km before
      falling back to Earth. The second stage burned for two minutes and
      entered an approximately -2600 x 180 km suborbital path, falling in the
      East Siberian sea. The first burn of the third stage should have placed
      the vehicle in a roughly 78 x 650 km transfer orbit at 1126 UTC,
      coasting over the Arctic and then southward over the Pacific until 1200
      UTC when it was at around 24 deg south latitude, while rising towards
      apogee. At this point the third stage fired again, raising the perigee
      point from 78 km to 280 km. The velocity increase was about 100 m/s too
      small to get to the desired 650 km circular orbit. (Russian newspapers
      have suggested that Sich-1M has an onboard propulsion system which will
      be used to reach the target orbit, but earlier satellites in the series
      don't have such a system and it's not mentioned in the official
      publicity information about the satellite). The MK-1TS subsatellite was
      attached to Sich-1M, and ejected from it at about 2100 UTC on Dec 25.

      * GLONASS

      Three Russian navigation satellites in orbit plane 1 of the GLONASS
      system were launched on Dec 26 from Baykonur by a Krunichev Proton-K
      rocket (serial 410-09) with an Energiya Blok DM-2 (serial 11S861 No.
      104L) upper stage. Two of the satellites are standard Uragan satellites
      built by Polyot/Omsk, nos. 796 and 797, and one is an Uragan-M, no.
      712, with an uprated Glonass-M payload, built by Reshetnev
      NPO-PM/Krasnoyarsk. They have been given the military cover names
      Kosmos-2411 to Kosmos-2413. This was the 33rd launch in the GLONASS
      program, and the third with an Uragan-M test flight. GLONASS is the Russian
      equivalent of the GPS system.

      Table of Recent Launches

      Date UT Name Launch Vehicle Site Mission

      Nov 6 0310 ZY-2C CZ-4B Taiyuan
      Imaging 44A
      Nov 6 0539 GPS SVN 61 Delta 7925 Canaveral SLC17B
      Navigation 45A
      Nov 8 1830 Oblik Soyuz-2-1A Plesetsk LC43/4
      Test U01
      Nov 18 1045 Shiyan 2 CZ-2C Xichang
      Imaging 46A
      Nov 20 1716 Swift Delta 7320 Canaveral SLC17A
      Astronomy 47A
      Dec 17 1207 AMC 16 Atlas 521 Canaveral SLC41
      Comms 48A
      Dec 18 1626 Helios 2A ) Ariane 5G+ Kourou ELA3
      Imaging 49A
      Parasol ) Remote
      sen. 49G
      Nanosat )
      Tech 49B
      Essaim 1 )
      Sigint 49C
      Essaim 2 )
      Sigint 49D
      Essaim 3 )
      Sigint 49E
      Essaim 4 )
      Sigint 49F
      Dec 21 2150 Demosat ) Delta 4H Canaveral SLC37B
      Test 50A
      3CS-1 ) Imaging
      3CS-2 ) Imaging
      Dec 23 2219 Progress M-51 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1
      Cargo 51A
      Dec 24 1120 Sich-1M ) Tsiklon-3 Plesetsk LC32 Remote
      sen. 52A
      MK-1TS Mikron )
      Imaging 52C
      Dec 26 1353 Kosmos-2411 ) Proton-K/DM-2 Baykonur LC81/23
      Navigation 53A
      Kosmos-2412 )
      Navigation 53B
      Kosmos-2413 )
      Navigation 53C

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