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History of Einstein's Unified Field Theory

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  • Roger Anderton
    The History of the Unified Field Theory The Unified Field Theory has been worked on for a long time by the Physics Community in the past. After Galileo was
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      The History of the Unified Field Theory

      The Unified Field Theory has been worked on for a long time by the Physics Community in the past.

      After Galileo was suppressed by the Inquisition, the Catholic priest-scientists continued to look at the relevant physics issues. And then it came the time to decide upon whether to accept Newton's theory -- Father Boscovich was the main force that persuaded the Catholic Church to accept Newton.

      Father Boscovich's theory was an extension of Newton's theory, as pointed out by Bertrand Russell (article U26-27).

      Boscovich's theory was based on the ideas of a heretic Giordano Bruno who was burnt at the stake for daring to say that the existing Christian belief of his day was false; he claimed that there were numerous worlds with many different life forms on them. (to be dealt with by a future article).

      Einstein and a few scientists were continuing to work on issues raised by Boscovich's theory. Einstein's Phd student Baranski was working on these ideas and eventually Einstein agreed to Baranski's theory. After the death of Baranski, the science commmunity decided to ignore all the work that had been done by theorists upon the Unified Field Theory--- the science community found suppression as easy as that -- namely just ignore what one does not want to consider.

      At the time when the work on Unified Field Theory was allowed in the public domain, such people as Marilyn Monroe was very interested in this stuff (see article U11). Her screen persona was as a dumb blonde, but in reality she was an extremely clever person.

      The main thread of the theoretical development of the Unified Field Theory is:

      Boscovich -> Einstein -> Whyte -> Baranski (BIG BREAK AFTER HIS DEATH- and the disappearance of Einstein's Unified Field Theory being discussed in the public domain.)

      After this break, there are now a few maverick scientists that are preparing to re-start work on the Unified Field Theory.

      Details at www.einsteinconspiracy.co.uk

      Einstein was interested in numerous weird subjects such as Ancient Astronauts, e.g. he was very interested in the ideas of Professor Hapgood and how they related to Atlantis.

      i.e all the weird stuff connects to the theoretical issues raised by the work on the Unified Field Theory.

      Articles dealing with History of Unified Field Theory at:



      Articles so far:

      1. Invitation to Study Unitary Science

      2. Lancelot Law Whyte

      3. The Basis of Modern Physics

      4. The Unified Field Theory Revealed

      5. The Blurb on Boscovich's book

      6. Boscovich's Theory in a few words

      7. Atomism up to Boscovich

      8. R. J. Boscovich ( 1711-1787 )

      9. Unitary Postulate

      10. Unitary Thinking

      11. Marilyn Monroe meets the Professor

      12. The Influence of Lancelot Law Whyte

      13. The New Age: during times of great change

      14. Directions

      15. Outline of Unitary Thought #1 (short version)

      16. Outline of Unitary Thought #2 (long version)

      17. Glossary of terms for Unitary Science

      18. History of the Unitary / Unified Field Theory (UFT)

      19. How Quantum Theory was Derived from the Unified Field Theory

      20. Life of Roger Boscovich + UFT

      21 Short link: Boscovich to Einstein

      22: Karl Popper talks about Boscovich's theory

      23: Popper's paper on Boscovich

      24: Introduction to Boscovich's Theory part 1

      25. part 1

      26. Bertrand Russell on Boscovich's Theory part 1

      27. part 2

      c. RJAnderton2005 --- Historian of the Unified Field Theory

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