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Thing in the sky

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  • Luke
    Hello all, I just joined this group. The first item below is what I sent to Channel 4, as mentioned, and also to another board. Below is some further
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2005
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      Hello all,

      I just joined this group. The first item below is what I sent to Channel 4, as mentioned, and also to another board. Below is some further commentary. I keep writing to anyone I think might be appropriate, as I find them, and have still not received any credible reply. I am giving it a try with UFOnet to see if anyone in this little world has any great ideas. :) Someone forwarded to me this item: Subject: [UFOnet] Upper Fl, Keys...THE MOST HORRIFYING!!!!! HAARP STORM!!!!! , so maybe I can get some input. Thanks, and Happy New Year to all!


      This is what I sent to Channel 4 News in Colunbus, Ohio. http://www.nbc4i.com/weather/3846242/detail.html

      On Sunday night, October 24, at some ten to twenty minutes after eleven P.M., I saw an amazing sight. I was standing just outside the open door, looking in. Suddenly it lit up "bright as day", but the colors were blue and orange ( kind of a dark blue, but still very bright, and sort of a flesh/salmon shade of orange.hard to say. ). I saw the reflection in the door frame, a blue band and an orange band. I turned immediately and looked at the sky, and saw a brilliant glow. It was roughly on a N>S line, was maybe 40 to 45 degrees above the horizon in the east, and maybe a touch south of 90 degrees on the N/S gradient. The apparent motion was in a "sine wave pattern", and left a dense strip of smoke. If I saw any travel at all, it was at "the terminus". The path shone like live fire, with pyrotechnic intensity. Then it faded, and the "head", the south end, the "burn-out point", kept a dull red glow for maybe two minutes. That is, the drifting patch of smoke retained a dull red glow. The smoke trail slowly drifted and dispersed.

      It appeared to be "very horizontal", not like the path of a sky rocket. There was no trail up to the "display path". It started, it went a ways, and it ended. It did not move in a straight line. There were no planes in the area. Meteors do not make curves, nor do they produce two distinct color bands that linger for seconds after passage. A space shuttle disaster could make some light show, but it would not be such as this. No aircraft in my knowledge can maneuver like that, nor do I know of any chemical components or delivery systems that could produce such a display. There was little or no "sparking", such as one sees with ordinary fireworks. The colors were like the flame of a wooden match, only darker and brighter. Much brighter, and absolutely distinct. No blending. I noticed that in the reflection in the door frame, and when I turned I saw the same demarcation between blue and orange in the sky. It did leave dense smoke, which to me indicates particulate residue, presumably from combustion. I would not rule out HAARP as a possibility, but I am unsure how it would generate smoke. Some features -the sine wave pattern, the electric blue and electric orange-may be HAARP signatures. I don't know.

      I estimated the length of the display to be about the width of my four fingers, spread, at arm's length to the sky. Somehow it seems larger than that, but it was something so big, so bright, and something so unlike anything in my experience or knowledge that it was a little overwhelming. Very abrupt starting and ending points, but I don't know for sure that I saw any actual *movement*. I did for certain see a "duration-in-time", that is, the light lasted longest to the right/south end. If other witnesses can provide ground locations and angles to the event, its altitude could be determined. My location was east-north-east of Zanesville, Ohio, in southern Washington Township. The event was well inside the "cloud zone" of the atmosphere. When the colors -the wavy color bands-- faded out, they did not change color or location, only intensity. There were two witnesses with me who saw the wavy line of the event, the residual dull red glow, and at least one who saw the distinct color banding.


      A later posting......
      I did not have computer access for a while, thus the big delay. No, I
      have not contacted any UFO sites. I do not have any handy...I would have to
      search. I just got my observations typed yesterday, though I hand-wrote
      them the day after. Another meteoroligist from Columbus wrote to me: "You
      witnessed the Northern Lights. Quite a spectacular show and you gave a great
      description. Caused by a solar flare and particles entering our upper
      atmosphere lighting up the skies."
      *ONE* of the big problems with the Northern Lights is that they occur
      in the upper atmosphere, not down in the low cloud zone. This was close
      enough to see the texture of the smoke. Not to mention that I have never
      heard of the Northern Lights leaving smoke, much less glowing smoke. Also,
      they are never that bright, even in the far north. No matter how intense
      the Northern Lights might be, they are still diffuse and blended....and if I
      am mistaken on this, someone please correct me with clear photographs. This
      lasted for a matter of seconds, and the glowing smoke for minutes.
      Do you know any UFO researchers to whom I might mention this? They at
      least might have some information about the goings-on in the sky.

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