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  • Herbert Schumacher
    ... wrote: Crossposted with permission from Ravenwolf, owner of http://groups.yahoo.com/elfinzone . HOW TO RESIST ABDUCTIONS First of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2004
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      Crossposted with permission from Ravenwolf, owner of
      http://groups.yahoo.com/elfinzone .


      First of all, not all alien beings are bad. Some are, such as the
      grays and others who place people in a trance, abduct against your
      will, and perform medical experiments. Then there are the Nordic or
      Angelic races that do not violate our will, and are in harmony with "God"

      We must also consider that much of what ancient religious text refers
      to as angels and demons are actually highly advanced alien beings
      capable of interdimensional existence. Nevertheless, they ARE
      spiritual beings, just as WE are spiritual beings ~ therefore we are
      capable of accessing the same spiritual forces so that we may be in
      harmony with nature, and, when necessary, resist the negative entities.

      True spirituality has nothing to do with organized religion. The mere
      concept of organized religion creates a human based (Usually
      male-gender based) formal system that runs more like a business or
      politics. Moreover, most organized religion either denies the
      existence of aliens, or attributes all their workings to demons and

      We live in a multi-level, multi-dimensional universe, and the alien
      beings we encounter are able to access the higher dimensions more than
      we do. Much of this is due to the fact we have become too materially
      oriented and have lost touch with the higher dimensions. Social
      conditioning has stripped most of us of this important spiritual power.

      Mind itself (The soul) functions on these higher levels, but normally
      only perceives the 3 dimensional world surrounding us. But dreams, out
      of body experiences, visions, and interactions with spiritual beings
      occasionally comes to us and these operate on the 4th dimension and
      higher levels.

      The key to defeating negative entities is an act of will - first an
      act of will to faith ~ belief that there is a power available to you
      that is stronger than the entities that are afflicting you. This act
      of volition must become a state of mind, a state of being ~ so that it
      becomes as natural to you as breathing.

      We must also banish fear. Fear only invites the negative. In the wild,
      our fear of a dog or a bear can be sensed by that animal and it often
      takes advantage of playing on our fears. But show no fear, stand your
      ground, and most likely the animal will turn away. the same goes for
      spirits and aliens. But we must be solid in our resolve. We cannot
      waver. Instead of cowering and wondering what's going to happen to us
      if we see something strange appear, we can aggressively confront the
      being ~ place yourself on its level.

      We need to break down the walls of stereotypical limitations imposed
      on us by society and religion. We are all part of all creation and
      through our soul and spirit we can connect with the Spirit that fills
      the entire universe. Once we tap into that, we gain its power.

      How do we do this? There's no simple answer. Its a search within ones
      self that is also a search for the external power source. A sort of
      symbiosis occurs where we need to become one with the "All" of the
      energy of the creation.

      This involves not being afraid to speak to thoughts that arise in your
      consciousness, but don't seem to come from your own mind. It means
      developing a relationship with a spiritually advanced being. that
      doesn't mean some begging of God and trembling on your knees all pious
      and reverent. I've found that doesn't work all that well in true
      spiritual warfare. We need to have a boldness to go to the spiritual
      power source: God, the Universal Creator, and, with that power, we
      also need boldness to use it defensively and offensively against

      It's not enough to understand the workings of the mechanics of the
      universe through Quantum physics, nor is it enough to learn religious
      ritual that just goes through the motions. we need to make personal
      connection to the creative power and let it flow through us. Then we
      have the power to resist and defeat the negative entities.

      Look up at the stars on a clear night, and realize you have access to
      the same power that's holding all those stars in their courses. We
      need to open our minds to this, by believing it is there, letting it
      become a part of us.

      This is only a start and takes practice & experience, but trust me, it
      works. I've been able to put entities on the run, and banish things
      that go bump in the night. And, also, if you encounter tall aliens
      like Nordics, question them if they are in harmony with God, and if
      they are, go with them & listen to what they have to say. They can
      teach you much more than I can. As far as grays, you CAN put them on
      the run. Just don't fear them.

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