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Aliens at large

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  • peter6264
    From my new book, The True Nature of Planet Earth: Crystal technology lies at the heart of mankind s communications technology, from radio transmitters to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2004
      From my new book, The True Nature of Planet Earth:
      "Crystal technology lies at the heart of mankind's communications
      technology, from radio transmitters to television sets to computer
      chips and more. They also lie at the very heart [as explained in
      earlier volumes] of temple technology and how it is used to power the
      New World Order's control over Man. They were also the power behind
      the seeming miracles performed by Atlantean technology and are
      already beginning to one again be the power at the very center of
      the 'new' Atlantis as well.
      To help comprehend some of the properties of quartz crystal we turn
      to Alice Bryant & Phyllis Galde in their book, The Message Of The
      Crystal Skull: From Atlantis to the New Age. Their description of how
      crystals can be grown provides us with a metaphor for so many areas
      of life and how life is often being created or constructed in sundry
      other areas of the Universe.
      Crystals can be grown from what is known as the crystal seed. As
      Bryant and Galde explain, any piece of natural quartz crystal can be
      a seed. Quartz crystal will dissolve in water under intense heat and
      pressure, the liquid crystal cells appearing then to have a "memory"
      that makes them seek out any nearby existing crystal to attach
      themselves to, thus building a new, perfect, latticework crystal
      Even as a tomato seed needs nutrients such as water and sunshine and
      warmth to grow, so too will a crystal seed not grow without a
      nutrient. In this case, the nutrient is silicon dioxide. The
      combination of pressure from an earthquake and the heat produced from
      a volcanic rupture of the Earth's crust will cause the seed to grow.
      It will then grow rapidly, like a spiral staircase, growing either
      right- or left-handed, clockwise or counterclockwise [male or
      female]. This is not visible to the naked eye though, for a crystal
      has smooth sides.
      When a crystal is submerged in a tank containing a liquid of the same
      light-refraction index as the crystal, and a polarized light is then
      passed through it and observed through a polarized screen, the
      crystal will show a sequence of colors ranging from red to yellow to
      blue, similar to a rainbow. This equates with Light breaking down
      into its various colors, just as the Light of the FATHER breaks down
      into various frequencies to create the dimensional levels in Creation.
      As the analyzer is turned clockwise by an observer, the rings of
      energy emitted from the crystal expand in a right-hand crystal and
      contract in a left-hand crystal. The energies of Creation radiate
      out from the Central Universe and/or the center of any smaller aspect
      of Creation, and then are drawn back into it creating a vortex of
      spiraling energies we call Spir-it.
      The original 'holy grail' Crystal Skull described in earlier volumes
      is a left-hand or female crystal which draws surrounding energies
      into the portal at its center…
      Because high quality crystal is in short supply, crystal is grown
      today in laboratories. The high-tech electric company, Hewlett-
      Packard, and many other similar companies, are growing their own
      crystals this way.
      Using a tiny 'seed', a crystal as large as a building brick can be
      grown in 20 to 45 days using the following technique: A large steel
      casing, very heavy and thick, with a top that will unscrew, is
      partially filled with silicon dioxide in the form of pieces of pure
      quartz crystal. These tiny scrap chunks of natural quartz crystal
      contain all the necessary elements for growing a much larger
      crystal. The rest of the space is filled with mineralized water and
      the seed crystal is suspended with a tiny wire above the scrap
      crystal feedstock. With the top of the container tightly closed, the
      steel casing is lowered into a vault. This vault, usually
      subterranean, has a hatch similar to a submarine hatch that closes
      and then seals.
      The container is electrically heated to an intense temperature,
      resulting in tremendous pressures inside the sealed chamber. The
      crystal scraps dissolve and the liquid crystal cells then migrate,
      attaching themselves uniformly and in perfect building patterns to
      the mother seed crystal or matrix. After the optimum time has
      elapsed (a matter of weeks), the heat is turned off and the entire
      area is left to cool slowly. Although there are some carefully
      guarded trade secrets, this is the general method used. Thousands of
      pounds of lab-grown crystal are used every year in the electronic
      trade. Not only can clear electronic crystals be produced by this
      process but also, by carefully controlled additives to the water,
      select quality amethyst, citrine, blue, green, and smoke crystals can
      also be obtained. Large producers of crystals at this time are such
      countries as the United States, Germany, France, Japan, and Russia.
      As Lindsey and I 'looked' at how life forms were created in the Orion
      star-system in order to explain their spiritual lessons, this is how
      Lindsey describes what she could see: "I saw in my mind a vat of some
      kind of cellular soup. Then I saw a cluster of sample or seed cells
      being used to grow the rest of a Being. It came to me in the sense
      that it is a parallel to the way crystals are scientifically made
      from a seed crystal in a controlled environment." It also came to us
      both that this is exactly the way mankind was first created as a
      slave race of 2-stranded DNA Beings, only in this case, the electro-
      magnetic strands which make up the other 10 dimensional strands of
      our Being were stripped AWAY from us using a very similar
      electromagnetic technique.
      The crystals are grown just like the Orion 'robots' (as we like to
      call them) that we have seen populating many areas of life around the
      world. Both the crystals and the Orion robots may be compared to a
      hothouse tomato which is grown under controlled conditions so that
      the end result is superior in size, color and taste. Most often they
      are flawless in appearance and stature. And, like hothouse hybrids
      here on Earth, they are more 'perfect' in every way. Also like a
      tomato, they are better in every sense of the word because all of
      their needs have been met at the right time and the handicaps to
      their growth have been minimized. If one wanted to create a slave
      race, or a series of human-like robots, this would be exactly the way
      to go about it—and they have.
      Grown crystal or grown hybrids, since the needs are supplied in a
      controlled environment, grow very rapidly and their structure and
      quality are excellent compared with those left to grow naturally.
      Their one flaw, however, is that they do not have the same 'life
      force' and superior resistance to dis-ease and stress as do those
      that are allowed to grow naturally. It is the same, too, with wine-
      producing grapes—the more you stress the vine, the less juice you get
      but the higher quality overall. Same thing with people—if they don't
      go under first.
      It probably wouldn't be surprising for you to find out then that most
      of these kind of Orion 'robots' we see existing here on Earth are
      the 'supermodels', the flawless beauties, the movie-stars, the
      yuppies of the world seeking outward power and success instead of
      internal satisfaction and cooperation. These are the idols and role
      models held up to us all by the New World Order-controlled media as
      something we should all be just like–machines existing in a robot-
      like world. They are the ones that most of us have admired so much
      and aspire to be just like, often throughout most of our lives—never
      coming close to that kind of robot-like perfection, though some kids
      these days are so programmed they do come very close.
      In the articles he has written for his website on the subject of 'the
      true nature of planet Earth', Peter tried to describe the vast number
      of 'energy or life forms' besides these Orion-robots that both of us
      have encountered along the road during our healing travels. Here is
      an excerpt from one article that gets across the initial idea of
      energy forms to the uninformed reader:
      "If you remember the work I have been doing over the past year with
      alien energy forms and all the different types of Being 'in human
      form', it is amazing to find that I have had very, very few people
      with whom I worked who did not take it immediately to heart once I
      told them what type of Being they were. All of a sudden it just made
      automatic sense of their lives, the things they like to do, their
      body type, the things they like to collect, their diets, the things
      they did or liked as children. Everything about their lives suddenly
      fell into place.
      "We as humans, those of us who are, think of our form as
      being "normal" –and that the animals we see around us are just that—
      'animals'—rather than being the lowered energetic forms of more
      advanced civilizations who helped create civilization here on Earth.
      It is the movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek that portray the
      normalcy of the way things really are.
      "Many of the aliens that we work with call humans 'squishy water'
      because that's all we are really made of—water and sea salt. Some of
      the different alien energy forms we have encountered are
      biological/metal hybrids, some exist more like energetic balls on
      their home planets, while others are exactly like the ewoks or
      wookies from the aforementioned movies. St. Germaine himself says
      there are more than 200 different kinds of Being here on planet
      "In our travels we have also dealt with fish people who drink three
      gallons of water a day and breathe through the water they drink
      because they have energetic gills under their chins, etc. We have
      worked with dinosaur-like aliens, various forms and sizes of
      reptilians, both those who were here on positive helpful missions as
      well as those who were here programmed for not such nice things at
      all. We have worked with androids, artificial intelligences,
      androgynous types of Beings, squirrel-like aliens, many, many turtle
      people of various forms, lizard and salamander people and countless
      others that we shall try to describe below. It is the true nature of
      this planet that it is as Peter has always said, just like a 'Star-
      Wars bar'.
      "Seventy-two percent of this planet is in fact 'not human'. It is
      that way and has always been kind of that way, Beings here from so
      many varied places to either help or hinder the planetary ascension
      and/or the New World Order's plans for total planetary control.
      "This then means that only about 28 percent of humans are just that,
      truly human.
      "Since so many aliens from so many higher dimensional levels need to
      come here for whatever purpose, they must either choose to be born
      through the womb, or they must simply 'walk-in' to another human
      form. What happens, however, is that they still bring their 'alien'
      dimensional energy forms with them in doing so. As The Destiny of
      Souls describes it "they project a human body here on planet Earth."
      If they come through the womb then they create their own earth-world
      persona. If they walk in, then the sense of who that person is seems
      to change like they are no longer who they once were. In my
      experience, the basic ego-driven core shell of the person remains the
      same when this happens yet it does not understand why it suddenly no
      longer likes the same things. Often dietary needs will change
      overnight as well.
      "Each of these Beings comes in, however, with a sense of purpose, a
      sense of mission, something they are drawn to and seem to know they
      should be working with or on—a certain field of enterprise or
      "Many of them are also implanted with homing chips, transmitters and
      sometimes even 'minute television cameras' located behind the eyes so
      that their home planetary peoples can either see or monitor what is
      taking place around them here on planet Earth. I know there are some
      from far-distant places in the Universe not interacting with what is
      taking place here but simply watching the course of Creation's fight
      for freedom. Some have also either been through what we are going
      through in warding off the darkness, or know at some time it may be
      their very same lot.
      "There are also angelic Beings in human form, ranging from novices
      (who are, incidentally, torn apart by the cruelty and violence here
      on planet Earth), through intermediate levels, right up to arch-
      angels and dark angels who are here to heal and help others heal, and
      to watch over their flock of lesser angels.
      "All these Beings usually have some sense of being different, of not
      belonging. These are the most common words we hear –"I feel like I
      don't belong." Their energetic forms or morphogenetic fields which
      encase the physical form are their true forms and their true natures.
      Thus a wookie who in physical form is 5' 9" may have an energy form
      of somewhere near 8' tall, being as he is, the bigfoot stereotype.
      Ewoks seem to inhabit smaller, more-rounded shapes, etc. Genetics are
      not effected by energy forms, except for anomalies such as the
      racially specific diseases and traits.
      "These energy forms often dictate or complicate the health problems
      of the human forms. Certain allergies to foods, pollens, areas, etc.
      The fish person would die without the three gallons of water a day
      that she breathes through, yet this is the first thing 'normal'
      doctors try to get her to do. The turtle people range from those who
      like the east coast humid environment to the more desert turtle kind
      (Interestingly, those I have dealt with of this type often live out
      of motor homes and trailer parks, etc. where the image is of carrying
      your home/shell upon your back). Almost always the physical form is
      fighting to fill out the energy form which surrounds it. Thus
      people's weight, etc., is not necessarily a product of anything
      physical, and often little can be done about it except disconnecting
      them from that alien form and making them fully human. Some of the
      smaller physical forms suffer when they are trying to 'fill out' a
      larger morphogenetic field, the bones will continue to grow while the
      skin will not stretch to that level as in one case I have seen.
      Shoulders round, hips spread—many, many different factors dictate the
      way the human form develops and tries to accommodate the often large
      differences between its energy form and the human one involved. This
      is evident to anyone of us if we but sit back and watch the people
      coming in to any Starbucks almost anywhere in the world.
      "Add to this the astrological factors, environmental factors,
      societal factors, genetic factors, and you will see why modern
      medicine is useless in trying to deal with people who they see as all
      being human.
      "Another thing we have found is that these 'alien Beings' are often
      specialists in some field, here to do work for and with the planet.
      Many are here to work with the animal life (the lowered version of
      their own 'animal' species in the higher dimensional worlds of the
      Universe). Some have specific gifts in terms of nature and the plant
      life of the planet that originated back on their own planets but were
      brought here during the early formation of the planet. Sometimes,
      however, they are programmed specialists waiting to be triggered to
      perform deeds that will make Earth society more fearful or paranoid.
      Often they are 'Manchurian candidates' programmed for some future act
      as things reach a head during this war between Mankind and the New
      World Order.
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