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Further to the Global Scaling Theory fwded by D-G: W

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  • Darren Walker
    Hello Frits: To support the www.globalscalingtheory.com website I submit the following, mostly written by Hartmut Muller:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2004
      Hello Frits:

      To support the www.globalscalingtheory.com website I submit the following,
      mostly written by Hartmut Muller:


      This is a translated version of the original German website.
      The standing wave in logarithmic space now allows us to communicate across
      astronomical distances, practically without time delay. How is this
      possible? Systems in linear space that lie very remotely from one another
      can be very close to each other within the logarithmic space of scales. Our
      Sun and Alpha Centauri are four light-years away from each other in linear
      space, while in the logarithmic space of scales they are immediate
      neighbors. Once this is understood, it is not too difficult to create the
      physical conditions that will make communication in logarithmic space
      Two electrons on the same quantum level that may be thousands of kilometers
      apart are found in practically one and the same point within the logarithmic
      space of scales. This fact explains not just a whole range of quantum
      mechanical phenomena, but constitutes the basis for a totally new technology
      which was publically demonstrated for the 1st time on October 27, 2001 in
      Germany. G-Com technolgy is still in its infancy, but in two important
      aspects it is already far superior to any other conventional means of
      information transmission. Firstly a modulated standing gravitational wave
      can be demodulated at any location on Earth, on the planet Mars, or even
      outside the solar system st the very same moment in time, thus making
      distances and transmission times meaningless. Secondly, no waves are
      generated or transmitted, which is why G-Com technology does not require
      aerials, satellites, amplifiers or converters. This launches a new era of
      telecommunications - free from electric smog.
      Standing waves can only form if the medium in which they propagate is
      bounded. Consequently, the existence of a standing density or pressure wave
      in the universe means that the universe is limited by scale. At the
      universe's lower horizon of scale, density of matter reaches a maximum; at
      its upper horizon, it reaches a minimum. The two horizons constitute the
      universe's "sound barrier". At precisely these phase transitions, pressure
      waves are reflected; they will overlap and form standing waves. A standing
      wave can only exist for any length of time if the medium is permanently
      provided with energy from the outside. This means our universe is in
      constant energy exchange with other universes. An open system, not the
      closed system Newtonian physics applies to, and hence the term omniverse or
      multiverse is applied to the larger fractal our universe is imbedded in. The
      golden mean or phi ratio is used as the measure to construct the only
      geometrical form which can imbed infinitely. ( the medicine symbol or
      caducceus ) If this same principle is applied to energy, we may be able to
      figure out a way to access the zero point - a standing wave node, without
      parasitically draining the earth's gravitational field , which was what the
      Atlanteans did leading to a fractured planet. This is the danger with
      supposed free energy devices which claim to be accessing the void or aether
      when they are tapping the fractal environment and disrupting the coherence
      that kept the fractal as a standing wave. Maybe they felt they were
      accessing the aether when they had only tapped Earth's gravitational field.
      Or perhaps they had tied into the galactic fractal coherence ala the Giza
      Death Star theory proposed by Joseph Farrell and felt the effects of being
      the end of the whip here on Earth when it was cracked. Sound barrier analogy
      of a bullwhip used right there. Our solar system is on the fringe of our

      Best wishes
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