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  • Frits Westra
    Posted by : Terry W. Colvin----- (from The Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 1.8.99)THE OUTER LIMITSRohrabacher s beef is that a vast
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 1999
      Posted by : "Terry W. Colvin" <fortean@...>

      (from The Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 1.8.99)


      Rohrabacher's beef is that a vast number of American tax dollars are being
      spent on commercial aerospace projects - especially in the space field -
      that already have a direct, but hidden, equivalent in the black world.

      "If we have a functioning technology in a black program, we should not be
      spending billions of dollars on a similar program that's visible to the
      public," Rohrabacher says. A likely example of this duplication, he
      maintains, is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's X-33

      The X-33 is a demonstrator vehicle being built by Lockheed Martin for a
      satellite launcher that will take off like a rocket and land like a plane.
      If it works as advertised, its operating costs will be a fraction of the
      Space Shuttle's, which it is due to replace.

      Last year, Rohrabacher wrote to Clinton requesting that the administration
      declassify secret projects that perpetuate this overlap in spending. The
      project which overlaps with the X-33, he believes, is "Aurora", a black
      program of mythical proportions to a hard-core of "watchers" who scour
      budget books, as well as the skies, for evidence of topsecret defence

      Aurora is perceived to be a "family" of very fast high-flying aircraft, the
      most sophisticated of which can effectively fly through space in the same
      way that the X-33 is designed to. It was first spotted in 1987 as a
      mysterious line-item, consuming several billion dollars in that year alone,
      in the reconnaissance section of the air force's budget request. Several
      eople claim to have seen it since the late '80s, the best apparent sighting
      coming from a trained Royal Observer Corps "spotter" who saw a huge wedge-
      shaped aircraft overflying the North Sea oil-rig on which he was working in

      If Aurora exists - and Congressman Rohrabacher is fairly sure it does - it
      can most likely cross the Atlantic in something under 45 minutes. As yet,
      Rohrabacher has had no response to his letter to Clinton and, if history is
      anything to go by, he may have a long wait.

      The trail now led west, to the vast expanses of Nevada and the mythical
      nexus of black world aerospace development - the US Air Force's Groom Lake
      testing facility, otherwise known as Area 51.

      For the past 45 years, Area 51 has been a test centre for topsecret
      aircraft such as the U-2, the Blackbird and the Stealth Fighter. In more
      recent times, it has also become a mecca for UFO watchers convinced the US
      Government is testing captured alien spacecraft there.

      One of the first individuals I met on the road to Area 51 was Bob Widmer, a
      former head of design at General Dynamics Convair, now in his 80s. Late in
      the '50s, Widmer worked on an extraordinary spyplane design for the CIA
      that was codenamed "Fish". In the end, Fish lost out to its rival,
      Lockheed's Blackbird, but for a reason that has never been altogether
      explained, the details of Widmer's design remain top-secret, long after the
      Blackbird fleet was consigned to air museums across America.

      Could it be that Fish, whose general characteristics sound resoundingly
      familiar today, was actually a secret prototype for the Aurora?

      We may never know. Widmer was forced to burn almost all the plans for Fish
      and was told by the CIA to take the details of the project to his grave.
      And few Americans have ever disclosed their black world activities.

      Area 51 is encased within a closed-off piece of government land the size of
      Switzerland, so gazing into it is impossible unless you're prepared to
      scale some of the peaks on public land - the nearest of which is about 40km
      away - that give a restricted view on to its desolate runway, scattered
      hangars and buildings.

      occasionally, watchers see something strange hovering over the base, but
      Groom Lake, which is 160km north of Las Vegas in the midst of the desert,
      is the kind of place where you see what you want to see; where one man's
      UFO is another man's Stealth Bomber.

      >From pieces of the puzzle painstakingly gathered by black world
      investigators such as Alaskan Mark Farmer, for whom the study of classified
      programs is an all-consuming hobby, we know enough about the realworld
      activities of Groom Lake not to have to credit extra terrestrials for what
      happens there.

      "They do business differently at Area 51," Farmer says, speaking from his
      vantage-point near the base. "Out here we enjoy all the rights and
      privileges of citizens under the US constitution. But if you pass that
      borderline, all that ends."

      There is substantial evidence that the US Air Force has tested something
      like Aurora at Area 51 in recent years and that it is now working on a new
      generation of stealth aircraft there. Stealth technology was originally
      developed late in the '70s as a means of shielding aircraft,from radar, but
      it is now moving into a whole new realm of sophistication. Before he
      retired last year the US Air Force's head of acquisition, Lt-Gen George
      Muellner confirmed they were experimenting with technology to make aircraft
      invisible to the human eye.

      one method is to coat them with a "smart skin", not dissimilar to the
      liquid-crystal displays used in laptop computers, that would mimic the
      plane's background, chameleonstyle. From above, the aircraft would blend
      into the ground or the sea; from below, it would take on the same colour as
      the sky, making it all but disappear into the ether.

      Muellner justifies the need for black programs on the grounds it is still a
      dangerous world, despite the demise of the Soviet Union.

      "The technologies that are developed in the black world need to be
      continued to be matured, and when the time is right brought forward in the
      form of weapons systems to maintain our technological edge," he says.

      The Pentagon, unlike other national defence institutions, has never been
      constrained by what scientists say is technologically possible or
      impossible - and it has the resources to turn its dreams into reality.

      Given Area 51's recently acquired infamy (thanks to its starring role in
      the blockbuster movie Independence Day) it is likely that America's most
      sensitive military technologies are now being tested at some even more
      discreet location deep within the closed-off Nevada complex.

      If the truth is out there, it's probably way too distant now for anyone to
      tell whether it's a flying saucer or their tax-dollars out for a spin.

      (end of part 2)
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