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      ET PHOTO
      By : Karen Lyster UFO's A New World

      The above photo was taken at a close friends home. Another very close friend of mine had paid her a visit - his name is Alec Newald. During the visit they felt a "presense" that had accompanied Alec and that presense was so strong that they decided to take a photo in the living room to see if anything could be captured on film. The above photograph is what they took that day and has not been manufactured, altered, hoaxed in any way shape or form! The photo as you can see, clearly shows an anomoly which even to the untrained eye looks like many of the Beings reported from all over the world : the shape of the Head, Neck and Shoulders are all very familiar to those of us who study the UFO subject. I have decided to post this photo so that you can all view it and reach your own conclusions. As I have stated above, I can assure you this photo has not been "created" or tampered with in any way. Alec has had one of the most remarkable ET Experiences that I have ever come across. During his experience he was missing for a full 10 days (car and all!). Below is a short exert from another webpage I have on Alec's ET Interaction : you can read the full story here.

      One Monday in mid-February 1989, Alec Newald set off on what should have been a three hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland, in New Zealand.

      He arrived in Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was even more confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days later, and that he had no idea of what had happened in the meantime!

      When Alec did retrieve his memories of those missing ten days, he realised his life had changed forever. Early on in that fateful trip, while driving through a foggy mountain pass, Alec was whisked from the road by beings from an extraterrestrial civilisation.

      What he learned and experienced during his stay with these friendly beings has profound implications for all of us here on earth.

      Soon after his �return�, Alec received strange visits from �government scientists� wanting to know about his experience. Among other things, they were keen to learn what he had noticed about the capabilities of this alien race. Alec was uncooperative and soon found himself in �hot water�.

      It was obvious that these �scientists� knew all about Alec�s abductors� and expected they would return to Earth one day - soon.

      Alec's experiences with these Beings were extremely positive and very extensive - the only real negative experiences occured when he returned to find himself harrassed and under threat from the authorities.

      I hope you find the Photo as interesting as I do.

      Karen Lyster UFO Researcher UFO's A New World

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